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Golden Age Sim Boeing Model 75 Stearman Released

Posted on Fri, 02 Sep 2011 13:41:21 GMT

StearmanThe Boeing Model 75 Stearman is perhaps the most widely known and recognized biplane in the USA, as it was that country's primary basic trainer throughout World War 2.  This famous biplane began life as a design of the Stearman Division of United Aircraft (at that time United Aircraft also owned Boeing and United Airlines), which Boeing acquired as a wholly owned subsidiary in 1934.

At the time of the takeover, development on the X-70 training biplane was well advanced, and Stearman continued work on the type under Boeing ownership. The prototype of the Stearman Model 75, as the X70 became, flew for the first time in 1936. That year Stearman delivered the first production Model 75s, as the PT13, to the US Army Air Corps. That service immediately found the Lycoming R680 powered PT13 to be an ideal basic trainer, the airframe was rugged and forgiving; the slow turning radial engine reliable and reasonably economical.

Boeing Model 75 Stearman in FSX.

Boeing Model 75 Stearman in FSX.

America's entry into World War 2 brought with it massive requirements for pilot training and the US Army and Navy went on to buy thousands of PT13s and Continental engined PT17s and N2Ss. During the war almost all American pilots undertook basic training on the PT13 or PT17, and the type was exported to Canada (as the Kaydet), Britain and other nations. Apart from in Canada the Kaydet name was unofficially widely adopted for the type.

Golden Age Simulations has recreated this venerable warbird for FSX. Included in the package are four distinct aircraft: the 220 hp Continental R-670 powered PT-17 and N2S-3, the A75L300 representing a post war civilian conversion powered by the 300 hp Lycoming R-680 and finally the "Super" Stearman IB75 show plane fitted with a 450 hp Pratt & Whitney Wasp Jr. and the addition of two more ailerons in the upper wing. Each version is unique and with its own flight dynamics and sound file. The models make use of the full range of FSX effects including dynamic shine, self shadowing and bump mapping. The aircraft are designed to be flown from the virtual cockpit and there is no 2D panel.

Included in the package is scenery offering, by, Stormville Airport, circa 1960. Stormville N69 officially became an airport in Oct. 1927 and although now closed was the hub of general aviation in the Hudson Valley of New York State.


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