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Just Flight Release Constellation Professional for FSX

Last updated Fri, 03 Aug 2018 21:17:01 GMT
Originally posted on Thu, 09 Feb 2012 14:55:00 GMT

Just Flight announced the release of Constellation Professional. Constellation Professional is an elegant prop liner which comes with eleven aircraft in three model types, all with the latest FSX features.

Constellation Professional, which features stunning curving lines and triple tails, is a product of 1930s America. At the time, there was a hasty dash to dominance in wartime aviation technology. The Constellation symbolizes the supremacy and the romance of the large piston-engined airliners of this period.

Some historical background: the Lockheed Constellation was built between 1943 and 1958 in Burbank, California. It was distinguished by its dolphin-shaped fuselage and triple-tail design. A total of 856 Constellations were manufactured, and there were four models of the aircraft.

Just Flight's Constellation Professional in FSX.

Just Flight's Constellation Professional in FSX.

Constellation Professional is the ultimate package for flight simulation. It comes with eleven aircraft in three model types. It also has a complete Flight Engineer's station, radio station and Co-pilot's station. Models included in this package are the C-69/L-049A, the L-049A first production type and the C-69 Military Transport Prototype.

A complete virtual cockpit was modelled for Constellation Professional, and the flight model was tested by real-world Constellation pilots. A replica of a characteristic cabin is included in the package – providing a feel of what life was like aboard these enormous airliners.

Aeroplane Heaven developed Constellation Professional solely for FSX (SP2 & DX10 preview compatible). The fact that the models are all fully FSX SDK compliant means that reflections, shine, bloom, self shadowing etc are all available if you have these turned on in the simulator. The add-on makes maximum use of the all-new FSX graphics features to remarkable effect.

Constellation Professional, which is a 176MB download, is easy to install. It comes with a manual which comprises 56 pages of detailed history, the various models featured in the base pack and two expansion packs, and how to fly the aircraft effectively. The manual has a tutorial section that offers a step by step guide on powering up the aircraft from a dark cockpit, providing details on all aspects of the plane.

The Constellation is a large prop powered aircraft from a period that was in its infancy in flight deck automation. Hence, some perseverance is needed to fly the aircraft. This add-on is steeped in history – it’s a simulation of an aircraft developed in the period when the Wright brothers were still alive and jet aviation was still in development.

Great attention to detail, the diverse range of models, the high quality textures as well as superb sounds make the Constellation Professional a top quality add-on.

You can purchase Constellation Professional over at

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Ian Stephens

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