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FSX Scenery

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Maceio Int'l Airport

Maceio Int'l Airport (SBMO), Brazil. Functional, with taxiway signs. By Gustavo Luna. Maceio Int'l Airport Scenery. INSTALLATION 1.Copy the “SBMO - Maceió” folder into the “ADDON SCENERY” folder of your simulator, then go to “settings” ... “library” ... “add”... and activate the scenery. It will be necessary to restart the simulator. This installation procedure makes it easy to remove it later, so it can be done by simply deleting the file. A special thank you goes...

File size: 1.98 MB | Download hits: 218

Campo Grande International Airport

Campo Grande International Airport, Mato Grosso de Sul, Brazil (SBCG). By Cristobal Laje. Campo Grande International Airport Scenery. Requirements for use and you'll enjoy the scenery: The scenario was made with default objects for Flight Simulator X (R) Acceleration (R) pack. It has not been tested with others versions of FSX! All items except the radar that is attached to this folder, belong to the libraries of fsx acceleration pack. INSTALATION: 1) Copy the...

File size: 5.72 MB | Download hits: 218

HMCS True North Battlegroup

HMCS True North Battlegroup. A logical follow on to the Majestic CVL, the incomplete HMS Audacious was purchased by the RCN and completed to Ark Royal's standard. A repaint for the Flying Stations HMS Ark Royal as HMCS True North, two repaints for Hama's FSX Coast Guard ship and DDG Hamagiri as a hypothetical 'River' class DDG and a Patrol-Training Frigate of the 'Town' class, a simple repaint of the default Acceleration EH-101 in RCN utility marks, and a simple...

File size: 8.59 MB | Download hits: 218


Ecury-sur-Coole, France, and airfield LFQK. Photoreal ground with seasonal and night variants, landclass re-design of Chalons city, custom photoreal hangars, animated windsock, static planes, cars, nearest village in 3D, fuel area, etc. VAC and doc included. Works with FSX and FSXA. By D. Bur. Aerial view of Ecury-sur-Coole scenery. This scenery has been designed with SketchUp, SceneryBuilder, Airport design Editor and ModelConverterX. Thanks to their authors for their...

File size: 15.45 MB | Download hits: 218

Blue Angels Homecoming Airshow

Blue Angels Homecoming Airshow. Blue Angels Homecoming Show Scenery for you to show off to the virtual show community and the home of the FSX Blue Angels (virtually). This file requires FS Recorder 2.1 and Jim Dhaenens's NAS Pensacola Air Show Scenery. Scenery by Holden Smith. Overhead view of Blue Angels Homecoming Airshow Scenery. This scenery represents the Blue Angels Homecoming Air Show. This scenery isn't that accurate because the first Pensacola Scenery...

File size: 1.63 MB | Download hits: 217

Hay River - Merlyn Carter Airport

This scenery is of the Hay River (CYHY) NT, Canada airport located on the southern side of Great Slave Lake. This small busy airport is an important part of the moving of freight and passengers to the North. During the spring and fall when the ice roads are not passable and the waterways cannot be used these northern airports are vital to get the essential into northern communities. Buffalo Airways is a great user of this airport for moving freight and passengers as well as operating a fleet...

File size: 40.22 MB | Download hits: 217

V3 Matterhorn Photorealistic

Matterhorn Photorealistic Scenery. Add-on scenery for the Mattherhorn (Cervino). It uses real images taken by a local pilot to reproduce the Matterhorn mountain to stunning realistic details! This add-on uses an elaborated graphic production process to mostly eliminate vertical distortions of photorealistic scenery when used on vertical surfaces. These files can be used on their own - or with the ItalVFR scenery coverage package Liguria and Valled D'Aosta to achieve a wide photorealistic...

File size: 13.91 MB | Download hits: 216

Aberdeen (Dyce), Scotland

Scenery Aberdeen (Dyce), Scotland, UK. Complete remodelling of the basic (and inaccurate) FSX version. Airport designed using ADE9x, no other addons required. Plenty of visual improvements to the airport. Some roads around airport added, plus preliminary 500 foot runway extension (yet to materialise in real life) at runway 16 threshold. All taxiways correctly aligned according to google earth. By John Ball. Overview of Aberdeen (Dyce), Scotland Scenery. Aberdeen (EGPD)...

File size: 1.43 MB | Download hits: 216

Rotterdam Airport

Scenery Rotterdam Airport The Hague (EHRD), The Netherlands. Refurbished to match the real world. All gates are present correct taxiway and lots of object. For FSX default only. By Victor Nauta. DETAILS: Developed By: Victor Nauta For FS Version: FSX (Default Airport) Airport: EHRD - Rotterdam The Haque Airport - Rotterdam, The Netherlands Main Changes: 1. Removed and changed all taxiway, apronpaths and taxisigns to take it all to a higher standard consistent...

File size: 204.00 kB | Download hits: 216

Bournemouth International

Bournemouth International (EGHH), UK. Mainly new buildings and plenty of parking. Blends with default or Just Flight's VFR scenery. AI flight plans for FRA traffic are included but require some downloads. Some Rwy12 objects used but not essential. By Tony Adams. Bournemouth International Scenery. This is my first attempt at an airport for FSX. It is Bournemouth International Airport- EGHH. It's taken from charts for 24th Nov 2005. It has been a long job as I've...

File size: 4.13 MB | Download hits: 215

Margarita Airport

Scenery Margarita Airport (SVMG), Venezuela. The airport at Margarita Island is located in the south part of Margarita. It has two terminals, one for domestic flights, and another one for international flights, which mostly come in from other Caribbean islands. Most of the traffic is of course between Margarita and Caracas. The airport's full name is "Aeropuerto Internacional del Caribe 'General Santiago Marino'", which means it is international airport named after the...

File size: 8.74 MB | Download hits: 215

Mojave Boneyard

Mojave Boneyard (KMHV). This Mojave Airport, California (CA) scenery file is based on MegaScenery Earth California and builds on their photoscenery of KHMV Mojave. The airport is the default and all scenery objects are from the FSX and Acceleration default objects folders. Tested in both DX9 and 10 By Chuck Bosn. Screenshot of Mojave Boneyard Scenery. This is a scenery file only, no traffic. This scenery file is based on MegaScenery Earth California and builds on their...

File size: 1.49 MB | Download hits: 215

Duxford Airfield

Duxford Airfield for FSX SP2/Acceleration. Some scenery for Duxford Airfield, near Cambridge, UK. Most buildings are represented, and custom buildings and objects by Dave Garwood are used. Flight plans to make two Dragon Rapides fly circuits and make the static airliners on the ramp show up are included. Further downloads are required. Thanks to Dave Garwood for all the help he gave in this. By Tom Arnold. Screenshot of plane flying over Duxford Airfield Scenery. Hi,...

File size: 953.45 kB | Download hits: 215


Baltimore/Washington International Airport (KBWI), Maryland (MD). Includes a version with the crosswind runway operation and a version without. Also includes assigned parking, extra fuel trucks, support roads rebuilt, taxiways updated and more. By Ray Smith. Baltimore/Washington Scenery. I have given this airport a total makeover designed with the latest version of ADE (v1.37) and made only for the FSX default airport: one with the Crosswind rwy's operating, now...

File size: 54.58 kB | Download hits: 214

Luanda Airport

Luanda Airport, Angola (FNLU). This is a complete rework of the airport. AFCAD included. Adds airport buildings and objects. For the lights to work you need to download FSX_LTS.ZIP by Jim Dhaenens. By Lee Marrow. Luanda Airport Scenery. This scenery uses FSX gen buildings and vehicles. Added cargo to the ramp and more parking slots and some added extras to add a little life. To instal simply unzip the FNLU folder to your Addon Scenery folder. Mainly stock FSX...

File size: 120.56 kB | Download hits: 214

Montreal Ponts de la Rive-Sud

VFR Montreal Ponts de la Rive-Sud. Scenery of the region of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, modeling the principals bridges of the south shore of Montreal, plus the Olympic pyramid and the cross of Mont-Royal. By Sylvain Tremblay. Montreal Ponts de la Rive-Sud Scenery. HISTORY Version 2.00 - addition of the Olympic pyramids. - addition of the cross on the Royal Mountain. - addition of the locks of St-Lambert. - addition of Champlain bridge. - addition of...

File size: 17.64 MB | Download hits: 213

Denmark Scenery Part 1&2

Denmark Scenery v1.1, file 1 and 2. The scenery includes a number of airfields and VFR landmarks throughout the country, with special attention to the cities Copenhagen and Aalborg. Denmark Scenery Part 1. Please before you download any of the files below - Make sure you do carry on reading - and exactly understand the message - - if you have any questions or would like to raise any issue regarding the mesh coverage for the dk vfr scenery - please do so. The...

File size: 132.72 MB | Download hits: 213

Banff Airport

Banff Airport (CYBA), Alberta, Canada. By Daniel Louvet. Banff Airport Scenery. Banff is the largest town in Banff National Park, in Alberta's Rockies, Canada. It is also the first incorporated municipality located within a national park in Canada. At 1,463 m (4,800 ft), it is the town with the highest elevation in Canada. It is surrounded by mountains, notably Mount Rundle, Sulphur Mountain, Mount Norquay, and Cascade Mountain; and situated above Bow Falls near the...

File size: 385.42 kB | Download hits: 213

Botswana Airports

This pack contains 115 airports for Botswana, including all the majors (with recent runway extensions and so forth, as per information available on the web, via NOTAM, etc.), plus many bush strips from across the country. It also contains various other features, such as details at some of the major mines, and minor roads around the airports. All were designed with ADE X v1.5, and tested in FSX SP2. The airports are also designed to go with Aeroworx's Southern Africa landclass and terrain...

File size: 271.29 kB | Download hits: 213

Edinburgh X

Edinburgh X. This scenery enhancement will add new buildings to the City of Edinburgh, Scotland UK: Holyrood House, Holyrood Abbey, the Scottish Parliament, St. Andrew's House, the Governors House, the Royal Scottish Academy, the National Gallery, St. Giles, Camera Obscura, the New College, the Royal Mile, Waverley Station, Balmoral Hotel and Calton Hill. By Martin Reiffer. Screenshot of Edinburgh X Scenery. Add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator X. This scenery...

File size: 23.72 MB | Download hits: 212


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