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Alaska ANG DC-3Repaint

The FSX default Douglas DC3 Alaska Air National Guard repaint. For the FSX beta. Textures only. By Ed Knapp. Screenshot of Alaska ANG DC-3 in flight. NOTE: I have seen some issues in the FSX beta with these textures. If you get an invisible plane, load another plane and then reload this one. INSTALLATION: Copy the entire folder (texture.alaska) created by the zip into your Douglas_DC3 directory. Depending where you installed FSX, the path might look as follows. Beta...

File size: 878.32 kB | Download hits: 142

Updated Repaints For Douglas DC-4 And C-54Patch

This package contains ten modified repaints for Jens B. Kristensen's Douglas DC4 and C54 v3.0. Featured are C-54s of USAAF-ATC (personal aircraft of President F.D. Roosevelt) and of the Netherlands Government Air Transport, as well as DC-4-1009s and C-54s (modified to DC-4 standard) of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and DDA Dutch Dakota Association. These are textures only. You will need the FSX Douglas DC-4 and C-54 (DC4_V30X.ZIP). Repaints by Maarten Brouwer. Screenshot of Douglas C-54...

File size: 9.10 MB | Download hits: 209

Luxair Lockheed L-1049G FixPatch

Fix for use with LUXAIR_LOCKHEED_SUPER_CONSTELLATION_L-1049G_.ZIP. Fixes a bug in the aircraft.cfg. By Dick Stellweg. Screenshot of Luxair Lockheed L-1049G in flight. ...

File size: 88.06 kB | Download hits: 186

Civilian Beech A-11 Radio Gauge FixPatch

Fix for use with FSX_CIV_AT-11_VC_LIVERY_V2_.ZIP. This add-on removes a problem with the ADF2 radio gauge. Just put the enclosed file to both panel folders and overwrite the old one. By Vladimir Gonchar. Screenshot of Civilian Beech A-11 in flight. ...

File size: 558.50 kB | Download hits: 85

Aero Holland Douglas C-47 PH-TFBPatch

C-47 Skytrain Exterior Base Pack 1.0 required (C47BASEPACK.ZIP), optionally also the interior model tweak (C47_INTERIOR.ZIP). By Richard Wisman. Screenshot of Aero Holland Douglas C-47 in flight. Unzip to a temporary location. Copy the folders "texture.Aero" to your "Douglas_C-47" sub-directory in FSX. Copy and paste the following entry into the aircraft.cfg file inside the "Douglas_C-47" sub-directory (replacing the XX with the next number in...

File size: 14.39 MB | Download hits: 18

Sabena Douglas C-47Patch

Sabena Douglas C-47 updated textures. An updated of the repaint of Sabena C47 Dabkoa OO-AWZ. By Richard Wisman. The following errors and mistakes are solved/changed/added: The Belgian flag is inverted at the right hand site. The small flag in the shields (close to the nose) black field are now orientating to the front. The colors of the Belgian flag en shields are changed. The "S"en the shield on the tail are oriented straight. On the tail shields is a small yellow...

File size: 14.19 MB | Download hits: 31

Constellation Supercharger Fix 1.64Patch

This gauge set, consisting of an XML gauge and the C-gauge PL_Gauge.dll and the modified manifold pressure and status gauges lets the Constellation supercharger virtually operate in two-speed modes and establish a maximum manifold pressure which follows automatically and precisely the blue marker previously provided by the MAP gauge from Hans Naegele. It solves the problem with the "Water injection disengaged" message, that occurs in FSX SP2. By Peter Luerkens. Screenshot of...

File size: 236.26 kB | Download hits: 94

American Airways Douglas C-47Patch

American Airways Douglas C-47, 1947 Flagship Tulsa texture update. This is an update to the American Airways paint job of Manfred Jahn's Douglas C47. Repaint by Kenny Fox. Screenshot of American Airways Douglas C-47 on the ground. Copy and paste the folder "texture.AA" to the Douglas_C-47 folder, in FSX's Airplanes folder. (If you have already downloaded and installed my earlier American Airways Flagship Tulsa, then please follow the next step, if not than...

File size: 9.74 MB | Download hits: 104

Default Douglas DC-3 Blurred Texture FixPatch

Replacement main texture files for the default Douglas DC3 to fix the aircraft's blurred appearance. By Paul Craig. Screenshot of the default Douglas DC-3 with corrected textures. First make back up copies of your Douglas DC3 texture files. Douglas DC3 located at OS (C)/Program Files(x86)/Microsoft Games/Microsoft Flight Simulator X/SimObjects/Airplanes/Douglas_DC3. Then follow the instructions below: Unzip downloaded files to a temporary folder. Open folder...

File size: 2.28 MB | Download hits: 264

Buffalo Airways Douglas C-47 Prop FixPatch

Fix for previous Buffalo C-GPNR repaint of Manfred Jahn's C47 (C47_BUFFALO_GPNR.ZIP). Missing prop disk included. By Markus Hellwig. Screenshot of Buffalo Airways Douglas C-47 in flight. ...

File size: 180.90 kB | Download hits: 160

Interior Textures For The Douglas DC-3 And C-47Patch

This is a texture change for the interior of the default DC-3 and Manfred Jahn's C-47 Skytrain. It will give the virtual cockpit a clean grey airliner look. By Marvin Carter. Screenshot of the new interior for the DC-3 and C-47. The interior textures of the default DC3 depict a worn and well used plane, I just wanted some thing different so I made this for me. Not the greatest, but I thought I would share anyway. My abilities are meager at best, and I put a lot of time in...

File size: 1.07 MB | Download hits: 423

Air France Douglas C-47 UpdatePatch

Update of the C-47D Dakota, registration F-AZTE. C-47 Skytrain Exterior Base Pack 1.0 required (C47BASEPACK.ZIP), optionally also the interior model tweak (C47_INTERIOR.ZIP). By Manfred Jahn. Repaint by Martial Feron. Screenshot of Air France Douglas C-47 in flight. [fltsim.X] Title=Douglas C-47...

File size: 10.26 MB | Download hits: 185

Handley Page Hermes Engine SmokePatch

FSX compatible engine smoke effects 3-pack for the Jens B. Kristensen FSX Handley Page HP81 Hermes (HERMES_V20X.ZIP). With eight exhaust ports total, you have your choice of eight thin smoke trails (two per engine), eight thick smoke trails (two per engine), or simply four thick smoke trails (one per engine). Tested in FSX-SP2 with good results. Easy Installation. By Tom Tiedman. Screenshot of engine smoke trails. ...

File size: 167.15 kB | Download hits: 65

Sierra Pacific Convair 580 UpdatePatch

An update for the repaint of Cal Classic Convair 580 in Sierra Pacific livery. Updated left and right texture files to include rivet layer that was mistakenly left out of the original files. Original CV580_SIERRA_PACIFIC.ZIP required. By Bill Howland. Front left view of Sierra Pacific Convair 580 on the ground. To install, you must first have the textures from installed. Once the original repaint is installed, copy the files in the 'Copy These Files to...

File size: 4.20 MB | Download hits: 47

Beech 18 Prop TexturesPatch

Replacement prop texture for an FSX installation of the Beechcraft D18S by Milton Shupe, Scott Thomas, and Andre Folkers (D18SVC4.ZIP). This file will correct the prop texture that was designed for FS2004 but doesn't appear correctly in FSX. By Chuck Lawsen. (Bottom) Old spinprop textures. (Top) New spinprop textures. ...

File size: 381.92 kB | Download hits: 124

SP2 Fix For The L-1649A StarlinerPatch

This is an alternative propeller texture for the Lockheed L-1649A Starliner v2.1 by Manfred Jahn and his colleagues (L1649A21.ZIP). It is for FSX SP2 and is not obscured by clouds. By Nick Cooper. Screenshot of L-1649A Starliner in flight. To install, copy the propdisk.bmp file to your texture folder(s) and let it overwrite. ...

File size: 89.38 kB | Download hits: 133

SCA Air Cargo Fairchild C123B Prop FixPatch

For use with SCA123B2.ZIP. By George Trovato. Close up of Fairchild C123B Prop. This texture is designed as a replacement for the prop spin effect texture used by this aircraft. This is meant to fix (to the best possible effect using a texture) the lack of transparency on the prop blades, as well as trying to give them more of a "spinning" look to them. You MUST have the aircraft listed above already downloaded and installed to use this fix. ...

File size: 20.34 kB | Download hits: 241

Lockheed L-049A Constellation V3.03 PatchPatch

For use with L049AV30.ZIP. Corrects minor panel and display anomalies. By Brian C. Selb. Screenshot of Lockheed L-049A Constellation in flight. ...

File size: 3.00 MB | Download hits: 168

Lockheed L-049A Constellation v1.2 FixPatch

FSX SP2/Acceleration Gauges/Effects Reinstaller. This file is for users who have downloaded the Lockheed L-049A Constellation v1.2 SP2/Acceleration, then un-installed the plane. If this is the case, several default effects files were inadvertently removed as well. This file puts those files back where they belong. By Brian C. Selb. ...

File size: 3.94 MB | Download hits: 44

Lockheed L-049A Constellation V3.02 PatchPatch

For use with L049AV30.ZIP. corrects the following: incorrect assignment of some of the liveries, aircraft registrations and ATC designations, radio size made larger for better visibility. By Brian C. Selb. Screenshot of Lockheed L-049A Constellation in flight. ...

File size: 404.38 kB | Download hits: 119

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