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Douglas DC-6 NX90701Repaint

NX90701 was the first production DC6 and made its first flight on 10 July 1946. It was used by Douglas in the flight test and certification program of the type before delivery to American Airlines on 20 April 1947 as NC90701. These are textures only. You will require Jens B. Kristensens FSX Douglas DC-6 (DC6_V20X.ZIP). Repaint by Maarten Brouwer. Screenshot of Douglas DC-6 NX90701 in flight. First, make sure that the base model is installed on your system. Find the JBK...

File size: 1.23 MB | Download hits: 66

Lufthansa Douglas DC-3Repaint

A repaint of the default Douglas DC3 including two slightly different Lufthansa liveries, based on the "bare-metal" template provided by Microsoft. Lufthansa operated a fleet of three Douglas DC-3s (C-47s) from 1955 until 1960. They were registered as D-CADE, D-CADI and D-CADO. By Mathias Wagner. Screenshot of Lufthansa Douglas DC-3 on the ground. This is a repaint of the default Microsoft FSX Douglas DC-3 including 2 slightly different Lufthansa liveries, based on the...

File size: 4.91 MB | Download hits: 382

Olive Drab Douglas DC-3Repaint

Textures only for the default DC3. Repaint by Todd E. Schlappi. Here is one of my first repaints of the Default DC-3, Hope you all enjoy it. [fltsim.xx] title=Douglas DC-3 Olive Drab sim=Douglas_DC3 model= panel= sound= texture=Olive Drab kb_checklists=Douglas_DC3_check kb_reference=Douglas_DC3_ref atc_id=N47DAC ui_manufacturer=Douglas ui_type="DC-3" ui_variation=Olive Drab description="The Douglas DC-3 revolutionized air transportation and airline service...

File size: 1.62 MB | Download hits: 23

Faucett Peru Douglas DC-3 OB-R-516Repaint

Douglas DC-3, circa 1967. Textures only for the default DC-3. Repaint by Alex Colka. Screenshot of Douglas DC-3 OB-R-516 in flight. [fltsim.x] title=Douglas DC-3...

File size: 2.03 MB | Download hits: 77

Saeta Ecuador Douglas DC-3 HC-AVQRepaint

Douglas DC-3, circa 1972. Textures only for the default DC-3. Repaint by Alex Colka. Screenshot of Douglas DC-3 HC-AVQ in flight. [fltsim.x] title=Douglas DC-3...

File size: 2.08 MB | Download hits: 56

Saguenay Express Curtiss C46Repaint

Textures only for the Libardo Guzman, Greg Pepper and Tom Gibson Curtiss C-46 (C46GA.ZIP). By Jean-Pierre Couture. Screenshot of Saguenay Express Curtiss C46 in flight. [FLTSIM.XXX] TITLE = C46A Saguenay Express SIM = C46A MODEL = PANEL = SOUND = TEXTURE = sag KB_CHECKLISTS = KB_REFERENCE = C46_REF ATC_ID_ENABLE = 1 ATC_ID = N67981 ATC_ID_COLOR = 0X00000000 ATC_ID_FONT = VERDANA, -11, 1, 600, 0 ATC_FLIGHT_NUMBER = 7981 ATC_AIRLINE =TIGER ATC_HEAVY =...

File size: 2.82 MB | Download hits: 93

Saguenay Express Beechcraft D18SRepaint

Fictive SagEx airplane. Textures only for the Beech D18S made by Milton Shup, Scott Thomas and Andre Folkers (D18SVC4.ZIP). By Jean-Pierre Couture. Screenshot of Saguenay Express Beechcraft D18S in flight. [fltsim.XXX] title=Beech D18S VC Saguenay Express sim=D18S model=vc panel=vc sound= texture=sag kb_checklists=Beech18_check kb_reference=Beech18_ref atc_id=N9542Z atc_id_color = atc_parking_types = RAMP atc_parking_code = 1 ui_manufacturer=Beechcraft...

File size: 5.31 MB | Download hits: 55

Saguenay Express Douglas DC-3Repaint

A fictive SagEx DC3. Textures only for the FSX default DC3. By Jean-Pierre Couture. Screenshot of Saguenay Express Douglas DC-3 in flight. [fltsim.XXX] title=Douglas DC-3 Saguenay Express sim=Douglas_DC3 model= panel= sound= texture=sag kb_checklists=Douglas_DC3_check kb_reference=Douglas_DC3_ref atc_id=N849EH ui_manufacturer="Douglas" ui_type="DC-3" ui_variation="Emerald Harbor Air" ui_typerole="Twin Engine...

File size: 2.15 MB | Download hits: 45

Saguenay Express Grumman GooseRepaint

A fictive SagEx Grumman Goose. Textures only for the default FSX Grumman Goose. By Jean-Pierre Couture. Screenshot of Saguenay Express Grumman Goose in flight. [FLTSIM.XXX] TITLE=GRUMMAN GOOSE G21A Saguenay Express SIM=GRUMMAN_GOOSE_G21A MODEL= PANEL= SOUND= TEXTURE=sag KB_CHECKLISTS=GRUMMANGOOSEG21A_CHECK KB_REFERENCE=GRUMMANGOOSEG21A_REF ATC_ID=N3AL UI_MANUFACTURER="GRUMMAN" UI_TYPE="GOOSE G21A" UI_VARIATION=" BLUE,...

File size: 2.58 MB | Download hits: 146

Chicago And Southern Airlines DC-4Repaint

Textures for Jens Kristensen's DC4 (DC4_V20.ZIP). These textures depict C&S Airlines about 1949. Repaint by Gary Harper. Screenshot of DC-4 in flight. Copy the text below and paste in your aircraft config. file substituting your next consecutive [flightsim.__] number for "xx". [fltsim.XX] title=FSX JBK Douglas_DC4 Chicago and...

File size: 2.39 MB | Download hits: 67

MOT Douglas DC-3Repaint

MOT-'Ministry of Transport' NZ operated tow of these aircraft on calibration and navigation duties throughout New Zealand and many other Pacific islands and regions. Both retired December 1972. The skin for this DC-3 requires the AS4SUMJE.ZIP file, a modification of the default DC-3 that includes four different models (DC-3 normal, DC-3 Viewmaster, DC-3 cargo, and LC-47). Remodel includes higher resolution textures, un-mirrored tail texture and conditional appearance items. Paints...

File size: 1.92 MB | Download hits: 61

Hiland Duster Douglas DC-3Repaint

The very first Heavy Agricultural topdresser DC-3 in New Zealand called "Hiland Duster", simply known as "James", ZK -AZL of James Aviation. FSX skin for this DC-3 requires the AS4SUMJE.ZIP file, a modification of the default DC-3 that includes four different models (DC-3 normal, DC-3 Viewmaster, DC-3 cargo, and LC-47). Model includes higher resolution textures, un-mirrored tail texture and conditional appearance items. Paints included: NAC, NAC Freight, SPANZ, Fieldair,...

File size: 1.80 MB | Download hits: 47

PBA Douglas DC-3Repaint

Textures for the default DC3. By George Hutton. Screenshot of PBA Douglas DC-3 in flight. Thank you for downloading this Repaint for the FSX default DC-3 in the requested colors of PBA (Provincetown-Boston Airways). This is not a 100% accurate representation as only the upper fuselage has been done whereas the real aircraft was all white. Also, if you look closely, the tail logo on the port side is reversed due to there only being one fin and rudder on template provided by MS...

File size: 1.99 MB | Download hits: 37

Hawthorne College Douglas DC-3Repaint

This is the Douglas DC-3 texture for Hawthorne College's last DC-3. By Jim Boynton. Screenshot of Hawthorne College Douglas DC-3 in flight. ...

File size: 1.33 MB | Download hits: 14

SAA Avro York ZS-BRARepaint

A repaint of the Avro York in South African Airways colors. The aircraft is ZS-BRA. South African Airways owned at least four of these aircraft. The first flight carrying passengers was on 1st November 1945 from South Africa to the U.K.. Textures only; requires AVROYORK.ZIP. Textures by Peter Tredre. Top down view of SAA Avro York ZS-BRA. Copy the "texture.saa" file into the "Avro_york" directory. This directory should be as follows if a standard...

File size: 707.34 kB | Download hits: 106

NIA Grumman G21A GooseRepaint

Norn Iron Airways textures only for the default Grumman Goose. Requires FSX Deluxe version. Repaint by Davy Johnston. Screenshot of NIA Grumman G21A Goose in flight. Unzip this package to a temporary directory and copy the directory containing the paint (Texture.Norniron) in your flight simulator's Grumman_Goose directory (Microsoft Flight Simulator XSimObjectsAirplanesGrumman_Goose_G21A). Add this section in the aircraft.cfg file of the Grumman...

File size: 1.62 MB | Download hits: 247

Douglas DC-4 And C-54 FreightersRepaint

USAAF C-54D, India 1945, and Avianca DC-4 (ex C-54B) in 1970's colors. For FSX, but works with FS2004. Requires DC4_V20.ZIP. By Jens B. Kristensen. Screenshot of USAAF C-54D in flight. The DC-4 and C-54 base package, version 2, (search for must be installed on your system, or this add-on will not work. Two freighter versions of the C-54 / DC-4 are included here: USAAF C-54D of Air Transport Command, India 1945 Avianca Douglas DC-4 HK-1027 (an ex....

File size: 6.27 MB | Download hits: 154

Mount Cook Airlines Grumman Goose ZK-DFCRepaint

Textures only for the default Grumman Goose. Repaint by Jon Murchison. Screenshot of Grumman Goose ZK-DFC in flight. ...

File size: 2.99 MB | Download hits: 110

Sea Bee Air Grumman GooseRepaint

Textures only for the default Grumman Goose. Includes two liveries, ZK-DFC and ZK-ENY. By Jon Murchison. Screenshot of Sea Bee Air Grumman Goose on the water. ...

File size: 5.94 MB | Download hits: 166

Lockheed L-049A "The Propeller Age"Repaint

Lockheed L-049A "The Propeller Age" Liveries Package. Includes Air France, BOAC, Braniff, Capital Airlines, L'Air Azur, Qantas Empire Air, Sabena, TAP, Varig. Requires CONSTFSX.ZIP. By Wayne Tudor, Dale DeLuca, Sofia Campos, Juan Velilla Morton, Joao Paz, John Howard White and Brian C. Selb. Screenshot of Air France Lockheed L-049A in flight. ...

File size: 22.70 MB | Download hits: 175

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