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Pan Am Convair CV-240 C.1960Complete with Base Model

Pan Am Convair CV-240 in Pan American 1960's livery. CV240 model by Dave McQueen. Repaint by David Grindele. Screenshot of Pan Am Convair CV-240 in flight. ...

File size: 21.90 MB | Download hits: 1770

Pan Am Douglas DC-7 C.1990Complete with Base Model

Pan Am Douglas DC-7 in Pan American 1990's livery. DC7 model by Classic Airliners. Repaint by David Grindele. Screenshot of Pan Am Douglas DC-7 in flight. ...

File size: 33.72 MB | Download hits: 2854

Pan Am Lockheed Super Constellation C.1980Complete with Base Model

Pan Am Lockheed Super Constellation in Pan American 1980's livery. Model by Mike Stone. Repaint by David Grindele. Screenshot of Pan Am Lockheed Super Constellation landing on runway. ...

File size: 35.78 MB | Download hits: 2000

Pan Am Martin M404 CB-16 C.1980Complete with Base Model

Pan Am Martin M404 CB-16 in Pan American 1980's livery. Model by Dee Waldron. Repaint by David Grindele. Screenshot of Pan Am Martin M404 CB-16 taking off at night. ...

File size: 21.39 MB | Download hits: 457

Civilian Beech A-11 New VC And LiveryComplete with Base Model

The package includes a new stand-alone civilian Beech A11 (minus basic files from the original FS2004 A-11 package by Milton Shupe - AT11PKG2.ZIP) with another optional VC and livery and a reworked VC for the previously uploaded package (FSX_FS9AT-11_N92KC_PACK.ZIP). This new staff contains new radio, navigation and autopilot gauges and provides a new accurate and strict engine starting procedure. To make installation easier the package is arranged as a set of two stand-alone aircraft. By...

File size: 25.45 MB | Download hits: 1032

DeHavilland HeronComplete with Base Model

FSX SP2 compatible update of the freeware DeHavilland Heron by Dee Waldron. Includes five repaints and a flyable, easily paintable paint kit model. Textures are 32 bit with no mips for clarity. Uses the FSX default DC-3 panel and sound (no VC), but feel free to install your own favorite 4-engine panel and any sound you please. Package by Tom Tiedman. Screenshot of 'Lakeland Sky Charter' DeHavilland Heron in flight. You have probably already copied and pasted the DC-3...

File size: 21.70 MB | Download hits: 553

Douglas Super DC-3 UpgradeComplete with Base Model

This is an upgrade from the default DC3 in FSX to the Super DC-3. Although only a few Super DC-3s were built, many still fly today, with upgraded engines and flight controls. This upgrade will change all of your default DC-3s to Super DC-3s unless you follow the instructions provided. With this upgrade the aircraft can fly up to 23,000 feet, and cruise for more than 800 nm with a modern passenger and cargo load. The aircraft is based and configured on real world data and includes realistic...

File size: 26.08 MB | Download hits: 545

Vickers Viking V1.0Complete with Base Model

A completely new model of the Vickers Viking, a British airliner of the immediate postwar years. The Viking served with BEA and many other airlines until the middle of the 1960's. Three variants (Viking 1A, 1 and 1B) with textures for BEA (three variants), SAS, DDL, Airwork, BWIA and Indian National Airways are included. By Jens B. Kristensen. Screenshot of Vickers Viking in flight. ...

File size: 21.98 MB | Download hits: 694

Stellweg Airlines Britten Norman BN2 AIComplete with Base Model

An AI Britten Norman BN2 of Stellweg Airlines member of The DFW Group. Mainly used for smaller airfield taxi services. Model by Henry Tomkiewicz. Repaint by D. F. W. Stellweg. Screenshot of Stellweg Airlines Britten Norman BN2 in flight. Unzip the "BN2 Islander Stellweg" file in for instance C:Temp and drag the yellow folder called "BN2 Islander Stellweg Airlines" into here: C:Microsoft GamesFlightsimulator XSimobjectsAirplanes. When finished...

File size: 2.32 MB | Download hits: 497

Handley Page HP81 Hermes V2.0Complete with Base Model

The HP81 Hermes was a British airliner from 1948, used by BOAC for its African routes in the early 1950s, and then by various charter companies for the next 10 years. Five variants are included here: BOAC (early and late), Airwork, Air Safaris and Skyways. By Jens B. Kristensen. Screenshot of Handley Page HP81 Hermes in flight. New in this version: Uses .dds textures for faster loading and better framerates. More accurate and more detailed virtual cockpit. Improved autopilot. FSX...

File size: 8.49 MB | Download hits: 646

Sud-Est SE161 Languedoc V1.0Complete with Base Model

A French airliner of the immediate postwar years, the Languedoc served Air France and a few other airlines until the end of the 1950's. Textures for Air France, LOT (Polish Airlines) and Aviaco (Spain) are included. By Jens B. Kristensen. Screenshot of Sud-Est SE161 Languedoc on runway.   ...

File size: 9.84 MB | Download hits: 581

Canadair Argonaut And North Star V3.0Complete with Base Model

The Argonaut and the North Star were Merlin-engined version of the Douglas DC-4. A total of 71 were produced by Canadair. In Canada it was called the North Star and was used by airlines and the RCAF. 22 Argonauts were delivered to BOAC 1949-1950, and they later had long careers with other operators like British Midland and charter companies. This package contains most versions. Version 3 model by Jens B. Kristensen. Screenshot of Canadair Argonaut in flight. ...

File size: 15.65 MB | Download hits: 724

Douglas DC-4 And C-54 V3.0Complete with Base Model

This base package includes 24 color schemes covering the period 1942-2006, including Pan American, USAAF, SAS, Loftleidir, Buffalo Airways and many others. Version 3.0 model for FSX, with improved flight dynamics, more accurate panel and improved detail in the virtual cockpit. Model by Jens B. Kristensen. Screenshot of Douglas DC-4 in flight. ...

File size: 33.35 MB | Download hits: 2770

Arrowhead Cessna 402C UtilinerComplete with Base Model

"Arrowhead Lakes Region Direct Connect", a small feeder airline serving Minnesota's northern lake cities and arrowhead region. Serving mainly Duluth, Ely, Grand Marais, and Nisswa. This is the Henry Tomkiewicz FS2004 Cessna 402C, made flyable by using the default Baron sound and panel (no VC). Includes Henry's blank white model, flyable and paintable as well. Easy installation. By Tom Tiedman. Screenshot of Arrowhead Cessna 402C Utiliner in flight. ...

File size: 13.83 MB | Download hits: 633

Cessna 402A Utilifreighter AIComplete with Base Model

"Schropeshire Air Freight Express, Ltd.", a modified Henry Tomkiewicz FS2004 freeware Cessna 402A, converted to a short-haul, rapid delivery freighter. Also includes the Henry Tomkiewicz blank white passenger model, flyable as well. By Tom Tiedman. Screenshot of Cessna 402A Utilifreighter flying over The River Thames. ...

File size: 14.18 MB | Download hits: 725

Britten-Norman BN2A Mk lll-2 TrislanderComplete with Base Model

The Trislander is a rugged three engine, eighteen seater, STOL commuter/island hopper/utility aircraft built originally in the 1970's and 1980's. The demand for refurbished Trislanders is such that B-N are now considering re-opening the production line for new aircraft. This model features full moving parts, custom panel and VC, pleasant and accurate flight dynamics, panel documentation, and FS kneeboard check and ref lists. Three liveries included in the package, Aurigny (UK), LyddAir...

File size: 6.69 MB | Download hits: 1806

Lockheed Super Constellation L1049G DFXComplete with Base Model

This is a complete Lockheed Super Constellation L1049G aircraft of The DFW group. Original aircraft and flight dynamics by Mike Stone. A special feature is the visible exhaust flames. It has excellent flying capabilities. By Dick Stellweg / The DFW Group. Screenshot of Lockheed Super Constellation L1049G DFX above runway. ...

File size: 7.59 MB | Download hits: 5552

Ilyushin IL-12Complete with Base Model

This package includes the original IL12 and the later IL-12B in the colors of Aeroflot (two versions), CSA and LOT. By Jens B. Kristensen. Screenshot of Ilyushin IL-12 in flight. ...

File size: 17.02 MB | Download hits: 412

Ilyushin IL-14Complete with Base Model

This package includes the original IL-14P and the longer IL-14M in the colors of Aeroflot (four versions), CSA, Deutsche Lufthansa, Interflug, LOT and Air Guinee. By Jens B. Kristensen. Screenshot of Ilyushin IL-14 in flight. ...

File size: 25.75 MB | Download hits: 1208

SAAB-90 ScandiaComplete with Base Model

The SAAB Scandia was a twin-engined airliner intended as a 'DC-3 replacement'. It first flew in 1947, and served with SAS until 1957. The only other user was VASP in Brazil. By Jens B. Kristensen. Screenshot of SAAB-90 Scandia in flight. ...

File size: 14.73 MB | Download hits: 537

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