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FS2002/FS2004 T-28 Mexican Air Force EMET colors in 1975Complete with Base Model

This plane was used in the Mexican Air Force (FAM) till early 80's. Original design by Mike Field and John Spangler. Repainted in mexican colors by Genaro Dominguez...

File size: 1.7 MB | Download hits: 1010

AirBC Dash 8-102 (pro) AirBC Dash 8-102 C-FADKComplete with Base Model

Fin#812 "Nanaimo" - Air Canada Connector for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 Professional Edition (see note below for the Standard Edition). This aircraft is a de Havilland model DHC-8-102, serial number 324, built in 1992 and in service with AirBC from May of that year. Visual model and performance model by Chris Bawden. Original textures and night lighting modification by Gerrit Kranenbarg. AirBC repaint by Mike Kelly....

File size: 2.65 MB | Download hits: 3216

MUDRY CAP-10BComplete with Base Model

for FS2002 Two seats French aerobatic plane. Aircraft designed with GMax, three liveries, including full moving parts, virtual cockpit and some goodies. Panel by Jean Pierre LANGER Model, textures and flight dynamics by Vincent DAUDON "diabolo8". ...

File size: 6.36 MB | Download hits: 1213

DHC-6 , Twin Otter , Air MalaysiaComplete with Base Model

Model & Panel by : Eric Dantès , Textures by Mauricio Illanes. ...

File size: 10.96 MB | Download hits: 946

DHC-6 Twin Otter. Air Alpes PackageComplete with Base Model

3 Aircraft including wheel & ski versions. . Model & Panel by : Eric Dantès , Textures by Mauricio Illanes ,

File size: 22.33 MB | Download hits: 1445

Piper Aztec Repaints --- 5 new textures

5 new aircraft repaints of Fred Choate's wonderful Piper Aztec. You can install all or any you wish. You will need the original file from Fred Choate. Details to get it inside the download file. from: Leon Louis. ...

File size: 547.82 KB | Download hits: 622

PRO Piper PA-23-250 AztecComplete with Base Model

The The color scheme represents a little more modern look. This file includes everything for a complete installation, including panel. It also incorporates updates made to the original, so no fixes are needed for this version. By Fred Choate. ...

File size: 1.63 MB | Download hits: 2993

Malibu Meridian - Liverpool Football Club liveryComplete with Base Model

Malibu Meridian model by Mike Stone This is a repaint to celebrate Liverpool FC winning the Worthington cup, beating Manchester UTD 2:0. . Repaint by Ashley Flynn. ...

File size: 550.46 KB | Download hits: 285

Malibu Meridian - N197AKComplete with Base Model

Malibu Meridian model by Mike Stone Repaint by Ashley Flynn....

File size: 430.1 KB | Download hits: 651

HNC3K.COM ATR42-500Complete with Base Model

GMAX aircraft ATR42-500 in HNC3K.COM livery. Realistic panel and sounds included. This aircraft has been created as celebration of the 2nd anniversary of the website: Special thanks to Alberto La Greca, Ruslan Forostyak, Marco Ravanello and David Durst. I also want to thank you for having downloaded it and to all people who visit and support HNC3K.COM. Good flying! Credits GMAX Model: Alberto La Greca Sound: Ruslan Forostyak Gauges: Marco Ravanello Panel: David Durst....

File size: 11.67 MB | Download hits: 600

Britten Norman Islander - Isles of scilly skybus - TEXTURES ONLY

Britten Norman Islander model by Marcel Kuhnt available here. This repaint depicts The Isles of scilly skybus Britten Norman Islander, G-SBUS. The Isles of Scilly skybus operate a fleet of Britten Norman Islanders and a DHC-6 Twin Otter (G-BIHO) from St Mary's (Isles of Scilly, UK), St Just (Lands End) and St Mawgan (Newquay, UK) .Repaint by Ashley Flynn....

File size: 239.57 KB | Download hits: 608

Piper Malibu Meridian - Salacious SallyComplete with Base Model

Piper Malibu Meridian model by Mike Stone Repaint by Ashley Flynn....

File size: 455.27 KB | Download hits: 483

Repaint of "g-joey" in Vieques Air Link livery. Textures only

This is local Airline serving the island of vieques p.r. And surroundings. I also have done a couple of sceneries of the real airports of vieques , fajardo ,culebra and many more i will be uploading soon. You will need to have the original "g-joey" trislander to use this repaint - above? ...

File size: 296.4 KB | Download hits: 480

BN2A Mk III Trislander GJOEY of Aurigny Air ServicesComplete with Base Model

Based in the UK Channel Islands, this aircraft is part of the fleet operating international and inter-island flights from Guernsey, Jersey and Alderney. A fully detailed FSDS model with nosewheel steering, fully animated flaps, propellers, ailerons, elevators and rudder. Model and panel by Roger Guy. Model modifications, textures and paintwork by Christophe Tabourin. Very accurate FDE by FSAviator...

File size: 2.71 MB | Download hits: 1085

DHC-6 , Twin Otter , U.S Air Force packageComplete with Base Model

Model & panel by : Eric Dantès , textures : Mauricio Illanes....

File size: 10.85 MB | Download hits: 1004

PA-28 Piper Cherokee 180Complete with Base Model

A highly reflective gold repaint of the stock Piper made flyable, with a panel by Frank Elfert. This can replace the stock Piper and will add an extra plane with the new textures. Textures by Frank Marianni III....

File size: 2.93 MB | Download hits: 1631

PRO Lockheed Model 34 Big DipperComplete with Base Model

The Lockheed Model 34 Big Dipper was Lockheed's experiment in the post-war general aviation market. The prototype first flew in December of 1945, later written off in take-off accident in 1946. This FS2002 Pro plane is a "what if" production version with a Lycoming 125 HP engine, and a simple set of avionics. This model has full FS2002 ani's, reflective finish, VC, and damage effects. Tim Piglet Conrad....

File size: 1.49 MB | Download hits: 660

Dash8Q-300 aircraft package

v1.004 by Oleksiy Frolov/Thomas Herger The new release of the one of the most advanced turboprop sims for fs2k2 . This time with the following highlights: Completely custom autopilot with up to 128x simulation speed support (on cruise), PAX loader and the all-weights" tuned aerodynamics and performance, rework of the hydraulic and feathering systems including the latest safety modifications, full performance charts for t/o, approach, 900/1050 rpm climb and cruise, improved frame rates, most of...

File size: 18.48 MB | Download hits: 1179

Updated .FS2002 Italian Air Force DOUGLAS C118-A (DC-6B) Presidential transportComplete with Base Model

spring 1980. Complete with moving landing gear, flaps, ailerons, elevators, and rudder. It also features switchable landing lights and realistic engine start. By Harry Follas and Tom Gibson, Flight Model by Brian Horsey. Completed with night light textures by Hans Hermann,(thanks Hans), Repainted (with permission) by Roberto Piazza....

File size: 3.55 MB | Download hits: 2158

Airshow Demonstration Smoke for FS2002

Not just another smoke download: this has dynamic vortex effects and propwash vectoring; six colors; three positions; multiple "Y-offset" values for easier correction of coordinates..easy install. Total of 78 smoke fx files (2KB each), Uses the "I" key. By Jan Rosenberg, aka "JR" and "I. Candymaker". ...

File size: 475.34 KB | Download hits: 794

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