FSX SP2 Convair 580

Previewnative conversion and enhancement of CalClassic's Convair 580. Made for FSX SP2/Acceleration only. Includes freighter, air tanker, high density seating and standard models, as well as a panel, sound set and paint kit. Comes with one repaint for the high density model and generic metallic textures...

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Complete with Base Model
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Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) including Steam Edition & Prepar3D (P3D)
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native conversion and enhancement of CalClassic's Convair 580. Made for FSX SP2/Acceleration only. Includes freighter, air tanker, high density seating and standard models, as well as a panel, sound set and paint kit. Comes with one repaint for the high density model and generic metallic textures for the rest. Original aircraft by Greg Pepper and the CalClassic team; FSX conversion and enhancements by Bjoern Kesten.

Screenshot of Convair 580 in flight.

Screenshot of Convair 580 in flight.

To install into FSX see the fsx.txt file in the FSX Conversion folder in the 580panel folder. WARNING!! You MUST remove your current CV-580 aircraft from the Aircraft (or SimObjects/Airplanes) folder or you will have duplicate (and outdated) planes!! See below. This EXE installer will NOT create a Start Menu entry, registry entry, uninstall program or anything else, other than copying the relevant files to the proper folders. You may install to a temporary folder by pressing the ... button and copying things by hand if you wish. The Calclassic aircraft are now being installed differently. You will install a "Base Pack" file containing everything you need, along with a single livery. If you want more liveries of this specific aircraft, you will install the textures (only) into the Base Pack folder, and add a new livery section into the plane's aircraft.cfg file.

Quit FS if it is running before installation.

1. Using My Computer or Windows Explorer, examine your FS2004/Aircraft (or FSX/SimObjects/Airplanes) folder for a folder called CV-580. If you find it, rename the aircraft.cfg file inside it to aircraft_old.cfg. If you have added any extra liveries, you will use this backup file to add the extra livery sections to the new aircraft.cfg file. YOU WILL LOSE YOUR ADDED LIVERY SECTIONS (if any) IF YOU DO NOT BACK UP THIS FILE.
2. Double click this file archive to open it. You will find this text file and files called Setup.exe and Setup2002.exe.
3. Double click the Setup.exe file to start the installation. If it doesn't find your main FS2004 folder automatically, press the ... button and browse to it. Press the Run button at the warning screen. If you are installing into FS2002 or FSX it will NOT find your main FS folder. Press the ... button and browse to it. Follow the installation instructions.
4. If you are installing this plane into FS2002, double click the Setup2002.exe file to start the installation. It will NOT find your main FS2002 folder. Press the ... button and browse to it. NOTE: If this is the first time you are installing the new CV-580 folder, be sure to perform steps 5 to 7. If you already have done this, you don't need to repeat it.
5. In My Computer or Windows Explorer, go to your FS2004/Aircraft or FSX/SimObjects/Airplanes folder.
6. Create a new folder within this folder (right click a blank area of the right panel, choose New/Folder). Name it Removed.
7. Find any CV-580 aircraft already present and MOVE them to the Removed folder (right click on the plane's folder, choose Cut, right click on the Removed Folder and choose Paste). DO NOT REMOVE the CV-580 folder if present! You will re-add these removed liveries to the Base Pack later.
9. If you are using a widescreen monitor, read the text file inside the Widescreen Monitors folder inside the 580panel folder for further instructions (coming soon).
10. If installing into FSX, don't forget to move the CV-580, 580panel (if present), and allisonsnd folders from the FSX/Aircraft folder to the FSX/SimObjects/Airplanes folder. Again, refer to the fsx.txt file in the FSX Conversion folder (inside the 580panel folder) for details.
11. To add more liveries to this Base Pack or to replace the liveries you moved to the Removed folder (other than the Base Pack livery), follow the instructions found in the Adding Liveries.txt file in the plane's folder.
12. OPTIONAL. To get realistic engine smoke effects, download and install Nick's AI Smoke effects.

After installation of all the files, start FS2004/FSX/FS2002 and the plane(s) will appear in the Select Aircraft menu. If you see duplicated variation entries, you did not remove all old aircraft - refer to steps #4-6.

Screenshot from inside the Convair 580 cockpit.

Screenshot from inside the Convair 580 cockpit.

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The archive cccv580fsxsp2.zip has 507 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
580_FSX_Preview_1.jpeg02.08.11165.89 kB
580_FSX_Preview_2.jpeg02.08.11205.74 kB
580_FSX_Preview_3.jpeg02.08.11137.22 kB
580_FSX_Preview_4.jpeg02.08.11134.30 kB
580_FSX_Preview_5.jpeg02.08.11157.83 kB
Convair 58002.08.110 B
Convair 580F02.09.110 B
aircraft.cfg02.09.1112.75 kB
Cv58.air03.08.0912.07 kB
CV580_ref.htm04.08.0921.02 kB
CV580_ref.txt04.05.096.19 kB
Model.F02.08.110 B
CV-580F.MDL02.08.113.52 MB
model.cfg02.02.1179 B
Model.T02.08.110 B
CV-580T.MDL02.08.113.56 MB
model.cfg02.02.1179 B
panel02.08.110 B
panel.cfg01.26.1135 B
sound02.08.110 B
sound.cfg01.26.1135 B
texture.blank_F02.09.110 B
cv580left_L.bmp02.08.111.00 MB
cv580left_t.bmp02.08.111.00 MB
cv580right_L.bmp02.08.111.00 MB
cv580right_t.bmp02.08.111.00 MB
texture.cfg01.26.1150 B
thumbnail.jpg02.09.1191.18 kB
texture.blank_T02.09.110 B
texture.cfg02.09.1177 B
thumbnail.jpg02.09.1195.17 kB
aircraft.cfg02.09.1114.59 kB
Cv58.air03.08.0912.07 kB
CV580_ref.htm04.08.0921.02 kB
CV580_ref.txt04.05.096.19 kB
model.hd02.08.110 B
CV-580HD.MDL02.07.113.44 MB
model.cfg01.26.1165 B
model.norm02.08.110 B
CV-580N.MDL02.07.113.44 MB
CV-580_interior.MDL02.08.112.02 MB
model.cfg01.25.1150 B
panel02.08.110 B
CC_Engine_Control.gau03.22.1080.00 kB
cv34002.07.110 B
apanunc_alt.bmp06.01.092.55 kB
apanunc_aparm.bmp06.01.093.57 kB
apanunc_apr.bmp06.01.092.65 kB
apanunc_athr.bmp06.01.093.57 kB
apanunc_back.bmp06.01.0983.81 kB
apanunc_bug.bmp06.01.092.71 kB
apanunc_ias.bmp06.01.092.32 kB
apanunc_mach.bmp06.01.093.21 kB
apanunc_nav.bmp06.01.092.65 kB
apanunc_toga.bmp06.01.093.59 kB
apanunc_yd.bmp06.01.092.08 kB
AP_ANNUNC.XML06.01.092.99 kB
autofeather.bmp11.21.0510.18 kB
AUTOFEATHER.xml05.19.091.16 kB
AUTOFEATHER_580.xml05.04.102.87 kB
autofeather_off.bmp11.21.05870 B
autofeather_on.bmp04.17.09870 B
autofeather_switch_off.bmp11.21.055.64 kB
autofeather_switch_on.bmp11.21.055.64 kB
BATTERY_SWITCH.xml12.16.072.19 kB
battgnd.bmp04.27.0311.95 kB
belts.bmp12.27.0519.31 kB
cv580boost_back.bmp06.03.0940.51 kB
cv580boost_mid.bmp06.03.091.93 kB
cv580boost_off.bmp06.03.091.93 kB
cv580boost_on.bmp06.03.091.93 kB
cv580boost_testlite.bmp06.03.092.94 kB
cv580boost_testoff.bmp06.03.091.93 kB
cv580boost_teston.bmp06.03.091.93 kB
cv580boost_torqueoff.bmp06.03.091.94 kB
cv580boost_torqueon.bmp06.03.091.94 kB
cv580gtc_back.bmp06.03.0927.68 kB
cv580gtc_readylite.bmp06.03.093.16 kB
cv580gtc_runclosed.bmp06.03.096.21 kB
cv580gtc_runon.bmp06.03.096.21 kB
cv580gtc_runopen.bmp06.03.096.21 kB
cv580gtc_startlite.bmp06.03.093.21 kB
cv580gtc_startoff.bmp06.03.096.21 kB
cv580gtc_starton.bmp06.03.096.21 kB
cv580rpm2_back.bmp06.04.09192.05 kB
cv580rpm2_ndbig.bmp06.04.098.91 kB
cv580rpm2_ndsmall.bmp06.04.093.80 kB
cv580rpm_back.bmp06.03.098.89 kB
cv580rpm_high.bmp06.03.094.00 kB
cv580rpm_low.bmp06.03.094.00 kB
cv580start_back.bmp06.03.09107.76 kB
cv580start_bleed.bmp06.03.096.61 kB
cv580start_fueloff.bmp06.03.094.18 kB
cv580start_fuelon.bmp06.03.094.18 kB
cv580start_ground.bmp06.03.096.61 kB
cv580start_gtc.bmp06.03.096.61 kB
cv580start_in.bmp06.03.094.18 kB
cv580start_out.bmp06.03.094.18 kB
cv580_autostart.xml06.15.105.39 kB
cv580_boost.xml06.05.094.84 kB
cv580_gtc.xml06.04.093.54 kB
cv580_lsgi1.xml06.04.091.09 kB
cv580_lsgi2.xml06.04.091.09 kB
cv580_rpm1.xml06.04.093.67 kB
cv580_rpm2.xml06.04.093.67 kB
cv580_start.xml06.04.1011.52 kB
deice.bmp11.21.0547.92 kB
DEICE.xml12.27.051.79 kB
elev_trimwheel_mask.bmp12.26.058.56 kB
elev_trimwheel_mask_580.bmp02.08.0912.71 kB
ELEV_TRIM_580.XML06.01.092.55 kB
elev_trim_mask.bmp12.26.051.35 kB
elev_trim_numbers.bmp11.21.0513.45 kB
elev_trim_pointer.bmp12.26.05954 B
elev_trim_wheel.bmp11.21.0550.68 kB
EXT_LIGHTS_PANEL.xml06.01.09536 B
EXT_LIGHTS_SWITCH.xml06.01.09537 B
ext_lts_off.bmp06.01.095.35 kB
ext_lts_on.bmp06.01.095.35 kB
FEATHER1.xml06.06.091.73 kB
feather1_on.bmp11.21.0511.31 kB
FEATHER2.xml06.06.091.73 kB
feather2_on.bmp11.21.0511.31 kB
FUEL_ND.bmp03.22.0524.65 kB
FUEL_POUNDS_BACK.bmp03.22.05192.05 kB
FUEL_POUNDS_FACE_L.bmp04.09.05192.05 kB
FUEL_QUANT.xml02.06.104.67 kB
gearlights.bmp01.16.073.51 kB
gearlights_grn.bmp11.21.051.60 kB
gearlights_red.bmp11.21.051.60 kB
GEAR_LIGHTS.xml01.16.071.79 kB
GEN LITE.xml01.16.071.15 kB
GEN SWITCH.xml01.16.071.39 kB
genlights2.bmp01.16.0732.75 kB
genswitch2.bmp04.27.0311.95 kB
LIGHT_INST_SWITCH.xml06.01.09801 B
light_panel_back.bmp06.01.091.93 kB
light_panel_off.bmp06.01.091.58 kB
light_panel_on.bmp06.01.091.58 kB
LIGHT_PANEL_SWITCH.xml06.01.09690 B
notepad.bmp12.14.08107.40 kB
Notepad_CV58.xml06.24.1045.57 kB
Notepad_F_CV58.xml02.06.1028.95 kB
notepad_open.bmp05.22.0814.87 kB
Notepad_open_pic.xml08.07.08564 B
Notepad_P_CV58.xml04.08.0914.55 kB
radalt_back.bmp06.01.0993.39 kB
radalt_err.bmp06.01.093.51 kB
radalt_lite.bmp06.01.091.96 kB
radalt_nd1.bmp06.01.092.71 kB
radalt_nd100.bmp06.01.093.89 kB
RADAR.XML06.02.091.68 kB
RADAR_ALT.xml05.06.104.25 kB
radar_on.bmp05.15.0911.95 kB
radar_pattern.bmp05.15.0965.05 kB
RMI.xml01.16.075.19 kB
RMI_BACK.bmp01.16.07192.05 kB
RMI_NAV1_ND.bmp04.09.0520.27 kB
RMI_NAV2_ND.bmp03.21.0520.27 kB
RMI_POINTS.bmp03.16.05150.13 kB
RMI_ROSE.bmp03.26.05150.13 kB
SMOKING.xml06.09.102.17 kB
switch_off.bmp11.21.053.68 kB
switch_on.bmp11.21.053.68 kB
TAKEOFF TRIM 15.xml02.26.07313 B
takeoff_trim.bmp02.26.0712.05 kB
WARN_LITE_AMBER_B.bmp11.24.042.08 kB
cv580annunc.gau04.14.03112.50 kB
cv580ap.gau04.19.0357.00 kB
cv580asi.gau04.19.0336.50 kB
cv580HP1.gau06.02.03653.50 kB
cv580HP2.gau06.02.03653.50 kB
cv580lights.gau03.24.03168.00 kB
cv580master.gau12.19.0218.00 kB
cv580oilcool.gau03.14.0349.00 kB
cv580starthot.gau06.28.0329.50 kB
cv580sync.gau03.18.0323.00 kB
cv580_power.gau03.30.03237.00 kB
CV_fuel_dump.ini02.06.10838 B
dsd_fuel_dump.gau02.02.10108.00 kB
dsd_xml_sound2.gau07.18.0564.00 kB
Exterior_Lts.bmp03.24.0345.81 kB
HJG.gau11.15.022.15 MB
Lower_Console.bmp06.05.09184.48 kB
Main.bmp04.19.03769.05 kB
pan1.bmp06.02.093.00 MB
pan2.bmp06.02.093.00 MB
Panel.cfg02.08.1110.83 kB
ProplinerRadio02.05.110 B
radio_adf1.bmp05.11.09152.16 kB
radio_adf1.xml05.11.0913.44 kB
radio_adf2.bmp05.11.09152.16 kB
radio_adf2.xml05.11.0913.45 kB
radio_adf_1_annunciator_off.bmp06.13.031.56 kB
radio_adf_1_annunciator_on.bmp06.13.031.56 kB
radio_adf_1_audio_knob.bmp06.13.033.43 kB
radio_adf_1_band_selector_knob.bmp06.13.034.04 kB
radio_adf_1_highlight.bmp06.13.037.06 kB
radio_adf_1_tuning_knob.bmp06.13.032.85 kB
radio_adf_1_window.bmp06.13.036.05 kB
radio_adf_2_annunciator_off.bmp06.13.031.56 kB
radio_adf_2_annunciator_on.bmp06.13.031.56 kB
radio_adf_2_audio_knob.bmp06.13.033.43 kB
radio_adf_2_band_selector_knob.bmp06.13.034.04 kB
radio_adf_2_tuning_knob.bmp06.13.032.85 kB
radio_adf_dial.bmp06.13.0326.07 kB
radio_adf_dial_line.bmp06.13.031.28 kB
radio_adf_fine_frequency_knob.bmp06.13.032.82 kB
radio_adf_frequency_card.bmp06.13.0326.07 kB
radio_comm_1_decimals_window.bmp06.13.03282 B
radio_comm_1_power_annunciator_off.bmp06.13.032.52 kB
radio_comm_1_power_annunciator_on.bmp06.13.032.52 kB
radio_comm_1_tens_window.bmp06.13.03182 B
radio_comm_2_decimals_window.bmp06.13.03262 B
radio_comm_2_power_annunciator_off.bmp06.13.032.23 kB
radio_comm_2_power_annunciator_on.bmp06.13.032.23 kB
radio_comm_2_tens_window.bmp06.13.03182 B
radio_comm_decimals_strip.bmp06.13.0310.95 kB
radio_comm_select_switch_1.bmp06.13.032.65 kB
radio_comm_select_switch_2.bmp06.13.032.65 kB
radio_comm_tens_strip.bmp06.13.033.82 kB
radio_marker_knob_off.bmp05.16.094.92 kB
radio_marker_knob_on.bmp05.16.094.92 kB
radio_misc.bmp05.16.09102.92 kB
radio_misc.xml05.18.095.50 kB
radio_nav_1_decimals_window.bmp06.13.03242 B
radio_nav_1_power_annunciator_off.bmp06.13.032.41 kB
radio_nav_1_power_annunciator_on.bmp06.13.032.41 kB
radio_nav_1_switch_off.bmp05.11.092.37 kB
radio_nav_1_switch_on.bmp05.11.092.37 kB
radio_nav_1_tens_window.bmp06.13.03190 B
radio_nav_2_decimals_window.bmp06.13.03242 B
radio_nav_2_power_annunciator_on.bmp06.13.032.23 kB
radio_nav_2_switch_off.bmp05.11.092.31 kB
radio_nav_2_switch_on.bmp05.11.092.31 kB
radio_nav_2_tens_window.bmp06.13.03190 B
radio_nav_decimals_strip.bmp06.13.0311.50 kB
radio_nav_tens_strip.bmp06.13.037.35 kB
radio_plain.bmp05.15.09102.92 kB
radio_signal_gauge_switch.bmp06.13.03534 B
radio_tuning_gauge_needle.bmp06.13.031.49 kB
radio_tuning_gauge_window.bmp06.13.032.06 kB
radio_vhf1.bmp05.11.09102.92 kB
radio_vhf1.xml05.11.096.71 kB
radio_vhf2.bmp05.11.09102.92 kB
radio_vhf2.xml05.11.096.75 kB
Trim_AilNeedle.bmp05.16.091.17 kB
Trim_ElNeedle.bmp05.16.091.15 kB
Trim_RudNeedle.bmp05.16.091.11 kB
rpCV580_TIT_1.gau04.05.0363.00 kB
rpCV580_TIT_2.gau04.05.0363.50 kB
squeaking brakes02.05.110 B
BrakeSound.xml05.22.08440 B
squeaking brakes_Sound.gau04.16.0580.00 kB
Start.bmp02.23.03330.05 kB
Wawind.gau11.04.042.16 MB
Widescreen Monitors02.05.110 B
panel.cfg06.20.1011.26 kB
Readme.txt02.06.101.69 kB
Yoke.bmp03.30.03136.50 kB
Z_DC6KM02.05.110 B
Z_DC6KMTG02.07.110 B
ADF_RING.bmp04.07.05164.84 kB
AIRCRAFT_RELOAD.xml03.18.10752 B
AIRSPEED_7.xml05.16.084.34 kB
ALTIMETER.xml05.09.109.21 kB
ALT_BACK.bmp03.22.05192.05 kB
ALT_BARO.bmp03.15.0586.72 kB
ALT_BLOCK.bmp05.08.1044.91 kB
ALT_FACE.bmp05.08.10192.05 kB
ALT_MASK.bmp03.15.052.51 kB
ALT_ND_100.bmp04.09.059.40 kB
ALT_ND_10K_C.bmp05.08.1044.91 kB
ALT_ND_1K.bmp03.15.054.83 kB
ALT_SHADOW.bmp03.15.0565.07 kB
AP_BACK.bmp10.23.0589.12 kB
AP_BANK_KNOB_1.bmp06.26.0512.05 kB
AP_MODE_SW_DEFAULT.bmp05.09.059.08 kB
AP_MODE_SW_LOC.bmp05.09.059.08 kB
AP_MODE_SW_LOC_GS.bmp05.09.059.08 kB
AP_MODE_SW_RANGE.bmp05.09.059.08 kB
AP_NEW.xml03.07.0911.26 kB
AP_SWITCH.bmp05.09.059.80 kB
AP_VC.bmp05.15.09102.92 kB
AP_VC.xml05.15.0911.27 kB
ASI_BACK.bmp06.26.05192.05 kB
ASI_FACE.bmp12.11.06192.05 kB
ASI_FACE_7.bmp01.09.07192.05 kB
ASI_MACH_ND.bmp01.13.074.87 kB
ASI_ND.bmp03.15.054.87 kB
CLOCK.xml06.05.088.66 kB
Clock_back.bmp03.22.05192.05 kB
CLOCK_FACE.bmp03.22.05192.05 kB
CLOCK_SHADOW.bmp03.15.0565.07 kB
FLAP.xml03.21.052.56 kB
FLAP_BACK.bmp03.21.05192.05 kB
FLAP_FACE.bmp06.20.10192.05 kB
FLAP_ND.bmp03.21.0510.31 kB
GYRO_HORIZON.xml08.02.084.58 kB
HORZ_BACK.bmp03.22.05107.08 kB
HORZ_BIRD.bmp11.08.047.79 kB
HORZ_FACE.bmp03.22.05107.08 kB
HORZ_MASK.bmp03.22.05107.08 kB
HORZ_ND.bmp11.08.041.25 kB
HORZ_ROLL.bmp11.08.04486 B
HOUR_HAND.bmp04.03.054.56 kB
IDENT_LIGHT.bmp11.25.04774 B
MINUTE_HAND.bmp03.15.055.03 kB
RPM_SHADOW.bmp03.16.0565.07 kB
SECOND_HAND2.bmp03.15.054.62 kB
switch_off.bmp05.09.052.74 kB
switch_on.bmp05.09.054.93 kB
VERT_SPEED_BACK.bmp03.22.05192.05 kB
VERT_SPEED_FACE.bmp03.22.05192.05 kB
VERT_SPEED_ND.bmp03.15.054.78 kB
VOLTS.xml12.31.062.52 kB
VOLT_BACK.bmp11.20.04263.72 kB
VOLT_FACE.bmp11.20.04263.72 kB
VOLT_ND.bmp11.20.045.47 kB
vs_wheel_1.bmp12.11.062.29 kB
vs_wheel_2.bmp12.11.062.29 kB
vs_wheel_3.bmp12.11.062.29 kB
vs_wheel_4.bmp12.11.062.29 kB
WARN_LITE_AMBER_B.bmp11.24.042.08 kB
WIND_FACE.bmp04.07.05192.05 kB
WIND_ND.bmp04.07.052.91 kB
ENG_1_ND2.bmp03.16.059.98 kB
ENG_2_ND2.bmp03.16.059.98 kB
FF_12.xml04.14.053.95 kB
FF_BACK.bmp11.10.04263.72 kB
FF_FACE.bmp04.09.05263.72 kB
FLAP.xml03.21.052.56 kB
FLAP_BACK.bmp03.21.05192.05 kB
FLAP_FACE.bmp03.21.05192.05 kB
FLAP_ND.bmp03.21.0510.31 kB
MARKER AUDIBLE.xml04.14.05600 B
MARKER_INNER.bmp06.13.042.96 kB
MARKER_MIDDLE.bmp06.13.042.96 kB
MARKER_OUTER.bmp06.13.042.96 kB
NO_RADIO_SW_OFF.bmp11.28.043.99 kB
NO_RADIO_SW_ON.bmp11.28.043.99 kB
OAT.xml04.13.051.56 kB
OAT_BACK.bmp04.09.05263.72 kB
OAT_FACE.bmp04.09.05263.72 kB
OAT_ND.bmp04.09.054.43 kB
SO_SUCTION_GAUGE.xml03.22.051.67 kB
SUC_BACK.bmp03.22.0548.05 kB
SUC_FACE.bmp03.16.0548.05 kB
SUC_ND.bmp03.16.052.02 kB
SUC_SHADOW.bmp03.16.0517.07 kB
TC_BACK.bmp03.22.0568.78 kB
TC_BALL.bmp11.04.04938 B
TC_BARS.bmp11.04.041.53 kB
TC_FACE.bmp04.09.0568.78 kB
TC_ND.bmp11.04.0414.10 kB
TURN_INDICATOR.xml04.14.053.26 kB
VOLTAGE SWITCH.xml04.14.051.41 kB
VOLT_AUX.bmp11.20.0420.72 kB
VOLT_BATT.bmp11.20.0420.72 kB
VOLT_LG.bmp11.20.0420.72 kB
VOLT_OFF.bmp11.20.0420.72 kB
VOLT_RG.bmp11.20.0420.72 kB
WHISCOMP_BACK.bmp03.16.053.05 kB
WHISCOMP_LINE.bmp03.16.05310 B
WHISCOMP_MASK.bmp03.16.053.05 kB
WHISCOMP_STRIP.bmp03.16.059.57 kB
WHIS_SHADOW.bmp03.16.053.07 kB
sound02.07.110 B
afgys-climb.wav01.20.01431.60 kB
afgys-flap.wav03.17.02173.67 kB
afgys-gear.wav03.18.02994.02 kB
afgys-idle.wav01.20.01384.12 kB
afgys-ps.wav07.30.00184.04 kB
afgys-shut.wav01.20.01906.37 kB
afgys-start1.wav04.25.02866.04 kB
afgys-start2.wav01.20.012.02 MB
afgys-taxi.wav01.20.01188.02 kB
afgys-touch.wav03.19.0214.86 kB
afgys-xclimb.wav01.20.01431.60 kB
afgys-xidle.wav04.26.07722.55 kB
afgys-xshut.wav01.20.01906.37 kB
afgys-xstart1.wav04.25.02864.04 kB
afgys-xstart2.wav01.20.012.02 MB
afgys-xtaxi.wav01.20.01188.02 kB
afgyx-xtaxi.wav04.26.07690.04 kB
bnroll.wav04.19.01370.11 kB
bnroll2.wav04.19.01389.67 kB
kagear.wav04.19.0188.25 kB
kastall.wav04.19.0123.29 kB
reversthrust.wav04.26.071.06 MB
SOUND.CFG05.06.108.95 kB
texture02.08.110 B
texture.blank_HD02.09.110 B
cv580left_l.bmp02.08.111.00 MB
cv580left_t.bmp02.08.111.00 MB
cv580right_l.bmp02.08.111.00 MB
cv580right_t.bmp02.08.111.00 MB
texture.cfg01.13.1137 B
thumbnail.jpg02.09.1187.75 kB
texture.blank_norm02.09.110 B
cv580left_L.bmp02.08.111.00 MB
cv580left_t.bmp02.08.111.00 MB
cv580right_L.bmp02.08.111.00 MB
cv580right_t.bmp02.08.111.00 MB
texture.cfg01.13.1137 B
thumbnail.jpg02.09.1192.58 kB
texture.siepac02.08.110 B
cv580left_l.bmp02.08.111.00 MB
cv580left_t.bmp02.08.111.00 MB
cv580right_l.bmp02.08.111.00 MB
cv580right_t.bmp02.08.111.00 MB
texture.cfg01.13.1137 B
Black.bmp01.27.114.07 kB
cv580cockpit.bmp01.27.111.00 MB
cv580left_b.bmp01.27.111.00 MB
cv580left_L.bmp01.27.11256.07 kB
cv580left_s.bmp01.27.111.00 MB
cv580right_b.bmp01.27.111.00 MB
cv580right_L.bmp01.27.11256.07 kB
cv580right_s.bmp01.27.111.00 MB
cv580wing_b.bmp01.27.111.00 MB
cv580wing_Lt.bmp01.27.11256.07 kB
cv580wing_s.bmp01.27.111.00 MB
cv580wing_t.bmp01.27.111.00 MB
cv580_cargo_b.bmp01.27.111.00 MB
cv580_cargo_s.bmp01.27.111.00 MB
cv580_cargo_t.bmp01.27.111.00 MB
Glass_s.bmp01.27.114.07 kB
Glass_t.bmp01.27.114.07 kB
Metallic_B.bmp01.27.1164.07 kB
Metallic_L.bmp01.27.1164.07 kB
Metallic_S.bmp01.27.1164.07 kB
Metallic_T.bmp01.27.1164.07 kB
Metal_Painted_B.bmp01.27.1164.07 kB
Metal_Painted_L.bmp01.27.1164.07 kB
Metal_Painted_S.bmp01.27.1164.07 kB
Metal_Painted_T.bmp01.27.1164.07 kB
pan1_L.bmp01.27.111.00 MB
pan2_L.bmp01.27.111.00 MB
Rain_Fresnel.bmp01.27.114.07 kB
rain_t.bmp02.08.111.00 MB
Skin.bmp01.27.114.07 kB
spin_prop.bmp01.27.1164.07 kB
texture.cfg02.08.1135 B
VC_3_B.bmp01.27.111.00 MB
VC_3_S.bmp01.27.111.00 MB
VC_3_T.bmp01.27.111.00 MB
virtual cockpit 1.bmp01.27.111.00 MB
virtual cockpit 1_B.bmp01.27.111.00 MB
virtual cockpit 1_S.bmp01.27.111.00 MB
virtual cockpit 2.bmp01.27.111.00 MB
virtual cockpit 2_B.bmp01.27.111.00 MB
virtual cockpit 2_S.bmp01.27.111.00 MB
WiperTrail.bmp02.02.1116.07 kB
Documentation02.08.110 B
Adding Liveries.txt04.21.098.07 kB
CV & Martin mini tutorial.txt04.08.0998.99 kB
FS2004 Realistic Engine Start.txt06.15.107.12 kB
Original Readme.txt02.04.119.44 kB
Panel Documentation02.07.110 B
Lower Console Hot Zones.jpg04.20.0337.56 kB
Main Panel Hot Zones.jpg04.19.0368.92 kB
Notepad Quick Reference.txt02.05.109.25 kB
Notepad Readme.txt02.06.1047.05 kB
Panel Information.txt11.20.1010.16 kB
REVIEW From a real world CV capt.txt04.20.0319.47 kB
Wawind_readme.txt11.04.042.74 kB
README.txt09.14.109.44 kB
Sound Pack02.07.110 B
CV580 Sound Package.txt07.04.031.35 kB
T-56 Allison Sound Update_Electra_Install.txt04.26.071.53 kB
Effects02.04.110 B
fx_engstrt_propliner.fx02.17.035.17 kB
Gauges02.08.110 B
dc6b_config.ini01.02.072.23 kB
dc6b_sound.ini05.24.09571 B
dsd_fsx_xml_sound2.dll10.24.0680.80 kB
dsd_xml_config.gau10.24.0660.81 kB
Paintkit02.08.110 B
cv580left_l.psd02.04.11197.94 kB
cv580left_t.psd02.04.114.65 MB
cv580right_l.psd02.04.11191.06 kB
cv580right_t.psd02.04.113.74 MB
Readme.txt02.08.11181 B
Readme.txt02.08.119.03 kB
Repaint supplementaries01.25.110 B
Installing repaints.txt02.08.112.79 kB
Optional Texture Conversion01.25.110 B
imagetool.exe12.10.07221.56 kB
Texture Conversion - 32bit.bat01.25.1175 B
Texture Conversion - DXT5.bat01.25.1177 B
texture.cfg - F01.25.110 B
texture.cfg01.25.1152 B
texture.cfg - Pax01.25.110 B
texture.cfg01.13.1137 B
Sound02.04.110 B
Installation icon.

Installation Instructions

Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description. For further installation help, please see our Flight School for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download. If in doubt, you may also ask a question or view existing answers in our dedicated Q&A forum.


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