FS2004 DC-3 ACOF-BB Centennial Aircraft

Preview DC-3 ACOF-BB Centennial Aircraft, IFR panel, 4-tank full package. This package offers a modified aircraft.cfg file for the Beaumont and Bitzer 4-tank ship in a new, stand-alone package. It includes the latest edition of Mark Beaumont's 'IFR' panel and incorporates Beaumont and Bitzer's 4-tank ...

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DC-3 ACOF-BB Centennial Aircraft, IFR panel, 4-tank full package. This package offers a modified aircraft.cfg file for the Beaumont and Bitzer 4-tank ship in a new, stand-alone package. It includes the latest edition of Mark Beaumont's 'IFR' panel and incorporates Beaumont and Bitzer's 4-tank "no ALL tanks" and automixture modifications. Support documentation explains what changes have been made to make the plane fly more closely to the published specifications for the real Douglas DC3, vintage 1939. Supplied with "Century of Flight" Centennial markings on a bare metal livery in restored condition, this aircraft will appear in a fresh aircraft folder to which you can add other texture sets in the usual way. Aliases default DC-3 sound. By Mark Beaumont and Dave Bitzer.

Screenshot of DC-3 ACOF-BB Centennial Aircraft in flight.

Screenshot of DC-3 ACOF-BB Centennial Aircraft in flight.


Download and unzip DC3_BB4.ZIP to a temporary directory. You should see four folders and four other files.

Move the folder 'Douglas_DC3_IFR_4TK_BB' within the 'Aircraft' folder to ..../Flight Simulator 9/Aircraft/ (the FS2004 aircraft folder) or simply move the 'Aircraft' folder itself to your FS root directory. The new aircraft within it will overwrite no others.

Move the contents of the 'Gauges' folder to ..../Flight Simulator 9/Gauges/ (the main FS2004 gauges folder) or simply move this entire 'Gauges' folder to your FS root directory. You can move the gauges individually if you prefer. If you are asked to overwrite, please check that you are overwriting with more recent files. No default gauges will be overwritten. If you have previously installed Mark Beaumont's updated IFR panel, you may already have all the gauges supplied in this download.

Move the file in the 'Sound' folder to ..../Flight Simulator 9/Sound/ if you do not have it on your system.

Move the 'FSSound.dll' file in the folder 'Modules' to ..../Flight Simulator 9/Modules/ if you do not have it installed already. If you do not, you should then proceed as follows:

Find the FS9.CFG file. It is located in your personal "Application Data" folder. On Windows 2000/XP systems, this is located in "...\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Microsoft\FS9\FS9.cfg". For Windows 9x users the path is "...\Windows\Application Data\Microsoft\FS9\fs9.cfg". The Application Data folder is hidden, so you will need to enable viewing of hidden files/folders under the Folder Options in your Explorer.

Back up your FS9.CFG file. Then open the file and add the following section, somewhere near the top:


Save the file.

MPORTANT TO COMPLETE INSTALLATION: COPY (or move) the default gauge file DOUGLAS_DC3.CAB from your default DC-3 PANEL folder to the main Flight Simulator 9/Gauges folder (do NOT unzip it). If you do not do this, default gauges will not show in your new panel.

If you have followed these instructions correctly, you should find your new aircraft in the FS2004 aircraft selection menu under manufacturer: "Douglas", model: "DC-3", variation: "Bare metal, IFR panel, ACOF-BB". Its folder name under ..../Flight Simulator 9/Aircraft/ is 'Douglas_DC3_IFR_4TK_BB'.

Finally, in your new aircraft folder you will find a folder called "Support Specifications", which is intended for your reference and is self-explanatory.

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The archive dc3_bb4.zip has 137 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Douglas_DC3_IFR_4TK_BB03.01.040 B
aircraft.cfg03.01.0420.85 kB
Douglas_DC3.air06.12.036.57 kB
douglas_dc3_check.htm05.21.0382.82 kB
douglas_dc3_ref.htm09.23.0313.58 kB
model02.26.040 B
Douglas_DC3.mdl05.30.032.44 MB
model.cfg05.16.0228 B
original docs03.01.040 B
README_DC3_4TK.txt02.26.047.82 kB
README_DC3_AUTOMIX_4TANK.txt02.26.047.07 kB
panel02.28.040 B
atc-win.bmp01.16.0476.81 kB
DC3_backgroundCAPT.bmp12.18.03769.05 kB
DC3_ECU.bmp08.30.03114.12 kB
docs02.28.040 B
ATC-Panel02.28.040 B
Bitmap02.28.040 B
atc-win orig.bmp05.23.0276.81 kB
Cut&Paste02.28.040 B
Gauge Information.txt05.27.0249 B
Windows Information.txt05.24.02702 B
Windows Title.txt05.24.0218 B
Readme.htm05.28.0291.74 kB
Readme_files02.28.040 B
filelist.xml05.28.02577 B
header.htm05.28.022.11 kB
image001.png05.28.024.52 kB
image002.jpg05.28.026.08 kB
image003.png05.28.02613 B
image004.jpg05.28.02780 B
image005.png05.28.0212.87 kB
image006.jpg05.28.0220.45 kB
image007.png05.28.02598 B
image008.jpg05.28.021.92 kB
image009.png05.28.02146.72 kB
image010.jpg05.28.0236.49 kB
image011.png05.28.02325 B
image012.jpg05.28.02838 B
oledata.mso05.28.02134.50 kB
cad_legal.txt01.27.03819 B
FSSound.txt05.15.012.07 kB
fuelstatus_readme.txt10.28.026.51 kB
Garmin 53002.28.040 B
530 430 desc.txt10.17.033.62 kB
530 Default Nav Page.doc11.09.0397.50 kB
530 Nav Bar Page.doc10.17.0390.00 kB
GNS530 default nav page.jpg10.17.0368.92 kB
GNS530 default nav terr.jpg11.05.0366.99 kB
GNS530 map page.jpg10.17.0358.94 kB
GNS530 nav bar.jpg10.17.0369.51 kB
Intro and Directions.txt11.09.032.73 kB
Radio CD Player02.28.040 B
2002panel.cfg11.15.034.67 kB
2004panel.cfg11.15.034.92 kB
md5.exe11.17.03248.00 kB
radiocd4.gif11.15.035.58 kB
readme1st.txt11.15.036.28 kB
userguide.gif11.15.0326.69 kB
Read_me Bruno Mulken.txt08.31.03767 B
single4-1.jpg01.28.0481.23 kB
single4-2.jpg01.28.0489.85 kB
single4-3.jpg01.28.0493.57 kB
single4-4.jpg01.28.0450.86 kB
single4-5.jpg01.27.0472.19 kB
elec.bmp01.24.04407.87 kB
Panel.cfg01.29.0410.89 kB
README_DC3_BB4.txt03.01.0420.05 kB
sound02.26.040 B
sound.cfg11.19.0333 B
Support Specifications03.01.040 B
image001.gif03.01.0495 B
image002.jpg03.01.0463.34 kB
image003.jpg03.01.0466.13 kB
image004.jpg03.01.0495.93 kB
image005.jpg03.01.0498.67 kB
image006.jpg03.01.0450.02 kB
image007.jpg03.01.0444.16 kB
image008.jpg03.01.0447.73 kB
image009.jpg03.01.0444.37 kB
image010.jpg03.01.0448.68 kB
image011.jpg03.01.0444.81 kB
image012.jpg03.01.0434.15 kB
image013.gif03.01.0495 B
Support Specifications.htm03.01.0442.73 kB
texture.BB02.26.040 B
Douglas_DC3_1_C.bmp12.18.03682.75 kB
Douglas_DC3_1_D.bmp03.01.04512.07 kB
Douglas_DC3_1_T.bmp02.11.041.00 MB
Douglas_DC3_2_C.bmp01.12.04170.75 kB
Douglas_DC3_2_T.bmp04.28.03341.40 kB
Douglas_DC3_3_C.bmp04.29.0342.74 kB
Prop_DC3.bmp10.13.03256.07 kB
Aircraft02.28.040 B
ABSU154_ZK.gau09.28.9936.00 kB
An2v2.dfd_i_omi.gau03.02.0040.00 kB
An2v2.dfd_m_omi.gau03.02.0040.00 kB
An2v2.dfd_o_omi.gau03.02.0040.00 kB
ATC-WHM.gau05.28.0264.00 kB
cad_dcagauges.gau09.28.03100.00 kB
cad_dcagauges1.gau09.28.03100.00 kB
cad_fs2k2dcagauges.gau05.17.0380.00 kB
cpt.DC3.icons.cab12.19.0314.01 kB
CPT.RKG_Fuelstat.gau08.06.03601.50 kB
dc3.Airspeed.gau01.09.0299.50 kB
DC3.turn_indicatora.gau11.17.02107.00 kB
DC3.VOR1.gau11.16.02243.50 kB
DC3.VOR2.gau11.16.02241.50 kB
DC3.vsia.gau11.17.02103.00 kB
DC3Toggles.gau11.19.0332.00 kB
DC3_automix_4tank.CAB01.20.04310.83 kB
DC3_fuel_4tank.cab01.05.04312.94 kB
DC3_GearLight.cab11.26.031.84 kB
DC3_reg.cab01.05.04766 B
DC3_Sperry_magnetic_compass.gau09.19.01124.07 kB
FS9Garmin530_R1.cab11.07.03187.85 kB
kk_black_indicators.gau04.26.0250.50 kB
Propliner.ALTIMETER.gau02.04.00209.00 kB
Propliner.Attitude.gau02.04.00323.50 kB
Propliner.Gyro.gau02.04.00237.50 kB
propliner.hghb_proprmi.gau04.21.99279.50 kB
Radalt.gau07.17.9836.00 kB
radiocd4.gau11.15.03368.00 kB
SimIcons1024.cab06.13.0319.24 kB
Windspeed02.26.040 B
DC3WindSpeed.xml01.25.04468 B
Gauges02.28.040 B
FSSound.dll11.11.0113.00 kB
Modules02.28.040 B
click.wav01.26.022.92 kB
Sound02.28.040 B
README_DC3_BB4.txt03.01.0420.05 kB
bb4.gif02.28.0412.29 kB
bb4.jpg02.28.0471.27 kB
file_id.diz02.28.04900 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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