X-Plane 11/10 NB36 Nuclear Powered 10.03

Preview NB36/uav. Real with some modernization. Nuclear Powered Bomber.

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NB36/uav. Real with some modernization. Nuclear Powered Bomber.

Screenshot of NB36 in flight.

Screenshot of NB36 in flight.

X-Plane VERSION 10....ONLY.
Slight wing flex, working Nuclear bombs, terrain following all added or corrected. This aircraft was previously uploaded as version 9.. It quit working when infinite electrical power was not available. Version 9 removed bomb smoke and blasts. This aircraft has bomb blasts and they are all nuclear.

With permission to modify and distribute from Cliviendy I have modified his beautiful B-36H into NB-36H. The UAV panel was basically produced for another plane by a good friend who wishes to remain anonymous. I have made several additions and changes to the panel.

This version of the NB-36 Electric U.A.V. is basically the same as the NB-36H Electric, but with a new cockpit.

It seems obvious now and probably in the mid 50’s that nobody would like to fly with a reactor in the back of the Bombay, Nuclear weapons are bad enough.
Nobody would want to become known as part of, “THE GLOW IN THE DARK WING”.

It has been said that if WWIII had happened during the cold war, that we would have 2-3 weeks of arguing and posturing before the all out nuclear exchange.
Well this monster could be flown near the border of the opponent as intimidation.

Who would fire a missile or send a fighter to destroy this plane knowing that a great nuclear fall would fall on them.

In the mid 50’s the MX1589 project was to produce an X-6 aircraft. They put a 3 megawatt nuclear reactor into a B-36H. The reactor was operational, but it did not supply power to the propellers.

Well I have completed what they started, but with 21st. century hardware.

Additions and changes:

  • Added 3 megawatt reactor with AC generator and super conducting cooling equipment.
  • Changed props to 5 blades each.
  • Changed engines from 3,800 hp Allison piston to 3,8000 hp electric super conducting.
  • Replaced old avionics with the latest glass and fully redundant traditional vacuum/electric.
  • Added parachute.

It flies quite nicely and has a range of 2 years.

Environmentalists note: This aircraft will be stationed at Guantanamo Naval base and will fly over the USA only once to deliver it there.

Try to keep propellers around 2,800 to 3,000 rpm.

Climb to 22,000 ft at 9,000 ft per minute if you wish.
50,000ft. cruising is normal.

Extremely short takeoff run is normal, you do not have 200,000 lbs. of fuel on board. Safe takeoff is from 2,000 ft runway or longer.

Be sure and read the README, it has some interesting URL’s that justify making this aircraft.

I am a dreamer, not an engineer.

Albert Einstein said, “ If you can dream, you can do the impossible”.

Memphis TN, USA

Screenshot of NB36 in flight.

Screenshot of NB36 in flight.

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NB36H Electric UAV-10.0312.23.110 B
__MACOSX12.23.110 B
NB36H Electric UAV-10.0312.23.110 B
airfoils07.04.090 B
airfoils12.23.110 B
B36 Root.afl08.29.0724.24 kB
B36 Tip.afl08.29.0724.23 kB
arctic_region_war_plan.jpg12.12.06380.83 kB
cockpit09.08.090 B
-PANELS-09.08.090 B
cockpit12.23.110 B
-PANELS-12.23.110 B
panel.png02.13.0914.64 kB
NB36H Electric UAV.acf12.23.113.15 MB
NB36H Electric UAV_paint.png12.17.11111.92 kB
NB36H Electric UAV_paint2.png11.03.0830.45 kB
NB36H Electric UAV_paint2_LIT.png12.05.067.93 kB
NB36H Electric UAV_paint_LIT.png12.12.089.14 kB
NB36H Electric UAV_prop.png10.12.0440.39 kB
Objects07.04.090 B
Objects12.23.110 B
BBW.obj06.22.0713.20 kB
BBW_paint.png06.23.076.17 kB
Blister.obj06.19.0713.20 kB
blister_paint.png06.19.077.70 kB
CentreW.obj06.22.0713.20 kB
CentreW_paint.png06.23.077.70 kB
Readme NB-36H Electric U.A.V..pdf12.23.1161.66 kB
Sounds07.04.090 B
Sounds12.23.110 B
Engine07.04.090 B
Engine12.23.110 B
Convair B-36H engn1.wav02.23.06161.54 kB
Convair B-36H engn2.wav02.23.06161.54 kB
Convair B-36H engn3.wav02.23.06161.54 kB
Convair B-36H engn4.wav02.23.06161.54 kB
Convair B-36H engn5.wav02.23.06161.54 kB
Convair B-36H engn6.wav02.23.06161.54 kB
Convair B-36H prop1.wav01.27.06243.37 kB
Convair B-36H prop2.wav01.27.06243.37 kB
Convair B-36H prop3.wav01.27.06243.37 kB
Convair B-36H prop4.wav01.27.06243.37 kB
Convair B-36H prop5.wav01.27.06243.37 kB
Convair B-36H prop6.wav01.27.06243.37 kB
weapons09.08.090 B
weapons12.23.110 B
3 MEGAWATT REACTOR.png09.05.0919.14 kB
3 MEGAWATT REACTOR.wpn09.08.0912.75 kB
Mk4.png02.11.061.39 kB
Mk4.wpn12.17.1112.75 kB
Mk5.png12.10.062.35 kB
Mk5.wpn12.17.1112.75 kB
Mk6.png04.10.061.74 kB
Mk6.wpn12.17.1112.75 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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Nicholas HughesSun, 03 Jul 2016 11:40:54 GMT

I like it but but the engines sound like an excited cat.

shadow7Sun, 31 Mar 2013 03:21:08 GMT

Pretty damn cool nuclear plane - flies real well; great fun.

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