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X-Plane 11/10 Sopwith Camel 1.1

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The Sopwith Camel is arguably the most recognizable aircraft from World War I. Powered by a rotary engine, this airplane endures in the public imagination even to this day. This X-Plane 10 model was created from scratch, using available specifications, and featuring a custom panel, custom sounds, and functional Vickers machine guns with custom sounds as well.

Screenshot of Sopwith Camel in flight.

Screenshot of Sopwith Camel in flight.

With the exception of the rotary engine object, the entirety of the airplane was created in Planemaker, so it should have a minimal impact on frame rate.

This is my actually my first aircraft created in X-Plane 10. (I made many aircraft and ground vehicles for X-Plane 5.66 back in the day, but with the exception of a handful of v7 models, I haven't done much with X-Plane until now.) I know this model's far from perfect, but I am definitely open to suggestions for improvements!

Derek Hatfield, "Loimere" (on, for photography used in texturing the aircraft.
Simon, "simononly" (on flickr), for photography used in texturing the aircraft.
Phillip Capper, "PhillipC" (on flickr), for photography used in texturing the aircraft.
U.S. Air Force for photography used in texturing the aircraft.
"C2builder" (on Youtube) for permission to use machine gun audio.
Tom at for the outside/exterior engine sound.
Gary Jones for inside/interior rotary engine sound and starter sound (see his Readme in the sounds/engine folder for more info!).
HPM for the excellent rotary engine object.

What's New in Version 1.1

  • v1.1 - Fixed missing RAF 15 airfoil.
  • v1.0 - First version uploaded.

Two Sopwith Camel's flying side by side.

Two Sopwith Camel's flying side by side.

Images & Screenshots

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The archive has 72 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Sopwith Camel - (AWA)05.11.120 B
airfoils05.11.120 B
RAF 15.afl03.02.1225.21 kB
cockpit05.08.120 B
-PANELS-05.08.120 B
Panel_General.png03.30.121.71 MB
clocks05.08.120 B
clock_GA-2.png01.01.123.08 kB
clock_GA.png04.14.1213.55 kB
compass05.08.120 B
compass_GA-1.png01.01.123.87 kB
compass_GA-3.png01.01.124.38 kB
compass_GA.png04.14.1210.83 kB
engine05.08.120 B
engine round05.08.120 B
engine_CHT-2.png01.01.123.04 kB
engine_CHT-4.png01.01.123.16 kB
engine_CHT.png04.14.1210.60 kB
engine_CHT.txt01.01.12266 B
engine_RPM_engine-2.png01.01.123.04 kB
engine_RPM_engine-4.png01.01.123.16 kB
engine_RPM_engine.png04.14.1210.83 kB
engine_RPM_engine.txt01.01.12266 B
standard six05.08.120 B
airspeed05.08.120 B
asi_adap_GA-2.png04.14.124.17 kB
asi_adap_GA-4.png01.01.124.02 kB
asi_adap_GA.png04.14.1216.30 kB
asi_adap_GA.txt01.01.12266 B
altimeters05.08.120 B
alt_GA-1.png01.01.124.42 kB
alt_GA-2.png04.14.129.53 kB
alt_GA-3.png01.01.124.93 kB
alt_GA.png04.14.1222.28 kB
alt_GA.txt01.01.12136 B
turn slip05.08.120 B
slip_GA-2.png01.01.122.98 kB
slip_GA-3.png01.01.125.22 kB
slip_GA.png01.01.123.59 kB
vertical speed05.08.120 B
vvi_adap-2.png04.14.123.63 kB
vvi_adap-4.png01.01.123.48 kB
vvi_adap.png04.14.1215.87 kB
vvi_adap.txt01.01.12266 B
weapons05.08.120 B
all-1.png01.01.125.76 kB
all.png01.01.123.20 kB
Credits.TXT05.11.121.10 kB
objects05.09.120 B
Rotary.png03.30.12186.90 kB
Rotary_no_spinner.obj05.28.073.32 MB
Readme.TXT05.11.12460 B
SopwithCamel.acf05.09.123.97 MB
SopwithCamel_icon.png05.09.12972.71 kB
SopwithCamel_paint.png05.08.124.15 MB
SopwithCamel_paint2.png05.08.12441.36 kB
SopwithCamel_prop.png03.30.1262.60 kB
sounds05.09.120 B
alert05.09.120 B
tcas.wav05.09.12140.57 kB
engine05.09.120 B
Readme (Gary Jones) (engn1_inn and starter ONLY).txt05.24.10487 B
SopwithCamel engn1_inn.wav02.18.121.33 MB
SopwithCamel engn1_out.wav03.30.12869.09 kB
SopwithCamel STARTER_RECIP1.wav02.18.12736.41 kB
systems05.08.120 B
gun.wav03.30.12139.56 kB
weapons05.08.120 B
VickersMachineGun.png03.30.1247.06 kB
VickersMachineGun.wpn03.30.1212.74 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

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Robert BackTue, 06 Aug 2013 19:59:26 GMT

This Sopwith Camel is very good. Thanks for it. It flies nice and also the exterior model is very good, the textures look really good. For improvements i would suggest only a 3D cockpit (a must have for any plane) and for the exterior it already looks great, but maybe a pilot and some work on the engine. But other than that, again, good job, its very good.

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