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FSX Republic RC-3 Seabee Amphibian

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Republic RC-3 Seabee Amphibian. Republic, better known for their military planes, commenced manufacture of the unusual RC3 Seabee amphibian in 1945 and ceased in 1947 after 1060 units had been made. In 1945 the U.S. Army Air Force and U.S. Navy placed orders for several thousand Seabees for war time air-sea rescue duties but these orders were cancelled when Japan surrendered in August 1945. Today (2009) over 250 Seabees are still registered and flying, mostly in private hands but a few still serve as air taxis and light freight bush planes. Complete package for FSX/SP2 (DX9 graphics) with full moving parts, 2D and VC panel, check and ref lists. A real fun plane, flies and floats beautifully. Two liveries included. By Jean-Pierre Brisard and Bob May - Premier Aircraft Design.

Republic RC-3 Seabee Amphibian in flight.

Republic RC-3 Seabee Amphibian in flight.


Aircraft, panel and sound package including dynamic VC with custom gauges.

For more information look inside the MANUALS folder :
Flying tips.txt (ESSENTIAL READING)
seabee_PanelDocs (Panel diagrams)

Check list and reference list available from the kneeboard in FSX


Model & Master Textures: Jean-Pierre Brisard
Panel design and XML gauge programming Jean-Pierre Brisard
Paint & Flight dynamics : Bob May
Panel art work : Ed Wells
Original source files: John L Woodward 2003


Extract ALL (Repeat ...*ALL*) the files into the FSX MAIN Folder using WINZIP* in Classic Mode...Do not use the Wizard...
Make sure the "Use Folder names" BOX is checked in WINZIP.

New folders will be created and all files automatically installed.

* Other unzip utilities may work just as well but we have not tested them.

Vista users may need to temporarily disable the UAC (User Account Control) to enable automatic creation of new folders.

Here's how by the numbers...

1. Navigate to where you downloaded the zip file

2. Double click with your mouse on the zip file.

3. WINZIP should open and show all the files inside the zip.

4. Press 'CTRL A' and this will select ALL the files.

5. Click on upper 'Extract' Button in the Main Tool Bar above.

6. Type in your path in the dialog box, the default location is C:\program files\microsoft games\microsoft flight simulator X

or Browse to your FSX Location...Open the FSX main folder.

7. Now Click on the 'Extract' button in the upper're done...go flying.


1. Turn on Tool Tips....Lots of panel information available. Go to Options - Settings - General....Click the "Show Tool Tips" box.)

2. SHIFT E opens/closes the two side doors

3. SHIFT-E2 opens/closes the front mooring door.

4. To raise your seat higher press SHIFT-ENTER (VC only)

5. Read the "Flying Tips" document enclosed with this download.

6. In the VC, Ctrl-W toggles yoke on/off, there is also a yoke toggle icon in the VC panel.


Zoom view in and out in VC cockpit with + and - keys

Move Eyepoint Down

Move Eyepoint Forward

Move Eyepoint Left

Move Eyepoint Right

Move Eyepoint Up

Reset Eyepoint


Premier Aircraft Design

Cockpit view of Republic RC-3 Seabee Amphibian.

Cockpit view of Republic RC-3 Seabee Amphibian.

Images & Screenshots

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The archive has 63 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
airplanes12.22.090 B
Seabee_rb_x12.22.090 B
aircraft.cfg12.22.0911.42 kB
File_ID.diz12.15.09810 B
MANUALS12.22.090 B
Flying Tips.txt12.16.091.72 kB
seabee_panel_doc.jpg12.14.09172.29 kB
seabee_radios_doc.jpg12.14.09121.91 kB
Model12.22.090 B
model.cfg12.17.0933 B
seabee_fix6_up.mdl12.17.091.40 MB
panel.seabeex12.22.090 B
bendix_king.vor2.gau04.18.01241.50 kB
bendix_king_radio.ap.gau04.18.0181.00 kB
bendix_king_radio.ap_0001.GAU12.14.0981.00 kB
fs9gps.cab06.13.03296.71 kB
panel.cfg12.20.095.92 kB
seabee.CAB12.15.09360.16 kB
SeaBeePanel1.bmp12.20.093.00 MB
seabee_radio.CAB03.10.09245.37 kB
seabee_sw.CAB11.16.0941.93 kB
Thumbs.db11.14.099.50 kB
README FIRST.txt12.20.094.32 kB
seabee.air12.20.0910.61 kB
seabee800-11.gif12.15.09237.99 kB
seabee800-12.gif12.15.09197.06 kB
Seabee_check.htm12.12.0914.28 kB
seabee_rb_x.gif12.21.0910.84 kB
seabee_ref.htm12.12.095.30 kB
seabee_VC.jpg12.21.0973.52 kB
sound.x12.22.090 B
Sound.cfg12.13.0928 B
texture.bluewhite12.22.090 B
Elevator.bmp12.13.09256.07 kB
Interiors_seabee.bmp12.09.091.00 MB
lights.bmp11.17.0732.07 kB
lights_L.bmp05.16.0865.05 kB
Panel.bmp12.17.091.00 MB
PanelSpot.bmp12.19.09512.07 kB
pilote.bmp06.08.098.07 kB
prop2_TBX.bmp10.25.081.00 MB
roueseabee.bmp08.12.0765.05 kB
seabee_fuse.bmp12.13.091.00 MB
thumbnail.jpg12.12.099.35 kB
Thumbs.db12.06.0944.50 kB
Wings.bmp12.13.091.00 MB
texture.whiteredorange12.22.090 B
Elevator.bmp12.06.09256.07 kB
Interiors_seabee.bmp12.09.091.00 MB
lights.bmp11.17.0732.07 kB
lights_L.bmp05.16.0865.05 kB
Panel.bmp12.17.091.00 MB
PanelSpot.bmp12.19.09512.07 kB
pilote.bmp06.08.098.07 kB
prop2_TBX.bmp10.25.081.00 MB
roueseabee.bmp08.12.0765.05 kB
seabee_fuse.bmp12.11.091.00 MB
thumbnail.jpg12.12.099.30 kB
Thumbs.db12.08.0910.00 kB
Wings.bmp12.08.091.00 MB
Simobjects12.22.090 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

Installation of Add-on Aircraft/Scenery

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ChipSat, 21 May 2016 21:53:51 GMT

There used to be one of these tied down on the ramp next to my fathers plane back in the late fifties. I dreamed of owning that thing every time I saw it parked there. Now I have one and its great. I think the flight model is a little slipperier than a real one is, because it seem to float for a long time, in ground effect. And it has a pretty good rate of climb. I think if you like anfibs. you'll enjoy this one. Nice art work too.

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