Nick’s Space Shuttle Landing Challenge, Final Release

PreviewIncludes all previous updates. Featuring the Space Shuttle Discovery and celebrating NASA's return to space! This package contains the most up to date version of my Space Shuttle Landing Challenge (v1.2). I am providing it as a FINAL single installation package to eliminate the need for multiple ...

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Includes all previous updates. Featuring the Space Shuttle Discovery and celebrating NASA's return to space! This package contains the most up to date version of my Space Shuttle Landing Challenge (v1.2). I am providing it as a FINAL single installation package to eliminate the need for multiple update files. This package includes the Space Shuttle Discovery redesigned using actual NASA-Boeing mechanical/aeronautical engineering data, a panel, sounds and shuttle landing FX. The space shuttle in the sim (like the real shuttle) has the ability to water 'ditch' and belly land in an emergency or if improperly landed on the suspension system. You can select the sensitivity of the main landing gear struts (less crashes) for those who are novice to flying critical tolerances. This package includes a CHALLENGE FLIGHT ADVENTURE PACKAGE and features a reference list of the flights along with approach/landing procedure tips to the kneeboard (F-10) for you to refer to while in flight. The adventure pack will provide a set of 11 challenge flights spanning the globe for the space shuttle re-entry simulation. A Bonus PACK of CrashBar effects including smoke, fire, explosions and other nasty reminders of landing mistakes is included as an optional installation. The original .mdl file is by Matthew Moxon and a modified for FS9 panel byTom Kellner. Model repaint, flight dynamics, air file, sound.cfg, adventure flights and shuttle landingcrash FX by Nick Needham. Includes NASA's description of the entire landing process which you can now experience in Flight Simulator! This package includes an install for FS2002 as well and supersedes all other update packages. ENJOY! Nick Needham.

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The archive has 228 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
BONUS_FX08.26.050 B
FS2002CRASHFX.exe08.25.0576.00 kB
FS2004CRASHFX.exe08.25.0576.00 kB
README.txt08.26.051.26 kB
RESTORE08.26.050 B
Readme.txt08.25.05415 B
RestoreFS2002FX.exe11.18.0372.00 kB
RestoreFS2004FX.exe11.18.0372.00 kB
Nick's Antarctica Shuttle Challenge.FLT08.25.058.01 kB
Nick's Antarctica Shuttle Challenge.WX08.24.05170.13 kB
Nick's Aussie Shuttle Challenge.FLT08.25.057.41 kB
Nick's Aussie Shuttle Challenge.WX08.25.0583.38 kB
Nick's Edwards AFB Shuttle Challenge.FLT08.25.057.73 kB
Nick's Edwards AFB Shuttle Challenge.WX08.13.05188.10 kB
Nick's EdwardsAFB Practice Shuttle Landing.FLT08.25.057.80 kB
Nick's EdwardsAFB Practice Shuttle Landing.WX08.14.05159.34 kB
Nick's EURO-England Shuttle Challenge.FLT08.25.058.37 kB
Nick's EURO-England Shuttle Challenge.WX08.24.05160.76 kB
Nick's EURO-France Shuttle Challenge.FLT08.25.058.32 kB
Nick's EURO-France Shuttle Challenge.WX08.24.05164.42 kB
Nick's EURO-Italy Shuttle Challenge.FLT08.25.058.07 kB
Nick's EURO-Italy Shuttle Challenge.WX08.25.05162.16 kB
Nick's KSC Shuttle Challenge.FLT08.25.057.62 kB
Nick's KSC Shuttle Challenge.WX08.13.05153.97 kB
Nick's MYSTERY Shuttle Challenge.FLT08.25.057.43 kB
Nick's MYSTERY Shuttle Challenge.WX08.25.05153.62 kB
Nick's Overshoot Edwards AFB Shuttle Challenge.FLT08.25.057.83 kB
Nick's Overshoot Edwards AFB Shuttle Challenge.WX08.13.05188.10 kB
Nick's Overshoot KSC Shuttle Challenge.FLT08.25.057.83 kB
Nick's Overshoot KSC Shuttle Challenge.WX08.13.05153.97 kB
README.txt08.26.05372 B
CREDITS08.26.050 B
Matthew_Moxton.txt04.07.022.77 kB
These_are _the_original_authors_documents08.26.050 B
Tom_Kellner.txt01.13.031.62 kB
FILE_ID.DIZ08.26.051.72 kB
IMAGES08.26.050 B
shut0.jpg08.26.0576.61 kB
shut1.jpg08.26.05118.33 kB
shut10.jpg08.26.05118.14 kB
shut11.jpg08.26.0599.56 kB
shut12.jpg08.26.05100.51 kB
shut13.jpg08.26.05101.89 kB
shut14.jpg08.26.0585.65 kB
shut15.jpg08.26.0586.55 kB
shut16.jpg08.26.05138.46 kB
shut17.jpg08.26.05111.09 kB
shut18.jpg08.26.0594.96 kB
shut19.jpg08.26.05176.32 kB
shut2.jpg08.26.0581.84 kB
shut3.jpg08.26.0563.28 kB
shut4.jpg08.26.0592.80 kB
shut5.jpg08.26.05214.56 kB
shut6.jpg08.26.0567.50 kB
shut7.jpg08.26.0559.35 kB
shut8.jpg08.26.0562.92 kB
shut9.jpg08.26.0564.18 kB
Sshut1.jpg08.26.0580.33 kB
Sshut10.jpg08.26.0573.74 kB
Sshut2.jpg08.26.0560.30 kB
Sshut3.jpg08.26.0598.14 kB
Sshut4.jpg08.26.0561.42 kB
Sshut5.jpg08.26.0559.38 kB
Sshut6.jpg08.26.0547.55 kB
Sshut7.jpg08.26.05202.64 kB
Sshut8.jpg08.26.0520.45 kB
Sshut9.jpg08.26.0562.02 kB
INSTALL_FS2002.exe08.26.0510.63 MB
INSTALL_FS2004.exe08.26.0510.63 MB
Gauges08.26.050 B
00.chrono.enc.gau05.01.9897.00 kB
747digab.cab01.14.022.02 kB
74spr_TANK5S.GAU10.17.9871.00 kB
76att.gau01.04.98305.50 kB
A2-elevator.trim.gau11.22.969.50 kB
AIRBUS08.26.050 B
102408.26.050 B
Altimeter_Knob.bmp09.19.011.79 kB
Altimeter_Strip_1.bmp09.19.0111.15 kB
Altimeter_Strip_1_Mask.bmp09.19.011.44 kB
ALT_KNOB.bmp04.07.023.30 kB
ALT_KNOB_MASK.bmp04.06.022.62 kB
ALT_STRIP.bmp04.06.02111.17 kB
ALT_STRIP_MASK.bmp04.06.023.87 kB
AP_AltitudeKnob.bmp04.07.023.30 kB
AP_IasKnob.bmp04.07.023.30 kB
AROTOR1.bmp04.03.024.74 kB
AROTOR2.bmp04.03.024.74 kB
BROTOR1.bmp04.03.024.74 kB
BROTOR2.bmp04.03.024.74 kB
hdg.bmp04.19.021.17 MB
hdg1.bmp04.19.02401.05 kB
hdg2.bmp04.19.0265.05 kB
hdg3.bmp04.19.02401.05 kB
hdg4.bmp04.18.02301.05 kB
hdg5.bmp04.18.02301.05 kB
Master_Reset_Caution_On.bmp09.19.011.97 kB
Master_Reset_Off.bmp09.19.012.88 kB
Master_Reset_Warning_On.bmp09.19.011.97 kB
MCompass_Background.bmp04.03.029.99 kB
MCompass_Linear_Card.bmp09.19.0110.82 kB
nd2_adf_arrow.bmp04.29.026.52 kB
nd2_expanded_rose.bmp04.29.02156.43 kB
nd2_horizontal_gs.bmp09.19.0119.07 kB
nd2_ILS_pointer.bmp09.19.011.46 kB
nd2_Ownship.bmp04.23.022.21 kB
nd2_pointer.bmp09.19.012.57 kB
ND2_Staple_Track.bmp04.28.026.52 kB
nd2_track.bmp04.28.026.52 kB
nd2_vertical_gs.bmp09.19.013.09 kB
nd2_vor_arrow.bmp04.29.026.52 kB
nd_background_overlay.bmp04.23.02626.05 kB
nd_background_overlay1.bmp04.26.02157.30 kB
nd_glideslope_bg.bmp09.19.012.64 kB
nd_glideslope_filled.bmp09.19.01432 B
nd_hsi_adf_needle.bmp04.29.026.52 kB
nd_hsi_card.bmp04.29.02156.43 kB
nd_hsi_cdi_filled.bmp09.19.01632 B
nd_hsi_cdi_hollow.bmp09.19.01960 B
nd_hsi_heading_bug.bmp04.22.021.36 kB
nd_hsi_plane.bmp04.23.022.21 kB
nd_hsi_tf_indicator.bmp09.19.01288 B
nd_hsi_track_line.bmp04.23.021.99 kB
nd_hsi_vor1_needle.bmp04.23.0221.72 kB
nd_hsi_vor2_needle.bmp04.29.026.52 kB
64008.26.050 B
Altimeter_Knob.bmp09.19.011.38 kB
Altimeter_Strip_1.bmp09.19.016.60 kB
Altimeter_Strip_1_Mask.bmp04.05.021.40 kB
ALT_KNOB.bmp04.07.021.99 kB
ALT_KNOB_MASK.bmp04.06.021.44 kB
ALT_STRIP.bmp04.05.0291.93 kB
ALT_STRIP_1.bmp04.05.0231.68 kB
ALT_STRIP_MASK.bmp04.06.022.32 kB
AP_AltitudeKnob.bmp04.07.021.99 kB
AP_IasKnob.bmp04.07.021.99 kB
AROTOR1.bmp04.03.022.54 kB
AROTOR2.bmp04.03.022.54 kB
BROTOR1.bmp04.03.022.54 kB
BROTOR2.bmp04.03.022.54 kB
MCompass_Background.bmp04.03.024.71 kB
MCompass_Linear_Card.bmp09.19.014.88 kB
nd2_horizontal_gs.bmp09.19.018.10 kB
nd2_ILS_pointer.bmp09.19.011.25 kB
nd2_pointer.bmp09.19.011.70 kB
nd2_vertical_gs.bmp09.19.012.01 kB
nd_glideslope_bg.bmp09.19.011.34 kB
nd_glideslope_filled.bmp09.19.01268 B
nd_hsi_cdi_filled.bmp09.19.01424 B
nd_hsi_cdi_hollow.bmp09.19.01440 B
nd_hsi_tf_indicator.bmp09.19.01212 B
APALTSEL.xml04.07.02672 B
AP_IASMATCH.xml04.08.02650 B
AP_VSSEL.xml04.07.021.17 kB
galtbar.xml04.07.02966 B
galtimetro.xml04.12.02472 B
HDG.xml04.19.021001 B
MARCHDI.xml04.03.02518 B
MCompass.xml04.03.02693 B
MGPSNAV.xml04.16.02587 B
Multi-Function Display.xml05.03.0216.34 kB
MWLIGHT.xml04.06.021.06 kB
aSPDBRK.gau10.16.9841.00 kB
C&K.Elevator_Trim.3.gau12.07.9824.00 kB
c17_hudasi.gau12.01.0060.50 kB
c5m_speedbrake.gau12.26.0042.00 kB
cessna182ifr.gau09.20.01260.07 kB
cf18a_gearind.gau03.17.9845.00 kB
cf18a_radio.gau03.13.9850.00 kB
cf722carp_brake.gau02.06.00174.50 kB
ch113stbycompass.gau05.06.0144.00 kB
CONCORDE.GAU09.28.993.60 MB
CPT.DIGITAL.ALTITUDE.gau07.25.0136.00 kB
CPT.RKG_Fuelstat.gau06.18.01577.50 kB
D7.cab10.23.02794 B
dc873fbrakelight.gau10.08.0068.00 kB
DC9STALL.GAU02.25.0035.50 kB
F16.gau02.25.031.95 MB
f18flp.gau10.19.9739.50 kB
FALCON_STIKHAND.GAU05.31.99153.50 kB
fpda_apu_start.gau01.30.0017.00 kB
FSNAV.GPS_Switch.gau08.23.0149.50 kB
generic.ap.autothr.gau03.18.9977.50 kB
generic.ap.master.gau09.19.0177.50 kB
generic.ap.wl.gau09.19.0177.50 kB
generic.ap.yd.gau09.19.0177.50 kB
gmt_digital.gau01.12.987.50 kB
OBA320_QNH.gau12.14.9813.50 kB
pMD83ee.OILQ.1.gau06.15.0219.50 kB
PST_hghb.altalert.gau06.15.0242.00 kB
S20ee.POWER.gau01.07.9855.50 kB
TAB-SPOILER.gau01.29.9991.00 kB
YLF50_AP.gau02.12.02112.00 kB
YLF50_TAT.gau08.14.0128.00 kB
_PDVV1.GAU11.02.01135.00 kB
_PD_ALT1.GAU04.21.02180.50 kB
_PD_AOA.GAU04.16.0214.50 kB
README.txt08.26.051.24 kB
README.txt08.26.051.39 kB
FS2002_PANEL.exe08.26.0564.00 kB
FS2004_PANEL.exe08.26.0564.00 kB
panel_ID.JPG01.13.03151.95 kB
README.txt08.26.052.95 kB
FS200208.26.050 B
NORMAL_GEAR.exe08.25.0572.00 kB
STRONG_GEAR.exe08.25.0572.00 kB
FS200408.26.050 B
NORMAL_GEAR.exe08.25.0572.00 kB
STRONG_GEAR.exe08.25.0572.00 kB
README.txt08.26.052.06 kB
QUESTIONS_ANSWERS.txt08.26.058.58 kB
README_FIRST!.txt08.26.0519.39 kB
RealismSettings.jpg08.25.0565.20 kB
screenshot.gif08.26.059.71 kB
screenshot.jpg08.26.0542.99 kB
SHUTTLE_FLYING.txt08.26.0513.02 kB
Nicks Shuttle Challenge Final08.26.050 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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loonyFri, 22 Dec 2006 14:00:16 GMT
Allowing for the fact that there doesn't appear to be a v-c, this is a most enjoyable package. Instructions are clear and I had no problem getting it up and running. Very good
mrmoleySat, 23 Sep 2006 01:54:51 GMT
Great Idea - I've been looking for shuttle mission stuff for ages. Anyone know if there is a standalone Shuttle mission package? email me at

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