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FS2004 Utilities/Misc

Utilities and Misc files for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004: A century of Flight
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Hot Air BalloonComplete with Base Model

FS2004 Hot Air Balloon. Gmax version of four hot air balloons. By Frank J. Petriccione. ...

File size: 2.22 MB | Download hits: 1353

FS2002/FS2004 Aircraft Ramp Tractor TG5000Complete with Base Model

FS2002/2004 Aircraft. Ramp Tractor TG5000. This tractor is used at Euroairport (LFSB) to tow and pushback regional aircrafts (like CIMBER's Crj-200).Very detailed model. The vehicle has two tow bar available with landing light and panel light keys. See read-me file for technical features. Virtual Cockpit is include and sound package. The airport map is personalizable for each user. Really usefull to discover your new airport. Don't hesitate to send me screenshots from your...

File size: 4.55 MB | Download hits: 4380

Sanyo BlimpComplete with Base Model

FS2004 Sanyo Blimp. By Frank J. Petriccione. ...

File size: 1.68 MB | Download hits: 727

Fuji BlimpComplete with Base Model

FS2004 Fuji Blimp. An FS Design Shop version of the world famous Fuji Blimp for FS2004. Features improved gondola and night lighting. By Frank J. Petriccione. Blimp sound by Bill Lyons. Flight dynamics by G. Kirschstein. ...

File size: 1.76 MB | Download hits: 670

Colomban Cricri MC15Complete with Base Model

FS2004 Colomban Cricri MC15. Package includes aircraft, cockpit, virtual cockpit and sounds. By Renaud Balu. ...

File size: 1.71 MB | Download hits: 1258

UFOComplete with Base Model

FS-2004 Aircraft UFO.  The planned alien invasion of Earth is less than a year and a half away. In preparation, a scout ship has arrived. The surface on their world is very different, and they misjudged the way their craft will react on Earth, giving the ship some strange ground handling. Model created in FSDS, it contains a custom panel with several custom XML gauges, and a full virtual cockpit with some unusual controls. By Andy Johnston. ...

File size: 554.74 kB | Download hits: 1103

Lufthansa Airport BusComplete with Base Model

This is a real Airport Bus from Lufthansa which you can find in EDDF (Frankfurt)! Also seen in my video! It has lights and a panel! Hope you will enjoy!...

File size: 396.59 kB | Download hits: 735

Traffic View BoardComplete with Base Model

FS2004 Traffic View Board version 2.1 Traffic View Board is a new AI view gauge file that works like a traffic board at any airport. The board shows every AI flight in FS. You can follow each AI aircraft simply by clicking at the flight in the list and activating a follow function. Traffic View Board allow you to see the AI aircraft from any view in FS. You do not need to hit ctrl+w anymore. Requires FSUIPC. Made by Arnt Helge Haland - MRAI. ...

File size: 491.30 kB | Download hits: 4319

Birds For FS2004Complete with Base Model

BIRDS FOR FS2004 VERSION 1.0 Full package to create bird formations in FS2004. 5000 flightplans of geese in V- formation at various altitudes, worldwide coverage. Easy install and remove. Works as AI from invisible airports. Does not disturb your airport operations or AI traffic. Only small performance penalty. By Eric van der Veen. Geese model by Joe Binka. ...

File size: 10.67 MB | Download hits: 2461

CarrierOps Full PackComplete with Base Model

Test your pilot skills shooting traps using top aircraft of today on the HMSNZ Waikato carrier by S. Reweti. Compiled with carrier ops ready: F14B Tomcat by Dino Cattaneo, F16C Viper/F16C Tiger Viper by Kirk Olsson, F18E Super Hornet / F-18G Growler by Daisuke Yamamoto & TEAM FS KBT. Two extra paint schemas for F-18E by Ty Hill / Lione Mouler. F16 panel and gauges by Eric Marciano: F16 HUD & radar & key code for registering gauge in FSUIPC dll, rev 3.51. Authorizd by Pete Dowson. RCBco carrier...

File size: 26.46 MB | Download hits: 10403

VTOLJR - Single Engine Powered-Lift Personal Air Vehicle (PAV) Border Police PatrolComplete with Base Model

The Springtail EFV-4B is a fourth generation single engine powered-lift (VTOL) personal air vehicle (PAV), which uses the core technology developed on earlier models. This model is the first "non-pure research" vehicle in this configuration. EFV-4B has significant enhancements over the "A" model, including redesigned fans and variable pitch blades. This aircraft will be employed for flight envelope expansion and capabilities testing. J R Lucariny....

File size: 671.77 kB | Download hits: 1870

Nasa Space Challenge PackageComplete with Base Model

The Nasa Space Challenge is an extremly enjoyable experience for simulating NASA missions in the Multiplayer environment. This Packadge Comes With 2 flyable aircraft. The Space Shuttle "Discovery" (flyable) witch has been modified from every shuttle packadge available to be as realistic as possible with three loadouts (clean, SRB's, and External Tank), VC, and a realistic panel. This packadge also comes with a flyable International Space Station (flyable). Originally intented for multiplayer...

File size: 36.03 MB | Download hits: 12035

American Muscle Package: the 1978 Chevy CorvetteComplete with Base Model

Included texture sets are the Indy 500 Pace Car Edition, Silver Edition, SimViation Edition, #42 Race car, Red, Blue, and Vanilla-Brown. This addon is in response to all the new sceneries that now incorporate high-detail objects that can best be viewed on the ground. I know several sceneries that can fit well with this car. Guam, Acapulca International, Free Flow Ultimate Florida, Princes Int'l, etc. Since this car is made for drag racing, try competing against your friends online. Note: Don't...

File size: 12.00 MB | Download hits: 1714

& FS2004 Fishing Boat le MarignanComplete with Base Model

FS2002 & FS2004 Fishing Boat le Marignan, made by Mitsuya Hamaguchi....

File size: 568.56 kB | Download hits: 1403

Battle Ship HamagiriComplete with Base Model

FS2004 Battle Ship Hamagiri - Made by Mitsuya Hamaguchi....

File size: 1.07 MB | Download hits: 1707

Independance Day PackageComplete with Base Model

You could have seen these extra-terrestrial ships from the movie "Independence day". Destroyers in this archive are above 4 areas (New York, London, Midway and Prague). There are 2 airports within each Destroyer - on the top of destroyer's "tower roof" and a "beehive" inside the "tower". I have include flights for these airports in the NYC Destroyer to give you a general Idea of the other three. Puts Four ID4 Destroyer Ships over your major cities, includes ID4 attacker spaceship (flyable)....

File size: 1.35 MB | Download hits: 2223

Hovercraft V03Complete with Base Model

Features * Virtual Cockpit * Opening Doors * cabin attendant in the cabin. Made by Mitsuya Hamaguchi. ...

File size: 995.44 kB | Download hits: 2180

Captains Yacht NCC 1701-EComplete with Base Model

Make an excursion with Jean Luc Picards Captains Yacht on earth. Model comes with Vertical Take Off and Landing ability and special futuristic cockpit. See readme.txt for tuning up to 3000 knots and find more documentation about the Grabau_EE_019 project. This describes mother ship of Captains Yacht similar to Enterprise-E with nearly 700 m length. By Patrick Sowada, Reinhard Schulte and Werner Grabau. ...

File size: 3.41 MB | Download hits: 1921

Luxury Tour Passenger Bus WDComplete with Base Model

Includes driving cabin & interior. Made by Mitsuya Hamaguchi....

File size: 1.06 MB | Download hits: 3174

Jetfoil V03Complete with Base Model

Features Virtual Cockpit. The hull goes up and down by a change in a speed. Made by Mitsuya Hamaguchi. ...

File size: 1.62 MB | Download hits: 1935

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