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FS2004 American Airlines Douglas DC-10

Complete with Base ModelJump to: Screenshots | Comments | File Details

Features proper day shining textures, repaint of the wings showing real life dirt and marks. Night textures showing 3D cabin windows and lighted tail logo. The PhotoTex Pro series panel consists of three panel views plus overhead working panel and removable yoke. Choose from a raised seat panel view, a regular seat panel view and an approach/landing panel view. Photorealistic cockpit side views. DC10 sounds. Tested with WinXP, Win98 and FS2002. Panel-2k2.cfg is included. By Chris Alevritis. Sound by Aaron R. Swindle (Skysong Soundworks).

Screenshot of American Airlines Douglas DC-10 in flight.

Screenshot of American Airlines Douglas DC-10 in flight.


Unzip the contents caDC-10 AA into your Flight Simulator aircraft folder. The files in the AddSound folder should be moved to the Flight Simulator Sound folder. The files in the Gauges folder should be moved to the FS Gauges folder. Please copy the FSSound.dll to your Modules folder and edit your FS9-FS2K2.cfg and add the folowing if you do not already have done this for another add on:


and then save it.

It is assumed that the following default FS2004/FS2002 gauges are present:

  • 737-400
  • Boeing747-400
  • Cessna182s
  • Extra
  • Kingair
  • Simicons
  • fs9gps for FS2004
  • gps for FS2002

I have provided the concorde.gau for those who do not have it. The DC-10 sounds are from Aaron Swindle 2002 sound file. They sound very good to my ears and work OK with FS2004.

Some important hints:

The tail logo will be lighted when the landing lights are turned on. When the plane is loaded the raised panel view and overhead panel are showing.

OP- simicon activates-deactivates the overhead panel
The green led below the right fuel gauge in the panel activates de-activates the yoke.
shift-1 deactivates/activates the raised panel view
shift-2 activates/deactivates the regular panel view
shift-3 activates/deactivates the Approach/landing view

I have included the autoland gauge(??). When is ON(click on it) it will activate automatically the spoilers and reversers upon landing. If the autobrake is ON it will automatically retract the flaps, spoilers and reversers upon stopping. Very handy for a hands off the controls landing. If you run your FS with two monitors place the AC window on the second monitor and see how it works. I do not know the author of this gauge but my kudos go to him along with other gauge authors.

I have tested this package in my systems:
Win XP/Professional/FS2004
P4-3.0 GHz
1 GB Ram
Nvidia FX 5200 128MB Ram- Driver ver, date 10/6/2003
Two monitors
Hitachi-21 inch
Quantex -19 inch
120 GB disk drive

Win XP/Professional/FS2002 same H/W.

P3-550 MHz
394 MB RAM
Riva TNT Pro 32MB
60 GB disk drive
NEC-15 inch Multisinc

Have a good flight,

If you like it, tell a friend.

Screenshot of American Airlines Douglas DC-10 landing panel.

Screenshot of American Airlines Douglas DC-10 landing panel.



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The archive has 267 files and directories contained within it. View them...

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
caDC-10 AA11.26.030 B
AddSound11.26.030 B
aircond.wav05.31.98264.75 kB
click.wav12.21.982.01 kB
FPDA_A320_gear_1.wav07.14.9966.88 kB
FPDA_A320_Gear_Sound.wav05.18.9938.74 kB
FPDA_A320_Gear_Sound_end.wav05.18.9911.78 kB
FPDA_Boeing_100ft.wav09.30.989.03 kB
FPDA_Boeing_10ft.wav09.30.983.88 kB
FPDA_Boeing_200ft.wav09.30.988.36 kB
FPDA_Boeing_20ft.wav09.30.984.50 kB
FPDA_Boeing_300ft.wav09.30.9810.39 kB
FPDA_Boeing_30ft.wav09.30.984.35 kB
FPDA_Boeing_400ft.wav09.30.989.23 kB
FPDA_Boeing_40ft.wav09.30.984.89 kB
FPDA_Boeing_50ft.wav09.30.985.13 kB
FPDA_Trim_Sound.WAV07.07.9916.44 kB
sign.wav06.25.9816.89 kB
TALKDN.WAV09.04.9931.58 kB
TALKUP.WAV09.04.9924.46 kB
Aircraft.cfg11.26.0312.86 kB
DC10AA.jpg11.26.03131.16 kB
FFXDC1030.air07.21.038.57 kB
FSSound.dll11.11.0113.00 kB
gauges11.26.030 B kB
00.dc3-tgl30.ca_0001.GAU11.07.0334.00 kB kB
00.MD-11.GEAR.ca_0001.GAU11.07.0321.00 kB kB
00.MD-11.THRUST.ca_0001.GAU11.07.0345.50 kB
00.MD-11.THRUST.ca_0002.GAU11.16.0345.50 kB
767ee5.AUTOnav.gau01.28.9850.00 kB
767ee5.AUTOnav_0001.GAU11.07.0350.00 kB
767ee5.AUTOnav_0002.GAU11.07.0350.00 kB
a300BGT-OMI.gau07.18.9934.50 kB
a300BGT-OMI_0001.GAU11.07.0334.50 kB
a300BGT-OMI_0002.GAU11.07.0334.50 kB
Autobrake_V2.gau02.22.99128.00 kB
Autobrake_V2_0001.GAU11.07.03128.00 kB
Autobrake_V2_0002.GAU11.16.03128.00 kB
ca123TCFuel.gau04.20.03280.00 kB
ca727.hghb_crs.gau10.20.9881.50 kB
ca727.hghb_crs_0001.GAU11.07.0381.50 kB
ca727.hghb_hdg.gau10.20.9859.50 kB
ca727.hghb_hdg_0001.GAU11.07.0359.50 kB
ca727alti.gau04.02.02332.00 kB
ca727alti_0001.GAU11.07.03332.00 kB
ca727alti_0002.GAU11.07.03332.00 kB
ca727alti-2.gau03.27.02193.00 kB
ca727alti-2_0001.GAU11.07.03193.00 kB
ca727asi.gau04.03.02280.00 kB
ca727asi_0001.GAU11.07.03280.00 kB
ca727asi_0002.GAU11.07.03280.00 kB
ca727hsi.gau04.02.02620.50 kB
ca727hsi_0001.GAU11.07.03620.50 kB
ca727vsi.gau04.03.02126.00 kB
ca727vsi_0001.GAU11.07.03126.00 kB
ca734amps.gau04.17.01100.00 kB
ca734apvspeed.gau11.21.9925.00 kB
ca734apvspeed_0001.GAU11.07.0325.00 kB
ca734cabinair.gau04.28.02132.00 kB
ca734epr.gau04.28.02128.00 kB
ca734op.gau04.20.0234.00 kB
ca734op_0001.GAU11.07.0334.00 kB
ca757SASI.gau04.21.0245.50 kB
ca757SASI_0001.GAU11.07.0345.50 kB
caDC-10Clock.gau10.20.0399.00 kB
caDC-10Clock_0001.GAU11.07.0399.00 kB
caDC-10Clock_0002.GAU11.07.0399.00 kB
caDC-10EGT1-1.gau10.19.03118.00 kB
caDC-10EGT1-1_0001.GAU11.07.03118.00 kB
caDC-10EGT1-1_0002.GAU11.07.03118.00 kB
caDC-10EGT1-2.gau10.19.03118.00 kB
caDC-10EGT1-2_0001.GAU11.07.03118.00 kB
caDC-10EGT1-2_0002.GAU11.07.03118.00 kB
caDC-10EGT1-3.gau10.19.03118.00 kB
caDC-10EGT1-3_0001.GAU11.07.03118.00 kB
caDC10FF1-1.gau10.19.03118.00 kB
caDC10FF1-1_0001.GAU11.07.03118.00 kB
caDC10FF1-2.gau10.19.03118.00 kB
caDC10FF1-2_0001.GAU11.07.03118.00 kB
caDC10FF1-3.gau10.19.03118.00 kB
caDC10FF1-3_0001.GAU11.07.03118.00 kB
caDC-10FLL.gau10.19.03129.50 kB
caDC-10FLL_0001.GAU11.07.03129.50 kB
caDC-10FLR.gau10.19.03129.50 kB
caDC-10FLR_0001.GAU11.07.03129.50 kB
caDC10N1-1.gau10.19.03118.00 kB
caDC10N1-1_0001.GAU11.07.03118.00 kB
caDC10N1-1_0002.GAU11.07.03118.00 kB
caDC-10N1-2.gau10.19.03118.00 kB
caDC-10N1-2_0001.GAU11.07.03118.00 kB
caDC-10N1-2_0002.GAU11.07.03118.00 kB
caDC-10N1-3.gau10.19.03118.00 kB
caDC-10N1-3_0001.GAU11.07.03118.00 kB
caDC10N2-1.gau10.19.03118.00 kB
caDC10N2-1_0001.GAU11.07.03118.00 kB
caDC10N2-2.gau10.19.03118.00 kB
caDC10N2-2_0001.GAU11.07.03118.00 kB
caDC10N2-3.gau10.19.03118.00 kB
caDC10N2-3_0001.GAU11.07.03118.00 kB
caDC-10RADF.gau10.21.03260.00 kB
caDC-10RADF_0001.GAU11.07.03260.00 kB
caDC-10RALT.gau10.20.03265.50 kB
caDC-10RALT_0001.GAU11.07.03265.50 kB
caDC-10RALT_0002.GAU11.07.03265.50 kB
caDC-10RMI.gau10.21.03232.50 kB
caDC-10RMI_0001.GAU11.07.03232.50 kB
CONCORDE.gau03.04.033.60 MB
DC10.GREENSPY.gau02.06.0391.50 kB
DC10.GREENSPY_0001.GAU11.07.0391.50 kB
dc10.overspeed1.gau02.06.0385.00 kB
dc10.overspeed1_0001.GAU11.07.0385.00 kB
dc10.overspeed1_0002.GAU11.07.0385.00 kB
dc-10.PARK.gau02.06.0368.00 kB
dc-10.PARK_0001.GAU11.07.0368.00 kB
dc-10.PARK_0002.GAU11.07.0368.00 kB
DC10_acc.gau02.07.035.55 MB
dc10_dfd_fuel_low_centre.gau02.24.9848.00 kB
dc10_dfd_fuel_low_centre_0001.GAU11.07.0348.00 kB
dc10_dfd_fuel_low_centre_0002.GAU11.12.0348.00 kB
dc10_dfd_fuel_low_left_main.gau02.24.9848.00 kB
dc10_dfd_fuel_low_left_main_0001.GAU11.07.0348.00 kB
dc10_dfd_fuel_low_left_main_0002.GAU11.12.0348.00 kB
dc10_flaps.gau03.03.9817.50 kB
dc10_flaps_0001.GAU11.07.0317.50 kB
dc10_fpda_boeing_fmcallout.gau12.27.9815.50 kB
dc10_fpda_boeing_fmcallout_0001.GAU11.07.0315.50 kB
dc10_fpda_boeing_fmcallout_0002.GAU11.07.0315.50 kB
dc10_rev.1.gau02.20.9841.00 kB
dc10_rev.1_0001.GAU11.07.0341.00 kB
dc10_rev.1_0002.GAU11.07.0341.00 kB
dc10_rev.2.gau02.20.9841.00 kB
dc10_rev.2_0001.GAU11.07.0341.00 kB
dc10_rev.3.gau02.20.9841.00 kB
dc10_rev.3_0001.GAU11.07.0341.00 kB
dc10altanun.gau02.20.9839.00 kB
dc10altanun_0001.GAU11.07.0339.00 kB
dc10altanun_0002.GAU11.07.0339.00 kB
dc10apcrss.gau02.17.9836.00 kB
dc10apcrss_0001.GAU11.07.0336.00 kB
dc10apcrss_0002.GAU11.07.0336.00 kB
DC10ee.DME.gau02.12.9851.50 kB
DC10ee.DME_0001.GAU11.07.0351.50 kB
DC10ee.Temp.gau02.10.9816.50 kB
DC10ee.Temp_0001.GAU11.07.0316.50 kB
DC10ee.Trim.gau02.10.987.00 kB
DC10ee.Trim_0001.GAU11.07.037.00 kB
dc10hdganun.gau02.20.9839.00 kB
dc10hdganun_0001.GAU11.07.0339.00 kB
dc10hdganun_0002.GAU11.07.0339.00 kB
dc10masanun.gau02.20.9839.00 kB
dc10masanun_0001.GAU11.07.0339.00 kB
dc10masanun_0002.GAU11.07.0339.00 kB
dc10navanun.gau02.20.9839.00 kB
dc10navanun_0001.GAU11.07.0339.00 kB
dc10navanun_0002.GAU11.07.0339.00 kB
DC10PG.HGHB_SPEEDBR.gau10.15.9841.00 kB
DC10PG.HGHB_SPEEDBR_0001.GAU11.07.0341.00 kB
DC10PG.HGHB_SPEEDBR_0002.GAU11.07.0341.00 kB
dc10uc1.gau02.19.9842.50 kB
dc10uc1_0001.GAU11.07.0342.50 kB
dc10uc1_0002.GAU11.07.0342.50 kB
fpda_apu_start.gau01.30.0017.00 kB
FSNAV.GPS_Switch.gau11.30.0149.50 kB
FSNAV.GPS_Switch_0001.GAU11.07.0349.50 kB
FSNAV.GPS_Switch_0002.GAU11.07.0349.50 kB
GearLights_0001.GAU11.07.0312.00 kB
hghb_md11_gear_lights.gau10.22.98110.00 kB
hghb_md11_gear_lights_0001.GAU11.12.03110.00 kB
hsebt_hdg.gau05.05.0259.50 kB
hsebt_hdg_0001.GAU11.07.0359.50 kB
KI-13.gau08.02.00176.00 kB
KI-13_0001.GAU11.12.03176.00 kB
L1011dr.stall.gau07.12.9925.50 kB
L1011dr.stall_0001.GAU11.07.0325.50 kB
L1011dr.stall_0002.GAU11.07.0325.50 kB kB
np3234.a.land_0001.GAU11.07.0344.00 kB
np3234.a.land_0002.GAU11.16.0344.00 kB
pg.1-11.ap.diseng.gau12.29.01103.50 kB
pg.1-11.ap.diseng_0001.GAU11.07.03103.50 kB
pg.1-11.ap.diseng_0002.GAU11.07.03103.50 kB kB kB kB kB kB kB
Slip-Skid.gau03.10.9837.50 kB
Slip-Skid_0001.GAU11.07.0337.50 kB
Slip-Skid_0002.GAU11.07.0337.50 kB
TFW744.Toga.gau01.30.9934.00 kB
TFW744.Toga_0001.GAU11.07.0334.00 kB
model.3011.26.030 B
DC1030.mdl07.17.031.76 MB
Model.cfg07.17.0369 B
panel11.26.030 B
FORWARD_LEFT.bmp02.09.03768.97 kB
FORWARD_RIGHT.bmp02.09.03768.97 kB
Landing.bmp11.23.03749.05 kB
LEFT.bmp02.09.03175.61 kB
MainHigh.bmp11.25.03749.05 kB
MainReg.bmp11.25.03749.05 kB
OVHP.bmp11.22.03749.05 kB
panel.cfg11.26.0312.67 kB
panel2K2.cfg11.26.0312.65 kB
RIGHT.bmp02.09.03769.05 kB
Thumbs.db11.24.0321.00 kB
Yoke.bmp11.07.03749.05 kB
Readme.txt11.26.033.12 kB
SGA-EULA.txt10.27.031.79 kB
sound11.26.030 B
dc1.wav02.27.02415.48 kB
dc102strt.wav02.27.0289.43 kB
dc10shut.WAV02.27.02280.25 kB
dc10strt.wav02.27.02272.85 kB
dc2.wav02.27.02415.50 kB
dc3.wav02.27.02415.48 kB
dc4.wav02.26.02387.75 kB
dcflaps.wav02.27.0230.59 kB
dcgear.wav02.27.02159.93 kB
dcgrwrn.wav02.27.0230.17 kB
dcstall.wav02.27.0230.34 kB
dctchc.wav12.16.0139.49 kB
dctchl.wav12.16.0157.79 kB
dctchr.wav12.16.0157.79 kB
dcwind.wav02.27.02129.59 kB
file_id.diz02.27.02406 B
logo.jpg12.05.014.53 kB
PLEASEREAD.txt02.27.02303 B
Sound.cfg02.27.0212.43 kB
xdc1.wav02.27.02415.50 kB
xdc2.wav02.27.02415.48 kB
xdc3.wav02.27.02415.48 kB
xdc4.wav02.27.02415.50 kB
texture.AA11.26.030 B
Dc10_a_L.bmp08.19.031.00 MB
Dc10_a_t.bmp11.12.034.00 MB
Dc10_b_L.bmp11.14.031.33 MB
Dc10_b_t.bmp11.12.034.00 MB
DC10INTERIOR_L.bmp07.15.031.00 MB
DC10INTERIOR_T.bmp07.19.034.00 MB
Fans.bmp07.11.03257.05 kB
Fans_L.bmp07.06.03256.07 kB
intake_l.bmp07.10.03256.07 kB
intake_t.bmp07.11.03128.07 kB
SGA-EULA.txt10.27.031.79 kB
Thumbs.db11.11.03147.50 kB
WHEELS_L.bmp07.06.03256.07 kB
WHEELS_T.BMP07.06.031.00 MB
WINDOWS_L.BMP07.10.03256.07 kB
WINDOWS_T.bmp07.10.0364.07 kB
Wing_left_l.bmp07.11.031.00 MB
Wing_left_t.bmp11.14.031.33 MB
Wing_right_l.bmp07.11.031.00 MB
Wing_right_t.bmp11.14.031.33 MB
DC10AA.tif11.26.0379.36 kB
file_id.diz11.26.03690 B
LandingP.jpg11.26.03201.35 kB
OVHYoke.jpg11.26.03292.87 kB
panel.jpg11.26.03269.83 kB
panel.tif11.26.0356.26 kB
raisedpan.jpg11.26.03279.04 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B


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Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004
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17.04 MB
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Richard CantlayWed, 15 Mar 2017 10:20:41 GMT

I downloaded this file to FS2004FS9 using Win7 Home Premium 64 bit. My sim is in the C: drive. I installed and uninstalled this file for hours, followed instructions, turned off UA just in case- no luck. It just wouldnt work. I have other DC10 files that work great. I have all the system updates etc. I have a AMD Phenom 2 X4, Asus M3N-HT Delux ACPI mother board, Nvidia GeForce 9800GT, 931.41GB hard drive space, etc. So my system has ability to handle it. So go figure.

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