FSX American Airlines Douglas DC-10-10

PreviewAmerican Airlines Douglas DC-10-10. Photorealistic repaint of American Airlines DC10-10 N115AA for CLS DC-10-10. Textures are saved in 32-bit for high quality, including detailed alpha channels to enhance metal reflections. This repaint is a tribute to all crewmembers who ever flew this beatiful ...

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Repaint for Payware Model
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American Airlines Douglas DC-10-10. Photorealistic repaint of American Airlines DC10-10 N115AA for CLS DC-10-10. Textures are saved in 32-bit for high quality, including detailed alpha channels to enhance metal reflections. This repaint is a tribute to all crewmembers who ever flew this beatiful aircraft. Repaint by Ramon Ortiz.

American Airlines Douglas DC-10-10.

American Airlines Douglas DC-10-10.

Photorealistic repaint of American Airlines DC-10-10 N115AA for CLS DC-10-10 Textures are saved in 32-bit for high quality with alpha chanel to enhance metal effects. This repaint is a tribute to all crewmembers who ever flew this beatiful aircraft. Repaint by Ramón Ortiz. Requires payware CLS DC10


Just unzip the file and copy the texture file in your CLS DC-10-30 Aircraft available from SimShack.net. Just make sure to insert in your

aircraf CFG file the text below.

title=Commercial Level Simulations - DC-10-10 CF6-6 AA

atc_parking_types=GATE, RAMP, CARGO

ui_typerole="Commercial Airliner"
ui_createdby="Commercial Level Simulations"
ui_manufacturer="McDonnell Douglas"
ui_variation=American Airlines

description=Commerical Level Simulations\nBoeing \/ McDonnell Douglas DC-10-10\nVersion-2006.9.6-FSX\n\nFSX and FS2004 Compatible\n\nEngine Type: GE CF6-6D\n\nFor proper operation: See DC-10 manual and performance documentation.

American Airlines Douglas DC-10-10 in flight.

American Airlines Douglas DC-10-10 in flight.

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The archive cls_dc_10_10_aa.zip has 54 files and directories contained within it.

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CLS_DC_10_10_AA07.18.110 B
thumbnail.jpg07.18.1134.86 kB
AA 02.jpg07.17.11263.95 kB
AA 03.jpg07.17.11228.40 kB
AA 01.jpg07.17.11268.71 kB
AA 04.jpg07.17.11659.08 kB
Texture.AA07.18.110 B
thumbnail.jpg07.18.1146.49 kB
dc10vc1g_t.bmp03.11.071.00 MB
CLSpush_l.bmp10.17.054.00 MB
main_l.bmp03.11.07256.07 kB
fspap_dc10tail_cf6_t.bmp12.29.094.00 MB
dc10vc3_l.bmp03.11.071.00 MB
CLSpush_t.bmp10.17.054.00 MB
dc10vc2gINS_l.bmp07.11.071.00 MB
fspap_dc10fuseL_L.bmp03.12.074.00 MB
fspap_dc10fuseL_t.bmp04.04.104.00 MB
Thumbs.db06.03.0947.50 kB
d10vc1INS_l.bmp07.11.071.00 MB
fspap_dc10fuseR_l.bmp03.12.074.00 MB
dc10vc2g_t.bmp07.12.071.00 MB
dc10vc1_l.bmp03.11.071.00 MB
dc10vc3g_t.bmp03.11.071.00 MB
d10vc1_l.bmp03.11.071.00 MB
fspap_dc10misc_t.bmp03.21.07256.07 kB
radio_l.bmp03.11.07128.07 kB
dc10_cf650_t.bmp07.17.114.00 MB
fspap_dc10wingL_l.bmp05.27.091.00 MB
cls_stairs_t.bmp12.04.104.00 MB
dc10vc5g_l.bmp03.11.07256.07 kB
fspap_dc10fuseR_t.bmp07.07.114.00 MB
dc10vc3OFF_l.bmp03.11.0764.07 kB
clsd10_wd.bmp03.11.07256.07 kB
fspap_pilot_l.bmp03.11.0732.07 kB
dc10_cargobay_t.bmp03.11.07256.07 kB
center_l.bmp03.11.07256.07 kB
fspap_jt9d59a_l.bmp03.11.071.00 MB
fspap_dc10wingR_t.bmp10.11.094.00 MB
dc10vc2_l.bmp07.12.071.00 MB
dc10vc4_l.bmp03.11.07256.07 kB
dc10vc3_t.bmp03.11.071.00 MB
dc10vc4_t.bmp03.11.07256.07 kB
fspap_dc10wingR_l.bmp05.27.091.00 MB
dc10vc5g_t.bmp03.11.07256.07 kB
dc10vc5gOFF_l.bmp03.11.07256.07 kB
fspap_dc10wingL_t.bmp06.04.094.00 MB
dc10vc1_t.bmp03.11.071.00 MB
dc10vc2gINS_t.bmp07.11.071.00 MB
dc10vc2OFF_l.bmp03.11.0764.07 kB
dc10vc2_t.bmp03.11.071.00 MB
d10vc1OFF_l.bmp03.11.07256.07 kB
Readme.txt07.18.111.18 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B


Having had the pleasure of sitting in the actual real pilots seat of this aircraft (albeit never taking off!) I’ve had plenty of fun and experience with this aircraft both in real-life and in simulation. One thing that always interested me about this aircraft was its immense versatility and the way that it seems so easy to get to grips with for pilots.

Preview screenshot

Looking for confirmation on that aspect myself, I decided to download this remake of the American Airlines model and see what all the fuss was about once again.

So, how did the creator get on? Does this live up to the standards of the real thing?

The Design

For a start, it looks brilliant the photorealistic re-painting of the aircraft comes together and looks brilliant. The detail and the precision across the board is something to behold, giving you an awesome 32-bit overlay that really does a grand job of selling the interior of the aircraft.

The repaint is a proper tribute to the old crew that once flew this aircraft, and I’d have to say that the creator Ramon Ortiz done a fine job of getting the recreation of the image spot on.

I was hugely impressed with the entire repaint and also enjoyed how cool the metal effects looked. Instead of being a dull and flat texture this looks a whole lot more authentic.

The Performance

Yeah, performance was really smooth. It worked just as the original would given that this is just a repaint; however it does a good job of not messing around with anything.

It’s very easy to get this to work; you just load it up and install it as simple as ever. Then, you put into effect the textures by installing them into your CLS DC-10-30 aircraft folder.

Installation is a piece of cake and makes it very easy for you to manage and enjoy yourself for years to come with an entertaining model that actually looks the way it should.

The Verdict

This is one of the most enjoyable repaints I’ve had the pleasure of using recently – it looks spot on and does a great job of carrying that look and feel beyond the norm. if you are into finding out more regarding the original look of this aircraft, consider trying this out.

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe is a flight sim enthusiast who has been simming since the days of FS95. Adam writes all of the download section editorials after testing each of the files. Adam has extensive knowledge using various flight simulator packages and thoroughly tests the files before writing about them. Adam also like to fly real-world aircraft in his spare time and is training for his PPL.

Should you wish, you can contact Adam via email at adam@flyawaysimulation.com.

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TagnanFri, 13 Jul 2018 00:48:08 GMT

I need help installing it, there are multiple CLS DC-10 files some of which do not have an aircraft.cfg .

I've tried following the readme but it won't show up in FSX, so at this point I need help.

Thanks in advance!

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