PreviewBased on FS2K Concorde, this Concorde package from Mario Coelho is a complete compliation of Concorde for FS2002. Include Full cockpit views, Panel and Sound. The aircraft has been based on the native FS2000 model, but with major adaptations and improvements for the FS2002 architecture. The mo...

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Based on FS2K Concorde, this Concorde package from Mario Coelho is a complete compliation of Concorde for FS2002. Include Full cockpit views, Panel and Sound. The aircraft has been based on the native FS2000 model, but with major adaptations and improvements for the FS2002 architecture. The model includes a great realistic panel, with full functionality - including the new ATC features available in FS2002, that were not present in FS2000. The aircraft includes complete working undercarriage, moving rudders, ailerons, spoilers - and the famous 'swivel nose'. The nose can be tilted in increments to suit the types of flight that Concorde endures.

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The archive ConcV3AF.zip has 152 files and directories contained within it.

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
FILE_ID.DIZ08.18.02176 B
CONCORDE.AIR09.28.999.45 kB
Concorde_notes.txt08.17.02128 B
CONCORDE_REF.TXT09.08.991.95 kB
TEXTURE08.17.020 B
CONCORDE_T1.bmp08.18.02257.05 kB
FPILOT_SHRT.BMP08.20.996.41 kB
HEADBAND.BMP08.20.991.15 kB
HEADPHONES.BMP08.20.991.41 kB
MPILOT64.BMP08.10.996.41 kB
MPILOT_SHRT.BMP08.20.996.41 kB
WOMAN_PILOT.BMP08.25.996.41 kB
SOUND08.17.020 B
CAN11.WAV09.17.9931.31 kB
CAN12.WAV09.17.9931.19 kB
CAN13.WAV09.17.9923.81 kB
CAN14.WAV09.17.9929.81 kB
CAN1SHUT.WAV09.17.99181.25 kB
CAN1STRT.WAV09.17.99378.31 kB
CAN21.WAV09.17.9930.81 kB
CAN22.WAV09.17.9933.81 kB
CAN23.WAV09.17.9930.31 kB
CAN24.WAV09.17.9932.31 kB
CAN2SHUT.WAV09.17.99139.75 kB
CAN2STRT.WAV09.17.9961.25 kB
CAN2T.WAV09.17.99114.81 kB
CBN11.WAV09.17.9924.31 kB
CBN12.WAV09.17.9930.81 kB
CBN13.WAV09.17.9929.81 kB
CBN14.WAV09.17.9937.81 kB
CBN1SHUT.WAV09.17.99193.25 kB
CBN1STRT.WAV09.17.99363.81 kB
CBN21.WAV09.17.9931.69 kB
CBN22.WAV09.17.9927.19 kB
CBN23.WAV09.17.9941.81 kB
CBN24.WAV09.17.9932.81 kB
CBN2SHUT.WAV09.17.99140.25 kB
CBN2STRT.WAV09.17.9957.25 kB
CBN2T.WAV09.17.99119.31 kB
CCMGEARDN.WAV09.17.99122.25 kB
CCMGEARUP.WAV09.17.99133.25 kB
CCN11.WAV09.17.9932.31 kB
CCN12.WAV09.17.9932.31 kB
CCN13.WAV09.17.9930.81 kB
CCN14.WAV09.17.9931.81 kB
CCN1SHUT.WAV09.17.99306.25 kB
CCN1STRT.WAV09.17.99370.81 kB
CCN21.WAV09.17.9931.31 kB
CCN22.WAV09.17.9940.81 kB
CCN23.WAV09.17.9931.81 kB
CCN24.WAV09.17.9938.31 kB
CCN2SHUT.WAV09.17.99137.75 kB
CCN2STRT.WAV09.17.9958.25 kB
CCN2T.WAV09.17.99119.31 kB
CDN11.WAV09.17.9931.31 kB
CDN12.WAV09.17.9929.81 kB
CDN13.WAV09.17.9929.31 kB
CDN14.WAV09.17.9926.31 kB
CDN1SHUT.WAV09.17.99312.19 kB
CDN1STRT.WAV09.17.99393.31 kB
CDN21.WAV09.17.9938.81 kB
CDN22.WAV09.17.9932.81 kB
CDN23.WAV09.17.9926.81 kB
CDN24.WAV09.17.9928.50 kB
CDN2SHUT.WAV09.17.99140.25 kB
CDN2STRT.WAV09.17.9964.25 kB
CDN2T.WAV09.17.99114.81 kB
SOUND.CFG09.14.9922.88 kB
XCAN11.WAV09.17.9934.31 kB
XCAN12.WAV09.17.9923.81 kB
XCAN13.WAV09.17.9925.31 kB
XCAN14.WAV09.17.9930.31 kB
XCAN1SHUT.WAV09.17.99189.25 kB
XCAN1STRT.WAV09.17.99416.31 kB
XCAN21.WAV09.17.9930.81 kB
XCAN22.WAV09.17.9926.40 kB
XCAN23.WAV09.17.9942.31 kB
XCAN24.WAV09.17.9933.81 kB
XCAN2SHUT.WAV09.17.99177.75 kB
XCAN2STRT.WAV09.17.9961.75 kB
XCAN2T.WAV09.17.99108.81 kB
XCBN11.WAV09.17.9927.31 kB
XCBN12.WAV09.17.9930.31 kB
XCBN13.WAV09.17.9929.81 kB
XCBN14.WAV09.17.9937.81 kB
XCBN1SHUT.WAV09.17.99195.25 kB
XCBN1STRT.WAV09.17.99408.81 kB
XCBN21.WAV09.17.9927.69 kB
XCBN22.WAV09.17.9929.81 kB
XCBN23.WAV09.17.9940.81 kB
XCBN24.WAV09.17.9939.19 kB
XCBN2SHUT.WAV09.17.99192.25 kB
XCBN2STRT.WAV09.17.9957.25 kB
XCBN2T.WAV09.17.99119.31 kB
XCCN11.WAV09.17.9930.81 kB
XCCN12.WAV09.17.9935.31 kB
XCCN13.WAV09.17.9930.90 kB
XCCN14.WAV09.17.9924.31 kB
XCCN1SHUT.WAV09.17.99179.75 kB
XCCN1STRT.WAV09.17.99408.31 kB
XCCN21.WAV09.17.9922.90 kB
XCCN22.WAV09.17.9930.19 kB
XCCN23.WAV09.17.9928.81 kB
XCCN24.WAV09.17.9941.69 kB
XCCN2SHUT.WAV09.17.99157.75 kB
XCCN2STRT.WAV09.17.9958.75 kB
XCCN2T.WAV09.17.99119.31 kB
XCDN11.WAV09.17.9929.40 kB
XCDN12.WAV09.17.9926.31 kB
XCDN13.WAV09.17.9929.19 kB
XCDN14.WAV09.17.9928.81 kB
XCDN1SHUT.WAV09.17.99178.19 kB
XCDN1STRT.WAV09.17.99410.81 kB
XCDN21.WAV09.17.9923.90 kB
XCDN22.WAV09.17.9922.90 kB
XCDN23.WAV09.17.9926.81 kB
XCDN24.WAV09.17.9920.81 kB
XCDN2SHUT.WAV09.17.99190.25 kB
XCDN2STRT.WAV09.17.9964.75 kB
XCDN2T.WAV09.17.99108.81 kB
DOCS08.18.020 B
AIRCRAFT LIST.txt08.18.025.93 kB
READ ME.txt08.18.02411 B
MODEL08.17.020 B
CONCORDE_N.MDL09.16.99668.00 kB
MODEL.CFG07.16.9930 B
PANEL08.17.020 B
Panel.cfg08.18.029.57 kB
BSS2.bmp07.13.0221.05 kB
BSS3.bmp07.11.0254.13 kB
BSS4.bmp07.11.02102.51 kB
Concorde.bmp08.17.02769.05 kB
Forward_Left.bmp08.17.02769.05 kB
REAR.bmp08.17.02769.05 kB
UP.bmp08.17.02769.05 kB
Throttle.bmp08.18.02114.65 kB
Forward_Right.bmp08.17.02769.05 kB
Left.bmp08.17.02769.05 kB
Rear_Left.bmp08.17.02769.05 kB
Right.bmp08.17.02769.05 kB
Rear_Right.bmp08.17.02769.05 kB
THROTTLE_UNIT.BMP07.16.9945.08 kB
THROTTLE_UNIT_1024.BMP07.16.99112.88 kB
BSS1.bmp07.11.0249.40 kB
ConV3AFp.jpg08.18.0236.25 kB
AIRCRAFT.CFG08.18.028.01 kB
ConcV3AF.jpg08.18.026.81 kB
Gauges.zip08.18.02367.86 kB
CONCORDE-V308.17.020 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B


Whilst the days of FS2002 being the cutting age of flight simulation technology are long gone, it’s still a very accessible and enjoyable flight simulator. It’s got plenty of nice skills and things to enjoy in it, and even today it would pass as a solid simulator to have on the laptop if you are out and about and want to get a quick bit of simming done. Whatever the reason you decide to pick up FS2002, whether it’s for the first time or the thousandth, I cannot recommend this excellent Concorde package any more.

Preview screenshot

It’s absolutely brilliant to use and can give you all the help that you need in making a high-end flight experience even more fun.

This package styles true to the real thing and gives you a full cockpit view with authentic features, graphics and sounds to make the whole thing feel a lot more immersive than the old-school vanilla FS2002 aircraft can feel. It really packs in everything that you need to make the Concorde experience come alive as it pushes the engine to the very brink without every hampering your performance.

In short, there’s not really much more you could hope to see in a Concorde package – this takes on the famous mode that was included in FS2000 and transforms it completely into something far more dynamic and enjoyable to fly.

If you feel that you’ve used just about every aircraft in FS2002 that you intend to and want a nice change of direction, we can only recommend getting started with this absolutely outstanding add-on package.

Various new features have been added in along the way such as;

  • A whole new panel, made to look more realistic than ever before
  • Complete functionality over the panel and everything that you could possibly need
  • ATC features introduced that weren’t implemented in FS2000 giving you even more control and functionality than previously

The actual detail that has went into the design is very impressive, too. It carries all of the basic textures and features that you would hope to see on a normal aircraft, but make it incredibly easy to tell the difference between vanilla aircraft and this add-on. It steps things up a notch and really improves the native textures, making it look a far crisper aircraft than many of its rivals within the game.

I personally love going back and getting my retro on with my flight simulators so being able to have a fully functional Concorde along with me can be very useful. All of those little famous features like the ailerons and undercarriage have been included so it looks the part and flies in the same way that you would hope – it’s true to life, and simulates absolutely brilliantly.

You’ll get a lot of mileage out of this addon if you are looking for a way to get FS2002 back on the played list, and to make sure that you can enjoy a truly realistic flying experience in an older simulator.

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe is a flight sim enthusiast who has been simming since the days of FS95. Adam writes all of the download section editorials after testing each of the files. Adam has extensive knowledge using various flight simulator packages and thoroughly tests the files before writing about them. Adam also like to fly real-world aircraft in his spare time and is training for his PPL.

Should you wish, you can contact Adam via email at adam@flyawaysimulation.com.

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Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description. For further installation help, please see our Flight School for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download. If in doubt, you may also ask a question or view existing answers in our dedicated Q&A forum.


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ciateamSun, 03 May 2009 19:24:23 GMT
Great Job, but what happened to flaps?
johnnykustFri, 21 Mar 2008 05:24:56 GMT
Beautiful!! It all works! Great panel.
FlatheadSmithFri, 02 Feb 2007 18:12:03 GMT
I would like to see a Braniff Int'l Airways paint scheme. I believe I remember it was a flat orange fuselage with a white tail and wings no color (aluminum). Great add-on!
papyl5Sat, 28 Oct 2006 23:03:45 GMT
hard to turn. crashes my game
nobby0117Tue, 29 Aug 2006 21:04:55 GMT
Nice package and worth the download, Auto pilot is a handfull to manage though

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