FSX Corby CJ-1 Starlet

Preview A single seat, amateur-built aeroplane designed in the 1960s by Australian aeronautical engineer John Corby. The structure is primarily wood and fabric. The prototype first flew in 1967. It is a popular design built by enthusiasts in many countries. Full animations, 3D gauges and baked texture...

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A single seat, amateur-built aeroplane designed in the 1960s by Australian aeronautical engineer John Corby. The structure is primarily wood and fabric. The prototype first flew in 1967. It is a popular design built by enthusiasts in many countries. Full animations, 3D gauges and baked textures. By Craig Richardson.

Screenshot of Corby CJ-1 Starlet in flight.

Screenshot of Corby CJ-1 Starlet in flight.

Installation instructions:

Unzip into a temporary directory, then cut and paste into your SimObjects Directory.

I've Included Banana Bob's ENV textures, read the readme file and backup you original files!

Images & Screenshots

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The archive corby_starlet.zip has 142 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Corby Starlet09.02.120 B
aircraft.cfg09.02.1213.54 kB
Corby.aam1.air09.02.1211.08 kB
Corby.aam2.air09.02.1211.08 kB
Corby.aam3.air09.02.1211.08 kB
Corby.aam4.air09.02.1211.08 kB
Corby.aam5.air09.02.1211.08 kB
Corby.air09.02.1211.08 kB
FILE_ID.DIZ09.02.12366 B
model09.02.120 B
Corby_ext.MDL09.02.121.84 MB
Corby_int.MDL09.02.121.68 MB
model.cfg08.29.1246 B
panel08.15.120 B
panel.cfg08.21.12706 B
starlet08.15.120 B
starlet.CAB08.12.11258.87 kB
radio.bmp05.26.0738.55 kB
radio.xml05.26.07972 B
sinn nabo bezel.bmp07.30.10263.72 kB
sinn nabo clock hour.bmp07.30.1029.74 kB
sinn nabo clock minute.bmp07.30.1029.74 kB
sinn nabo panel.bmp05.11.11263.73 kB
sinn nabo pnl.xml07.30.105.13 kB
sinn nabo ring.bmp07.30.10263.72 kB
sinn nabo scale.bmp05.16.11263.73 kB
sinn nabo timer hour.bmp07.30.1011.19 kB
sinn nabo timer minute.bmp07.30.1029.74 kB
sinn nabo timer second.bmp07.30.1029.74 kB
sinn nabo.xml07.30.105.13 kB
ReadMe.txt09.02.12348 B
sound02.24.120 B
c172_apdisconnect.wav05.12.06169.80 kB
c172_falsestart.wav05.12.06241.62 kB
c172_flaps.wav05.12.06225.90 kB
c172_gyro.wav05.12.064.48 MB
c172_noncombustion1.wav05.12.06279.12 kB
c172_noncombustion2.wav05.12.06292.12 kB
c172_prop1a.wav05.12.0659.29 kB
c172_prop1b.wav05.12.0663.79 kB
c172_prop2a.wav05.12.0665.29 kB
c172_prop2b.wav05.12.0686.79 kB
c172_rpm1.wav05.12.06494.55 kB
c172_rpm2.wav05.12.06453.61 kB
c172_rpm3.wav05.12.06512.55 kB
c172_rpm4.wav05.12.06497.09 kB
c172_shutdown.wav05.12.06233.92 kB
c172_stallhorn.wav05.12.06237.68 kB
c172_starter.wav05.12.06174.12 kB
c172_startup.wav05.12.06381.53 kB
c172_switch1.wav05.12.066.42 kB
c172_switch2.wav05.12.062.71 kB
c172_switch3.wav05.12.062.89 kB
c4wind4.wav07.07.06274.56 kB
cagear.wav05.12.0631.23 kB
door_small_close.wav05.12.0655.99 kB
door_small_open.wav05.12.0659.98 kB
GA_wind.wav07.07.06123.24 kB
sound.cfg07.07.0612.38 kB
wind_general.wav07.07.06269.64 kB
xc172_falsestart.wav05.12.06156.62 kB
xc172_Frpm1.wav07.10.06245.78 kB
xc172_Frpm2.wav07.10.06226.58 kB
xc172_Frpm3.wav07.10.06238.34 kB
xc172_Frpm4.wav07.10.06255.60 kB
xc172_noncombustion1.wav05.12.06132.49 kB
xc172_noncombustion2.wav05.12.06158.64 kB
xc172_prop1a.wav05.12.0678.29 kB
xc172_prop1b.wav05.12.0666.79 kB
xc172_prop2a.wav05.12.0670.29 kB
xc172_prop2b.wav05.12.0686.79 kB
xc172_Rrpm1.wav07.10.06245.78 kB
xc172_Rrpm2.wav07.10.06226.58 kB
xc172_Rrpm3.wav07.10.06238.34 kB
xc172_Rrpm4.wav07.10.06255.60 kB
xc172_shutdown.wav05.12.06163.04 kB
xc172_starter.wav05.12.0662.20 kB
xc172_startup.wav05.12.06159.46 kB
texture09.02.120 B
texture.109.02.120 B
Starlet1.dds08.30.121.33 MB
Starlet2.dds08.30.121.33 MB
Starlet3.dds08.30.121.33 MB
Starlet4.dds08.30.121.33 MB
Starlet6.dds08.30.121.33 MB
texture.cfg10.13.1142 B
thumbnail.jpg09.02.1230.71 kB
texture.209.02.120 B
Decal_Corby.dds09.02.12341.48 kB
Starlet1.dds09.02.121.33 MB
Starlet2.dds08.31.121.33 MB
Starlet3.dds08.31.121.33 MB
Starlet4.dds09.01.121.33 MB
texture.cfg10.13.1142 B
thumbnail.jpg09.02.1235.39 kB
texture.309.02.120 B
Decal_Corby.dds09.02.12341.48 kB
Starlet1.dds09.01.121.33 MB
Starlet2.dds09.01.121.33 MB
Starlet3.dds09.01.121.33 MB
Starlet4.dds09.01.121.33 MB
texture.cfg10.13.1142 B
thumbnail.jpg09.02.1233.12 kB
texture.409.02.120 B
Decal_Corby.dds09.02.12341.48 kB
Starlet.dds09.01.121.33 MB
Starlet1.dds09.02.121.33 MB
Starlet2.dds09.01.121.33 MB
Starlet3.dds09.01.121.33 MB
Starlet4.dds09.02.121.33 MB
Starlet6.dds09.01.121.33 MB
texture.cfg10.13.1142 B
thumbnail.jpg09.02.1236.47 kB
texture.509.02.120 B
Decal_Corby.dds09.02.12341.48 kB
Starlet.dds09.02.121.33 MB
Starlet1.dds09.02.121.33 MB
Starlet2.dds09.02.121.33 MB
Starlet3.dds09.02.121.33 MB
Starlet4.dds09.02.121.33 MB
Starlet6.dds09.01.121.33 MB
texture.cfg10.13.1142 B
thumbnail.jpg09.02.1233.51 kB
texture.shared09.02.120 B
Decal_Corby.dds09.02.12341.48 kB
Fresnel_Ramp.dds09.04.06640 B
gauges.dds08.23.121.33 MB
pilot.dds08.14.121.33 MB
prop.dds09.26.1185.46 kB
Starlet.dds08.29.121.33 MB
Starlet5.dds08.29.121.33 MB
Starlet6.dds08.29.121.33 MB
Decal_Corby.dds09.02.12341.48 kB
Starlet1.dds09.02.121.33 MB
Starlet2.dds08.29.121.33 MB
Starlet3.dds08.29.121.33 MB
Starlet4.dds09.02.121.33 MB
texture.cfg10.13.1142 B
thumbnail.jpg09.02.1234.65 kB
thumbnail.jpg09.02.1235.39 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

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EdmeisterWed, 17 Jul 2019 22:45:24 GMT

A fun little plane! A pleasant change to flying "the big bad jets". Thanks, guys.

Douglas E HillThu, 20 Apr 2017 09:22:14 GMT

I fly "lo n slo" just as I did in the "real" world. My First was a Quicksilver UL (I cannot find a sim model) then a Corbin Ace, Fisher Koala, and last, a Teenie Two ( can't find?) I downloaded a CORBY CJ 1, which is now my favorite sim plane to fly. It handles and flies like the real thing; a lot like my teenie 2 did. Whoever did this one really deserves an A+. It doesn't slide around on taxi, and handles great......thanx... Mr Skip

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