FSX I3D Rockwell B-1B Lancer Update

Preview This is an update to make the I3D B-1B Lancer flyable in FSX. You will need the model and texture folders from the original (B1B.ZIP) by I3D design group or B1BLANCER.ZIP. This update includes a new 4:3 glass (fictitious) panel, gauges, sounds, kneeboard checklist, reference, *. air file and a...

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This is an update to make the I3D B-1B Lancer flyable in FSX. You will need the model and texture folders from the original (B1B.ZIP) by I3D design group or B1BLANCER.ZIP. This update includes a new 4:3 glass (fictitious) panel, gauges, sounds, kneeboard checklist, reference, *. air file and aircraft.cfg. It is complete except the model and liveries. There is a VC that was originally modeled, partially textured, and no clickspots, it is virtually useless. By Don Bodenstedt.

Screenshot of I3D Rockwell B-1B Lancer in flight.

Screenshot of I3D Rockwell B-1B Lancer in flight.

This is not easy to fly well. EVERY Speed change, Wing, and Flap/Slat setting will REQUIRE new Elevator trim settings. Changes in AoA cause different lift characteristics too. It WILL keep you busy on your trim controls! Pitch moments are the toughest to control. The Roll and Yaw functions behave similar to a fixed wing GA Jet.

Use the IAS/Mach hold at your discretion. If the Afterburners are engaged by the Autothrottle they will cause a looping condition. The Autothrottle will try to reduce the throttle setting but with the AB engaged it may stick at 100%. If that happens, turn off IAS/Mach hold and move the throttle manually to regain control of it.

The setpoint in the aircraft.cfg to automatically engage the Afterburners is at 99.9% throttle. My throttle will not go beyond 99.4% even after calibration, so I use F4 to engage Afterburners, and F2(or move my throttle) to disengage them. I really like it it that way! It gives me more realistic AB on/off control.

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The archive b1bxupd-dcbv1.zip has 138 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
B-1B Lancer for FSX12.14.110 B
B-1Bx.jpg11.10.11180.03 kB
B-1BxPnl.jpg11.10.11190.03 kB
B-1B_Readme.txt12.21.119.41 kB
FSX-Effects12.14.110 B
fx_F14_Burn1.fx03.09.1018.67 kB
fx_F14_Burn2.fx03.09.1023.27 kB
fx_F14_BurnerFlame.fx03.09.1022.10 kB
fx_FalconExhaust.fx11.21.111.30 kB
fx_FalconStartSV.fx12.26.105.32 kB
North American-Rockwell B-1B Lancer12.21.110 B
Aircraft.cfg12.17.1115.03 kB
B-1BX.air11.29.1111.96 kB
B-1B_CHECK.htm12.16.1119.72 kB
B-1B_REF.htm11.19.114.94 kB
Panel12.21.110 B
B-ONE_DCBv1.CAB12.21.11694.48 kB
Icons Lit.CAB12.03.1132.18 kB
IndividualLightSwitchesDCBv1.CAB11.30.1122.63 kB
Main Panel.bmp12.01.112.25 MB
Panel.cfg12.16.116.54 kB
PhantomGaugesDCBV4.CAB12.21.112.62 MB
Throttle Panel.bmp12.01.11415.13 kB
Sound12.21.110 B
B1_an11.wav11.27.11809.07 kB
B1_an12.wav11.27.11442.77 kB
B1_an13.wav11.27.11491.98 kB
B1_an14.wav11.27.11218.62 kB
B1_an21.wav11.26.11134.64 kB
B1_an22.wav11.26.11134.64 kB
B1_an23.wav11.26.11134.64 kB
B1_an24.wav11.26.11134.64 kB
B1_AP.wav11.29.11125.38 kB
B1_bn11.wav11.27.11818.38 kB
B1_bn12.wav11.27.11451.67 kB
B1_bn13.wav11.27.11498.14 kB
B1_bn14.wav11.27.11225.86 kB
B1_bn21.wav11.27.11134.64 kB
B1_bn22.wav11.27.11134.64 kB
B1_bn23.wav11.27.11134.64 kB
B1_bn24.wav11.27.11134.64 kB
B1_cn11.wav11.27.11809.07 kB
B1_cn12.wav11.27.11442.77 kB
B1_cn13.wav11.27.11491.98 kB
B1_cn14.wav11.27.11251.42 kB
B1_cn21.wav11.27.11134.64 kB
B1_cn22.wav11.27.11134.64 kB
B1_cn23.wav11.27.11134.64 kB
B1_cn24.wav11.27.11134.64 kB
B1_CStrt1.wav11.27.11446.75 kB
B1_CStrt2.wav11.27.11446.75 kB
B1_CStrt3.wav11.27.11446.75 kB
B1_CStrt4.wav11.27.11446.75 kB
B1_dn11.wav11.27.11818.38 kB
B1_dn12.wav11.27.11451.67 kB
B1_dn13.wav11.27.11498.14 kB
B1_dn14.wav11.27.11259.64 kB
B1_dn21.wav11.27.11134.64 kB
B1_dn22.wav11.27.11134.64 kB
B1_dn23.wav11.27.11134.64 kB
B1_dn24.wav11.27.11134.64 kB
B1_Flaps.wav11.29.11320.10 kB
B1_Gear.wav11.27.11422.51 kB
B1_Gear_Warn.wav11.27.11163.90 kB
B1_Heat1.wav11.27.11167.14 kB
B1_Heat2.wav11.27.11167.14 kB
B1_Heat3.wav11.27.11167.14 kB
B1_Heat4.wav11.27.11167.14 kB
B1_OVSP.wav11.27.1181.72 kB
B1_Shut1.wav11.27.111.13 MB
B1_Shut2.wav11.27.111.13 MB
B1_Shut3.wav11.27.111.13 MB
B1_Shut4.wav11.27.111.13 MB
B1_Strt1.wav11.27.111.13 MB
B1_Strt2.wav11.27.111.13 MB
B1_Strt3.wav11.27.111.13 MB
B1_Strt4.wav11.27.111.13 MB
sound-2.cfg11.27.1118.64 kB
sound.cfg11.29.1133.34 kB
XB1_an11.wav11.27.11809.07 kB
XB1_an12.wav11.27.11442.77 kB
XB1_an13.wav11.27.11491.98 kB
XB1_an14.wav11.27.11218.62 kB
XB1_an21.wav11.27.11363.52 kB
XB1_an22.wav11.27.11319.35 kB
XB1_an23.wav11.27.11279.89 kB
XB1_an24.wav11.27.11240.00 kB
XB1_bn11.wav11.27.11818.38 kB
XB1_bn12.wav11.27.11451.67 kB
XB1_bn13.wav11.27.11498.14 kB
XB1_bn14.wav11.27.11225.86 kB
XB1_bn21.wav11.27.11363.52 kB
XB1_bn22.wav11.27.11319.35 kB
XB1_bn23.wav11.27.11279.89 kB
XB1_bn24.wav11.27.11240.00 kB
XB1_cn11.wav11.27.11809.07 kB
XB1_cn12.wav11.27.11442.77 kB
XB1_cn13.wav11.27.11491.98 kB
XB1_cn14.wav11.27.11251.42 kB
XB1_cn21.wav11.27.11362.73 kB
XB1_cn22.wav11.27.11319.60 kB
XB1_cn23.wav11.27.11279.89 kB
XB1_cn24.wav11.27.11250.37 kB
XB1_CStrt1.wav11.27.11446.75 kB
XB1_CStrt2.wav11.27.11446.75 kB
XB1_CStrt3.wav11.27.11446.75 kB
XB1_CStrt4.wav11.27.11446.75 kB
XB1_dn11.wav11.27.11818.38 kB
XB1_dn12.wav11.27.11451.67 kB
XB1_dn13.wav11.27.11498.14 kB
XB1_dn14.wav11.27.11259.64 kB
XB1_dn21.wav11.27.11362.73 kB
XB1_dn22.wav11.27.11319.60 kB
XB1_dn23.wav11.27.11279.89 kB
XB1_dn24.wav11.27.11250.37 kB
XB1_Heat1.wav11.27.11250.58 kB
XB1_Heat2.wav11.27.11250.58 kB
XB1_Heat3.wav11.27.11250.99 kB
XB1_Heat4.wav11.27.11250.99 kB
XB1_Shut1.wav11.27.111.13 MB
XB1_Shut2.wav11.27.111.13 MB
XB1_Shut3.wav11.27.111.13 MB
XB1_Shut4.wav11.27.111.13 MB
XB1_Strt1.wav11.27.111.13 MB
XB1_Strt2.wav11.27.111.13 MB
XB1_Strt3.wav11.27.111.13 MB
XB1_Strt4.wav11.27.111.13 MB
Thumbnails for textures12.14.110 B
texture.af12.14.110 B
thumbnail.jpg11.12.1125.56 kB
texture.dy12.14.110 B
thumbnail.jpg11.12.1126.21 kB
texture.ga12.14.110 B
thumbnail.jpg11.12.1124.63 kB
texture.gg12.14.110 B
thumbnail.jpg11.12.1126.10 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

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Vítor MarquesSat, 10 Apr 2021 11:33:53 GMT

Does this model work in P3D_ v4.5?

jpop8807Thu, 16 Aug 2018 06:04:53 GMT

Looks and flys good the only issue i have now is I can't get the landing gear to retract.

RaySun, 09 Jul 2017 07:21:14 GMT

I failed to get this model installed. I tried va. Good thing it was free.rious approaches including downloading the suggested file to no avail.

Glen HortonThu, 02 Jul 2015 06:37:07 GMT

After a successful installation of the B1B, Everything works well, except, my PFD, & MFD don't display.

Part of my panel,cfg file:

[Window00] file=Main Panel.bmp size_mm=1024,768 window_size_ratio=1.000 position=7 visible=1 ident=0 window_size= 1.000, 1.000 window_pos= 0.000, 0.000 zorder=0

gauge00=B737_800!mfd, 628,532,160,160 gauge01=B737_800!pfd, 307,540,157,162 gauge02=B737_800!annunciator_below_glideslope, 413,447,30,17 gauge03=B737_800!knob_1, 296,732,20,24

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