FSX Amazonas Wings Regional Needs You! Mission

Preview FSadventureSky Airlines Series Episode. Airline founded in 1932, flying today in a dense region of the Amazon River Basin. Need pilots with captain qualifications. Will fly several types of aircraft to large, medium and small towns in the central Amazon region. To some villages too! It's hot h...

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FSadventureSky Airlines Series Episode. Airline founded in 1932, flying today in a dense region of the Amazon River Basin. Need pilots with captain qualifications. Will fly several types of aircraft to large, medium and small towns in the central Amazon region. To some villages too! It's hot here, lots of mosquitoes and all kind of wild animals. Hard work, pilots on some airports carry the clients baggage to the plane and serves coffee while waiting for plane to be fueled. Not too many VOR's around. Thunderstorms riddle the sky most of the year. Better read a map and use your compass as an expert or... Airline flies all week, even Sundays! One leave per year, all expenses paid to Rio on Gol Airlines from Belem for three days. Come guys, we need you, the water is fine (watch out for the piranas!). Salary? We'll talk after a week or so seeing you fly and work here... Sign Here.. Thanks. (Capture Pilots Inc. New York, NY. Our Motto: We catch 'em == tel 434-5678-888 ask for Mirth Baloomy). By Gera Godoy Canova.

Screenshot of Belem Terminal.

Screenshot of Belem Terminal.

This is a complete pilot tour in the Amazon River Basin. You will join this small airline and fly in the deep jungle of Brazil which is loosing its tree canopy day by day. Please read the enclosed instructions and PRINT THE ENCLOSED MAPS which you will need to navigate around the routes.

  1. Unzip the files enclosed to any Temp Folder
  2. Place the .BGL files in the enclosed Scenery folder in: FSX/ Addon Scenery / Scenery Directory.
  3. Place the .BMP files in the enclosed Texture folder in: FSX/ Addon Scenery/ Texture Directory.

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The archive awings-01.zip has 142 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
AWR-PILOTS MANUAL.pdf04.04.12633.96 kB
AYAKUT VILLAGE.jpg03.24.12356.87 kB
BELEM TERMINAL.jpg03.21.121.45 MB
COAN.jpg03.26.12401.29 kB
F-PERITOUS MISSION.jpg03.26.12283.84 kB
GUMJUKA VILLAGE.jpg03.29.12349.43 kB
LOST TOURITS FOUND.jpg03.30.12367.32 kB
MACAPA.jpg03.22.12450.66 kB
MANAUS TERMINAL.jpg03.24.12361.82 kB
MONTE DOURADO.jpg03.23.12332.22 kB
READ ME FIRST.txt04.04.122.29 kB
RESCUE.jpg03.24.12387.34 kB
URUCARA.jpg04.02.12543.03 kB
WILMA ROBELO.jpg03.23.121.05 MB
FLIGHT PLAN M-DOURADO--BELEM.jpg03.24.12517.99 kB
MAP TO GUMJUKA.jpg03.30.12208.32 kB
RESCUE MAP.jpg04.02.12180.32 kB
SCENERY04.03.120 B
aeropAW.bgl03.21.12110.05 kB
aeropAW.txt03.21.1280 B
AFX_SWPI.bgl03.30.123.09 kB
ALDEA-01-ATRAVEZ.bgl03.27.112.98 kB
ALDEA-03-ATRAVEZ.bgl03.28.111.94 kB
ALDEAAMAZA2.bgl04.14.113.48 kB
ALDEAAMAZONAS33.bgl04.13.113.56 kB
ALDEAAMAZONAS44.bgl04.13.115.07 kB
ALDEAAMAZONAS55.bgl04.13.114.13 kB
ALDEABARCO.bgl03.28.117.81 kB
ALDEA-BOTEENRIO.bgl03.30.1121.27 kB
ALDEAFASE2.bgl04.14.1111.71 kB
ALDEAFASE23.bgl04.14.113.43 kB
ALDEAHOTEL44.bgl04.14.117.01 kB
ALDEAHOTELSEL.bgl04.14.119.38 kB
ALDEAZANCOS.bgl04.13.113.34 kB
AV-OTTER2GRIS.bgl06.12.1191.39 kB
BANDERILLERO01.bgl06.05.1111.16 kB
BODEGA22.bgl01.25.119.90 kB
BODEGASELVA2222.bgl06.08.114.29 kB
CASA-ROTA03.bgl11.05.116.22 kB
CASA-ROTA05.bgl11.05.114.01 kB
CASAS DE PAPUA.bgl09.22.101.74 MB
casaselva-awings.bgl03.26.122.54 kB
casaselva-awings.txt03.26.1281 B
CASA-SELVA-DER.bgl03.13.116.39 kB
CASOTA.bgl01.25.118.48 kB
cercatubo-rojoblanca.bgl09.12.10402.70 kB
CHICA11.bgl12.08.105.10 kB
CHINA.bgl01.06.116.54 kB
CHOSA0003.bgl04.06.114.25 kB
CHOSA0004.bgl04.06.113.01 kB
CHOSA0006.bgl04.06.113.76 kB
CHOSA88.bgl04.06.112.74 kB
CHOSA-HOTEL-VERDE.bgl04.06.115.59 kB
CHOSAS-0-1LISA.bgl03.09.113.16 kB
GENTE-01.bgl12.08.1015.54 kB
GENTE-AFRIKA.bgl03.07.1121.95 kB
GENTE-GORDO.bgl03.04.1114.61 kB
HOTEL-CABANA-2.bgl03.22.112.27 kB
HOTEL-ESQUIP.bgl03.22.112.39 kB
HOTEL-SELVA-2.bgl03.20.113.58 kB
INDIAHOUSE.bgl09.12.11538.57 kB
LC_3232.bgl03.30.12307 B
LC_3332.bgl03.23.12289 B
MANCHA64-01.bgl06.14.1120.54 kB
MARSHALL01.bgl12.26.118.23 kB
MARSHALL-02.bgl12.26.1112.13 kB
MARSHALLER-03.bgl12.26.1114.09 kB
MARSHALLER-04.bgl12.26.117.76 kB
MISIONES-02.bgl03.07.119.43 kB
ROTU-AMAWINGS.bgl03.21.121.50 kB
ROTULOBILONGO.bgl11.10.104.13 kB
ROTULOFSADVENTVA.bgl09.13.111.37 kB
ROTULO GENERICO.bgl02.05.1116.80 kB
ROTULO-SELVA AIR.bgl06.13.112.39 kB
TICKETSHERE.bgl01.14.115.74 kB
TRIBU-FINAL.bgl08.18.111.99 kB
texture04.04.120 B
ALDEA3333_00.bmp03.28.11341.40 kB
ALDEAAMAOZANS44_00.bmp04.13.1185.40 kB
aldea-amaz-33_00.bmp03.28.1185.40 kB
ALDEAAMAZO2_00.bmp04.13.11341.40 kB
ALDEA-AMZONAS22_00.bmp04.13.1185.40 kB
ALDEAAMZONAS55_00.bmp04.13.11341.40 kB
ALDEA-ATRAVEZ-01_00.bmp03.27.11341.40 kB
ALDEA-BARCO_00.bmp03.28.11341.40 kB
ALDEA-BARCO40_00.bmp04.06.11341.40 kB
ALDEA-BOTEENRIO_00.bmp03.30.11341.40 kB
ALDEAFASE2_00.bmp04.14.11341.40 kB
ALDEAHOTEL44_00.bmp04.14.1185.40 kB
ALDEAHOTELSEL_00.bmp04.14.11341.40 kB
ALDEAZANCOS_00.bmp04.13.11341.40 kB
AMAWINGS_00.bmp03.21.12341.40 kB
BANDERILLERO_00.bmp06.05.1185.40 kB
CASA-ROTA03_00.bmp11.05.11170.74 kB
CASA-ROTA04_00.bmp11.05.11170.74 kB
CASA-ROTA05_00.bmp11.05.1142.74 kB
CASA--SELVA1_00.bmp03.13.1185.40 kB
CASOTA_00.bmp01.25.1185.40 kB
CHICA1_00.bmp12.08.1085.40 kB
CHINA_00.bmp01.06.1185.40 kB
CHOSA0004_00.bmp04.06.1185.40 kB
CHOSA0006_00.bmp04.06.11341.40 kB
CHOSA003_00.bmp04.06.1185.40 kB
CHOSA03_00.bmp03.09.1185.40 kB
CHOSA88_00.bmp04.06.11341.40 kB
CHOSAGRANDE0007_00.bmp04.06.11341.40 kB
CHOSA-HOTEL-VERDE_00.bmp04.06.11341.40 kB
DHC6.bmp06.12.11682.75 kB
DHC6-2.bmp06.12.11341.42 kB
FONDOSELVACASA01.bmp03.25.129.05 kB
FONDOSELVACASA02.bmp03.25.129.05 kB
GENTE-01_00.bmp12.08.1085.40 kB
GENTE-02_00.bmp12.08.1085.40 kB
GENTE-AFRIKA_00.bmp03.07.11341.40 kB
GENTE-GORDO_00.bmp03.04.1185.40 kB
INDIACASA2.bmp09.12.1148.05 kB
MARSHALL01_00.bmp12.26.11170.74 kB
MARSHALL-02_00.bmp12.26.11341.40 kB
MARSHALLER-03_00.bmp12.26.1185.40 kB
MARSHALLER-04_00.bmp12.26.11341.40 kB
MATERNIDAD_00.bmp03.04.1185.40 kB
MISION01_00.bmp03.07.11341.40 kB
papuacasa1.bmp09.22.1017.05 kB
papuacasa2.bmp09.22.10129.05 kB
papuacasa3.bmp09.22.1048.05 kB
papuacasa4.bmp09.22.1065.05 kB
PAREDMADERA.bmp06.06.1133.05 kB
puertaazul1.bmp02.16.12129.05 kB
ROTULOGENERICO_00.bmp02.05.11341.40 kB
rotulonapo_00.bmp01.11.1185.40 kB
rotulo-selva_00.bmp06.13.11170.74 kB
TICKETSHERE_00.bmp01.14.11341.40 kB
TIENDAINDIA.bmp09.12.11129.05 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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Installation Instructions

Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description. For further installation help, please see our Flight School for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download. If in doubt, you may also ask a question or view existing answers in our dedicated Q&A forum.


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