Preview This is the freeware Golden Age Simulations WACO CTO Mailwing in the livery of the 1928 WACO ATO Taperwing of the Vingate Wings of Canada, registration CF-BPM. The package includes the original model and basic texture by Golden Age Simulations, the sound pack by Tim Dement, the corrected fligh...

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This is the freeware Golden Age Simulations WACO CTO Mailwing in the livery of the 1928 WACO ATO Taperwing of the Vingate Wings of Canada, registration CF-BPM. The package includes the original model and basic texture by Golden Age Simulations, the sound pack by Tim Dement, the corrected flight dynamics (for the ATO Taperwing, powered by the Wright J6-9 Whirlwind engine), as well as the new livery and panel staff. The Vingate Wings of Canada 1928 WACO ATO Tapering CF-BPM was manufactured in 1929 at The Advanced Aircraft Co., Troy, Ohio (serial number - CN A-65). Originally powered by Wright J-5 engine, the plane later was upgraded to J-6 with Hamilton Standard propeller. VC panel, livery and flight dynamics by Vladimir Gonchar.

Screenshot of WACO ATO Taperwing CF-BPM in flight.

Screenshot of WACO ATO Taperwing CF-BPM in flight.

Just unpack the package and put the staff to the main FSX directory. In case you have a wide screen monitor overwrite the panel staff with the files from the panel-wide folder.

The panel staff consists of a VC panel and auxilary mini-panel for outside view flying. The gauge set is arranged for VFR flights only (aerobatics primarily).
To make the engine start-up more realistic I made a strict sequence: the engine will not work if you do not open the throttle 1/8'' at least and strike the primer a couple of times before depressing the start button.

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The archive waco_ato_cf-bpm.zip has 93 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
effects10.22.120 B
fx_ATO_start.FX10.22.124.29 kB
In flight_1.jpg10.26.1286.25 kB
In flight_2 small.jpg10.26.1236.21 kB
In flight_2.jpg10.26.12145.20 kB
readme.txt10.26.122.89 kB
Real plane.jpg10.20.12408.36 kB
SimObjects10.22.120 B
Airplanes10.25.120 B
WACO ATO_CF-BPM10.26.120 B
Aircraft.cfg10.26.1213.58 kB
checklist.txt10.25.123.27 kB
model10.22.120 B
Model.cfg02.15.0636 B
WACO CTO Mailwing.mdl02.25.064.25 MB
panel10.24.120 B
C-54_radios.cab05.16.11558.12 kB
mini-panel.bmp10.26.122.25 MB
Panel.cfg10.26.122.62 kB
Thumbs.db11.20.057.50 kB
vc01.bmp10.25.122.47 MB
WACO_switches.cab10.25.12433.85 kB
panel_wide10.26.120 B
mini-panel.bmp10.19.122.47 MB
Panel.cfg10.25.122.63 kB
Sound10.22.120 B
apdisconnect.wav08.04.06176.62 kB
door_small_close.wav05.12.0655.99 kB
door_small_open.wav05.12.0659.98 kB
flaps.wav08.04.06175.61 kB
geardn.wav08.04.06288.12 kB
gearup.wav08.04.06312.37 kB
Grummand Goose Sound Pack.TXT03.01.10817 B
gyro.wav08.04.061.88 MB
noncombustion_left01.wav08.04.0663.30 kB
noncombustion_left02.wav08.04.0646.80 kB
noncombustion_right01.wav08.04.0673.05 kB
noncombustion_right02.wav08.04.06146.60 kB
RPM1_Left.wav11.11.09307.61 kB
RPM1_Right.wav11.11.09218.20 kB
RPM2_Left.wav11.11.09215.95 kB
RPM2_Right.wav11.11.09152.15 kB
RPM3_Left.wav11.11.09191.61 kB
RPM3_Right.wav11.11.09141.54 kB
RPM4_Left.wav11.11.09130.25 kB
RPM4_Right.wav11.11.09101.13 kB
Shutdown_Left.wav08.04.06385.04 kB
Shutdown_Right.wav08.04.06402.74 kB
Single Engine Sound.cfg11.30.096.77 kB
Sound.cfg12.13.0912.83 kB
stallhorn.wav08.04.0686.69 kB
Starter_Left.wav05.12.0656.74 kB
Starter_Right.wav05.12.0656.74 kB
Startup_Left.wav08.04.06177.40 kB
Startup_Right.wav08.04.06198.03 kB
xNonCombust1_Left.wav08.04.0630.37 kB
xNonCombust1_Right.wav08.04.0627.42 kB
xNonCombust2_Left.wav08.04.0615.60 kB
xNonCombust2_Right.wav08.04.0614.46 kB
xProp_Left.wav05.12.06133.06 kB
xProp_Right.wav05.12.06133.06 kB
xPropFeath_Left.wav05.12.0670.66 kB
xPropFeath_Right.wav05.12.0670.66 kB
xRPM1_Left.wav08.04.06308.15 kB
xRPM1_Right.wav08.04.06218.75 kB
xRPM2_Left.wav05.12.06216.04 kB
xRPM2_Right.wav07.14.06152.26 kB
xRPM3_Left.wav05.12.06191.70 kB
xRPM3_Right.wav07.14.06141.65 kB
xRPM4_Left.wav05.12.06130.34 kB
xRPM4_Right.wav07.14.06101.24 kB
xShutdown_Left.wav05.12.06399.30 kB
xShutdown_Right.wav05.12.06399.30 kB
xStarter_Left.wav05.12.0665.59 kB
xStarter_Right.wav05.12.0665.59 kB
xStartup_Left.wav05.12.06166.23 kB
xStartup_Right.wav05.12.06166.23 kB
texture10.27.120 B
engine_16.bmp02.25.064.00 MB
GApilot.bmp02.18.064.00 MB
interior_texture.bmp10.14.124.00 MB
prop_fast.bmp10.27.12256.05 kB
Stringers.bmp02.20.064.00 MB
thumbnail.jpg10.21.1223.71 kB
waco_CTO_1.bmp10.21.124.00 MB
waco_CTO_2.bmp10.21.124.00 MB
waco_prop.bmp10.27.1285.43 kB
WACOChrome.bmp02.04.0621.40 kB
WACO_ATO.air10.19.128.28 kB
VC panel small.jpg10.26.1236.44 kB
VC panel.jpg10.26.12100.90 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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