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This is a "what if" concept for the Golden Age Simulations WACO ATO Taperwing. It's cooked of the real WACO ATO registration and serial numbers (NC8576 and A-85, real story unknown), fictional livery and a Wright R-975-E-1 Whirlpool engine simulation (actually it should be a JTO - to comply strictly with WACO coding system). With its 365 hp and two panel options (IFR and VFR) the plane is a good staff for air racing and traveling. Meanwhile despite its gravity carburetor it is not bad for simple aerobatics as well. To make the plane operations more realistic the aircraft file was edited to provide the engine with supercharging capability (as the real R-975 has) which makes you follow operating limits not to loose the engine. Apart the original model and basic texture the package also includes two brand new VC panels. The used sound is a default FS2004 Trimotor sound pack (it is also powered by 9-cylinder Wright Whirlwind). VC panel, livery and corrected dynamitcs by Vladimir Gonchar.

Screenshot of WACO ATO NC 8576 in flight.

Screenshot of WACO ATO NC 8576 in flight.

References (for ATO NC8576):

Maximum Indicated Airspeed - 180 kts
Maximum Speed - 150 kts at sea Level
Normal Cruise Speed - 120-140 kts true
Best Climb Speed - 100-110 kts indicated
Best Glide Speed - 80 kts indicated
Stall Speed - 44 kts indicated

Best Rate of Climb - 1500- 2000 fpm at 100-110 kts/1900-2000 rpm

Service Ceiling - 19,000 feet

Wing span: 30'3" top
26 3 bottom
Wing area: 227 sq
Length: 22'6"
Empty Weight: 1800 pounds
Useful Load: 1100 pounds
Gross Weight: 2900 pounds


Wight Whirlwind R-975E-1
max power - 365 hp at 2,100 RPM
compression ratio - 6.1:1
supercharger gear ratio - 7.8:1
octane rating - 73
dry weight - 660 lb (300 kg)

Fuel capacity 60 gal


Just unpack the package and put the staff to the main FSX directory. In case you have a wide screen monitor overwrite the panel staff with the files from the panel-wide folder.

The panel staff consists of a VC panel and auxiliary mini-panel for outside view flying. To make the engine start-up more realistic I made a strict sequence: the engine will not work if you do not open the throttle 1/8'' at least and strike the primer a couple of times before depressing the start button. For engine operations read enclosed text "Flying with R-975E-1".


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File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
effects01.17.130 B
fx_ATO_start.FX10.22.124.29 kB
Flying with R-975-E1.doc11.06.1224.00 kB
gauges01.17.130 B
Beech C-45H_gauge.cab05.28.111.04 MB
C-54_radios.cab05.16.11558.12 kB
Lockheed_Vega.cab06.13.03415.28 kB
WACO_extra.cab11.27.12646.11 kB
WACO_switches.cab11.07.12587.46 kB
NC 8576 in flight 1.jpg11.05.1264.62 kB
NC 8576 in flight 2.jpg11.05.12150.82 kB
NC 8576 in flight 2_small.jpg11.07.1241.04 kB
NC 8576_VC_IFR.jpg01.17.13100.86 kB
NC 8576_VC_IFR_small.jpg01.17.1345.32 kB
NC 8576_VC_VFR.jpg01.17.13110.41 kB
R-975E-1_engine_ref.pdf11.01.1220.11 kB
readme.txt01.17.132.67 kB
SimObjects01.17.130 B
Airplanes01.17.130 B
WACO ATO_NC 8576_v201.17.130 B
Aircraft.cfg01.17.1313.67 kB
model01.17.130 B
Model.cfg01.08.0633 B
WACO Model ATO.mdl02.25.064.45 MB
panel.IFR01.17.130 B
mini-panel.bmp11.08.122.25 MB
Panel.cfg01.17.133.01 kB
vc01.bmp01.17.132.47 MB
panel.IFR_wide01.17.130 B
mini-panel.bmp11.05.122.47 MB
Panel.cfg01.17.133.02 kB
Thumbs.db11.20.057.50 kB
vc01.bmp01.17.132.47 MB
panel.VFR01.17.130 B
mini-panel.bmp11.08.122.25 MB
Panel.cfg01.17.132.70 kB
vc01.bmp11.26.122.47 MB
panel.VFR_wide01.17.130 B
mini-panel.bmp11.05.122.47 MB
Panel.cfg11.27.122.70 kB
vc01.bmp11.26.122.47 MB
sound01.17.130 B
ford_cockpithatch.wav03.25.03115.41 kB
ford_door_close.wav04.10.03923.11 kB
ford_door_open.wav04.10.03945.71 kB
ford_noncombust_center.wav01.29.0378.32 kB
ford_noncombust_outboard_left.wav01.29.0338.13 kB
ford_noncombust_outboard_right.wav01.29.0330.78 kB
ford_prop_center.wav03.25.03262.17 kB
ford_prop_outboard_left.wav03.25.03262.17 kB
ford_prop_outboard_right.wav01.27.03262.17 kB
ford_rpm1_center.wav01.27.03546.64 kB
ford_rpm1_outboard_left.wav01.27.03245.82 kB
ford_rpm1_outboard_right.wav01.27.03245.82 kB
ford_rpm2_center.wav01.27.03548.71 kB
ford_rpm2_outboard_left.wav01.27.03261.39 kB
ford_rpm2_outboard_right.wav01.27.03261.39 kB
ford_rpm3_center.wav01.27.03520.83 kB
ford_rpm3_outboard_left.wav01.27.03230.29 kB
ford_rpm3_outboard_right.wav01.27.03230.29 kB
ford_rpm4_center.wav01.27.03498.88 kB
ford_rpm4_outboard_left.wav01.27.03232.08 kB
ford_rpm4_outboard_right.wav01.27.03232.08 kB
ford_shutdown_center.wav05.16.03631.27 kB
ford_shutdown_outboard_left.wav05.16.03343.73 kB
ford_shutdown_outboard_right.wav05.16.03342.73 kB
ford_starter_center.wav05.16.0369.26 kB
ford_starter_Outboard_left.wav05.16.0336.01 kB
ford_starter_Outboard_right.wav05.16.0324.59 kB
ford_startup_center.wav05.16.03583.20 kB
ford_startup_Outboard_left.wav05.16.03306.07 kB
ford_startup_Outboard_right.wav05.16.03375.67 kB
sound.cfg10.29.125.32 kB
xford_cockpithatch.wav03.25.0357.76 kB
xford_noncombust_center.wav01.29.0339.70 kB
xford_noncombust_outboard_left.wav01.29.0324.88 kB
xford_noncombust_outboard_right.wav01.29.0334.26 kB
xford_prop_center.wav03.25.03262.17 kB
xford_prop_outboard_left.wav03.25.03262.17 kB
xford_prop_outboard_right.wav01.27.03262.17 kB
xford_rpm1_center.wav01.27.03243.58 kB
xford_rpm1_outboard_left.wav01.27.03229.72 kB
xford_rpm1_outboard_right.wav01.27.03244.09 kB
xford_rpm2_center.wav01.27.03247.78 kB
xford_rpm2_outboard_left.wav01.27.03238.76 kB
xford_rpm2_outboard_right.wav01.27.03220.69 kB
xford_rpm3_center.wav01.27.03221.76 kB
xford_rpm3_outboard_left.wav01.27.03233.23 kB
xford_rpm3_outboard_right.wav01.27.03239.37 kB
xford_rpm4_center.wav01.27.03242.98 kB
xford_rpm4_outboard_left.wav01.27.03260.21 kB
xford_rpm4_outboard_right.wav01.27.03229.14 kB
xford_shutdown_center.wav01.29.03303.04 kB
xford_shutdown_outboard_left.wav01.29.03189.04 kB
xford_shutdown_outboard_right.wav01.29.03274.54 kB
xford_starter_center.wav01.29.0324.52 kB
xford_starter_outboard_left.wav01.29.0323.82 kB
xford_starter_outboard_right.wav01.29.0333.44 kB
xford_startup_center.wav01.29.03327.03 kB
xford_startup_outboard_left.wav01.29.03228.83 kB
xford_startup_outboard_right.wav01.29.03200.80 kB
texture01.17.130 B
engine_16.bmp02.25.064.00 MB
GApilot.bmp02.18.064.00 MB
interior_texture.bmp11.06.124.00 MB
prop_fast.bmp10.27.12256.05 kB
Stringers.bmp02.20.064.00 MB
thumbnail.jpg11.05.1240.27 kB
waco_1.bmp11.05.124.00 MB
waco_2.bmp11.05.124.00 MB
waco_prop.bmp10.27.1285.43 kB
WACOChrome.bmp02.04.0621.40 kB
WACO_ATO.air01.17.138.18 kB
WACO_ATO_checklist.txt01.17.133.38 kB
WACO_ATO_references.txt11.07.122.58 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B


This file has an overall rating of 5 out of 5 with a total of 1 votes and 2 review comments.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) including Steam Edition & Prepar3D (P3D)
File size
24.37 MB
Virus Scan
Scanned within the last 30 days with ClamAV and found to be free of all known virus.
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EdmeisterMon, 16 Jan 2017 03:57:54 GMT

The best freeware plane I have ever downloaded. Great job!

victor HoltzingerFri, 12 Aug 2016 03:13:08 GMT

couldnt get the waco to install

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