FSX Hamar Lufthavn Scenery

The airport of Stafsberg located in Hamar, Norway (ENHA) including all custom made ground, runway and 3D buildings. This VFR airport is located some 40 miles north of the capital Oslo, close to Lillehammer who hosted the 1994 Winter Olympics. Enjoy flying in one of the most beautiful countries...

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Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) including Steam Edition & Prepar3D (P3D)
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The airport of Stafsberg located in Hamar, Norway (ENHA) including all custom made ground, runway and 3D buildings. This VFR airport is located some 40 miles north of the capital Oslo, close to Lillehammer who hosted the 1994 Winter Olympics. Enjoy flying in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. By Thomas Lorentzen, Stein-Ove Rud.

The airport with correct landclass, photoreal ground, custom textures on runway and tarmac, all buildings correctly modeled, 100% correct lightning both on the airport and in close area and much much more! It has been developed with UTX Europe and NSX II installed, so we highly recommend this for all to line up correctly.

What's missing:

The surrounding houses are still default autogen, we have some mindtoughts of making these customs, but we'll see. Still also missing the lightpoles on the road going east of the airport, but this will come in further updates.


In the zipfile you'll find the folder Stafsberg which contains a scenery folder, a texture folder and an effects folder. Nothing magic, unzip the Stafsberg folder to your def. FSX...\\Addon Scenery and unzip the effects into your fsx\effects folder. Activate inside the sim, and you're ready to go - search up ENHA!

The archive hamar_lufthavn_stafsberg_fsx.zip has 174 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Lesmeg.txt09.02.127.25 kB
Readmefirst.txt09.02.121.71 kB
Stafsberg_Enha_FSX09.02.120 B
Effects09.02.120 B
fx_Egen_blue.fx08.28.122.48 kB
fx_Egen_red.fx08.28.124.78 kB
fx_Egen_white.fx08.20.122.49 kB
texture09.02.120 B
fx_egen_lights.bmp08.17.1285.40 kB
Stafsberg09.02.120 B
Scenery09.02.120 B
byggninger.bgl08.22.121.14 kB
CVX_Enha.BGL05.25.10400 B
CVX_Flatten_Enha.BGL08.19.12247 B
CVX_Hamar_LC.BGL08.13.12739 B
ENHA_ADEX.BGL09.01.123.71 kB
ENHA_Overlay.bgl09.01.1212.29 kB
ENHA_Photo.bgl09.02.1245.94 MB
Hamar_bygg_IS.bgl09.01.125.92 kB
Stafsberg.BGL09.02.121.03 MB
windsock_lighted.bgl08.24.1259.88 kB
Texture09.02.120 B
011203013132232an.agn09.01.12616 B
011203013132233an.agn09.01.124.73 kB
011203013310011an.agn09.01.12137.68 kB
011203013310100an.agn09.01.1217.77 kB
antenne.dds08.22.1221.38 kB
antenne2.dds08.22.121.38 kB
asphalt_new_.dds08.22.1242.79 kB
avgift_skilt1.dds08.22.1221.45 kB
Avgifts_skilt.dds08.22.1285.45 kB
blaalampe_edge.dds08.21.1242.79 kB
blaalampe_edge1.dds08.21.1242.79 kB
blikkhangar.dds08.22.1221.45 kB
blikkhangar_0.dds08.22.12682.79 kB
blikkhangar1.dds08.22.1210.79 kB
blikkhangar2.dds08.22.1285.45 kB
blikkhangar3.dds08.24.1285.48 kB
blikkhangar4.dds08.22.1285.45 kB
blikkhangar5.dds08.22.1285.45 kB
blikkhangar6.dds08.22.1285.45 kB
blikkhangar7.dds08.22.12170.79 kB
brakke_dor.dds08.28.1242.78 kB
brakke_hagl.dds08.28.12682.79 kB
brannslokker.dds08.22.1221.45 kB
cladding_siding_tan_.dds08.22.1242.79 kB
Cone.dds08.29.12170.79 kB
Cone_LM.dds08.29.12170.80 kB
door_taarn.dds08.22.1242.78 kB
Enha1.dds09.01.121.33 MB
Enha1_WI.dds09.01.121.33 MB
Enha2.dds09.01.121.33 MB
Enha2_WI.dds09.01.121.33 MB
Enha3.dds09.01.121.33 MB
Enha3_WI.dds09.01.121.33 MB
Enha4.dds09.01.121.33 MB
Enha4_LM.dds09.01.121.33 MB
Enha4_WI.dds09.01.121.33 MB
Enha5.dds09.01.121.33 MB
Enha5_LM.dds09.01.121.33 MB
Enha5_WI.dds09.01.121.33 MB
Enha6.dds09.01.121.33 MB
Enha6_LM.dds09.01.121.33 MB
Enha6_WI.dds09.01.121.33 MB
Enha7.dds09.01.121.33 MB
Enha7_LM.dds09.01.121.33 MB
Enha7_WI.dds09.01.121.33 MB
Enha8.dds09.01.121.33 MB
Enha8_LM.dds09.01.121.33 MB
Enha8_WI.dds09.01.121.33 MB
Enha9.dds09.01.121.33 MB
Enha9_WI.dds09.01.121.33 MB
fallskjermklubb.dds08.22.121.33 MB
fallskjermklubb_0.dds08.22.12682.79 kB
fallskjermklubb1.dds08.22.1221.45 kB
flyklubb.dds08.22.121.33 MB
flyklubb1.dds08.22.1242.79 kB
flyklubb2.dds08.22.1242.79 kB
flyklubb3.dds08.22.1242.79 kB
flyklubb4.dds08.22.1242.79 kB
flyklubb5.dds08.22.1285.45 kB
flyklubb6.dds08.22.1242.78 kB
flyplass_skilt_0.dds08.22.121.33 MB
flyplass_skilt1.dds08.22.1285.45 kB
Garasje_0.dds08.22.121.33 MB
Garasje_1.dds08.22.12682.79 kB
Garasje_2.dds08.22.121.33 MB
garasje1.dds08.22.1210.79 kB
garasjedoor.dds08.22.12170.79 kB
garasjeside.dds08.22.12682.78 kB
graa_hangar_0.dds08.24.12682.79 kB
graa_hangar_all.dds08.24.122.67 MB
graa_hangar_foran.dds08.24.12341.45 kB
graa_hangar_foran_LM.dds08.24.12341.48 kB
graa_hangar1.dds08.24.1242.79 kB
graa_hangar2.dds08.24.1285.45 kB
graa_hangar3.dds08.24.1210.79 kB
GronnHangar_0.dds08.22.12682.79 kB
gronnhangar1.dds08.22.12682.79 kB
gronnhangar2.dds08.22.1242.79 kB
gul_hangar_0.dds08.22.12682.79 kB
gul_hangar1.dds08.22.1210.79 kB
gul_hangar2.dds08.22.1210.79 kB
gul_hangar3.dds08.22.1242.79 kB
gul_hangar4.dds08.22.1210.79 kB
gul_hangar5.dds08.22.1285.45 kB
gul_hangar6.dds08.22.1242.79 kB
gul_hangar7.dds08.22.1242.79 kB
gul_hangar8.dds08.22.1242.79 kB
hagl_brakke1.dds08.28.1242.79 kB
hagl_brakke2.dds08.28.1242.79 kB
hamar_skilt_1.dds08.22.1285.44 kB
hamar_skilt_1_LM.dds08.29.1242.82 kB
kontainer.dds08.21.1242.79 kB
lampe.dds08.21.12682.79 kB
lampe1.dds08.21.12682.79 kB
lampe3.dds08.21.1210.79 kB
lightpole.dds08.22.1210.79 kB
LightPole_0.dds08.22.12682.79 kB
lightpole1.dds08.22.12682.79 kB
lightpole2.dds08.22.12170.79 kB
lyskjegle.dds08.22.1242.78 kB
lyskjegle1.dds08.22.1242.79 kB
lysrekke_0.dds08.22.12682.79 kB
lysrekke_flat1.dds08.21.1210.79 kB
lysrekke_flat2.dds08.21.1242.79 kB
lysrekke_flat3.dds08.21.1242.79 kB
lysrekke_gul.dds08.21.12341.45 kB
plankefyll.dds08.22.1242.78 kB
PORT.dds08.22.12170.79 kB
postkasse.dds08.22.1285.45 kB
postkasse_front.dds08.22.121.33 MB
postkasse2.dds08.22.1285.45 kB
resirk.dds08.22.12341.45 kB
resirk1.dds08.22.1242.79 kB
resirk2.dds08.22.121.33 MB
resirk3.dds08.22.1210.79 kB
resirk4.dds08.22.1210.79 kB
resirk5.dds08.22.122.79 kB
resirk6.dds08.22.1242.78 kB
roed_laave.dds08.22.1285.44 kB
roed_laave1.dds08.22.12170.78 kB
roed_laave2.dds08.22.1221.45 kB
roed_laave3.dds08.22.1242.79 kB
seopp_skilt.dds08.21.121.33 MB
stafsberg.dds08.22.1210.79 kB
stafsberg1.dds08.22.1242.79 kB
tank.dds08.28.1285.45 kB
tank1.dds08.28.1242.79 kB
tank2.dds08.28.1221.45 kB
term_front.dds08.22.12682.78 kB
term_front_LM.dds08.29.12682.82 kB
term_left.dds08.22.12341.45 kB
term_oest_left.dds08.22.122.67 MB
term_oest_right.dds08.22.12341.45 kB
term_right.dds08.22.12341.45 kB
term_taarn_bak.dds08.22.12341.45 kB
term_taarn_kant.dds08.22.1242.78 kB
term_taarn_nord.dds08.22.12170.78 kB
tower.dds08.22.1210.79 kB
vedskur.dds08.22.12170.78 kB
vedskur1.dds08.22.1221.45 kB
vedskur2.dds08.22.12170.78 kB
vedskur2a.dds08.22.1242.78 kB
vedskur4.dds08.22.1242.78 kB
vedskur5.dds08.22.1242.78 kB
vifte.dds08.22.125.45 kB
window_1_syd.dds08.22.1285.45 kB
window_front_taarn.dds08.22.12170.78 kB
window_taar_syd.dds08.22.1242.79 kB
windsock.bmp10.12.0642.75 kB
windsock_LM.bmp10.20.0642.75 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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