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FSX Kermanshah Airport OICC Iran Scenery Package

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Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) including Steam Edition & Prepar3D (P3D)
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Including : airport Vehicles & stairs / Chopper Trailers / new airport Navaids Acuair Static Hangers / airport Trees / new taxiway & runway / airport Water Tower & beacon towers and more.. Design By Ehsan Moradi.

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The archive has 1151 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
scenery02.14.070 B
1.BGL01.21.07140 B
10.BGL02.05.07140 B
11.BGL01.21.07140 B
111.BGL01.24.07140 B
114.BGL01.21.07140 B
12.BGL02.05.07140 B
121.BGL01.25.07140 B
122.BGL02.06.07284 B
123.BGL02.06.07236 B
124.BGL01.21.07140 B
126.BGL02.06.07428 B
13.BGL01.29.07140 B
131.BGL01.25.07140 B
14.BGL01.29.07140 B
141.BGL01.25.07140 B
144.BGL01.26.07140 B
147.BGL02.06.07284 B
149.BGL02.06.07380 B
15.BGL01.21.07140 B
151.BGL01.21.07140 B
155.BGL02.06.07188 B
157.BGL02.06.07332 B
159.BGL02.06.07236 B
16.BGL01.21.07140 B
161.BGL01.21.07140 B
17.BGL01.29.07140 B
171.BGL01.21.07140 B
18.BGL02.04.07764 B
181.BGL01.21.07140 B
184.BGL02.06.07380 B
19.BGL02.04.07140 B
191.BGL01.23.07140 B
2.BGL01.21.07140 B
20.BGL02.04.07668 B
206B.BGL11.21.04250.48 kB
21.BGL01.29.07140 B
212.BGL02.06.07236 B
22.BGL01.21.07140 B
221.BGL01.21.07140 B
222.BGL01.24.07140 B
225.BGL01.20.07140 B
23.bgl05.13.041.45 MB
231.BGL01.26.07140 B
24.bgl05.13.041.45 MB
25.bgl05.02.041.45 MB
254.BGL02.06.07284 B
255.BGL02.06.07380 B
259.BGL02.06.07380 B
26.BGL02.04.07140 B
27.BGL02.07.07140 B
28.BGL02.07.07140 B
29.BGL02.07.07140 B
298.BGL01.28.07140 B
3.BGL01.21.07140 B
30.BGL02.07.07236 B
31.BGL02.07.07140 B
313.BGL01.24.07140 B
32.BGL01.19.07140 B
323.BGL02.06.07668 B
327.BGL02.06.07332 B
33.BGL01.22.07140 B
333.BGL01.24.07140 B
335.BGL01.24.07140 B
339.BGL01.21.07140 B
34.BGL01.22.07140 B
343.BGL02.06.07188 B
35.BGL01.22.07140 B
353.BGL02.06.07572 B
355.BGL02.06.07140 B
36.BGL01.22.07140 B
363.BGL02.06.07140 B
365.BGL01.21.07140 B
369.BGL01.26.07140 B
37.BGL01.28.07140 B
38.BGL01.28.07140 B
39.BGL01.28.07140 B
4.BGL01.21.07140 B
40.BGL01.28.07140 B
41.BGL01.28.07140 B
414.BGL02.04.07140 B
415.BGL01.28.07140 B
42.BGL01.28.07140 B
43.BGL01.28.07140 B
44.BGL01.24.07140 B
444.BGL01.24.07140 B
45.BGL01.28.07140 B
455.BGL02.06.07620 B
456.BGL02.06.07380 B
46.BGL01.28.07140 B
466.BGL02.06.07140 B
47.BGL01.28.07140 B
48.BGL01.28.07140 B
487.BGL01.21.07140 B
49.BGL01.28.07140 B
50.BGL01.28.07140 B
500D.BGL11.22.04322.74 kB
51.BGL01.28.07140 B
515.BGL02.04.07140 B
52.BGL01.28.07140 B
524.BGL01.28.07140 B
53.BGL01.28.07140 B
54.BGL01.28.07140 B
541.BGL01.21.07140 B
546.BGL02.06.07140 B
55.BGL01.24.07140 B
555.BGL01.24.07140 B
557.BGL01.21.07140 B
56.BGL01.28.07140 B
568.BGL01.28.07140 B
57.BGL01.28.07140 B
58.BGL01.28.07140 B
59.BGL01.28.07140 B
595.BGL02.06.07380 B
60.BGL01.28.07140 B
61.BGL01.28.07140 B
616.BGL02.06.07668 B
62.BGL01.28.07140 B
63.BGL01.28.07140 B
64.BGL01.28.07140 B
644.BGL02.06.07140 B
645.BGL02.06.07284 B
65.BGL01.28.07140 B
654.BGL01.21.07140 B
66.BGL02.05.07140 B
664.BGL01.20.07140 B
666.BGL01.25.07140 B
67.BGL01.28.07140 B
68.BGL01.28.07140 B
685.BGL01.26.07140 B
69.BGL01.28.07140 B
7.BGL01.21.07140 B
70.BGL01.28.07140 B
71.BGL01.28.07140 B
717.BGL02.06.07332 B
72.BGL01.28.07140 B
73.BGL01.28.07140 B
74.BGL01.23.07140 B
744.BGL02.06.07668 B
746.BGL02.04.07140 B
748.BGL01.26.07140 B
75.BGL01.22.07140 B
754.BGL02.07.07140 B
755.BGL02.06.07428 B
756.BGL02.06.07140 B
76.BGL01.22.07140 B
77.BGL02.05.07140 B
777.BGL01.25.07140 B
78.BGL01.28.07140 B
782.BGL01.23.07140 B
784.BGL02.07.07284 B
785.BGL01.24.07140 B
787.BGL02.06.07332 B
788.BGL02.06.07716 B
79.BGL01.28.07140 B
8.BGL01.21.07140 B
80.BGL01.28.07140 B
81.BGL01.28.07140 B
818.BGL02.06.07284 B
82.BGL01.28.07140 B
83.BGL01.28.07140 B
84.BGL01.28.07140 B
85.BGL01.28.07140 B
856.BGL02.06.07332 B
86.BGL01.28.07140 B
868.BGL01.23.07140 B
87.BGL01.28.07140 B
874.BGL02.06.07908 B
88.BGL02.05.07140 B
886.BGL01.24.07140 B
887.BGL01.24.07140 B
888.BGL01.25.07140 B
89.BGL01.28.07140 B
891.BGL01.21.07140 B
899.BGL02.06.07908 B
9.BGL01.21.07140 B
90.BGL01.28.07140 B
91.BGL01.28.07140 B
919.BGL02.06.07332 B
92.BGL01.28.07140 B
93.BGL01.28.07140 B
94.BGL01.28.07140 B
95.BGL01.28.07140 B
96.BGL01.28.07140 B
97.BGL01.28.07140 B
98.BGL01.28.07140 B
982.BGL01.28.07140 B
983.BGL01.26.07140 B
984.BGL01.21.07140 B
986.BGL01.26.07140 B
987.BGL02.06.07668 B
988.BGL02.06.07524 B
99.BGL02.05.07140 B
992.BGL01.24.07140 B
996.BGL01.24.07140 B
999.BGL01.25.07140 B
a.BGL11.21.04250.48 kB
aa.BGL01.26.07140 B
ac.BGL02.04.07332 B
ad.BGL01.21.07140 B
add_balloons.BGL02.14.05694.90 kB
add_birds.BGL01.30.051.99 MB
add_dwag_hangers.BGL02.13.05401.52 kB
add_dwag_signs.BGL12.19.04137.70 kB
add_hw_livestock.BGL06.24.05165.94 kB
add_hw_shipping_containers.BGL06.27.057.75 kB
add_lenshanger_1.bgl11.21.042.81 MB
add_lenshanger_2.bgl03.19.053.63 MB
add_lenshanger_3.bgl03.23.054.84 MB
add_S_Kahn_B747.BGL11.13.041.20 MB
add_SeevKahn.BGL01.20.051.25 MB
add_SeevKahn_Humans.BGL01.19.055.38 kB
add_SeevKahn_Trees.BGL01.20.0593.17 kB
add_Todd_Lucas_Objects.BGL11.03.04455.38 kB
add_Todd_Lucas_Tents.BGL12.09.04303.97 kB
ae.BGL01.29.07140 B
af.BGL01.23.07140 B
AF2_OICC.bgl02.23.0755.96 kB
ag.BGL01.23.07140 B
ag_tree_lib.BGL11.27.0415.84 kB
ah.BGL01.22.07140 B
airport hangar animat 2.BGL01.28.07140 B
airport hangar animat.BGL01.28.07140 B
aj.BGL01.22.07140 B
ak.BGL01.22.07140 B
al.BGL01.22.07140 B
am.BGL02.10.07140 B
an.BGL02.07.07236 B
ar.BGL02.10.07140 B
as.BGL01.24.07140 B
AutoBackupTemp.bgl02.16.0756.71 kB
av.BGL02.07.07428 B
aw.BGL01.29.07140 B
ax.BGL02.04.07332 B
az.BGL01.22.07140 B
b.BGL01.21.07140 B
ba.BGL02.10.07140 B
bb.BGL01.26.07140 B
bg.BGL02.10.07140 B
bhamtransmissionlines.bgl12.10.04228.93 kB
brush_n_stuff.bgl08.02.0685.93 kB
c.BGL01.24.07140 B
ca.BGL02.10.07332 B
Cars.bgl04.13.051.12 MB
cc.BGL01.26.07140 B
Chopper Pads.BGL11.16.04705.02 kB
Chopper trailers 2.BGL11.16.04757.73 kB
Chopper Trailers.BGL11.01.04881.21 kB
cv.BGL02.11.07380 B
d.BGL01.26.07140 B
dd.BGL01.26.07140 B
de.BGL01.24.07140 B
df.BGL01.22.07140 B
dg.BGL01.24.07140 B
dh.BGL01.22.07140 B
dj.BGL01.22.07140 B
dk.BGL01.21.07140 B
dl.BGL01.21.07140 B
dr.BGL01.22.07140 B
dt.BGL01.23.07140 B
e.BGL01.24.07140 B
eb.BGL02.09.071.04 kB
ee.BGL01.24.07140 B
ek.BGL11.21.04250.48 kB
er.BGL01.26.07140 B
es.BGL02.10.07140 B
ESDG_HangerKit.bgl11.23.04247.12 kB
et.BGL01.26.07140 B
ew.BGL02.09.07188 B
ex.BGL02.09.07380 B
ExtraObjects.BGL04.13.051.51 MB
ExtraObjects_demo.bgl04.11.055.60 kB
ExtraObjects_demo_A16N.bgl04.11.05228 B
ExtraObjects_demo_FS9.BGL04.25.052.90 kB
ey.BGL01.26.07140 B
f.BGL01.26.07140 B
fa.BGL02.16.07140 B
fd.BGL02.16.07140 B
fe.BGL02.16.07140 B
FenceLib.BGL10.30.0455.84 kB
ff.BGL01.26.07140 B
fg.BGL02.10.07188 B
FH.BGL02.11.07140 B
fi.BGL02.16.07140 B
fj.BGL02.10.07140 B
FK.BGL02.11.07140 B
fl.BGL02.16.07140 B
FlyTampaStaticAircraft_lib.bgl01.18.05903.03 kB
fo.BGL02.16.07140 B
Ford Transit Collection.bgl04.18.042.96 MB
fp.BGL02.16.07140 B
fq.BGL02.16.07140 B
fr.BGL02.16.07140 B
fs.BGL02.16.07140 B
ft.BGL02.16.07140 B
fu.BGL02.16.07140 B
fw.BGL02.16.07236 B
fx.BGL02.16.07140 B
fy.BGL02.16.07140 B
g.BGL01.26.07140 B
ge.BGL02.04.07140 B
gg.BGL01.26.07140 B
GmaxShips1.BGL01.24.051.50 MB
gq.BGL02.04.07140 B
gr.BGL01.26.07140 B
gt.BGL01.26.07140 B
gw.BGL02.04.07140 B
gw_people.BGL01.13.0585.67 kB
gy.BGL01.23.07140 B
h.BGL01.26.07140 B
ha.BGL01.28.07140 B
hb.BGL01.22.07140 B
hc.BGL01.23.07140 B
hd.BGL01.28.07140 B
he.BGL01.28.07140 B
hf.BGL01.28.07140 B
hg.BGL01.28.07140 B
hi.BGL01.28.07140 B
hj.BGL01.28.07140 B
hk.BGL01.28.07140 B
hl.BGL01.28.07140 B
hm.BGL01.23.07140 B
hn.BGL01.22.07140 B
ho.BGL01.28.07140 B
hp.BGL01.28.07140 B
hq.BGL01.28.07140 B
hr.BGL01.28.07140 B
hs.BGL01.28.07140 B
ht.BGL01.28.07140 B
hu.BGL01.28.07140 B
hv.BGL01.22.07140 B
hw.BGL01.24.07140 B
hx.BGL01.28.07140 B
hy.BGL01.28.07140 B
hz.BGL01.28.07140 B
i.BGL01.23.07140 B
ia.BGL02.10.07140 B
id.BGL01.24.07140 B
ii.BGL01.26.07140 B
io.BGL02.10.07236 B
Iran-W1.bgl08.23.0518.37 MB
Iran-W2.bgl08.20.052.34 MB
j.BGL01.21.07140 B
jd.BGL02.10.07236 B
jetwaybn.bgl05.13.041.45 MB
jetwaygy.bgl05.13.041.45 MB
jetwaywh.bgl05.02.041.45 MB
jg.BGL02.10.07140 B
jh.BGL02.10.07140 B
JonPatch_objects_1.bgl04.16.05165.47 kB
JonPatch_objects_2.bgl04.16.05994.43 kB
k.BGL01.21.07140 B
ke.BGL01.26.07140 B
kj.BGL01.28.07236 B
kk.BGL01.26.07140 B
kr.BGL01.26.07140 B
kt.BGL01.26.07140 B
ku.BGL01.26.07140 B
ky.BGL01.26.07140 B
l.BGL01.21.07140 B
le.BGL01.23.07140 B
li.BGL01.22.07140 B
lj.BGL01.23.07140 B
lk.BGL01.23.07140 B
ll.BGL01.26.07140 B
lo.BGL01.22.07140 B
lp.BGL01.22.07140 B
lr.BGL01.23.07140 B
lt.BGL01.23.07140 B
lu.BGL01.23.07140 B
m.BGL01.21.07140 B
ma.BGL02.10.07140 B
MaintenancePlatforms.BGL05.22.05379.82 kB
mh.BGL02.13.07380 B
MJ.BGL02.11.07140 B
MK.BGL02.11.07140 B
mm.BGL01.26.07140 B
ms.BGL02.11.07140 B
MTtrees6.bgl07.06.0620.87 kB
n.BGL01.21.07140 B
na.BGL02.10.07140 B
ne.BGL02.04.07140 B
ni.BGL01.23.07140 B
nn.BGL01.26.07140 B
nq.BGL02.04.07140 B
nr.BGL02.04.07140 B
nt.BGL01.24.07140 B
nw.BGL02.04.07140 B
ny.BGL01.24.07140 B
o.BGL02.07.07140 B
o1.BGL01.24.07140 B
o2.BGL01.24.07140 B
o3.BGL01.24.07140 B
o4.BGL01.24.07140 B
o5.BGL01.24.07140 B
o6.BGL01.24.07140 B
Objects01_lib.bgl01.15.051.53 MB
Objects01a_lib_bgl.bgl01.18.0544.77 kB
oi.BGL02.10.07188 B
oil.BGL01.23.07140 B
oo.BGL01.26.07140 B
op.BGL02.11.07780 B
p.BGL02.07.07236 B
pp.BGL01.26.07140 B
ps.BGL01.24.07140 B
pt.BGL02.04.07140 B
q.BGL02.08.07236 B
qa.BGL01.22.07140 B
qb.BGL01.20.07140 B
qc.BGL01.20.07140 B
qd.BGL01.22.07140 B
qe.BGL01.24.07140 B
qf.BGL01.22.07140 B
qg.BGL01.23.07140 B
qh.BGL01.23.07140 B
qi.BGL01.24.07140 B
qj.BGL01.23.07140 B
qk.bgl04.13.05237.72 kB
ql.BGL01.22.07140 B
qm.BGL01.22.07140 B
qn.BGL01.20.07140 B
qo.BGL01.21.07140 B
qp.BGL01.22.07140 B
qq.BGL01.24.07140 B
qr.BGL01.24.07140 B
qs.BGL01.22.07140 B
qt.BGL01.24.07140 B
qu.BGL01.24.07140 B
qv.BGL01.20.07140 B
qw.BGL01.24.07140 B
qx.BGL01.21.07140 B
qy.BGL01.24.07140 B
qz.BGL01.22.07140 B
r.BGL02.07.07620 B
RampLight_Library.bgl01.11.0530.63 kB
re.BGL02.10.07140 B
rk.BGL01.29.07140 B
rr.BGL01.26.07140 B
rt.BGL01.28.07236 B
s.BGL01.26.07140 B
SD.bgl02.19.07189 B
sf.BGL02.15.07140 B
so.BGL01.29.07140 B
SR.BGL02.19.07236 B
ss.BGL01.26.07140 B
st.BGL02.10.07140 B
SY.BGL02.19.07140 B
t.BGL02.07.07284 B
tg.BGL02.11.07860 B
Thumbs.db02.08.0720.00 kB
tr.BGL02.10.07284 B
tt.BGL01.26.07140 B
ty.BGL02.04.07140 B
u.BGL11.22.04322.74 kB
ui.BGL01.26.07140 B
uo.BGL01.26.07140 B
up.BGL01.26.07140 B
uu.BGL01.26.07140 B
uy.BGL02.10.07140 B
v.BGL01.24.07140 B
va.BGL02.10.07140 B
vb.BGL02.11.07140 B
vf.BGL04.13.051.51 MB
vi.BGL02.11.07140 B
vm.BGL02.11.07140 B
vn.BGL02.11.07140 B
vv.BGL01.26.07140 B
vy.BGL02.09.07236 B
w.BGL01.24.07140 B
we.BGL01.26.07140 B
ww.BGL01.24.07140 B
x.BGL01.24.07140 B
xa.BGL02.10.07140 B
xd.BGL01.24.07140 B
xf.BGL01.26.07140 B
xh.BGL01.26.07140 B
xj.BGL01.26.07140 B
xx.BGL01.26.07140 B
y.BGL02.07.07236 B
YLGC_Lib.bgl08.06.0537.05 kB
yo.BGL02.11.07140 B
yt.BGL02.10.07236 B
yu.BGL02.10.07236 B
yy.BGL01.26.07140 B
z.BGL11.22.04322.74 kB
za.BGL01.23.07140 B
zb.BGL01.23.07140 B
zc.BGL01.23.07140 B
zd.BGL02.07.07140 B
zf.BGL02.07.07140 B
zg.BGL02.07.07140 B
zh.BGL02.07.07380 B
zj.BGL02.07.07188 B
zk.BGL02.07.07140 B
zl.BGL02.07.07236 B
zm.BGL01.23.07140 B
zn.BGL01.23.07140 B
zq.BGL02.07.07188 B
zs.BGL01.23.07140 B
zv.BGL01.23.07140 B
zw.BGL02.07.07188 B

Installation of Add-on Aircraft/Scenery

Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description. For further installation help, please see our Knowledge Center for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download.


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