FSX Austin-Bergstrom Airport

Preview This photoreal scenery is a complete rebuild for the default KAUS airport using the latest version of ADE, SBuilderX scenery design tool, and Google SketchUp. This scenery includes new parking garage, cargo buildings, realistic Google Earth buildings, and photo real ground textures that give t...

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This photoreal scenery is a complete rebuild for the default KAUS airport using the latest version of ADE, SBuilderX scenery design tool, and Google SketchUp. This scenery includes new parking garage, cargo buildings, realistic Google Earth buildings, and photo real ground textures that give the airport a more realistic feeling. It was constructed with all FSX textures and imported Google Earth buildings via Google SketchUp. It also adds new approach lights, parking lot lamps, terminal gate assignments, and several other nice scenery enhancements. The runways and airport aprons are aligned to match Google and Yahoo satellite imagery. By Glenn Johnson.

Screenshot of Austin-Bergstrom Airport.

Screenshot of Austin-Bergstrom Airport.

I hope you enjoy the scenery.

Important Scenery note:

To Scenery does require that you have the 'FSX Library: Large Car Parking' file by Sidney Schwartz, installed on our PC in order to see the cars parked in the lots.
If you do not have these files installed, I have included a copy of them in this package in the "ObjLib-Large-Car-Parking-FSX" folder.


  • Copy the KAUS_PHOTO_REAL Folder and Paste it into your; Microsoft Flight Simulator X/Addon Scenery folder.
  • Start FSX and activate the KAUS_PHOTO_REAL scenery in the settings, scenery library tab.
  • That's it!

Images & Screenshots

Screenshot 1Screenshot 2Screenshot 3Screenshot 4

The archive kaus_pr_v1.zip has 132 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
ReadMe.txt12.23.122.39 kB
scenery12.23.120 B
ats_OBX.BGL12.16.121.84 MB
ats_OBX.xml12.16.1231.74 kB
KAUS_ADEX_GJNEW.BGL12.23.1270.98 kB
KAUS01.bgl12.12.127.87 MB
KAUS02.bgl12.12.128.41 MB
KAUS03.bgl12.23.129.99 MB
KAUS04.bgl12.23.122.53 MB
KAUS05.bgl12.12.122.17 MB
texture12.23.120 B
aus new_10.dds12.09.121.33 MB
aus new_14.dds12.09.121.33 MB
aus new_15.dds12.09.121.33 MB
aus new_3.dds12.09.12341.45 kB
aus new_5.dds12.09.121.33 MB
aus new_8.dds12.09.1285.38 kB
austin new last_0.dds12.09.12682.79 kB
austin new last_1.dds12.09.12682.79 kB
austin new last_10.dds12.09.12682.79 kB
austin new last_11.dds12.09.12682.79 kB
austin new last_12.dds12.09.12682.79 kB
austin new last_2.dds12.09.12682.79 kB
austin new last_3.dds12.09.12682.79 kB
austin new last_4.dds12.09.12682.79 kB
austin new last_5.dds12.09.12682.79 kB
austin new last_6.dds12.09.12682.79 kB
austin new last_7.dds12.09.12682.79 kB
austin new last_8.dds12.09.12682.79 kB
austin new last_9.dds12.09.12682.79 kB
FILE_ID.DIZ10.16.12396 B
ObjLib-Large-Car-Parking1.jpg07.24.0891.42 kB
ObjLib-Large-Car-Parking2.jpg07.24.08108.06 kB
ObjLib-Large-Car-Parking3.jpg07.24.0888.12 kB
ObjLib-Large-Car-Parking4.jpg07.24.0885.42 kB
ObjLib-Large-Car-Parking-FSX.gif10.16.126.86 kB
ObjLib-Large-Car-Parking-FSX12.23.120 B
scenery12.23.120 B
parking_lots_large_ss_fsx.BGL10.13.122.65 MB
parking_lots_large_ss_fsx.txt10.13.122.06 kB
texture12.23.120 B
car_cevy_beauville_van.bmp10.13.1242.74 kB
car_chevy_blazer_red.bmp10.13.1242.74 kB
car_chevy_blazer_white.bmp10.13.1242.74 kB
car_chevy_caprice.bmp10.13.1242.74 kB
car_chrysler_lebaron.bmp10.13.1242.74 kB
car_dodge.bmp10.13.1242.74 kB
car_dodge_durango.bmp10.13.1242.74 kB
car_dodge_pickup.bmp10.13.1242.74 kB
car_dodge_van.bmp10.13.1242.74 kB
car_ford_mustang_black.bmp10.13.1242.74 kB
car_ford_pickup.bmp10.13.1242.74 kB
car_geo_metro.bmp10.13.1242.74 kB
car_gmc_old.bmp10.13.1242.74 kB
car_gmc_pickup.bmp10.13.1242.74 kB
car_honda.bmp10.13.1242.74 kB
car_honda_civic.bmp10.13.1242.74 kB
car_mazda_pickup.bmp10.13.1242.74 kB
car_mazda_pickup_canopy.bmp10.13.1242.74 kB
car_mercury_sable.bmp10.13.1242.74 kB
car_pontiac_3bears.bmp10.13.1242.74 kB
car_pontiac_sunbird.bmp10.13.1242.74 kB
car_RCMP_Pickup.bmp10.13.1242.74 kB
car_subaru_wagon.bmp10.13.1242.74 kB
car_toyota_camry.bmp10.13.1242.74 kB
car_toyota_corolla.bmp10.13.1242.74 kB
car_toyota_corolla_old.bmp10.13.1242.74 kB
car_van.bmp10.13.1242.74 kB
car_vw_bus.bmp10.13.1242.74 kB
car_vw_hatchback.bmp10.13.1242.74 kB
car_vw_transport.bmp10.13.1242.74 kB
cars_VFR002.bmp10.13.12170.74 kB
lot median texture.bmp10.13.1242.73 kB
lot texture 2.bmp10.13.12170.74 kB
lot texture 3.bmp10.13.12170.74 kB
truck_camper.bmp10.13.1242.74 kB
truck_chevy_flatbed.bmp10.13.1242.74 kB
VFR002.bmp10.13.12170.74 kB
parking_lots_large_ss_fsx.BGL12.23.120 B
{c5801b9c-460e-1c88-460a-5a8b2aebabcb}_Lot 4 concrete no median.jpg10.14.121.02 kB
{c5801b9c-460e-1c88-460a-5a8b2bebabcb}_Grouping 04a.jpg10.14.121.50 kB
{c5801b9c-460e-1c88-460a-5a8b2cebabcb}_Grouping 04b.jpg10.14.121.59 kB
{c5801b9c-460e-1c88-460a-5a8b2debabcb}_Grouping 05a.jpg10.14.121.46 kB
{c5801b9c-460e-1c88-460a-5a8b2eebabcb}_Grouping 05b.jpg10.14.121.50 kB
{c5801b9c-460e-1c88-460a-5a8b2febabcb}_Grouping 05c.jpg10.14.121.52 kB
{c5801b9c-460e-1c88-460a-5a8b30ebabcb}_Grouping 05d.jpg10.14.121.51 kB
{c5801b9c-460e-1c88-460a-5a8b31ebabcb}_Grouping 06a.jpg10.14.121.30 kB
{c5801b9c-460e-1c88-460a-5a8b32ebabcb}_Grouping 06b.jpg10.14.121.49 kB
{c5801b9c-460e-1c88-460a-5a8b33ebabcb}_Grouping 07a.jpg10.14.121.42 kB
{c5801b9c-460e-1c88-460a-5a8b34ebabcb}_Grouping 07b.jpg10.14.121.41 kB
{c5801b9c-460e-1c88-460a-5a8b35ebabcb}_Grouping 08a.jpg10.14.121.42 kB
{c5801b9c-460e-1c88-460a-5a8b36ebabcb}_Grouping 08b.jpg10.14.121.37 kB
{c5801b9c-460e-1c88-460a-5a8b37ebabcb}_Grouping 09.jpg10.14.121.38 kB
{c5801b9c-460e-1c88-460a-5a8b38ebabcb}_Grouping 12a.jpg10.14.121.32 kB
{c5801b9c-460e-1c88-460a-5a8b39ebabcb}_Grouping 12b.jpg10.14.121.28 kB
{c5801b9c-460e-1c88-460a-5a8b3aebabcb}_Grouping 12c.jpg10.14.121.26 kB
{c5801b9c-460e-1c88-460a-5a8b3bebabcb}_Grouping 15.jpg10.14.121.25 kB
{c5801b9c-460e-1c88-460a-5a8b3cebabcb}_Grouping 16.jpg10.14.121.24 kB
{c5801b9c-460e-1c88-460a-5a8b3debabcb}_Grouping 17.jpg10.14.121.23 kB
{c5801b9c-460e-1c88-460a-5a8b3eebabcb}_Grouping 18.jpg10.14.121.20 kB
{c5801b9c-460e-1c88-460a-5a8b3febabcb}_Lot 1 asphalt median.jpg10.14.121.14 kB
{c5801b9c-460e-1c88-460a-5a8b40ebabcb}_Lot 1 asphalt no median.jpg10.14.121.14 kB
{c5801b9c-460e-1c88-460a-5a8b41ebabcb}_Lot 1 concrete median.jpg10.14.121.08 kB
{c5801b9c-460e-1c88-460a-5a8b42ebabcb}_Lot 1 concrete no median.jpg10.14.121.08 kB
{c5801b9c-460e-1c88-460a-5a8b43ebabcb}_Lot 2 asphalt median.jpg10.14.121.08 kB
{c5801b9c-460e-1c88-460a-5a8b44ebabcb}_Lot 2 asphalt no median.jpg10.14.121.08 kB
{c5801b9c-460e-1c88-460a-5a8b45ebabcb}_Lot 2 concrete median.jpg10.14.121.02 kB
{c5801b9c-460e-1c88-460a-5a8b46ebabcb}_Lot 2 concrete no median.jpg10.14.121.03 kB
{c5801b9c-460e-1c88-460a-5a8b47ebabcb}_Lot 3 asphalt median.jpg10.14.121.05 kB
{c5801b9c-460e-1c88-460a-5a8b48ebabcb}_Lot 3 asphalt no median.jpg10.14.121.03 kB
{c5801b9c-460e-1c88-460a-5a8b49ebabcb}_Lot 3 concrete median.jpg10.14.121.01 kB
{c5801b9c-460e-1c88-460a-5a8b4aebabcb}_Lot 3 concrete no median.jpg10.14.121016 B
{c5801b9c-460e-1c88-460a-5a8b4bebabcb}_Lot 4 asphalt median.jpg10.14.121.09 kB
{c5801b9c-460e-1c88-460a-5a8b4cebabcb}_Lot 4 asphalt no median.jpg10.14.121.08 kB
{c5801b9c-460e-1c88-460a-5a8b4debabcb}_Lot 4 concrete median.jpg10.14.121.03 kB
Readme-FS9-Original.txt07.24.081.98 kB
Readme-FSX-New.txt10.16.121.93 kB
Austin Gates.bmp12.15.125.48 MB
Austin-Bergstrom History.pdf12.23.12201.89 kB
Austin-Bergstrom_FAA_Airport_Diagram.pdf12.16.12133.79 kB
KAUS 2.bmp12.23.125.48 MB
KAUS 3.bmp12.23.125.48 MB
KAUS 4.bmp12.23.125.48 MB
KAUS 5.bmp12.23.125.48 MB
KAUS 6.bmp12.23.125.48 MB
KAUS 7.bmp12.23.125.48 MB
KAUS AA.bmp12.23.125.48 MB
PR KAUS 1.bmp12.23.125.48 MB
PR KAUS.bmp12.23.125.48 MB
ReadMe.docx12.23.12198.88 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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