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FS2004 Lockheed L-1649A Starliner AI

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AI version of the Lockheed Starliner v2.1 by Manfred Jahn, Hansjoerg Naegele, and others. To optimise frame rates, the model uses MIP texture graphics and three levels of detail - LOD_400 (full screen to about half- screen), LOD_100 (half-screen down to about 1.5 cm), and LOD_040 (1.5 cm and less). Liveries include Air France (by Alex Carry), Lufthansa (by Tim Scharnhop), and TWA Cargo (by Frank Gonzales). Aircraft configuration adapted from Tom Gibson's and Mike Steven's Calclassic AI.

Lockheed L-1649A Starliner idle on the ground.

Lockheed L-1649A Starliner idle on the ground.


  • Extract the zip to a temporary folder.
  • Copy the folder "ai_l1649A_MJ" to your "Flight Simulator 9\Aircraft" folder.
  • From subfolder Effects, copy the files fx_beaconh_R3350.fx and fx_tchdwn_piston_long.fx to Flight Simulator 9\Effects. Should the files be already there say No when prompted to overwrite.
  • Because this is a dedicated AI model it will not show up in the aircraft selection menu. To see it in action either generate flight plans using Lee Swordy's TrafficTools, or copy the test file Traffic_EGBB.bgl (in subfolder Sample_Traffic) to Flight Simulator 9\scenery\World\scenery\. Then start FS9 flying the Cessna, select airport EGBB or EGCC, turn on Slew mode, and watch plenty of Starliners take off and land. For your information, I have included the TrafficTools source data files.


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The archive has 63 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Ai_Starliner01.13.090 B
0scr37a.jpg01.12.0940.82 kB
0scr40.gif01.12.098.61 kB
0scr40.jpg01.12.0967.41 kB
ai_l1649A_MJ01.12.090 B
Aircraft.cfg01.13.0910.17 kB
Boeing737-400.air07.28.088.89 kB
model12.23.080 B
1649_AI.mdl01.11.092.05 MB
model.cfg12.21.0828 B
readme.txt01.13.091.81 kB
texture.af6301.11.090 B
fuse_l.bmp01.11.0985.43 kB
fuse_t.bmp01.11.091.33 MB
propdisk.bmp01.11.0985.40 kB
wings2_l.bmp01.11.091.40 kB
wings2_t.bmp01.11.091.33 MB
wings_l.bmp01.11.091.40 kB
wings_t.bmp01.11.091.33 MB
xx1cal.bmp01.11.0921.40 kB
xxcal_121.bmp01.11.0921.40 kB
texture.cargo01.12.090 B
fuse_l.bmp01.13.09341.43 kB
fuse_t.bmp01.12.091.33 MB
propdisk.bmp01.12.0985.40 kB
wings2_l.bmp01.12.091.40 kB
wings2_t.bmp01.12.091.33 MB
wings_l.bmp01.12.091.40 kB
wings_t.bmp01.12.091.33 MB
xx1cal.bmp01.12.0921.40 kB
xxcal_121.bmp01.12.0921.40 kB
texture.Lufthansa01.11.090 B
fuse_l.bmp01.09.091.33 MB
fuse_t.bmp01.09.091.33 MB
propdisk.bmp01.09.0985.40 kB
wings2_l.bmp01.09.091.40 kB
wings2_t.bmp01.09.091.33 MB
wings_l.bmp01.09.091.40 kB
wings_t.bmp01.09.091.33 MB
xx1cal.bmp01.09.0921.40 kB
xxcal_121.bmp01.09.0921.40 kB
texture.N7307C01.11.090 B
fuse_l.bmp01.11.091.33 MB
fuse_t.bmp01.13.091.33 MB
propdisk.bmp01.11.0985.40 kB
wings2_l.bmp01.11.091.40 kB
wings2_t.bmp01.11.091.33 MB
wings_l.bmp01.11.091.40 kB
wings_t.bmp01.13.091.33 MB
xx1cal.bmp01.11.0921.40 kB
xxcal_121.bmp01.11.0921.40 kB
Effects01.11.090 B
fx_beaconh_R3350.fx06.05.053.05 kB
fx_tchdwn_piston_long.fx10.25.083.56 kB
readme.doc01.13.0933.00 kB
readme.txt01.13.091.81 kB
Sample_Traffic_EGBB-EGCC12.23.080 B
Aircraft_EGBB.txt01.12.09123 B
Airports_EGBB.txt01.10.0764 B
FlightPlans_EGBB.txt01.12.092.92 kB
Traffic_EGBB.bgl01.12.093.26 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

Installation of Add-on Aircraft/Scenery

Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description.  For further installation help, please see our Knowledge Center for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download.


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