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FS2004 Lockheed L-1649A Starliner V2.2

Complete with Base Model
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Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004
File size
14.60 MB
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Scanned 23 days ago (clean)
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Free (Freeware)
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Includes a "no VC" model for use with slow PCs. Model, texture and VC by Manfred Jahn, panels and gauges by Hansjoerg Naegele, 2D main panel by Diego S. Barreto, effects and flight dynamics by Roland Berger, documentation by Howard Sodja.

Screenshot of Lockheed L-1649A Starliner in flight.

Screenshot of Lockheed L-1649A Starliner in flight.

This version supersedes version 2.1. Designed to fly Los Angeles-London and Paris-Tokyo in 20-plus hours non-stop, the Starliner flew with TWA, Air France, and Lufthansa. New in v. 2.2: Modified flight dynamics to reflect full engine operation and manual leaning. Improved hardware mixture levers support. Optional advanced users configuration includes carb heat and fuel metering. Revised documentation offers printable checklists, cruise performance operating tables, and a tutorial on leaning with or without hardware mixture controls. Improved engine damage and failure effects. Status window includes color-coded engine diagnostics and warnings. Choice of new or classic style autopilot. Simicons invisible except on mouse hover. "Rotate" callout now precedes V2. Moveable pilot seats for improved panel views. Revised external night textures. Revised TWA fuselage texture.


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The archive has 211 files and directories contained within it. View them...

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Effects02.08.090 B
fx_1649A_contrail.fx04.19.082.41 kB
fx_1649A_engstrt.fx04.21.087.64 kB
fx_1649A_exh2_1.fx12.07.083.53 kB
fx_1649A_exh2_2.fx12.07.083.51 kB
fx_1649A_exh2_3.fx12.07.083.53 kB
fx_1649A_exh2_4.fx12.07.083.53 kB
fx_1649A_fueldump.fx04.19.083.75 kB
fx_1649A_landing.fx04.15.083.37 kB
fx_1649A_nacelle_refl.fx04.01.071.29 kB
texture02.08.090 B
fx_1649Awt3Mod.bmp11.10.085.05 kB
fx_1649Awt3ModB.bmp12.02.085.05 kB
fx_1649A_flamea.bmp07.30.045.05 kB
fx_1649A_flameb.bmp04.20.086.39 kB
Gauges02.08.090 B
squeaking brakes02.08.090 B
BrakeSound.xml05.21.08440 B
Thumbs.db05.18.0819.50 kB
squeaking brakes_Sound.gau04.16.0580.00 kB
Lockheed_L1649A_2.202.08.090 B
01.jpg02.05.0934.85 kB
02.jpg02.06.09103.57 kB
aircraft.cfg02.08.0916.95 kB
aircraft_advanced_FS9.cfg02.09.0917.08 kB
aircraft_advanced_FSX.cfg02.09.0917.01 kB
aircraft_simple_fs9.cfg02.09.0916.95 kB
aircraft_simple_FSX.cfg02.09.0916.95 kB
FSX_Propdisks02.08.090 B
0readme_propdisks.txt02.08.091.00 kB
propdisk_grey.bmp06.02.08341.40 kB
propdisk_grey.dds10.23.08341.46 kB
propdisk_NickCooper.bmp01.19.0985.43 kB
propdisk_RB.dds12.07.0864.12 kB
propdisk_redblue.bmp10.23.08341.40 kB
propdisk_redblue.dds10.23.08341.46 kB
propdisk_redbluedark.bmp09.09.08256.07 kB
propdisk_redbluedark.dds10.22.08256.12 kB
L-1649A_check.htm01.31.09138.25 kB
L-1649A_checkOperational.htm01.20.09108.05 kB
L-1649A_checkOperational.rtf01.20.09121.72 kB
L-1649A_checkTutorial.rtf01.31.09174.70 kB
L-1649A_images01.30.090 B
clear tab.gif12.16.0851 B
clear-vert.gif12.16.0848 B
clear.gif12.16.08846 B
Density_Alt_chart.gif12.16.0867.73 kB
L-1649FuelUse.jpg12.16.08120.60 kB
start_eng1649A.jpg01.03.0967.97 kB
Thumbs.db12.16.0821.50 kB
Tutorial_images01.30.090 B
autopilot1649A.jpg01.07.095.39 kB
aux_control1649A.jpg12.16.084.65 kB
bg.gif12.16.0811.15 kB
clear tab.gif12.16.0851 B
clear.gif12.16.08846 B
dots.gif12.16.0840 B
EAS-TAS.gif12.16.083.10 kB
EASgraph.jpg12.16.08102.57 kB
fepan1049G.jpg12.16.0831.83 kB
fepan1649A.jpg01.10.0958.85 kB
fuel_system1649A-large.jpg12.16.08113.86 kB
fuel_system1649A.jpg01.07.0965.34 kB
fuel_system1649A_large.htm01.09.09670 B
fuel_system1649A_large.jpg01.07.09162.17 kB
glareshield_radio1049G.jpg12.16.081.07 kB
L-1649Fueling.jpg12.16.0877.34 kB
lower_fepan1049G.jpg12.16.083.62 kB
mainpan1649A.jpg12.16.0830.50 kB
overhead_fuel.jpg12.16.083.51 kB
Radios_bw.jpg01.20.098.13 kB
StartingEngine_3-large.htm01.09.09649 B
StartingEngine_3-large.jpg12.16.0856.48 kB
StartingEngine_3.jpg12.16.08121.39 kB
start_eng1649A.jpg01.03.0967.97 kB
start_eng1649A_large.jpg01.07.09156.85 kB
Thumbs.db01.07.0993.00 kB
upper_fepan1649A.jpg12.16.083.57 kB
VCockpit1649A.jpg01.07.0960.31 kB
L-1649A_ref.htm02.07.09270.41 kB
L1649A.air12.13.088.57 kB
LeaningTutorial.rtf01.18.0954.71 kB
model01.30.090 B
1649_22.mdl01.07.092.89 MB
model.cfg01.30.0930 B
model.novc02.08.090 B
1649novc.mdl12.09.081.95 MB
model.cfg12.07.0831 B
panel01.30.090 B
CalClassic01.30.090 B
AP_BACK.bmp11.27.0889.12 kB
AP_BANK_KNOB_1.bmp06.26.0512.05 kB
AP_MODE_SW_DEFAULT.bmp05.09.059.08 kB
AP_MODE_SW_LOC.bmp05.09.059.08 kB
AP_MODE_SW_LOC_GS.bmp05.09.059.08 kB
AP_MODE_SW_RANGE.bmp05.09.059.08 kB
AP_NEW.xml09.17.0811.01 kB
AP_PITCH0.bmp06.26.052.29 kB
AP_PITCH1.bmp06.26.052.29 kB
AP_PITCH2.bmp06.26.052.29 kB
AP_SWITCH.bmp05.09.059.80 kB
ELEV_TRIM2.xml09.25.082.93 kB
IDENT_LIGHT.bmp11.25.04774 B
notepad.bmp05.09.08112.38 kB
Notepad_F_L1649A.xml11.01.0822.75 kB
Notepad_L1649A.xml11.01.0835.91 kB
Notepad_open.xml08.07.08501 B
Notepad_P_L1649A.xml11.02.0818.48 kB
RADIO_STACK.XML09.27.0840.48 kB
switch_off.bmp05.09.052.74 kB
switch_on.bmp05.09.054.93 kB
VOR1.xml09.27.085.37 kB
vs_wheel_1.bmp12.10.062.29 kB
vs_wheel_2.bmp12.10.062.29 kB
vs_wheel_3.bmp12.10.062.29 kB
vs_wheel_4.bmp12.10.062.29 kB
WARN_LITE_AMBER_B.bmp12.11.082.08 kB
WARN_LITE_RED_B.bmp11.24.042.08 kB
ControlStand1649A_Popup.bmp03.16.08115.12 kB
Fepanel.bmp12.05.082.25 MB
FuelControls_Popup.bmp02.17.0687.60 kB
L1649A.CAB02.01.092.04 MB
LowerFE_Popup.bmp01.21.09159.26 kB
main_1649.bmp02.03.093.52 MB
Main_1649_night.bmp02.03.093.52 MB
panel.cfg01.30.0913.09 kB
Starliner.gau01.26.0956.00 kB
UpperFE1649A_Popup.bmp03.14.08100.40 kB
Views2D.CAB08.28.082.88 kB
Yoke.bmp02.17.06129.05 kB
panel.novc02.08.090 B
panel.cfg02.08.0912.71 kB
Sound01.30.090 B
sound.cfg04.20.0833 B
texture.N7307C02.08.090 B
floor_2.bmp10.08.0865.05 kB
fuse_l.bmp01.25.091.00 MB
fuse_t.bmp01.25.091.00 MB
propdisk.bmp10.26.08256.07 kB
shade_01.bmp08.14.0864.07 kB
thumbnail.jpg12.16.085.71 kB
vc01.bmp12.11.081.00 MB
vc01a_l.bmp02.08.0964.07 kB
vc01_l.bmp10.24.0864.07 kB
vc02.bmp10.24.081.00 MB
vc02_l.bmp10.24.0864.07 kB
vc03.bmp11.08.081.00 MB
vc03_l.bmp10.23.0864.07 kB
vc04.bmp10.27.081.00 MB
vc04_l.bmp10.24.0864.07 kB
vc05.bmp11.26.081.00 MB
vc05_l.bmp10.24.0864.07 kB
vc06.bmp12.11.081.00 MB
vc06_l.bmp10.24.0864.07 kB
wings2_l.bmp03.20.071.07 kB
wings2_t.bmp10.13.081.00 MB
wings_l.bmp03.20.071.07 kB
wings_t.bmp01.12.091.00 MB
xx1cal.bmp10.14.0816.07 kB
xxcal_121.bmp12.02.078.07 kB
sound02.08.090 B
SP_L1649A02.08.090 B
button.wav01.01.066.43 kB
cabin.wav09.21.0847.43 kB
call_flaps_80.wav10.31.08143.67 kB
call_flaps_down.wav10.31.08157.95 kB
call_flaps_up.wav10.31.08124.41 kB
call_gear_down.wav10.31.08125.39 kB
call_gear_up.wav10.31.08119.74 kB
call_start1.wav10.31.0833.91 kB
call_start2.wav10.31.0846.77 kB
call_start3.wav10.31.0841.86 kB
call_start4.wav10.31.0843.31 kB
call_TO_power.wav10.31.0841.93 kB
click.wav08.18.053.07 kB
knob.wav01.01.068.99 kB
latch.wav06.29.012.89 kB
lever.wav06.08.086.96 kB
round_button.wav08.15.012.36 kB
round_switch.wav01.01.064.82 kB
round_switch_off.wav01.01.064.36 kB
springloaded.wav11.14.053.07 kB
toggle_switch.wav08.15.013.05 kB
voice_alt_10.wav11.24.0819.30 kB
voice_alt_100.wav11.24.0823.22 kB
voice_alt_20.wav11.24.0817.07 kB
voice_alt_200.wav11.24.0823.41 kB
voice_alt_30.wav11.24.0815.23 kB
voice_alt_300.wav11.24.0825.30 kB
voice_alt_40.wav11.24.0815.20 kB
voice_alt_400.wav11.24.0826.35 kB
voice_alt_50.wav11.24.0819.69 kB
voice_alt_500.wav11.24.0822.30 kB
voice_alt_dh.wav11.24.0819.67 kB
voice_flaps_80.wav10.02.0845.92 kB
voice_flaps_down.wav10.02.0843.06 kB
voice_flaps_up.wav10.02.0834.03 kB
voice_gear_down.wav10.13.08118.50 kB
voice_gear_up.wav10.02.0828.15 kB
voice_v1.wav10.31.08107.73 kB
voice_v2.wav01.25.0982.77 kB
voice_vr.wav01.25.0955.07 kB
wiper.wav11.30.08303.42 kB
squeaking brakes02.08.090 B
SB01_Brakes.wav05.19.08655.59 kB
Sound.ini05.20.08157 B
readme.txt02.09.0918.74 kB
readme.doc02.09.0976.00 kB
file_id.diz02.08.09396 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

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Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description.  For further installation help, please see our Knowledge Center for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download.


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