FSX HDE Sky Textures V2.0

PreviewConverted for FSX. These files act as HDE sky texture replacements for importing into FSX. Original by Pablo Diaz. Retooled for FSX by Danny Glover.

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Converted for FSX. These files act as HDE sky texture replacements for importing into FSX. Original by Pablo Diaz. Retooled for FSX by Danny Glover.

Plane silhouetted against a cold sky.

Plane silhouetted against a cold sky.

The original release of HDE & HDE v2.0 created a high-quality freeware environment improvement for FS9. Many of the high-definition textures offered for FS9 were also easily portable over to FSX, except for the sky textures. From multiple experiences, the sky textures when placed into FSX would not allow the sim to start and would end up crashing session altogether. The problem was that FSX's default sky textures came with a color bit depth of 32, and FSX would read ONLY that bit depth. HDE and HDE v2.0 came in 24 color bit depth, so FSX could not read the textures and therefore could not create a suitable simming environment using them. This package contains all 140 sky textures in 32-bit color depth form, for usage in FSX.

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The archive hdeskytexturesfsx.zip has 152 files and directories contained within it.

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
HDE Sky Textures06.24.100 B
14.BMP.jpg06.23.10117.10 kB
2010-6-23_14-17-40-345.BMP.jpg06.23.10117.50 kB
2010-6-24_11-40-35-702.BMP.jpg06.24.10165.59 kB
2010-6-24_13-20-19-487.BMP.jpg06.24.10295.03 kB
2010-6-24_13-24-7-184.BMP.jpg06.24.10317.30 kB
Converted Sky Colors06.24.100 B
sky_afternoon_0.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_afternoon_1.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_afternoon_2.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_afternoon_3.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_afternoon_4.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_afternoon_5.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_afternoon_6.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_afternoon_7.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_afternoon_8.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_afternoon_9.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_dawn_0.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_dawn_1.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_dawn_2.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_dawn_3.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_dawn_4.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_dawn_5.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_dawn_6.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_dawn_7.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_dawn_8.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_dawn_9.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_midnight_0.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_midnight_1.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_midnight_2.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_midnight_3.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_midnight_4.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_midnight_5.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_midnight_6.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_midnight_7.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_midnight_8.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_midnight_9.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_morning_0.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_morning_1.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_morning_2.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_morning_3.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_morning_4.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_morning_5.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_morning_6.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_morning_7.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_morning_8.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_morning_9.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_noon_0.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_noon_1.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_noon_2.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_noon_3.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_noon_4.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_noon_5.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_noon_6.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_noon_7.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_noon_8.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_noon_9.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_postdawn1_0.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_postdawn1_1.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_postdawn1_2.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_postdawn1_3.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_postdawn1_4.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_postdawn1_5.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_postdawn1_6.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_postdawn1_7.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_postdawn1_8.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_postdawn1_9.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_postdawn2_0.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_postdawn2_1.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_postdawn2_2.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_postdawn2_3.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_postdawn2_4.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_postdawn2_5.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_postdawn2_6.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_postdawn2_7.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_postdawn2_8.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_postdawn2_9.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_postsunset1_0.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_postsunset1_1.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_postsunset1_2.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_postsunset1_3.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_postsunset1_4.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_postsunset1_5.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_postsunset1_6.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_postsunset1_7.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_postsunset1_8.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_postsunset1_9.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_postsunset2_0.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_postsunset2_1.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_postsunset2_2.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_postsunset2_3.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_postsunset2_4.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_postsunset2_5.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_postsunset2_6.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_postsunset2_7.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_postsunset2_8.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_postsunset2_9.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_predawn1_0.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_predawn1_1.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_predawn1_2.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_predawn1_3.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_predawn1_4.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_predawn1_5.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_predawn1_6.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_predawn1_7.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_predawn1_8.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_predawn1_9.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_predawn2_0.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_predawn2_1.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_predawn2_2.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_predawn2_3.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_predawn2_4.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_predawn2_5.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_predawn2_6.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_predawn2_7.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_predawn2_8.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_predawn2_9.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_presunset1_0.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_presunset1_1.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_presunset1_2.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_presunset1_3.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_presunset1_4.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_presunset1_5.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_presunset1_6.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_presunset1_7.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_presunset1_8.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_presunset1_9.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_presunset2_0.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_presunset2_1.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_presunset2_2.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_presunset2_3.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_presunset2_4.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_presunset2_5.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_presunset2_6.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_presunset2_7.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_presunset2_8.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_presunset2_9.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_sunset_0.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_sunset_1.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_sunset_2.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_sunset_3.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_sunset_4.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_sunset_5.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_sunset_6.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_sunset_7.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_sunset_8.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
sky_sunset_9.bmp06.23.105.40 kB
FILE_ID.diz06.24.10169 B
HDE INSTALL(english).txt04.09.103.38 kB
README.txt06.24.102.13 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B


This release helps to boost up the quality of the textures in the sky. When flying around in FSX, a common complaints is that sky textures were not improved enough and did not look particularly great, especially in comparison to mods out there.

Preview screenshot

This mod provides you with an update of an old FS2004 classic, giving you access to a brilliant selection of sky textures that look far more convincing than the originals that were provided. If you are sick of the sky looking as if it’s fake and not got much going on in there, this can be the perfect addition.

This creation by Danny Glover takes the excellent textures first used by Pablo Diaz, and re-tools them entirely for perfect use with FSX. These load in particularly well and manage to capture the feel and the style perfectly.

This original release was created to offer a far more effective and realistic to the old skies, and manages to give you something that is far more effective looking and convincing than the originals. These can be loaded in with just a matter of clicks and can act as the perfect solution to your sky issues.

The problem, though, is that FSX reads textures and images differently from FS2004 and this required a total re-jigging of the image properties to ensure they would work. Danny has done this for you, ensuring that you can get easy and simple access to brand new textures that look fantastic.

In this package, you’ll get access to 140 awesome sky textures, all ranging in 2-bit color depth form. This makes them fully compatible with FSX so if you long for the days of bright and realistic looking skies within your simulator this is the perfect place for you to get started changing from.

It will help you totally revamp the look and feel of the original sky, making it look far more convincing than it used to and ensuring that you can get the quality and class of design that you were hoping for in the first place. If you need help in putting this all together and fully understanding what has to be done, then you will receive easy and simple download instructions inside.

With this addition you can finally have a range of textures that look outstanding and are fully compatible with the more demanding style and needs of FSX over FS2004.

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe is a flight sim enthusiast who has been simming since the days of FS95. Adam writes all of the download section editorials after testing each of the files. Adam has extensive knowledge using various flight simulator packages and thoroughly tests the files before writing about them. Adam also like to fly real-world aircraft in his spare time and is training for his PPL.

Should you wish, you can contact Adam via email at adam@flyawaysimulation.com.

Installation icon.

Installation Instructions

Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description. For further installation help, please see our Flight School for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download. If in doubt, you may also ask a question or view existing answers in our dedicated Q&A forum.


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John FranklandSat, 14 Jan 2023 17:14:56 GMT


Following an experienced FSX sim expert, I was going to install Pablo Diaz's cloud textures, sky-textures-for-enb-series_12.zip. However, on researching his mods I came across your reworked textures.

And like the proverbial idiot, I DID NOT back up my textures folder.

Like a previous commenter above, now all my landscape is what appears to be in a whiteout.

How can I resolve this, please?

Hoping you are still active after this time.


John F

NickWed, 23 Dec 2020 01:37:16 GMT

How do I install this I am very confused?

Nick ElderSun, 17 Mar 2019 06:57:25 GMT

Wow! This texture pack is extraordinary!!!! Would recommend! :)

userSun, 10 Feb 2019 12:25:37 GMT

hello Is the software free of charge or should I pay? Is it free to download? help. Thanks

"HDE Sky Textutre v.20 for fsx"

Santy267Wed, 14 Feb 2018 00:02:36 GMT

It appears foggy everywhere i go. Did i installed it wrongly or what

osherTue, 24 Jan 2017 18:44:46 GMT

Hi Adam,

just install the texture pack and my FSX didnt work almost panic and start thinking what cause the FATAL ERROR crashing on FSX startup... and figering out that my textures cause it i came across for this converted pack and after quick replace the original everything work perfect and back to normal!

meny thanks to you :)

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