FSX Project Open Sky Boeing 737-400 VC

PreviewProject Open Sky Boeing 737-400 VC. Revised cockpit textures, gauges, and gauge postions for the Project Open Sky B737-800 with VC to fly as a VC 737-400 cockpit. Model and Delta livery included. Also, callout for Boeing approach callouts by Matt Smith included. Configuration by Jim Waters.

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Project Open Sky Boeing 737-400 VC. Revised cockpit textures, gauges, and gauge postions for the Project Open Sky B737-800 with VC to fly as a VC 737-400 cockpit. Model and Delta livery included. Also, callout for Boeing approach callouts by Matt Smith included. Configuration by Jim Waters.

Project Open Sky Boeing 737-400 in flight.

Project Open Sky Boeing 737-400 in flight.

- Project Open Sky - Boeing 737-400.

Conversion of the NG (*New Generation) cockpit of the 737-800 back to "steam gauges" of
the 400-series. VC portion will work on FS9 (*see readme).

Includes VC model of Project Open Sky's 737-800 with "updated"
retro cockpit textures and instrumentation in Delta's new livery.

Model included (*winglets), default sounds, updated VC textures and gauge placement.

So, I asked myself, is a 737-800 mostly the same as a 737-400 from the "old school"
days of the 70's? This project simply updates the textures of this model
and then re-places gauges from pre-digital flying. Regular "seat of the pants"
flyin'. Technically, this sim-aircraft is NOT a 737-400 ... then again,
it kinda is.

Configuration/programming: Jim Waters

Repaint: Project Open Sky (*now, Free Sky Project FSPro).


1) Copy aircraft file named, OS737-400VC into the simobjects/aircraft file, as is.
2) Copy gauges into gauge file. The GAUGE named "n_number_plaque" is included
with FSX and you likely don't need to copy it. The other gauges are for
the CALLOUT as you descend to the arrival.

3) The CALLOUT program requires 1 file be copied from the enclosed file
"Sound (main)" into the main Sound file of FSX. The file
is named, "CALLOUT". Place the file, as is, into the main root Sound file of FSX.

Effects files are included but I found that the only 1 needed was the VC light
file called, fx_vclightGreH.fx. Without this effect, the lighting looks off.

Because ALL GAUGES are DEFAULT gauges, AND, because ALL of the VC gauges
are from the FS9 vintage, the "frame-rate friendly" is most definitely noticeable.

Other than the FSX default gauge, "n_number_plaque", all of the VC will likely
work not only for FS9, but also FS2002 and perhaps even FS2000.

The 2-D panel is all FSX default 737-800.

The view settings are to Captain, F.O., and 2D. There are 4 views/exits
on each wing. Please make a note of their location as we prepare
for our departure.

Hope you enjoy the flight.

ident=Posky Utility
gauge00=Pky_util!Pky_Util, 0, 0

These gauge .cabs are revised versions of Stefan Liebe's "CALLOUT" gauge for FSX.

CALLOUT_SOUND.DLL is the work of Doug Dawson.

Many thanks for their permission to use them.

View from the cockpit of Project Open Sky Boeing 737-400.

View from the cockpit of Project Open Sky Boeing 737-400.

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Project_Opensky_B737-400VC02.16.110 B
checklist02.15.110 B
boeing737-800_check.htm12.31.0577.28 kB
boeing737-800_ref.htm12.31.0527.17 kB
effects02.15.110 B
fx_vclightGreH.fx08.23.071.25 kB
Opensky_beacon.fx02.12.023.04 kB
Opensky_conden.fx10.03.023.15 kB
Opensky_nacelle_refl.fx09.29.021.29 kB
Opensky_nav_yellow.fx03.24.043.07 kB
Opensky_sparks.fx09.08.027.05 kB
Opensky_vortex.fx10.08.031.23 kB
Opensky_wing_light.fx09.29.021.31 kB
gauges02.15.110 B
CALLOUT_BigJets.CAB01.15.104.28 kB
CALLOUT_SmallJets.CAB01.17.104.27 kB
CALLOUT_SOUND.dll01.14.1095.68 kB
Credits.txt01.18.10179 B
n_number_plaque.cab09.26.0710.53 kB
manual02.15.110 B
737700PERFORMANCE.PDF01.09.02219.02 kB
737LIMITATIONS.PDF01.09.02124.80 kB
737PROCEDURES.PDF01.09.022.13 MB
B737NG_OPERATIONS_MANUAL_v5.pdf01.01.061.28 MB
OS737-400_VC02.16.110 B
model.vc02.15.110 B
model.cfg02.12.1141 B
OS738WE_VC_GHv12.mdl04.15.062.62 MB
panel.102.15.110 B
Pky_util02.15.110 B
install.txt03.25.08143 B
Pky_Init.xml07.14.08707 B
Pky_Timer.xml03.26.08743 B
Pky_Util.xml07.14.084.71 kB
posky_sw_close.bmp03.25.082.30 kB
posky_sw_off.bmp03.25.082.30 kB
posky_sw_on.bmp03.25.082.30 kB
posky_sw_open.bmp03.25.082.30 kB
posky_utilbase.bmp07.14.0847.87 kB
Posky73702.15.110 B
Pky_PB_Towhead.xml07.13.08655 B
PkyLeftgearheight.xml07.14.10800 B
PkyNosegearheight.xml07.15.10895 B
PkyNosegearsteerling.xml09.14.07688 B
PkyRightgearheight.xml07.14.10799 B
poskydebug.xml07.14.10366 B
poskydebug2.xml07.14.10376 B
737-800_panel_background.bmp05.12.06769.05 kB
737-800_panel_background_night.bmp05.12.06769.05 kB
737_compass.BMP05.12.0695.51 kB
737_Panel_Decals_2.bmp05.12.06257.05 kB
B737_800.cab05.10.072.01 MB
Panel.cfg02.15.119.20 kB
upper_640.bmp05.12.0618.99 kB
sound02.15.110 B
sound.cfg02.12.1132 B
Texture.delta02.15.110 B
clipboard.bmp04.07.06128.07 kB
cockpitdetails.bmp06.04.075.33 MB
cockpitdetails2.bmp02.15.11170.75 kB
console.bmp03.31.06128.07 kB
electronics panel.bmp03.31.06128.07 kB
FD.bmp02.15.114.00 MB
Fresnel_Ramp.dds09.04.06640 B
Os737ng_ANTCOL_RED.BMP09.05.061.43 kB
Os737ng_Cockpitgray.bmp09.05.061.43 kB
Os737ng_darkgray.bmp09.05.061.43 kB
Os737ng_engine_l.bmp12.15.051.00 MB
Os737ng_engine_t.bmp01.25.084.00 MB
Os737ng_WINGROOT_GRAY.BMP09.05.061.43 kB
Os737ng_WINGTIP_GREEN_GLASS.bmp09.05.061.43 kB
Os737ng_WINGTIP_RED_GLASS.bmp09.05.061.43 kB
Os737ngstair_t.bmp02.24.061.00 MB
Os738body_l_l.bmp01.25.084.00 MB
Os738body_l_t.bmp01.25.084.00 MB
Os738body_r_l.bmp01.25.084.00 MB
Os738body_r_t.bmp01.25.084.00 MB
Os738Option.bmp12.20.0516.07 kB
Os738parts_t.bmp01.27.061.00 MB
Os738w_wing_l_l.bmp12.15.051.00 MB
OS738W_WING_L_T.bmp02.09.064.00 MB
Os738w_wing_r_l.bmp12.15.051.00 MB
OS738W_WING_R_T.bmp02.09.064.00 MB
ostug_L.bmp12.15.051.00 MB
ostug_T.bmp01.17.061.00 MB
panelaftoverhead_ng.bmp02.15.11170.75 kB
paneloverhead_737-700.bmp02.15.11341.42 kB
radio textures.bmp03.31.0642.74 kB
thumbnail.jpg02.15.1128.44 kB
aircraft.cfg02.16.1124.74 kB
boeing737-800_check.htm12.31.0577.28 kB
boeing737-800_ref.htm12.31.0527.17 kB
OSBoeing737-800w.air03.20.068.90 kB
Sound (main)02.15.110 B
Callout02.15.110 B
1000FT.wav01.15.10172.32 kB
100FT.wav01.15.10193.76 kB
10FT.wav01.15.10105.07 kB
200FT.wav01.15.10222.76 kB
20FT.wav01.15.10104.56 kB
2500FT.wav01.15.10215.39 kB
300FT.wav01.15.10189.46 kB
30FT.wav01.15.10103.98 kB
400FT.wav01.15.10181.13 kB
40FT.wav01.15.10116.34 kB
500FT.wav01.15.10174.66 kB
50FT.wav01.15.10113.67 kB
APPMIN.wav01.15.10258.45 kB
Credits.txt01.18.10163 B
MIN.wav01.15.10129.25 kB
Sound.ini01.15.10872 B
Readme.txt02.15.117.39 kB
file_id.diz02.15.11535 B
pic.jpg02.15.11287.93 kB
pic2.jpg02.15.11212.64 kB
pic3.jpg02.15.11205.56 kB
PIC_Delta_New.jpg02.15.1128.44 kB
readme.txt02.15.112.05 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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MiloTue, 28 Jun 2016 20:29:55 GMT

Would you like to make a file with only the Virtual Cockpit of it because its a lovely cockpit and i like to use it with an 737-400 thanks!

Chris Zoepound Thu, 16 Jan 2014 16:57:54 GMT

Could you somehow separate the VC model. I could use the VC model in an Aaardvark 737 Classic. There are good FSX native 737 Classic models out there from Aardvark and this FSX native 737 Classic VC would go great with them, and look more realistic than to put it in a 737NG model. Not dissing your work.. just saying think "Aardvark", "UTT" or "FAIB".

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