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FSX Aerodrome Names For Orbx FTX NA Blue PNW

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Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) including Steam Edition & Prepar3D (P3D)
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215.88 kB
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This package names all un-named public aerodromes within ORBX's FTX NA Blue Pacific Northwest (PNW) coverage, that is, in Washington State, Oregon and British Columbia. For example, instead of saying "One Sierra Two" pilots will now say "Darrington". 97 aerodromes in total. Requires EditVoicePack 4 (EVPX40.ZIP). By Mike Gibson.


The archive has 106 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
BC Names06.26.100 B
CAF4.evpmod06.24.107.68 kB
CAG3.evpmod06.24.104.62 kB
CAG4.evpmod06.24.103.54 kB
CAH3.evpmod06.24.103.60 kB
CAK3.evpmod06.24.102.39 kB
CAK4.evpmod06.24.103.54 kB
CAM3.evpmod06.24.104.51 kB
CAP3.evpmod06.24.104.46 kB
CAT5.evpmod06.24.105.72 kB
CBS8.evpmod06.24.104.71 kB
CCS6.evpmod06.24.102.77 kB
CYAZ.evpmod06.24.104.48 kB
CYBL.evpmod06.24.102.54 kB
CYCD.evpmod06.24.102.45 kB
CYCW.evpmod06.24.104.45 kB
CYPS.evpmod06.24.103.47 kB
CYPW.evpmod06.24.103.60 kB
CYSE.evpmod06.24.104.67 kB
OR Names06.26.100 B
00S.evpmod06.20.106.87 kB
03S.evpmod06.20.104.63 kB
05S.evpmod06.20.104.69 kB
17S.evpmod06.20.104.48 kB
2S6.evpmod06.20.103.52 kB
3S6.evpmod06.20.104.60 kB
3S7.evpmod06.20.106.62 kB
4S2.evpmod06.20.104.61 kB
4S4.evpmod06.20.103.67 kB
5S0.evpmod06.20.104.55 kB
5S1.evpmod06.20.102.39 kB
5S4.evpmod06.20.103.53 kB
5S6.evpmod06.20.105.80 kB
6S4.evpmod06.20.102.39 kB
6S6.evpmod06.20.104.77 kB
7S3.evpmod06.20.106.66 kB
7S5.evpmod06.20.106.84 kB
7S9.evpmod06.20.104.55 kB
8S3.evpmod06.20.107.17 kB
9S3.evpmod06.20.104.54 kB
R33.evpmod06.20.106.80 kB
S45.evpmod06.20.107.02 kB
S47.evpmod06.20.105.64 kB
WA Names06.26.100 B
0W0.evpmod06.25.102.40 kB
0W7.evpmod06.25.103.50 kB
11S.evpmod06.25.103.47 kB
13W.evpmod06.25.104.04 kB
14S.evpmod06.25.103.42 kB
15S.evpmod06.25.103.58 kB
1RL.evpmod06.25.103.45 kB
1S2.evpmod06.25.105.78 kB
1W1.evpmod06.25.102.42 kB
21H.evpmod06.25.103.47 kB
21W.evpmod06.25.103.54 kB
2S1.evpmod06.25.104.58 kB
2W3.evpmod06.25.103.42 kB
38W.evpmod06.25.103.41 kB
39P.evpmod06.25.104.14 kB
3B8.evpmod06.25.105.51 kB
3W5.evpmod06.25.103.42 kB
44T.evpmod06.25.104.65 kB
4W0.evpmod06.25.104.76 kB
4W6.evpmod06.25.103.53 kB
55S.evpmod06.25.104.58 kB
59S.evpmod06.25.102.45 kB
6S9.evpmod06.25.105.91 kB
74S.evpmod06.25.104.59 kB
7W1.evpmod06.25.105.74 kB
83Q.evpmod06.25.106.97 kB
92W.evpmod06.25.103.40 kB
KBVS.evpmod06.25.105.60 kB
KCLS.evpmod06.25.108.01 kB
KFHR.evpmod06.25.105.64 kB
KNOW.evpmod06.25.103.55 kB
KNRA.evpmod06.25.103.76 kB
KUIL.evpmod06.25.105.62 kB
OS9.evpmod06.25.102.47 kB
S13.evpmod06.25.103.59 kB
S16.evpmod06.25.105.95 kB
S18.evpmod06.25.102.41 kB
S31.evpmod06.25.103.51 kB
S36.evpmod06.25.103.38 kB
S44.evpmod06.25.104.84 kB
S60.evpmod06.25.104.74 kB
S86.evpmod06.25.102.39 kB
S88.evpmod06.25.106.80 kB
W10.evpmod06.25.102.39 kB
W16.evpmod06.25.102.55 kB
W27.evpmod06.25.104.79 kB
W28.evpmod06.25.105.81 kB
W33.evpmod06.25.105.64 kB
W36.evpmod06.25.102.42 kB
W37.evpmod06.25.103.65 kB
W39.evpmod06.25.104.67 kB
W49.evpmod06.25.104.77 kB
W52.evpmod06.25.104.85 kB
W55.evpmod06.25.103.65 kB
W56.evpmod06.25.106.33 kB
W58.evpmod06.25.104.75 kB
List of updated names.txt06.26.102.97 kB
Readme.txt06.26.103.79 kB
Step 7.png06.05.1060.69 kB
Step 8.jpg06.26.10101.39 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

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