FSX Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk

Preview​A modified version of Craig Richardson's F117 Nighthawk in a low luster stealth paint scheme. This is a complete aircraft and a new panel modified by Mark Rooks.

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F-117 in FSX over sea.​A modified version of Craig Richardson's F117 Nighthawk in a low luster stealth paint scheme. This is a complete aircraft and a new panel modified by Mark Rooks.

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screen-16.jpg10.02.19123.05 kB
screen-17.jpg10.02.19115.85 kB
screen-18.jpg10.02.19117.29 kB
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screen-3.jpg10.02.19252.89 kB
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screen-5.jpg10.02.1992.08 kB
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screen-8.jpg10.02.19247.27 kB
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Having grown up on a diet of air-based video games and movies, I was always under the impression that the whole flight thing looked pretty easy. After all, the huge range of buttons that allow for automated flight in modern aircraft – especially things like the Nighthawk – meant that just about anyone with a few months training could hop in and start taking on the enemy, right? Well, after trying this brilliant remake of the Lockheed F-117, I can confirm that my childhood and teenage beliefs of flying military aircraft being easy has been well and truly shattered!

Preview screenshot

This mod gives you the full picture in terms of the massive challenging awaiting anyone who wants to jump into the cockpit of something like the Nighthawk. This isn’t a cruise or something nice and simple for you to relax in – this is a full remake of one of the most comprehensive fighter jets that man has ever created. Mean to look at and even meaner to fly, this is an absolute predator of an aircraft that can allow you to see the incredible balance of speed, power and precision that we are capable of getting into modern fighter jets.

This aircraft comes with a fresh new model, which looks absolutely sublime. From ever last rivet to the shine of the glass on the windows, you will find that the whole thing captures that stunningly mysterious design that makes the Nighthawk such a hugely popular figure.

The panels inside have also been built more or less from scratch, making it really easy for you to get everything put in place so that your aircraft can be controlled – albeit with difficulty – to do exactly what you were looking for. It makes a big difference to deal with this kind of system, helping you move your aircraft through the skies and make it feel truly rewarding when you do; it’s such a hard thing to fly given its advanced nature, that when you do get it right it feels brilliant!

If you are like myself and enjoy a bit of a challenge when using a new model in FSX, you will be more than delighted when you try this out. It leaves no room for error and makes it a massive difference for those who want to start seeing the kind of realism that you would expect from something like the Nighthawk.

If you are a bit of sick of flying military aircraft that feel as if they were designed by a video game designer instead of a simulation fan then this can be the perfect tonic to your ills. You’ll find that flying something like this can be an immense challenge over the course of a night as it’s just such a different breed from any civilian aircraft that you may try and compare it against.

Personally, though, I’m a huge fan of this whole package – its slick, it’s very easy to install, it’s responsive and it actually makes flying in FSX a proper challenge again.

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe is a flight sim enthusiast who has been simming since the days of FS95. Adam writes all of the download section editorials after testing each of the files. Adam has extensive knowledge using various flight simulator packages and thoroughly tests the files before writing about them. Adam also like to fly real-world aircraft in his spare time and is training for his PPL.

Should you wish, you can contact Adam via email at adam@flyawaysimulation.com.

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sduserTue, 24 Nov 2020 04:54:30 GMT

Does anyone ever answer the questions here? I have the same questions regarding the panel. There's a black square in front of the windscreen, which I THINK should probably be the HUD.

No VC. But not sure if the gauges should be extracted from their various folders and inserted directly into the FSX Gauges folder (ie., no subfolders). Also, can't seem to get the starboard engine to start. It shows no operation, but the aircraft doesn't behave asymmetrically or as if underpowered inflight (in fact, just the opposite I'm guessing - accelerated to 1000KIAS in no time!), so I'm guessing it's another panel thing.

jpop8807Wed, 15 Aug 2018 20:29:14 GMT

For some reason I can't get thedownload to work. It wont show the aircraft then after a bit it freezes my fsx se and kicks me out.

William FlintSun, 20 Mar 2016 10:46:58 GMT

Hello all, I've just installed the FSX Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk into FSX and everything is working, except that I see an ugly black square around the cockpit when in external views! Any ideas what could be wrong and how to fix....... please?

It's one of my fave aircrafts but the square is horrendous! :-{

Thanks for any help!

TimmileySun, 03 Aug 2008 18:28:49 GMT
kornswe91Thu, 29 Nov 2007 16:06:00 GMT
Hello, can´t get it to work.. how do I install the gauges and panel??? have the plane at "Aircrafts" where it should be, and I have extracted all things and now what? pleas help me.. tolnai91hotmail.com
officialjakeSat, 08 Sep 2007 00:00:39 GMT
this one of the greatest aircraft of all!!!!!!!!!!!
kuku52Fri, 01 Jun 2007 19:23:43 GMT
WOW! this is one of my favorate aircraft i have ever downloaded here! thanks for it guys well done!

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