FSX 100 Squadron Boneyard Hawk

PreviewFSX 100 Squadron Boneyard Hawk. A repaint of David Brice and David Friswell's T45 Goshawk / T1 Hawk. The paint scheme is the BAE Hawk T.1A RAF. No. 100 Squadron formed at Hingham in Norfolk on 23 February 1917. The squadron motto "Sarang tebuan jangan dijolok" is Malayan and translates as "Never ...

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FSX 100 Squadron Boneyard Hawk. A repaint of David Brice and David Friswell's T45 Goshawk / T1 Hawk. The paint scheme is the BAE Hawk T.1A RAF. No. 100 Squadron formed at Hingham in Norfolk on 23 February 1917. The squadron motto "Sarang tebuan jangan dijolok" is Malayan and translates as "Never stir up a hornets nest". All squadron Hawk aircraft are marked with the blue and gold checkers of the borough of Stamford either side of the fuselage roundel. These relate to a period in the 1950s and 60s when the Squadron was based at Wittering. The skull and crossbones emblem carried on the fin dates from 1917 when 100 Squadron was serving on the Western Front. This distinctive emblem has resulted in the Squadron becoming known unofficially as 'The Boneyard'. Includes pictures and history of the actual aircraft. Textures by Mark Rooks of RSDG.

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AB Effects and Original Read Me10.27.070 B
fx_AB_JetRun.fx09.21.076.47 kB
fx_AB_StartupSmoke.fx01.16.0710.36 kB
fx_AB2_Smaller_aniburner.fx09.29.0713.35 kB
fx_AB2_Smaller_flame.fx09.29.0722.10 kB
fx_AB-Grey-Smoke_.fx09.04.041.20 kB
Original ReadMe.txt09.30.071.43 kB
Boneyard Screen Shot.jpg10.28.07263.49 kB
Pic and History.zip10.28.07197.85 kB
Read Me First.txt10.28.071.60 kB
Squadron 100 th Boneyard Hawk10.28.070 B
Aircraft.cfg10.27.0714.07 kB
model.clean10.28.070 B
Model.cfg05.20.0427 B
T45C_Clean.mdl05.27.042.27 MB
panel10.28.070 B
11-AB-HUD.cab06.15.0411.12 kB
11-AF5A.cab09.26.071.26 MB
11-on off Lights.cab08.14.0727.49 kB
aaCorsair.gau09.30.075.50 MB
AB_JetGauges.cab09.30.07155.25 kB
AB-AfterBurners10.28.070 B
Contrail.xml08.10.03425 B
In Lights Effect Controller.xml09.23.072.35 kB
ABC-T33.cab09.13.071.36 MB
AB-FA18_AoA.cab09.24.077.06 kB
About Panel.txt09.30.07325 B
autosmoke10.28.070 B
AB30%Thro.xml09.23.07276 B
autosmoke.xml09.13.07306 B
FL299N1@10%_Smoke.xml09.21.07269 B
FL299N1@65%_Smoke.xml03.20.03269 B
FL299N1@70%_Smoke.xml03.20.03269 B
FL299N1@75%_Smoke.xml03.20.03268 B
FL299N1@80%_Smoke.xml03.20.03269 B
FL299N1@85%_Smoke.xml03.20.03269 B
FL299N1@90%_Smoke.xml03.20.03269 B
JetSmoke.xml09.19.07306 B
LightsAutosmoke.xml09.07.052.87 kB
PistonSmoke.xml05.28.04310 B
SMOKE.xml09.20.07276 B
TurboSmoke.xml06.08.04310 B
b52h.cab08.07.07217.76 kB
Bendix_King_Radio09.30.075.50 MB
Control_Stick.cab09.30.078.83 kB
cpb76709.24.077.06 kB
F16_AST_StallWarn.cab08.14.073.56 kB
F20_Gauges.cab08.21.042.14 kB
f-5a.cab06.01.071.19 MB
PANEL.CFG09.30.077.23 kB
RCB_Groundhandling5.cab10.20.0626.63 kB
RCB_Groundhandling5_Sound10.20.0626.63 kB
t1_rhpanel.bmp05.27.04769.76 kB
T45 MFD.cab05.28.04193.85 kB
T45 Panel.jpg09.30.0752.31 kB
T45_Gauges.cab09.30.07370.26 kB
T45_main.bmp09.30.072.25 MB
sound10.28.070 B
Hawk_AP.WAV04.27.9942.59 kB
Hawk_APU.wav04.20.03732.13 kB
Hawk_C.wav09.26.9914.28 kB
Hawk_Crash1.WAV05.06.97275.53 kB
Hawk_Crash2.WAV04.01.00403.81 kB
Hawk_Crash3.WAV04.01.00537.30 kB
Hawk_Flaps.WAV04.02.00116.51 kB
Hawk_Geardn.WAV04.02.00180.52 kB
Hawk_Gearup.WAV04.02.00180.52 kB
Hawk_Gearwarn.WAV04.27.9970.15 kB
Hawk_Glideslope.wav12.07.9825.92 kB
Hawk_Groundroll.WAV03.18.00397.21 kB
Hawk_Idle.wav05.22.03667.15 kB
Hawk_Idle_int.wav05.22.03667.15 kB
Hawk_L.wav09.26.9936.05 kB
Hawk_Max.wav05.12.04186.60 kB
Hawk_Max_int.wav05.22.03552.91 kB
Hawk_Overspeed.wav12.07.9886.16 kB
Hawk_R.wav09.26.9935.98 kB
Hawk_Rumble.wav05.11.04143.29 kB
Hawk_shutdown.wav05.22.032.47 MB
Hawk_shutdown_int.wav05.22.032.47 MB
Hawk_Splash.WAV04.01.00336.38 kB
Hawk_Stall.wav03.19.0072.37 kB
Hawk_start.wav05.22.031.68 MB
Hawk_start_int.wav05.22.031.63 MB
Sound.cfg05.12.044.75 kB
T-45C.air08.23.0510.70 kB
texture.BAE10.28.070 B
ANA_Dial.bmp09.29.0785.43 kB
bdu33.bmp10.28.078.06 kB
chrome_t.bmp01.17.0464.07 kB
Clothing.bmp05.23.04256.07 kB
cockpit.bmp02.20.04256.07 kB
cockpit_t.bmp05.18.041.00 MB
engine_intakes.bmp05.24.0317.05 kB
face.bmp02.20.0464.07 kB
fins_t.bmp10.23.0712.05 kB
flap_edge.bmp10.28.078.06 kB
fusbl_t.bmp10.28.078.06 kB
glass_t.bmp11.09.0216.07 kB
hawk01_t.bmp10.28.072.00 MB
hawk02_t.bmp10.28.072.00 MB
hawk03_t.bmp10.23.073.00 MB
naces.bmp06.05.03512.07 kB
naces_cloth.bmp06.04.0317.05 kB
pspbrwse.jbf06.05.0435.67 kB
raf_helmet.bmp05.23.04256.07 kB
raf_helmet2.bmp05.23.04256.07 kB
tail_hook.bmp06.04.0365.05 kB
thumbnail.JPG10.28.0718.97 kB
Thumbs.db10.28.0727.00 kB
tires.bmp06.03.03257.05 kB
vc.bmp05.26.041.00 MB
Text.txt10.28.07922 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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