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AFCAD2 files for the 91 airports in Japan. By Tetsuji Nakata.

I tried to make it the layout near a real airport, as long as the space allowed to original scenery. However, an airport without exact data and original scenery received limitation. Therefore, the magnitude of a gate, a number, etc. differ from an real airport. Moreover, at some airports, the existing scenery may have overlapped with the taxiway etc. If required, please remove the check of the "crash and damage" of a set point of a reality.


  • Please copy the BGL file extracted to "/Addon Scenery/scenery." Cautions: Please back up your data first.

This file is my first release. Although the spot serial number, the taxiway serial number, etc. have fully finished the check, they may have a fault part. The test of the landing and departure of A.I. aircraft tested by two sets of my PCs. Still note that fault may be caused to your PC.

Very pleasant time was able to be spent by creating this file. I appreciate Lee Swordy which is this wonderful soft developer.

The archive has 96 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
AF2_RJAA.bgl08.16.0425.48 kB
AF2_RJAF.bgl08.11.042.60 kB
AF2_RJAN.bgl08.11.041.50 kB
AF2_RJAZ.bgl08.11.041.30 kB
AF2_RJBB.bgl08.13.0492.33 kB
AF2_RJBD.bgl08.11.041.92 kB
AF2_RJBH.bgl08.11.044.23 kB
AF2_RJBK.bgl08.11.047.45 kB
AF2_RJBT.bgl08.11.042.77 kB
AF2_RJCB.bgl08.10.045.02 kB
AF2_RJCC.bgl08.10.0415.05 kB
AF2_RJCH.bgl08.10.044.80 kB
AF2_RJCJ.bgl08.10.0414.67 kB
AF2_RJCK.bgl08.10.044.34 kB
AF2_RJCM.bgl08.10.044.94 kB
AF2_RJCN.bgl08.10.041.95 kB
AF2_RJCO.bgl08.10.044.93 kB
AF2_RJCR.bgl07.15.041.36 kB
AF2_RJCW.bgl08.02.042.23 kB
AF2_RJDA.bgl08.09.041.37 kB
AF2_RJDB.bgl08.09.041.85 kB
AF2_RJDC.bgl08.11.046.60 kB
AF2_RJDK.bgl08.11.041.40 kB
AF2_RJDO.bgl08.11.041.40 kB
AF2_RJDT.bgl08.11.042.07 kB
AF2_RJEB.bgl08.02.041.44 kB
AF2_RJEC.bgl08.10.047.71 kB
AF2_RJEO.bgl07.22.041.39 kB
AF2_RJER.bgl08.10.041.51 kB
AF2_RJFC.bgl08.09.041.53 kB
AF2_RJFE.bgl08.11.042.39 kB
AF2_RJFF.bgl08.11.0430.78 kB
AF2_RJFG.bgl08.11.042.16 kB
AF2_RJFK.bgl08.11.048.76 kB
AF2_RJFM.bgl08.11.047.62 kB
AF2_RJFO.bgl08.11.045.41 kB
AF2_RJFR.bgl08.11.042.34 kB
AF2_RJFS.bgl08.11.042.45 kB
AF2_RJFT.bgl08.11.044.83 kB
AF2_RJFU.bgl08.11.049.09 kB
AF2_RJKA.bgl08.11.043.93 kB
AF2_RJKB.bgl08.10.041.52 kB
AF2_RJKI.bgl08.10.041.52 kB
AF2_RJKN.bgl08.10.042.02 kB
AF2_RJNA.bgl08.16.0423.74 kB
AF2_RJNF.bgl08.04.041.38 kB
AF2_RJNK.bgl08.11.047.85 kB
AF2_RJNN.bgl08.11.0413.58 kB
AF2_RJNO.bgl08.06.041.63 kB
AF2_RJNT.bgl08.11.043.48 kB
AF2_RJOA.bgl08.11.045.14 kB
AF2_RJOB.bgl08.11.044.80 kB
AF2_RJOC.bgl08.11.042.76 kB
AF2_RJOH.bgl08.11.044.25 kB
AF2_RJOK.bgl08.11.044.33 kB
AF2_RJOM.bgl08.11.046.23 kB
AF2_RJOO.bgl08.11.0416.21 kB
AF2_RJOR.bgl08.11.042.46 kB
AF2_RJOS.bgl08.11.046.12 kB
AF2_RJOT.bgl08.11.045.31 kB
AF2_RJOW.bgl08.06.041.61 kB
AF2_RJOY.bgl08.11.046.11 kB
AF2_RJSA.bgl08.11.046.54 kB
AF2_RJSC.bgl08.11.042.98 kB
AF2_RJSD.bgl08.03.041.38 kB
AF2_RJSF.bgl08.11.045.48 kB
AF2_RJSI.bgl08.11.042.98 kB
AF2_RJSK.bgl08.11.044.81 kB
AF2_RJSM.bgl08.11.0412.75 kB
AF2_RJSN.bgl08.11.048.10 kB
AF2_RJSR.bgl08.11.041.81 kB
AF2_RJSS.bgl08.11.0411.88 kB
AF2_RJSY.bgl08.11.041.71 kB
AF2_RJTF.bgl08.11.041.79 kB
AF2_RJTH.bgl08.03.041.74 kB
AF2_RJTO.bgl08.11.043.76 kB
AF2_RJTQ.bgl08.11.042.30 kB
AF2_RJTT.bgl08.11.0444.82 kB
AF2_ROAH.bgl08.11.0417.77 kB
AF2_ROIG.bgl08.10.043.16 kB
AF2_ROKJ.bgl08.10.041.89 kB
AF2_ROKR.bgl08.11.041.38 kB
AF2_ROMD.bgl08.10.041.35 kB
AF2_ROMY.bgl08.10.042.37 kB
AF2_RORA.bgl08.10.041.34 kB
AF2_RORH.bgl08.10.041.17 kB
AF2_RORK.bgl08.10.041.37 kB
AF2_RORS.bgl08.10.044.03 kB
AF2_RORT.bgl08.10.041.35 kB
AF2_RORY.bgl08.10.041.53 kB
AF2_ROYN.bgl07.14.041.24 kB
Airport Data.txt08.16.043.49 kB
readme.txt08.16.041.08 kB
readme_j.txt08.16.041.04 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

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