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FS2004 AFCAD Files

AFCAD files are the skeleton of the airport or scenery, for example parking gates and taxiways and holding point information are stored in AFCAD files. These files do not show anything visually, but it's more along the lines of providing information to the simulator software so it may assign runways, parking gates and taxiways for you when you request them via ATC.
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FS2004 AFCAD2 File For RCKH and RCSS, Taipei Sungshan Airport and Kaohsiung Airport, for use with the default scenery. By Hyun-wook Hong. ...

File size: 11.50 kB | Download hits: 883

LOWL (Revision 2)Patch

Blue Danube Airport, Linz, Austria. Revision 2 with corrected DME and TDZ. This file has the new ILS 09 integrated. By Thorsten Buchner. Standard scenery Blue Danube Airport Linz (LOWL) AFCAD2 file for FS2004 only. This is an addition for the standard Linz (LOWL) airport AFCAD2 file. This file has the new ILS09 integrated. Installation: Copy the AF2_LOWL.bgl file into the Flight Simulator 9Addon Sceneryscenery folder. ...

File size: 4.21 kB | Download hits: 107

KHWV V2Patch

Brookhaven Airport, Shirley, New York (NY), v2. Located on the south shore of Long Island, a small but busy airport. Includes 150 parking spots all based on real maps and photos. Overview of Brookhaven Airport. Located on the south shore of LI, NY a small but large airport of plenty of people. Civil air patrol (Unites states Airfoce Auxilery). Airshows are there and is part of the great Dowling College Brookhaven Campus. Took me a long time. If you want you can add buildings and...

File size: 11.86 kB | Download hits: 110

SBRJ V2Patch

Aeroporto Santos Dumont, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, v2. Includes new textures in parking, helipads and new lights. By Luis Phelippe da Silva. Installation: Put the file AF2_SBRJ.bgl in your Flight Simulator 9Addon SceneryScenery folder and nice flights! Thank you! ...

File size: 4.35 kB | Download hits: 234

Tonopah Test RangePatch

An updated AFCAD2 file for Tonopah Test Range, Nevada (NV), v1.1 (TONOPA11.ZIP) with sound files for EditVoicepack. Sound files by Don Lewis Lively. AFCAD2 by William Peeters. ...

File size: 33.47 kB | Download hits: 57


Kansas City Int'l Airport, Missouri (MO). This file will update your default KMCI scenery. This is the first of many updates to this file and I hope eventually to do every major airport In the US. This is my very first AFCAD change and if you have any requests for me to add something to this airport or any suggestions on what to do please let me know. This update adds 3 Military combat gates(Parking 20, 21, and 22) and one Military Cargo gate(Parking 19) along with 1 helipad. These are not...

File size: 9.91 kB | Download hits: 89

LIMS V1.1Patch

This file is intended to update the freeware scenery LIMS version 0.4 and following by 50 Stormo Virtual. By Luca Zappala'. Screenshot of LIMS scenery. Scenery update: Makes lims compatible with AI traffic by adding combat parkings to the airport. Adds military cargo parkings and adds taxiway names. Minor taxiway's layout change. Added ground frequency. Now ai traffic enters and exits shelters. Texture updates: New photoreal textures based. The original...

File size: 294.83 kB | Download hits: 136

KOAK V2Patch

Metropolitan Oakland International Airport, California (CA). The major update is allowing runway 11/29 to be used alongside runways 27L/09R and 27R/09L by updating the airport layout. Runways 27/09L/R have been lengthened and additions and improvements have been made to the taxiways to allow improved traffic flow. All gates are also correctly aligned. Logo for Oakland International. ...

File size: 12.62 kB | Download hits: 112

KSFB V2Patch

Orlando Sanford International Airport, Florida (FL). Updates include changing of the default asphalt runways to concrete, as in real life, expanding the apron area and adding two heavy gates to the east side of the terminal area. Logo for Orlando Sanford. I have made the airport as realistic as possible given the extremely odd shaped terminal building that MS have used for Sanford. ...

File size: 6.96 kB | Download hits: 108


This file replaces the original RAF Wittering, UK, af2_egxt.bgl from the UK2000 scenery. It converts the wrong general aviation parkings into military parkings. Now there are combat and cargo military parkings. Also optimizes the file by deleting the wrongly overlapped taxiway links. This file is compatible with the payware UK2000 scenery and the payware DSB Design Harrier that comes bundled with the same scenery. By Luca Zappala. ...

File size: 5.97 kB | Download hits: 48

Improved AFCAD2 File For EHRDPatch

EHRD Rotterdam Airport (locally known as Zestienhoven), The Netherlands. You should use this file together with the NL2000 scenery (NL2K29S2.ZIP). Parking-codes for Transavia, VLM and KLM Cityhoper are included. Also some extra GA parking spots at the Rotterdam Aeroclub. For a busy apron set the time at sunday 6:15 AM (GMT). Screenshot of Rotterdam Airport scenery. Installation: Put the AF2_EHRD.BGL file in the ../addon scenery/scenery folder. Don't forget to remove...

File size: 160.88 kB | Download hits: 336

EIDL V1.5Patch

EIDL, Donegal, Ireland. This will add taxiways and parking for small aircraft such as the ATR 42 used by Aer Arann and runway lights. Width and length is also altered to replicate real life and layout is made to be as real as possible. By James O'Grady. Screenshot of Donegal, Ireland scenery. Version 1: Correct runway width. Accurated apron. Compass base at end of rwy 3. Version 1.5: Correct runway width. Accurate apron. Compass base at end of rwy...

File size: 2.87 MB | Download hits: 216

LFPG Paris CDG DefaultPatch

268 gates are available. Features aprons, blue center line lights and stop lines, hold short lights, helicopter area, de-icing bays. Exclude files included. By Xavier Ossedat. Logo for Aeroports de Paris. Changes regarding previous versions are as follows: India/EN/Papa/November/Mike/Sierra aprons redone. Airlines assignment updating (ACA etc...). Takeoff setting changed in Afcad for runway 08R/26L (closed). Some planes parked in the Papa or November were send to the...

File size: 84.13 kB | Download hits: 281

FSFS2004 AFCAD2 File For KTKI V2Patch

Version 2 of the AFCAD2 file for McKinney Municipal Airport, Texas (TX). Updates the parking, adds more spaces, generally improves the airport to be even more realistic. By Zachary Smith. Numerous planes on the ground at McKinney Municipal Airport. UPDATES: Added more parking. Coded some spots to realistically be labled. Removed Executive Jet tag for the transient jet parking and added Monarch Airlines (USA), Wings Aviation, and North Flying tags for the respective areas. Some...

File size: 264.90 kB | Download hits: 102


AKBT, Polar Bear Island, Alaska (AK), for use with AKBT.ZIP. By Bill Toler. Screenshot of Polar Bear Island scenery. Just overwrite the original AFCAD file in your Polar Bear Island scenery folder and rebuild your FS Nav Database if you are using it. Thank you to Andy Johnston for correcting this file. ...

File size: 2.76 kB | Download hits: 80

UK2000 Manchester V2Patch

A high quality AFCAD2 file for the UK2000 Manchester Airport (EGCC), UK. This is version 2 of the file and corrects a slight problem that some users experienced - AI aircraft jamming up when attempting to take off from 24L. Built from scratch, using the latest CAA charts, this AFCAD2 compliments the add-on scenery perfectly. This file gives you all the current real life taxiway names and gate numbers at this airport. Runway thresholds and lengths are as accurate as can be and align with the...

File size: 22.83 kB | Download hits: 178

Centrair (RJGG) FixPatch

This file corrects "RJGG" in AF2JPN_2.ZIP. By Tetsuji Nakata. Overview of Chubu International Airport. Installation: Cautions: Please back up your data first. When the release of my beginning is introduced, please delete "AF_RJNA.bgl" beforehand. Please copy the BGL file extracted to "/Addon Scenery/scenery". This file is correction of Chubu international airport. Although the spot number, the taxiing way number, etc. have fully...

File size: 93.22 kB | Download hits: 113

Alaska AFCAD2 Files V032505Patch

The files contained in this version of Alaska AFCAD files for FS2004 are intended for users that understand how to use AFCAD files and traffic in FS2004. This release is a work in progress. This file contains AFCAD2 files for most of the nearly 850 airports in the state of Alaska. No previous editions required. The revisions in this version are intended to work with the Misty Fjords project by Holger Sandmann. Also included are files for those who do not have Misty Fjords, although there has...

File size: 5.94 MB | Download hits: 177

AFCAD2 Files For Yerevan Armenia V2Patch

Yerevan, Armenia. Includes three airports, Zvartnots Int'l (UDEE), Yegvard (UG0C), Yerebuni (UG0Y). By Vishal Gupta. This is the 2nd file that I have ever uploaded for public use! I hope you love it! The contents of this archive is 3 AfCad2 files for 2 airports in Yerevan, Armenia. It is an update to the previous version released on the 13th of March 2005. The 2 airports in the previous release have not just been improved but another of Yerevan's airports has been...

File size: 8.00 kB | Download hits: 58

Halifax V3Patch

An AFCAD2 file for Halifax Airport (CYHZ), Nova Scotia, Canada, v3. This AFCAD2 is the final release for Halifax International Airport. New in this version is the application of the crosswind runway technique, meaning all runways can now be used simultaneously for take-offs and landings. Previous parking and taxiway layouts remain the same. Requires the freeware Halifax Airport scenery by Craig Mosher. This file has not been tested with the default scenery. By Lee Brompton. Overview of...

File size: 31.68 kB | Download hits: 98

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