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FS2004 AFCAD Files

AFCAD files are the skeleton of the airport or scenery, for example parking gates and taxiways and holding point information are stored in AFCAD files. These files do not show anything visually, but it's more along the lines of providing information to the simulator software so it may assign runways, parking gates and taxiways for you when you request them via ATC.
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Skopje Airport AFCAD

Skopje Airport (LWSK). An AFCAD file for Skopje Petrovec Airport "Aleksandar Veliki", Macedonia. By Ivano Marongiu. Cover image for this Skopje Airport AFCAD. To install this file, replace the original AFCAD in your FS9 Addon folder and execute this. ...

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Frankfurt/Main Airport, Germany, for use with AMEDDF11.ZIP. Should solve most of the problems with AI traffic. By Hans-Werner Mertens. Screenshot of a plane taking off from Frankfurt Airport. You need to have Version 1.1 of AM_EDDF installed on you computer! Why an AI traffic edition? Our freeware scenery for Frankfurt/Main (EDDF) is built mostly for online flying. So, we did NOT take care of flying with AI traffic and the embedded AFCAD2 is working real bad in that manner....

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Amritsar Airport, India. Here is my revamped AFCAD for the default Amritsar Airport. There are 9 gates and 3 cargo ramps. Airlines have been assigned to gates (Air India, Indian Airlines, Turkmenistan Airlines, and Uzbekistan Airways). I have added an ILS frequency for Runway 16, and also Runway 07/25 although I have since closed this runway for both landings and departures. Taxiways have been reconfigured and are all illuminated by night lighting. This is not based on the real airport, as VIAR...

File size: 97.04 KB | Download hits: 187


Doha International Airport, Qatar. Here is my own reworked AFCAD for the default Doha International Airport, with considerably increased parking to cater for the expanding Qatar Airways fleet and the increase in traffic at this airport. I have included 18 gates for the heavies, 13 medium gates, and 25 gates for the smaller aircraft, as well as 4 Cargo spots and a few additional parking positions. I have assigned some gates to specific airlines (mainly Qatar Airways and a few other airlines). I...

File size: 6.23 KB | Download hits: 257

LOWL (Revision 2)Patch

Blue Danube Airport, Linz, Austria. Revision 2 with corrected DME and TDZ. This file has the new ILS 09 integrated. By Thorsten Buchner. Standard scenery Blue Danube Airport Linz (LOWL) AFCAD2 file for FS2004 only. This is an addition for the standard Linz (LOWL) airport AFCAD2 file. This file has the new ILS09 integrated. Installation: Copy the AF2_LOWL.bgl file into the Flight Simulator 9Addon Sceneryscenery folder. ...

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A while ago I downloaded and installed FS2004 Jetways and Terminals - Package Nine by Jan Martin but it wasn't until the other day that I made a flight into KSAN, San Diego International-Lindbergh Airport only to discover that the AI traffic didn't match up with the jetways. The only answer was to make an one and here it is. Overview of San Diego International-Lindbergh Airport, California (CA). This AFCAD2 is not 100% accurate but should, more or less, give the right...

File size: 125.09 KB | Download hits: 168


This AFCAD file updates the default scenery adding the newly installed ILS system that was recently installed on runway 4 of the airport of LIPU, Padova, Italy. I took the liberty to tweak a little the overall design and remove the default long dirt apron parallel to the runway seemingly unconnected and unused by the default scenery both because it appeared unnecessary (being unused) and because on my system it showed painted a glaring snow-white. To install simply copy the AF2_LIPU.bgl...

File size: 2.79 KB | Download hits: 66


Bahrain International Airport. Includes nine gates for the heavies, nine medium gates and fourteen gates for the smaller aircraft, as well as three cargo ramps. Adds an ILS frequency for runway 12, as well as slightly altering taxiways. I've added lights to all taxiways for easier night movements. Most gates have been assigned to airlines, but I left a few unassigned. This is not based on the real airport. For FS2004 use only. By Chris Horsfield. Overview of Bahrain International...

File size: 78.01 KB | Download hits: 136

KHWV V2Patch

Brookhaven Airport, Shirley, New York (NY), v2. Located on the south shore of Long Island, a small but busy airport. Includes 150 parking spots all based on real maps and photos. Overview of Brookhaven Airport. Located on the south shore of LI, NY a small but large airport of plenty of people. Civil air patrol (Unites states Airfoce Auxilery). Airshows are there and is part of the great Dowling College Brookhaven Campus. Took me a long time. If you want you can add buildings and...

File size: 11.86 KB | Download hits: 134

SBRJ V2Patch

Aeroporto Santos Dumont, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, v2. Includes new textures in parking, helipads and new lights. By Luis Phelippe da Silva. Installation: Put the file AF2_SBRJ.bgl in your Flight Simulator 9Addon SceneryScenery folder and nice flights! Thank you! ...

File size: 4.35 KB | Download hits: 299

Charleston Int'l/AFB

Charleston Int'l/AFB military + gates (KCHS), South Carolina (SC). I routinely fly in and out of KCHS, Charleston INTL/AFB the military home for the C-17 Globemaster 315th/437th AW stationed here in Charleston. Overview of Charleston Int'l. All Parking spaces are assigned to the appropriate airlines and military parking areas... The Military ramp has been redone to show the tarmac areas and and proper spacing from photo's I took in flight on a missed approach into...

File size: 705.53 KB | Download hits: 174


Westchester County Airport, White Plains, New York (NY). Features modified taxiways, aprons, main terminal airline gates and plenty of GA parking spaces reflecting the actual airport layout for 2005. Current FAA airport diagram included. Additional flight plan file also included to increase the amount of GA volume at KHPN. By Luis J. Badillo. Aerial photo of Westchester County Airport. ...

File size: 170.82 KB | Download hits: 147


Miami International Airport, Florida (FL). This AFCAD has been originally done by Eric James adding the new Rwy to KMIA. I just changed the Rwy numbers and added the LOC/DME in Rwy 8L. Aerial view of Miami International Airport. Please note taxiways between runway 8/26 and runway 9L/26R at the real airport were changed extensively but only a few were incorporated into this file. This is because taxi and runway signs will not appear for the newly added taxiways or runway. Also some...

File size: 319.01 KB | Download hits: 257

AFCAD2 Files For Malaysia

Includes AFCAD files for the default Malaysian Airports. Includes WBGG, WBKK, WBSB, WMKC, WMKD, WMKJ, WMKL, WMKN, WMSA. Thanks to Lee Swordy for his marvelous AFCADv2.21. Installation: Just copy all BGL files into your Flight Simulator 9Addon SceneryScenery folder. That's it, go and fly now! ...

File size: 24.7 KB | Download hits: 350

Small Canadian Airports - D

Small Canadian Airports A-Z: Letter D. A collection of 28 AFCADs for small Canadian airfields. They are designed for the default scenery, whether the default scenery is correct or not. All AFCADs were drawn from the Canada Flight Supplement. The intent is to populate small airfields with parking so that GA Traffic will generate a more realistic level of AI GA traffic in the Canadian skies. The Canadian flag. Included in this collection: CYDN DAUPHIN,MB CJC3 DAVIDSON...

File size: 30.62 KB | Download hits: 153

EGNT/Newcastle AFCAD V1

An AFCAD2 file for Don Alexander's scenery for Newcastle International (EGNT). This file moves the runway and taxiway tracks to match those in Don Alexander's scenery file. It also adds parking spaces for all spaces in the scenery file, and puts the tower in the right position. Requires EGNT22.ZIP. By Jonathan Hewitt. Screenshot of Newcastle International (EGNT) scenery. To install, place this file into the 'Flight Simulator 9Addon Sceneryscenery' folder. This...

File size: 1.14 MB | Download hits: 198


Lulsgate Airport, Bristol, UK, for use with UK2000 scenery. Place this AFCAD in fs9/uk2000 scenery/af2 high/acenery. It will replace UK2000's default AFCAD for Bristol. ...

File size: 6.15 KB | Download hits: 51

Tonopah Test RangePatch

An updated AFCAD2 file for Tonopah Test Range, Nevada (NV), v1.1 (TONOPA11.ZIP) with sound files for EditVoicepack. Sound files by Don Lewis Lively. AFCAD2 by William Peeters. ...

File size: 33.47 KB | Download hits: 80

Alaska Military Parking Areas

Includes AFCAD2 files for Eielson AFB, Elmendorf AFB, Galena Airport, Nome Airport, King Salmon and Bethel Airport, AK. All include accurate parking areas for the USAF. By Michael Sweet. It is very easy to install, just simply go to your main Flight Simulator folder, and then find the Addon Scenery folder, when you locate that folder, open it. As you will see there will be a folder inside the Addon Scenery folder labeled "Scenery". Open that and paste all the BGL files in there....

File size: 30.52 KB | Download hits: 100


Ben Gurion Int'l Airport, Tel-Aviv, Israel. By Etai Charit. Logo for Ben Gurion Int'l Airport. Simply put the BGL file onto the ADDON SCENERY/Scenery folder. Have fun and safe flights! ...

File size: 13.31 KB | Download hits: 176

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