FS2004 Alaska AFCAD2 Files V032505

PreviewThe files contained in this version of Alaska AFCAD files for FS2004 are intended for users that understand how to use AFCAD files and traffic in FS2004. This release is a work in progress. This file contains AFCAD2 files for most of the nearly 850 airports in the state of Alaska. No previous edi...

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The files contained in this version of Alaska AFCAD files for FS2004 are intended for users that understand how to use AFCAD files and traffic in FS2004. This release is a work in progress. This file contains AFCAD2 files for most of the nearly 850 airports in the state of Alaska. No previous editions required. The revisions in this version are intended to work with the Misty Fjords project by Holger Sandmann. Also included are files for those who do not have Misty Fjords, although there has been no change to those files since version 020905. By Chris Coarse.

Screenshot of Seaplane in the air.

Screenshot of Seaplane in the air.

There is now a Zip file marked Pre-Misty Files for those that do not have Misty Fjords. If you have Misty Fjords, do yourself a giant favor and DELETE the Zip file marked Pre-Misty Files. The opposite is true for those that don't have Misty Fjords. For you, you will need to delete the folder marked Scenery.

There have been over 100 airports added/modified in this version. Several pieces of scenery came with their own airport identifier. If you have installed those files, please be sure to consult the Excel Spreadsheet for changes and delete those files from your system before installing the files enclosed. Failure to do so will cause flightsim to crash.

I am aware that there are problems with water runways. Right now, traffic will only park and disappears instead of using the taxiways and runways. I've read a few tutorials and have tried to correct this problem after some experimentation and discussion with those that know more than me on the subject. I don't believe there is a legitimate fix for this problem. The only way I can fix these is to make the water runways into hard surface runways. To do so would eliminate the anchor on the GPS and AI would have a harder time figuring out which runway to go to. This is a Microsoft problem that needs to be fixed.

The area north/northwest of Anchorage will cause a CTD if the GPS is used. There is either a problem with an AFCAD there or flightsim cannot handle the amount of AFCADS in the area. I'm not sure which. If anyone can figure it out, please let me know- this is one problem I'd really like to fix.

Add-on scenery tends to have an airport identifier which shows up in the GPS and often conflicts with the ICAO I've assigned it. I believe the only way to solve this problem is to remove scenery files that end in either _AFD.BGL or _A16N.BGL.

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The archive ak032505.zip has 913 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Alaska Airports FS2004.xls03.24.057.02 MB
Bonus03.24.050 B
Rans01splash.bmp03.24.051.37 MB
Thumbs.db03.24.0526.50 kB
FileID.diz.txt03.24.05842 B
flightplans03.24.050 B
Aircraft_AK_Big_Boats.txt03.24.051.08 kB
Aircraft_AK_Business_Jets.txt01.13.05829 B
Aircraft_AK_Cargo.txt11.27.041.96 kB
Aircraft_AK_Fire_Service.txt11.27.04268 B
Aircraft_AK_Land.txt03.21.0510.33 kB
Aircraft_AK_Land.xls03.21.0538.00 kB
Aircraft_AK_Land_Busy.txt01.18.052.42 kB
Aircraft_AK_Lighthouses.txt01.31.05220 B
Aircraft_AK_Oil_Rigs.txt10.30.0452 B
Aircraft_AK_Reeve_Aleutian.txt01.18.05163 B
Aircraft_AK_Water.txt03.22.053.04 kB
Aircraft_AK_Water.xls03.22.0519.00 kB
FlightPlans_AK_Big_Boats.txt03.24.0514.92 kB
FlightPlans_AK_Business_Jets.txt01.31.058.80 kB
FlightPlans_AK_Business_Jets.xls01.31.0543.50 kB
Flightplans_AK_C-130.txt01.19.054.73 kB
FlightPlans_AK_Cargo.txt11.27.0422.63 kB
Flightplans_AK_Fire_Service.txt11.30.04509 B
FlightPlans_AK_Land.txt03.21.05101.87 kB
FlightPlans_AK_Land.xls03.21.05386.50 kB
FlightPlans_AK_Land_Busy.txt03.22.0550.89 kB
FlightPlans_AK_Land_Busy.xls03.22.05203.00 kB
Flightplans_AK_Lighthouses.txt03.22.051.36 kB
Flightplans_AK_Lighthouses.xls03.22.0517.00 kB
Flightplans_AK_Oil_Rigs.txt11.06.04521 B
FlightPlans_AK_Reeve_Aleutian.txt01.18.053.56 kB
FlightPlans_AK_Water.txt03.22.0551.43 kB
FlightPlans_AK_Water.xls03.22.05204.50 kB
FlightPlans_AK_Water_Busy.txt03.22.0551.30 kB
FlightPlans_AK_Water_Busy.xls03.22.05203.00 kB
Pre-Misty Files.zip03.24.052.40 MB
Rans01.gif03.24.0511.38 kB
Rans01.jpg03.24.0584.97 kB
Readme.txt03.24.0520.94 kB
RWY12 Scenery03.24.050 B
FIL.BGL01.27.05236 B
HBI.BGL01.27.05284 B
PANT_airport_lighting.BGL02.17.051.54 kB
PANT_road_lighting.BGL02.17.05428 B
PASX.BGL11.09.04140 B
PATJ.BGL11.03.04236 B
PAWG.BGL11.10.04140 B
PAWS.BGL11.20.04236 B
PAXK.BGL11.09.04188 B
PCK.BGL11.09.04140 B
PEL.BGL11.04.04236 B
WSB.BGL01.27.05428 B
Scenery03.24.050 B
AF2_01A.bgl08.12.04788 B
AF2_01AK.bgl09.02.041.56 kB
AF2_02AK.bgl03.05.04891 B
AF2_03AK.bgl06.26.041.28 kB
AF2_04AK.bgl06.25.04974 B
AF2_05AK.bgl01.24.05863 B
AF2_06AK.bgl03.09.052.06 kB
AF2_07AK.bgl02.16.051.23 kB
AF2_07MT.bgl09.07.0411.72 kB
AF2_08AK.bgl03.15.051.78 kB
AF2_09AK.bgl06.26.041002 B
AF2_0AK.bgl11.03.041.22 kB
AF2_0AK0.bgl01.15.05792 B
AF2_0AK1.bgl08.12.041.15 kB
AF2_0AK2.bgl08.19.04896 B
AF2_0AK3.bgl01.15.05788 B
AF2_0AK4.bgl03.15.052.65 kB
AF2_0AK5.bgl03.18.051.47 kB
AF2_0AK6.bgl01.24.05753 B
AF2_0AK7.bgl08.14.04900 B
AF2_0AK8.bgl08.28.04720 B
AF2_0AK9.bgl08.14.04786 B
AF2_0Z2.bgl02.20.041.03 kB
AF2_0Z3.bgl06.25.04775 B
AF2_10AK.bgl01.15.05877 B
AF2_11AK.bgl01.26.051.57 kB
AF2_11Z.bgl03.19.041.03 kB
AF2_13AK.bgl01.15.05814 B
AF2_13S.bgl06.25.04730 B
AF2_13Z.bgl02.23.051.58 kB
AF2_14AK.bgl01.15.05882 B
AF2_15AK.bgl06.14.04953 B
AF2_15Z.bgl04.27.041.24 kB
AF2_16A.bgl11.03.041.21 kB
AF2_16AK.bgl01.13.051.01 kB
AF2_16K.bgl07.27.04756 B
AF2_16Z.bgl03.07.04770 B
AF2_17AK.bgl11.06.04882 B
AF2_17Z.bgl03.07.041.25 kB
AF2_18AK.bgl11.09.04817 B
AF2_19AK.bgl03.19.04842 B
AF2_19P.bgl06.25.04774 B
AF2_1AK0.bgl01.26.05996 B
AF2_1AK1.bgl01.15.05790 B
AF2_1AK2.bgl01.26.05928 B
AF2_1AK3.bgl08.21.041.20 kB
AF2_1AK4.bgl01.26.05993 B
AF2_1AK5.bgl08.31.041.18 kB
AF2_1AK6.bgl01.26.051.09 kB
AF2_1AK7.bgl01.26.05879 B
AF2_1AK8.bgl08.28.04816 B
AF2_1AK9.bgl03.09.051.43 kB
AF2_1KC.bgl01.26.051.15 kB
AF2_1Z9.bgl06.25.04782 B
AF2_20AK.bgl01.13.05950 B
AF2_20K.bgl02.25.041.19 kB
AF2_21AK.bgl01.26.051.05 kB
AF2_22AK.bgl01.26.051.00 kB
AF2_23AK.bgl01.26.05885 B
AF2_24AK.bgl01.26.05911 B
AF2_25AK.bgl02.25.041.14 kB
AF2_28AK.bgl03.08.04741 B
AF2_29AK.bgl03.08.04765 B
AF2_2A3.bgl03.08.04952 B
AF2_2A4.bgl06.25.04777 B
AF2_2A7.bgl06.26.04940 B
AF2_2A9.bgl03.08.041.38 kB
AF2_2AK.bgl02.25.041.18 kB
AF2_2AK0.bgl02.16.051.25 kB
AF2_2AK1.bgl03.08.04587 B
AF2_2AK2.bgl03.08.04696 B
AF2_2AK3.bgl07.28.041.20 kB
AF2_2AK4.bgl03.08.04644 B
AF2_2AK5.bgl03.08.04587 B
AF2_2AK6.bgl03.08.04860 B
AF2_2AK7.bgl02.25.04694 B
AF2_2AK8.bgl08.21.04960 B
AF2_2AK9.bgl03.08.04596 B
AF2_2C7.bgl01.31.051.01 kB
AF2_2R3.bgl06.25.04724 B
AF2_2Y3.bgl11.11.04718 B
AF2_2Z1.bgl06.25.04742 B
AF2_2Z2.bgl02.26.04860 B
AF2_2Z3.bgl02.26.04578 B
AF2_2Z5.bgl06.25.04988 B
AF2_2Z6.bgl06.25.04764 B
AF2_30AK.bgl02.26.04766 B
AF2_32AK.bgl02.26.041.08 kB
AF2_33AK.bgl02.26.041.09 kB
AF2_34AK.bgl03.19.04652 B
AF2_36AK.bgl09.01.041.34 kB
AF2_36H.bgl06.25.04732 B
AF2_37AK.bgl02.26.04784 B
AF2_38A.bgl02.26.041.04 kB
AF2_38AK.bgl08.12.041.12 kB
AF2_39AK.bgl02.26.04607 B
AF2_3A3.bgl06.26.04987 B
AF2_3AK.bgl02.28.041.13 kB
AF2_3AK0.bgl08.21.04958 B
AF2_3AK1.bgl03.08.04752 B
AF2_3AK2.bgl03.19.04691 B
AF2_3AK3.bgl02.28.04789 B
AF2_3AK4.bgl02.28.04836 B
AF2_3AK5.bgl10.30.04916 B
AF2_3AK6.bgl03.08.04614 B
AF2_3AK7.bgl02.28.04558 B
AF2_3AK8.bgl02.28.04660 B
AF2_3AK9.bgl08.21.041.31 kB
AF2_3H3.bgl06.25.04766 B
AF2_3Z1.bgl02.28.04898 B
AF2_3Z5.bgl02.28.04827 B
AF2_3Z8.bgl01.26.051.03 kB
AF2_3Z9.bgl01.26.05920 B
AF2_40AK.bgl02.28.04717 B
AF2_41AK.bgl02.28.04853 B
AF2_42AK.bgl02.28.04737 B
AF2_43AK.bgl02.28.04743 B
AF2_44AK.bgl02.28.04872 B
AF2_45AK.bgl03.08.04574 B
AF2_46AK.bgl02.28.04675 B
AF2_47AK.bgl04.01.04723 B
AF2_48AK.bgl03.13.04803 B
AF2_49AK.bgl03.05.04754 B
AF2_4A2.bgl11.03.041.20 kB
AF2_4AK.bgl03.05.04815 B
AF2_4AK0.bgl08.21.04931 B
AF2_4AK1.bgl08.29.041012 B
AF2_4AK2.bgl03.04.04688 B
AF2_4AK3.bgl04.27.04714 B
AF2_4AK5.bgl03.13.04774 B
AF2_4AK6.bgl09.01.041.92 kB
AF2_4AK7.bgl03.04.041.06 kB
AF2_4AK8.bgl11.03.04876 B
AF2_4AK9.bgl03.04.04850 B
AF2_4K0.bgl07.05.041.06 kB
AF2_4K5.bgl02.04.051.05 kB
AF2_4KA.bgl11.03.041.38 kB
AF2_4Z2.bgl03.08.041.24 kB
AF2_4Z5.bgl03.05.04616 B
AF2_4Z7.bgl02.16.053.31 kB
AF2_4Z9.bgl03.05.04694 B
AF2_50AK.bgl05.14.041.40 kB
AF2_51AK.bgl06.25.041.04 kB
AF2_51Z.bgl03.05.041.61 kB
AF2_52AK.bgl03.05.04735 B
AF2_52Z.bgl01.04.05825 B
AF2_53AK.bgl03.06.04957 B
AF2_54AK.bgl06.25.04704 B
AF2_55AK.bgl05.06.04584 B
AF2_56AK.bgl03.06.04752 B
AF2_57A.bgl06.25.04744 B
AF2_57AK.bgl06.25.041.17 kB
AF2_58A.bgl01.04.05828 B
AF2_58AK.bgl03.06.04676 B
AF2_59AK.bgl03.13.04880 B
AF2_5A8.bgl03.13.041.64 kB
AF2_5AK.bgl06.26.04808 B
AF2_5AK0.bgl11.11.045.39 kB
AF2_5AK1.bgl03.09.05861 B
AF2_5AK2.bgl03.13.04673 B
AF2_5AK3.bgl03.13.04713 B
AF2_5AK4.bgl09.02.04902 B
AF2_5AK5.bgl03.13.04850 B
AF2_5AK6.bgl03.13.04605 B
AF2_5AK7.bgl09.01.041.57 kB
AF2_5AK8.bgl03.19.04778 B
AF2_5AK9.bgl03.13.04695 B
AF2_5BK.bgl03.15.041.08 kB
AF2_5BL.bgl01.06.05922 B
AF2_5CD.bgl03.08.041.25 kB
AF2_5CE.bgl08.03.04851 B
AF2_5HN.bgl08.03.04747 B
AF2_5HO.bgl03.17.041.12 kB
AF2_5KE.bgl02.23.051.97 kB
AF2_5KO.bgl03.13.04616 B
AF2_5KS.bgl03.17.041.90 kB
AF2_5L6.bgl06.25.04735 B
AF2_5NI.bgl07.11.041.60 kB
AF2_5NK.bgl03.18.042.97 kB
AF2_5NN.bgl03.18.041.42 kB
AF2_5QC.bgl03.18.041.10 kB
AF2_5S8.bgl03.18.04910 B
AF2_5Z1.bgl01.26.051.55 kB
AF2_5Z5.bgl03.18.04726 B
AF2_5Z7.bgl03.18.04564 B
AF2_5Z9.bgl06.25.04915 B
AF2_60AK.bgl06.25.04865 B
AF2_60Z.bgl03.18.04800 B
AF2_62AK.bgl06.25.04758 B
AF2_63A.bgl06.13.041.03 kB
AF2_63AK.bgl03.18.04716 B
AF2_64AK.bgl03.18.04866 B
AF2_65AK.bgl03.18.041.16 kB
AF2_68A.bgl01.25.051.10 kB
AF2_6A8.bgl11.03.041.04 kB
AF2_6AK.bgl07.10.041.66 kB
AF2_6AK0.bgl11.12.04810 B
AF2_6AK1.bgl04.06.04681 B
AF2_6AK2.bgl04.06.04761 B
AF2_6AK3.bgl04.14.04652 B
AF2_6AK4.bgl03.15.05816 B
AF2_6AK5.bgl04.14.04928 B
AF2_6AK6.bgl09.20.041.56 kB
AF2_6AK7.bgl04.14.04719 B
AF2_6AK8.bgl04.14.04670 B
AF2_6AK9.bgl04.15.04850 B
AF2_6K8.bgl04.19.047.63 kB
AF2_6R7.bgl03.08.04912 B
AF2_6Z1.bgl04.19.04952 B
AF2_71AK.bgl04.19.04774 B
AF2_76Z.bgl04.19.04812 B
AF2_78K.bgl02.14.05884 B
AF2_78Z.bgl06.25.04848 B
AF2_7AK0.bgl01.04.05754 B
AF2_7AK1.bgl09.20.04879 B
AF2_7AK2.bgl09.01.041.27 kB
AF2_7AK3.bgl04.19.04901 B
AF2_7AK4.bgl04.19.04760 B
AF2_7AK5.bgl04.19.04728 B
AF2_7AK6.bgl04.19.04746 B
AF2_7AK7.bgl10.29.041.13 kB
AF2_7AK8.bgl04.19.04835 B
AF2_7AK9.bgl04.19.04842 B
AF2_7K2.bgl06.25.041014 B
AF2_7KA.bgl03.08.041.05 kB
AF2_84K.bgl02.21.052.38 kB
AF2_87AK.bgl04.22.04778 B
AF2_88AK.bgl04.22.04723 B
AF2_89AK.bgl04.22.04730 B
AF2_8AK0.bgl04.22.04962 B
AF2_8AK1.bgl09.20.04811 B
AF2_8AK2.bgl04.22.04785 B
AF2_8AK3.bgl04.22.04890 B
AF2_8AK4.bgl06.25.04714 B
AF2_8AK5.bgl11.09.04830 B
AF2_8AK6.bgl04.22.04761 B
AF2_8AK7.bgl08.21.041.63 kB
AF2_8AK8.bgl01.13.05818 B
AF2_8AK9.bgl04.22.04892 B
AF2_8K9.bgl02.22.051.36 kB
AF2_8KA.bgl07.12.04758 B
AF2_93AK.bgl03.08.04700 B
AF2_94Z.bgl04.22.042.00 kB
AF2_95Z.bgl04.22.042.21 kB
AF2_96Z.bgl01.25.051.23 kB
AF2_99AK.bgl04.22.04854 B
AF2_99Z.bgl06.25.04733 B
AF2_9A3.bgl03.08.04934 B
AF2_9A8.bgl04.22.041.03 kB
AF2_9AK.bgl04.22.04886 B
AF2_9AK0.bgl04.22.04847 B
AF2_9AK1.bgl10.13.04981 B
AF2_9AK2.bgl03.19.04883 B
AF2_9AK3.bgl04.27.04851 B
AF2_9AK4.bgl04.27.04890 B
AF2_9AK5.bgl04.27.04903 B
AF2_9AK6.bgl04.27.04792 B
AF2_9AK7.bgl04.27.04987 B
AF2_9AK8.bgl01.13.05489 B
AF2_9AK9.bgl11.09.04829 B
AF2_9C0.bgl03.03.051.74 kB
AF2_9K2.bgl04.28.04944 B
AF2_9Z3.bgl01.13.05523 B
AF2_9Z7.bgl04.27.041018 B
AF2_9Z8.bgl04.28.04868 B
AF2_9Z9.bgl04.27.04760 B
AF2_A13.bgl04.27.04853 B
AF2_A14.bgl04.27.041.13 kB
AF2_A180.bgl12.10.042.27 kB
AF2_A181.bgl06.28.041.69 kB
AF2_A182.bgl10.19.042.69 kB
AF2_A183.bgl03.03.051.59 kB
AF2_A23.bgl06.28.04858 B
AF2_A27.bgl06.28.04824 B
AF2_A29.bgl09.14.041.09 kB
AF2_A43.bgl06.25.04706 B
AF2_A57.bgl04.28.04590 B
AF2_A61.bgl03.08.041.01 kB
AF2_A63.bgl03.08.041020 B
AF2_A67.bgl04.27.04697 B
AF2_A68.bgl04.28.04844 B
AF2_A69.bgl04.28.04917 B
AF2_A70.bgl04.28.04774 B
AF2_A77.bgl06.02.041.37 kB
AF2_A79.bgl04.28.041.51 kB
AF2_A85.bgl03.08.041.05 kB
AF2_A88.bgl03.08.04616 B
AF2_A89.bgl03.19.04936 B
AF2_AAB.bgl03.15.051.55 kB
AF2_AGN.bgl06.28.04836 B
AF2_AK0.bgl03.08.041.00 kB
AF2_AK00.bgl03.08.041.14 kB
AF2_AK01.bgl01.26.051.44 kB
AF2_AK02.bgl03.08.04610 B
AF2_AK03.bgl08.21.041.35 kB
AF2_AK06.bgl03.08.041.11 kB
AF2_AK07.bgl03.19.041.21 kB
AF2_AK08.bgl03.08.04850 B
AF2_AK09.bgl03.08.04638 B
AF2_AK1.bgl03.08.04907 B
AF2_AK10.bgl06.13.041.46 kB
AF2_AK11.bgl08.21.041.37 kB
AF2_AK12.bgl03.08.04641 B
AF2_AK13.bgl03.08.04626 B
AF2_AK14.bgl07.12.041.20 kB
AF2_AK15.bgl03.08.041.28 kB
AF2_AK16.bgl06.28.041.33 kB
AF2_AK17.bgl05.13.04790 B
AF2_AK18.bgl07.05.042.11 kB
AF2_AK19.bgl02.04.051.51 kB
AF2_AK20.bgl09.01.041.49 kB
AF2_AK21.bgl05.13.04674 B
AF2_AK22.bgl05.14.041.24 kB
AF2_AK23.bgl08.21.041.10 kB
AF2_AK24.bgl04.22.04670 B
AF2_AK25.bgl05.13.04800 B
AF2_AK26.bgl05.13.04942 B
AF2_AK27.bgl05.14.04898 B
AF2_AK28.bgl09.01.041.23 kB
AF2_AK29.bgl08.12.041.17 kB
AF2_AK30.bgl06.28.04988 B
AF2_AK31.bgl01.13.05495 B
AF2_AK32.bgl05.13.041.83 kB
AF2_AK33.bgl06.28.04862 B
AF2_AK34.bgl06.28.04880 B
AF2_AK35.bgl03.03.051.22 kB
AF2_AK37.bgl09.01.044.76 kB
AF2_AK39.bgl05.20.041009 B
AF2_AK40.bgl05.20.04922 B
AF2_AK41.bgl05.20.04785 B
AF2_AK44.bgl05.20.04736 B
AF2_AK45.bgl05.20.041.24 kB
AF2_AK46.bgl05.20.04857 B
AF2_AK47.bgl09.01.042.18 kB
AF2_AK48.bgl06.28.04852 B
AF2_AK49.bgl05.20.04752 B
AF2_AK5.bgl04.21.04996 B
AF2_AK50.bgl05.28.04891 B
AF2_AK51.bgl06.28.04950 B
AF2_AK52.bgl06.28.041.00 kB
AF2_AK53.bgl05.25.04822 B
AF2_AK54.bgl06.19.04899 B
AF2_AK55.bgl01.04.05847 B
AF2_AK56.bgl01.04.05800 B
AF2_AK57.bgl09.11.041.17 kB
AF2_AK58.bgl05.28.04724 B
AF2_AK59.bgl07.05.04900 B
AF2_AK60.bgl05.28.04914 B
AF2_AK61.bgl07.09.041.19 kB
AF2_AK62.bgl08.28.04805 B
AF2_AK63.bgl08.14.041.09 kB
AF2_AK64.bgl05.29.04803 B
AF2_AK65.bgl01.13.05496 B
AF2_AK66.bgl01.26.05808 B
AF2_AK67.bgl08.14.04780 B
AF2_AK68.bgl03.15.05866 B
AF2_AK69.bgl01.26.051.23 kB
AF2_AK70.bgl03.11.051.59 kB
AF2_AK71.bgl08.21.041.25 kB
AF2_AK72.bgl05.29.04800 B
AF2_AK73.bgl05.29.041.00 kB
AF2_AK74.bgl08.14.041.24 kB
AF2_AK75.bgl03.04.051.34 kB
AF2_AK76.bgl06.03.04835 B
AF2_AK77.bgl08.14.041.15 kB
AF2_AK78.bgl02.23.051.80 kB
AF2_AK79.bgl02.16.052.41 kB
AF2_AK80.bgl06.03.04924 B
AF2_AK81.bgl06.27.04862 B
AF2_AK82.bgl01.26.051.29 kB
AF2_AK83.bgl06.03.04839 B
AF2_AK84.bgl01.25.051.25 kB
AF2_AK85.bgl08.14.041.50 kB
AF2_AK86.bgl06.13.041.29 kB
AF2_AK87.bgl06.13.04824 B
AF2_AK88.bgl08.14.041.40 kB
AF2_AK90.bgl06.13.04814 B
AF2_AK91.bgl09.18.042.44 kB
AF2_AK92.bgl06.13.04901 B
AF2_AK93.bgl07.11.043.25 kB
AF2_AK94.bgl08.28.04994 B
AF2_AK95.bgl06.13.04893 B
AF2_AK96.bgl06.13.041.16 kB
AF2_AK97.bgl03.08.04594 B
AF2_AK98.bgl06.13.04996 B
AF2_AK99.bgl06.13.041.00 kB
AF2_AKC.bgl02.23.051.10 kB
AF2_AKI.bgl03.08.041.57 kB
AF2_AKK.bgl03.08.041.23 kB
AF2_ALZ.bgl06.27.04722 B
AF2_ANA.bgl02.14.05842 B
AF2_APH.bgl03.17.04506 B
AF2_AQC.bgl06.27.041.24 kB
AF2_AQY.bgl06.13.042.53 kB
AF2_ATU.bgl03.22.042.15 kB
AF2_AUK.bgl06.13.041.19 kB
AF2_BFD.bgl03.18.052.06 kB
AF2_BGL.bgl03.15.051.24 kB
AF2_BGQ.bgl06.13.042.77 kB
AF2_BLG.bgl06.13.041.93 kB
AF2_BLU.bgl03.14.052.06 kB
AF2_BNF.bgl06.13.04894 B
AF2_BQV.bgl09.22.04870 B
AF2_BWW.bgl03.04.051.30 kB
AF2_BYA.bgl06.13.041.56 kB
AF2_C05.bgl03.19.041.49 kB
AF2_CAC3.bgl03.15.051.50 kB
AF2_CAC9.bgl03.08.051.38 kB
AF2_CAI.bgl03.18.051.54 kB
AF2_CAN6.bgl03.08.051.24 kB
AF2_CAN8.bgl03.08.051.31 kB
AF2_CBA3.bgl03.08.051.35 kB
AF2_CCL.bgl03.04.051.19 kB
AF2_CDE.bgl08.04.04780 B
AF2_CDL.bgl03.08.04605 B
AF2_CEM.bgl03.08.041.50 kB
AF2_CGA.bgl06.27.04898 B
AF2_CHF.bgl03.18.051.01 kB
AF2_CHOK.bgl06.27.04754 B
AF2_CHP.bgl06.14.041.36 kB
AF2_CIK.bgl03.22.042.12 kB
AF2_CJX.bgl06.14.041.27 kB
AF2_CKU.bgl02.26.041.30 kB
AF2_CKX.bgl06.14.041.47 kB
AF2_CLF.bgl06.16.041.07 kB
AF2_CLP.bgl03.08.041.46 kB
AF2_CMI.bgl03.18.051.55 kB
AF2_CSP.bgl07.28.04826 B
AF2_CSR.bgl06.16.042.98 kB
AF2_CTP.bgl03.11.051.86 kB
AF2_CXC.bgl06.16.04930 B
AF2_CXF.bgl04.22.042.72 kB
AF2_CYBH.bgl03.11.052.68 kB
AF2_CYM.bgl06.27.04694 B
AF2_CYPR.bgl03.08.053.38 kB
AF2_CZCI.bgl03.18.05939 B
AF2_CZGW.bgl03.15.052.08 kB
AF2_CZMI.bgl03.02.051.28 kB
AF2_CZMT.bgl03.18.051.99 kB
AF2_CZN.bgl06.16.04994 B
AF2_CZO.bgl03.23.042.79 kB
AF2_CZST.bgl03.04.053.02 kB
AF2_CZSW.bgl03.01.051.81 kB
AF2_D66.bgl06.16.04992 B
AF2_DCK.bgl04.22.041.60 kB
AF2_DDT.bgl05.31.04978 B
AF2_DEM.bgl03.18.051.01 kB

Installation of Add-on Aircraft/Scenery

Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description. For further installation help, please see our Flight School for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download.


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