FSX USAF Boeing B-52

PreviewFSX USAF Boeing B-52. US Air Force B-52H models 60-042 and 60-047 (two aircraft) based out of Barksdale AFB for FSX. Most of the dynamics meet real world specifications. Includes realistic sound, smoke, weight, fuel, range and kneeboard. Read Instruct.txt for details. Original aircraft design by ...

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FSX USAF Boeing B-52. US Air Force B-52H models 60-042 and 60-047 (two aircraft) based out of Barksdale AFB for FSX. Most of the dynamics meet real world specifications. Includes realistic sound, smoke, weight, fuel, range and kneeboard. Read Instruct.txt for details. Original aircraft design by Mike Stone; 60-047 textures by Bill Baldwin; flight dynamics corrections and data by Douglas E. Trapp, FS Flight Dynamics Engineer.

This aircraft is designed to fly like the real thing, as close as I could get it. Some real World data is missing, so close approximations were used based on basic flight dynamics engineering, so it should be one of the best B-52 models available at this time. The models presented here will also work in FS2004, but the panel will work only in FSX. You can simply copy and paste all data within the FS2004 747/panel folder to the panel folder for this aircraft if using FS2004, and it will work fine.

There are two aircraft in this work, designed by two separate authors, but they incorporate the same dynamics and fly identically. I have test-flown these aircraft around the globe twice to reassure myself that all is well. You may have a bouncing effect occur when using 16x speed acceleration, but this will not effect the range at all. You can use autopilot for take-off and ILS approach (not touchdown). The main problem with this aircraft is that it must slow to 180 Knots or less in order to capture the ILS, and should be a direct runway approach for this. Full flaps are used at speeds less than 240 Knots on approach. Takeoff V2 speed is about 185 Knots, so you need a long runway with 10 degree flaps (3 notches).

Autopilot climb hold will pull her up fine if the runway is more than 9,500 feet long. I suggest you take a few test runs from any AFB, with 20% fuel or zero bomb weight to gain experience with takeoff and ILS approach. Although the engines are powerful, and there are eight of them, the aircraft full weight restricts the cruise altitude. At full weight and fuel she can cruise at FL410E or FL420W at mach .88, but if bombs are disguarded she can do the same at FL490E or FL500W. Note that the bomb weight is the last entry in the payload list, while the others represent the flight crew weights. Also, flying without bombs (known as a ferry flight) will increase your range by about 1,000 nm. Taxi speed is about 42% N1, and ground speed should not be more than 10 Knots in any turn.

You will discover all these aspects as you experiment with her, and I advise that you experiment a bit before taking a long distance run. If you want realism, fly out of Barksdale AFB (KBAD), and only to Air Force Bases around the globe that contain ILS. This aircraft is difficult to land without ILS hold as your assistant. If you are not an experienced simmer, you will probably crash a lot. Please do not write me for further instructions on how to fly this bird ... I simply do not have time for that. Check the kneeboard area for reference and checklists as necessary. If you have problems with ATC recognizing the aircraft, download, install, and update the latest version of "Edit Voicepack".

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60-047.jpg10.08.08266.52 kB
Aircraft.cfg10.14.0814.90 kB
b52h.air10.08.088.52 kB
B-52h_check.txt10.13.083.95 kB
B-52h_ref.txt10.13.081.44 kB
base textures10.08.080 B
cowl_t.bmp10.08.0865.05 kB
fuslg_t.bmp10.08.081.00 MB
lwingbottom_t.bmp10.08.081.00 MB
lwingtop_t.bmp10.08.081.00 MB
misc_t.bmp10.08.081.00 MB
rwingbottom_t.bmp10.08.081.00 MB
rwingtop_t.bmp10.08.081.00 MB
wheels_t.bmp10.08.0817.05 kB
Instruct.txt10.14.082.93 kB
model10.08.080 B
b52h.mdl10.08.081.56 MB
model.cfg10.08.0821 B
panel10.08.080 B
747_Background_1024.bmp05.12.06515.05 kB
747_Upper_Background_1024.bmp05.12.06433.18 kB
Boeing747-400.cab09.04.063.21 MB
ECU_Background_1024.bmp05.12.06371.27 kB
panel.cfg08.11.066.24 kB
sound10.08.080 B
A_COMB_1.wav10.08.08325.45 kB
A_COMB_2.wav10.08.08346.98 kB
A_COMB_3.wav10.08.08346.98 kB
A_COMB_4.wav10.08.08346.98 kB
A_EFSC.wav10.08.08346.98 kB
A_JT8D_0.wav10.08.08519.25 kB
A_JT8D_1.wav10.08.081.35 MB
A_JT8D_2.WAV10.08.08519.25 kB
A_JT8D_3.wav10.08.081.35 MB
b_COMB_1.wav10.08.08325.45 kB
B_COMB_2.wav10.08.08346.98 kB
B_COMB_3.wav10.08.08346.98 kB
B_COMB_4.wav10.08.08346.98 kB
B_EFSC.wav10.08.08346.98 kB
B_JT8D_0.wav10.08.08519.25 kB
b_JT8D_1.wav10.08.081.35 MB
b_JT8D_2.WAV10.08.08519.25 kB
B_JT8D_3.wav10.08.081.35 MB
BMGWARN.WAV10.08.0838.21 kB
FLAPS.wav10.08.0884.46 kB
geardn.wav10.08.08303.80 kB
gearup.wav10.08.08465.87 kB
NEWWIND.wav10.08.08858.65 kB
Sound.cfg10.08.0813.69 kB
T_COMB_SHUT.WAV10.08.08125.24 kB
T_COMB_START.WAV10.08.08172.72 kB
T_JT8D_START.WAV10.08.08583.66 kB
touchc.wav10.08.08286.01 kB
touchl.wav10.08.0814.22 kB
touchr.wav10.08.0810.85 kB
wind.wav10.08.08858.65 kB
X_A_COMB_1.wav10.08.081.05 MB
X_A_COMB_2.wav10.08.081.05 MB
X_A_COMB_3.wav10.08.081.05 MB
X_A_COMB_4.wav10.08.08693.93 kB
X_A_EFSC.wav10.08.081.05 MB
X_A_JT8D_0.wav10.08.081.05 MB
X_A_JT8D_1.wav10.08.08390.05 kB
X_a_JT8D_2.wav10.08.08780.06 kB
X_a_JT8D_3.wav10.08.08538.39 kB
X_b_COMB_1.wav10.08.081.05 MB
X_b_COMB_2.wav10.08.081.05 MB
X_b_COMB_3.wav10.08.081.05 MB
X_B_COMB_4.wav10.08.08693.93 kB
X_B_EFSC.wav10.08.081.05 MB
X_b_JT8D_0.wav10.08.081.05 MB
X_b_JT8D_1.wav10.08.08390.05 kB
X_b_JT8D_2.wav10.08.08780.06 kB
X_b_JT8D_3.wav10.08.08538.39 kB
X_T_COMB_START.wav10.08.08108.81 kB
X_T_JT8D_SHUT.wav10.08.083.87 MB
X_T_JT8D_START.WAV10.08.08427.63 kB
texture.60-04710.08.080 B
cowl_t.bmp10.08.0885.43 kB
fuslg_t.bmp10.08.081.33 MB
fuslg_t_A.bmp10.08.081.00 MB
lwingbottom_t.bmp10.08.081.33 MB
lwingtop_t.bmp10.08.081.33 MB
misc_t.bmp10.08.081.33 MB
rwingbottom_t.bmp10.08.081.33 MB
rwingtop_t.bmp10.08.081.33 MB
Thumbs.db10.08.0850.50 kB
wheels_t.bmp10.08.0817.05 kB
Texture10.08.080 B
cowl_t.bmp10.08.0865.05 kB
fuslg_t.bmp10.08.081.00 MB
lwingbottom_t.bmp10.08.081.00 MB
lwingtop_t.bmp10.08.081.00 MB
misc_t.bmp10.08.081.00 MB
rwingbottom_t.bmp10.08.081.00 MB
rwingtop_t.bmp10.08.081.00 MB
wheels_t.bmp10.08.0817.05 kB
Thumbs.db10.08.086.00 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
Screenshots09.01.170 B
001.jpg09.01.17262.12 kB
002.jpg09.01.17187.12 kB
003.jpg09.01.17339.43 kB
004.jpg09.01.17181.20 kB
005.jpg09.01.17132.03 kB
006.jpg09.01.17225.16 kB
007.jpg09.01.1761.20 kB
008.jpg09.01.1761.65 kB
009.jpg09.01.17313.44 kB
010.jpg09.01.17262.78 kB


As someone who looks for all the authenticity that they can possibly get when using a flight simulator, it was a nice treat to be able to start using something as impressive as this remake of the US Air Force Boeing B-52 Bomber. The B-52 is a popular part of military folklore in the US, and the reasons are fairly easy to see why if you just hop into the aircraft and take off. Boasting an incredible level of raw power and strength, very few things can be as satisfying as hopping into the cockpit of something as truly terrifying as this and taking off.

Preview screenshot

Whilst the emotions I felt when I first got to grips with the aircraft were one of triumph, I also felt a little bit sad; it took hours worth of leering and frustration to get use to flying something as precise as the B-52, and this felt like a challenge I wouldn’t be able to enjoy again anytime soon as most aircraft are similar.

The B-52, though, felt totally unique to me in many aspects. Aside from being blown away by the attention of detail and the accuracy in everything from the placement of the spoilers to the actual specifications of the aircraft, this feels different to many of your most typical aircraft out there. For a start, you know that you are flying an aircraft that has the raw tools required to take out an entire city! It’s got incredible power in the payload, and you get to now take something of such incredible importance and strength into the skies.

Since this was originally created for FS2004 and revived into FSX with improvements and changes, many of the most important aspects included are carried over from the old mod. However, the textures and model have been revolutionized to fit with the modern specifications and standards. As well as this, it integrates the mod with all of the new FSX features that you probably want to try out yourself with this mod; being able to bring something back from the old-school days of FS2004 can be a lot of fun, especially when you get all of the new features included in there.

However, one thing I will caution is that flying something as intricate as this requires you to get involved with more than just the basic flight education most have; you need to be prepared to hit the runways for hours on end and really get used to those key traits that make this different from your normal aircraft. Given that the aircraft can hit speeds that you might never have expected of a bomber (even faster again if you lose the bombs!) you will probably find the speed the hardest thing to get used to in terms of what you perceived vs what it’s capable of doing so.

Overall, though, the experience is one of the most positive I have had when using a flight simulator in recent years thanks to the incredible levels of attention and detail to making the little things stand out. The virtual cockpit is as full as ever with things to pick from, whilst the aircraft is more influential than ever before at the same time – overall, this is one of my most enjoyable mods that I’ve seen taken from FS2004 and put into FSX!

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe is a flight sim enthusiast who has been simming since the days of FS95. Adam writes all of the download section editorials after testing each of the files. Adam has extensive knowledge using various flight simulator packages and thoroughly tests the files before writing about them. Adam also like to fly real-world aircraft in his spare time and is training for his PPL.

Should you wish, you can contact Adam via email at adam@flyawaysimulation.com.

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B52NavydudeWed, 06 Jul 2016 19:13:18 GMT

This aircraft is awesome on any level just have to do your own research lots of flying and patients. I had to learn how use flaps correctly and land with the correct speed. And some crabbing into some landings. This sim is awesome once you get it down even with a heavy payload and weapons its a challenge.

GaryBSat, 04 Oct 2014 00:24:10 GMT

Serious problem here, basically the textures are all white bright white and will not load properly, no matter what I do with this download or what admin privileges I set for fsx acceleration, the plane is totally white... help?

Brian TienFri, 17 Jan 2014 08:02:09 GMT

According to the comments, you can't take off in this thing, maybe fixing the weight issues will change my mind about looking for another addon, since I really want a B-52 to drop some nukes n' bombs from this weapons pack.

daveboy57Tue, 04 Jan 2011 00:30:06 GMT
Like others said...GREAT sound, poor cockpit. Default aircraft is way over gross max. weight which is why it won't take off. If you removeabout 80,000 lbs. you will be able to take off okay.
mrual787Sun, 25 Jul 2010 22:18:54 GMT
i found the only place i can take off from is Edwards AFB where the shuttle lands its the only place where the runway is long enough everywhere else you run off the runway and crash... nice aircraft except that and 747 panel not B-52
Big_BossThu, 08 Oct 2009 18:04:01 GMT
Great model, great textures, love the engine sounds. The only thing that upset me were the cockpits, lack of VC and the stock 2d panel. If updated, I'd fly this one alot!
Roth0211Thu, 16 Jul 2009 05:11:20 GMT
Great ship, but a little difficult to take-off on most airstrips. Anything under 13,300ft it won't get any lift. The only thing that leaves me wanting more is the control panel. I was hoping for a more true-to-life panel, but I can live with the stock Boeing panel. Other than that I think it's pretty cool. Love the engine sound!!
wackTue, 09 Jun 2009 19:45:24 GMT
Looks good, but even with no load, on a 12000 foot strip, it wont take off.
brickwall132Thu, 26 Feb 2009 01:38:22 GMT
This plane has the best sounding engines in the game but it doesnt fly anything like the real one, it stalls at like 200 mph with full flaps.

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