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Falcon 50 FS2004 Port-Over

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Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) including Steam Edition & Prepar3D (P3D)
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FSX version of the Dassault Falcon 50 (with permission by Yannick Lavigne, Fred Banting, Rob Young and Eric Dantes). The FSX conversion was created by an international team of Falcon 50 lovers: Ludovic "Vonstroheim", Andre "esmdu", Philippe Wallaert, and Don Bodenstedt.

Screenshot of Falcon 50 in flight.

Screenshot of Falcon 50 in flight.

Contains five different liveries.

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The archive has 111 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Falcon50fsx.v. B
Documentation09.16.110 B
eda_falcon50_check.pdf09.16.1193.10 kB
eda_falcon50_doc.pdf09.16.11373.07 kB
eda_falcon50_ref.pdf09.16.1191.81 kB
Effects09.16.110 B
fx_smoke_f6.fx05.31.111.17 kB
fx_vclight_f50.fx09.16.111.30 kB
Lisez moi.rtf09.19.1151.01 kB
Read Me.rtf09.19.1149.08 kB
SimObjects09.16.110 B
Airplanes09.16.110 B
Dassault Falcon 5009.16.110 B
aircraft.cfg09.19.1120.87 kB
Falcon50.air04.23.118.17 kB
Falcon50_Check.txt04.23.113.64 kB
Falcon50_Ref.txt04.23.111.05 kB
model09.16.110 B
falcon50.mdl04.23.111.13 MB
Model.cfg04.23.1127 B
panel09.16.110 B
Falcon5D.cab09.11.11481.63 kB
Falcon5X.cab04.23.11539.45 kB
overhead.bmp01.11.11586.58 kB
panel.cfg08.09.1119.90 kB
panel_regular.bmp04.23.11769.05 kB
panel_VC1.bmp04.23.113.00 MB
panel_VC2.bmp04.23.113.00 MB
panel_VC3.bmp04.23.113.00 MB
panel_VC4.bmp04.23.113.00 MB
panel_wide.bmp04.23.113.00 MB
radio_stack.bmp04.23.11868.41 kB
yoke.bmp04.23.11165.12 kB
yokes.bmp04.23.11438.55 kB
sound09.16.110 B
Sound.cfg04.23.1143 B
texture09.16.110 B
texture.caea09.16.110 B
fus1.bmp04.23.111.33 MB
fus2.bmp04.23.111.33 MB
nfus3D.bmp04.23.111.33 MB
nfus3L.bmp04.23.111.33 MB
reac.bmp04.23.11341.43 kB
texture.cfg08.14.06137 B
thumbnail.jpg09.11.116.25 kB
texture.canada09.16.110 B
fus1.bmp01.03.111.33 MB
fus2.bmp01.06.111.33 MB
Nfus3D.bmp01.09.111.33 MB
Nfus3L.bmp01.09.111.33 MB
reac.bmp01.09.11341.43 kB
texture.cfg09.11.11251 B
thumbnail.jpg09.11.116.31 kB
texture.dassault09.16.110 B
fus1.bmp12.11.101.33 MB
fus2.bmp12.11.101.33 MB
gearbay.bmp12.11.10341.43 kB
nfus3d.bmp12.15.101.33 MB
nfus3l.bmp12.15.101.33 MB
plus.bmp12.15.10341.43 kB
reac.bmp12.11.10341.43 kB
seatfront.bmp12.11.101.33 MB
sol.bmp12.11.101.33 MB
texture.cfg09.11.11251 B
thumbnail.jpg09.11.116.12 kB
topwing.bmp10.08.05256.07 kB
texture.life09.16.110 B
fus1.bmp09.11.111.33 MB
fus2.bmp09.11.111.33 MB
gearbay.bmp09.11.11256.07 kB
Nfus3D.bmp09.11.111.33 MB
Nfus3L.bmp09.11.111.33 MB
plus.bmp09.11.11341.43 kB
reac.bmp09.11.11256.38 kB
seatfront.bmp09.11.111.00 MB
sol.bmp09.11.111.00 MB
texture.cfg09.11.11251 B
thumbnail.jpg09.11.116.77 kB
texture.marine09.16.110 B
backwing.bmp12.15.10341.43 kB
fus1.bmp12.15.101.33 MB
fus2.bmp12.15.101.33 MB
gearbay.bmp12.11.10341.43 kB
nfus3d.bmp12.15.101.33 MB
nfus3l.bmp12.15.101.33 MB
plus.bmp12.15.10341.43 kB
reac.bmp12.15.10341.43 kB
seatfront.bmp12.11.101.33 MB
sol.bmp12.11.101.33 MB
texture.cfg09.11.11301 B
thumbnail.jpg09.11.115.77 kB
topwing.bmp12.15.10341.43 kB
accoud.bmp04.23.111.00 MB
backwing.bmp04.23.11341.43 kB
bigpanD.bmp04.23.111.33 MB
bigpanG.bmp04.23.111.33 MB
cok.bmp04.23.111.00 MB
flaps.bmp04.23.11341.43 kB
gearbay.bmp04.23.11341.43 kB
halos2.bmp04.23.11257.05 kB
image13.bmp04.23.11257.05 kB
ins.bmp04.23.111.00 MB
panel.bmp04.23.111.00 MB
plus.bmp04.23.11341.43 kB
roof.bmp04.23.111.00 MB
seatfront.bmp04.23.111.33 MB
sol.bmp04.23.111.33 MB
topwing.bmp04.23.11257.05 kB
wind.bmp04.23.1185.43 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

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Rob ColeFri, 18 Sep 2015 17:57:21 GMT

Really nice model, great flight dynamics and beautifully designed panel. Thank you so much. I believe this could be sold as payware. I have purchased aircraft that aren't nearly this nice.

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