FSX FA-18E Super Hornet Updated

PreviewThis is an update for the FA-18E recently posted. That file revealed problems both with the VC window being opaque and the VC cockpit view. Now one can enjoy the VC interior and the view out of the VC cockpit. This is the whole aircraft. Original model by Team FS KBT. New configuration by Michael...

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This is an update for the FA-18E recently posted. That file revealed problems both with the VC window being opaque and the VC cockpit view. Now one can enjoy the VC interior and the view out of the VC cockpit. This is the whole aircraft. Original model by Team FS KBT. New configuration by Michael Pook.

Screenshot of FA-18E Super Hornet in flight.

Screenshot of FA-18E Super Hornet in flight.


  • Delete your FA-18 folder (in the case you have downloaded the upload mentioned above) and copy the new folder into your FSX/ Simobjects/ aircraft directory.
  • Copy the gauges in the gauges folder into your main FSX gauges directory..
  • That's it, enjoy your flight.

Images & Screenshots

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The archive fsx_fa18e_superhornet_updated.zip has 750 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
FSX_FA18E_SuperHornet_Updtaed12.01.140 B
FA-18E SuperHornet12.01.140 B
aircraft.cfg11.30.1415.21 kB
model.3tank_non wepon12.01.140 B
Model.cfg09.05.0732 B
super hornet2.m0009.05.07839.96 kB
super hornet2.mdl09.05.07860.20 kB
model.3tank_PAVEWAYx212.01.140 B
Model.cfg09.05.0732 B
super hornet2.mdl09.05.07901.16 kB
model.5tank12.01.140 B
Model.cfg09.05.0732 B
super hornet2.mdl09.05.07858.50 kB
model.F2tank12.01.140 B
Model.cfg03.17.0432 B
super hornet2.mdl06.09.10961.18 kB
model.FF_Refuel12.01.140 B
Model.cfg11.04.0632 B
super hornet2.mdl06.09.101008.49 kB
model.FGBU2_SPA2_TANK312.01.140 B
Model.cfg11.04.0632 B
super hornet2.mdl06.09.101.03 MB
model.Fsparrow612.01.140 B
Model.cfg01.02.0232 B
super hornet2.mdl06.09.101.02 MB
model.GBU2_SPA2_TANK312.01.140 B
GBU2_SPA2_TANK3.mdl06.14.12901.44 kB
Model.cfg06.14.1234 B
model.HARM12.01.140 B
Model.cfg09.05.0732 B
super hornet2.m0009.05.07839.96 kB
super hornet2.mdl09.05.07909.17 kB
model.Harpoon12.01.140 B
Model.cfg09.05.0732 B
super hornet2.m0009.05.07839.96 kB
super hornet2.m0109.05.07903.97 kB
super hornet2.mdl09.05.07894.85 kB
model.PAVEWAYx412.01.140 B
FA-18E_3tanks_Pave4_spa2.mdl06.14.12921.65 kB
Model.cfg06.14.1243 B
model.sparrow612.01.140 B
Model.cfg06.14.1232 B
super hornet2.mdl06.14.12939.87 kB
model.stand12.01.140 B
Model.cfg09.05.0732 B
super hornet2.mdl09.05.07830.84 kB
panel12.01.140 B
F18PIT-5.bmp06.14.122.25 MB
forward_1024.bmp06.14.12769.05 kB
Forward_Left.bmp12.12.12769.05 kB
Forward_Right.bmp12.12.12769.05 kB
Hornet.bmp12.12.122.25 MB
HornetHUD070.bmp06.14.122.25 MB
HornetHUD085.bmp06.14.122.25 MB
HornetHUD100.bmp06.14.122.25 MB
Left.bmp12.12.12769.05 kB
MFD.bmp06.14.12133.20 kB
panel.cfg11.29.148.35 kB
panel_decal.bmp06.14.123.00 MB
panel_decal_2.bmp06.14.12768.05 kB
panel_decal_3.bmp06.14.121.00 MB
panel_decal_4.bmp06.14.121.00 MB
panel_efect_gauge_bkup.cfg06.14.1296 B
RadarL.bmp08.25.10769.05 kB
radio.bmp06.14.12769.05 kB
right_mfd.bmp06.14.12769.05 kB
Switch_background.bmp06.14.1276.33 kB
vfr.bmp01.05.023.52 MB
sound12.01.140 B
bingo.wav02.21.1245.33 kB
burner_1.wav02.21.12611.38 kB
burner_2.wav02.21.121.18 MB
canopy_dn.wav02.21.12138.90 kB
canopy_up.wav02.21.12141.50 kB
comb_11.wav02.21.12364.58 kB
comb_1B.wav02.21.12611.38 kB
comb_21.wav02.21.12364.58 kB
comb_2B.wav02.21.12593.56 kB
comb_start_1.wav02.21.12429.66 kB
comb_start_2.wav02.21.12465.05 kB
FA18_aapdis.wav02.21.1242.62 kB
FA18_agear.wav02.21.1270.19 kB
FA18_aover.wav02.21.1250.27 kB
FA18_avionix.wav02.21.12101.37 kB
flaps.wav08.20.12229.56 kB
gear_down.wav02.21.12384.58 kB
gear_up.wav02.21.12385.80 kB
GPWS_Altitude.wav02.21.1268.83 kB
GPWS_Dont_Sink.wav02.21.1268.48 kB
GPWS_Pull_Up.wav02.21.1262.23 kB
GPWS_Sink_Rate.wav02.21.1265.29 kB
GPWS_too_low_flaps_up.wav02.21.1262.93 kB
GPWS_too_low_gear_up.wav02.21.1259.82 kB
GPWS_too_low_terrain.wav02.21.1258.99 kB
Installmustread.txt08.20.121.10 kB
LaunchBarExtend.wav08.19.1287.36 kB
LaunchBarRetract.wav08.19.1287.36 kB
OverG.wav08.20.1293.13 kB
shutdown_1.wav02.21.121.76 MB
shutdown_2.wav02.21.121.57 MB
sound.cfg08.20.1211.60 kB
stall_warning.wav02.21.1242.35 kB
starter.wav02.21.121.05 MB
TailhookExtend.wav08.19.12410.10 kB
TailhookRetract.wav08.19.12410.10 kB
wheel_roll.wav02.21.12396.57 kB
wheel_touch.wav02.21.1228.64 kB
whine_11.wav08.10.12477.64 kB
whine_12.wav08.10.12802.33 kB
whine_21.wav08.10.12802.34 kB
whine_22.wav08.10.12627.14 kB
WingsFolding.wav08.19.12368.65 kB
x_burner_11.wav02.21.12132.24 kB
x_burner_21.wav02.21.12129.15 kB
x_comb_11.wav02.21.12188.08 kB
x_comb_12.wav02.21.12540.58 kB
x_comb_13.wav02.21.12200.21 kB
x_comb_14.wav02.21.12674.66 kB
x_comb_21.wav02.21.12188.08 kB
x_comb_22.wav02.21.12540.58 kB
x_comb_23.wav02.21.12200.21 kB
x_comb_24.wav02.21.12673.23 kB
x_comb_start_1.wav02.21.12429.66 kB
x_comb_start_2.wav02.21.12465.05 kB
x_shutdown_1.wav02.21.121.10 MB
x_shutdown_2.wav02.21.121.06 MB
x_starter.wav02.21.121.05 MB
x_whine_11.wav08.10.12736.52 kB
x_whine_12.wav02.21.12238.09 kB
x_whine_13.wav02.21.12173.50 kB
x_whine_14.wav02.21.12267.57 kB
x_whine_21.wav08.10.12736.52 kB
x_whine_22.wav02.21.12238.09 kB
x_whine_23.wav02.21.12173.50 kB
x_whine_24.wav02.21.12267.57 kB
Super Hornet.air06.14.128.70 kB
texture12.01.140 B
chrome.bmp06.14.1285.43 kB
Image1.bmp06.14.121.00 MB
Image1_L.bmp06.14.121.33 MB
pan1_L.bmp06.14.121.33 MB
pan2_L.bmp06.14.12341.43 kB
sh_06.bmp06.14.121.00 MB
sh_arms.bmp06.14.121.00 MB
sh_arms02.bmp06.14.121.00 MB
sh_cockpit.bmp06.08.104.00 MB
sh_gear.bmp06.14.121.00 MB
sh_pirot.bmp06.14.121.00 MB
sh_vc.bmp06.14.121.33 MB
sh_vc02.bmp06.14.121.00 MB
sh_vc02_L.bmp06.14.121.33 MB
sh_vc03.bmp06.14.12682.75 kB
sh_vc03_L.bmp06.14.121.33 MB
sh_vc04.bmp01.09.041.00 MB
texture.NH12.01.140 B
sh_01.bmp06.14.121.00 MB
sh_02.bmp06.14.121.00 MB
sh_03.bmp06.14.121.00 MB
sh_04.bmp06.14.121.00 MB
sh_05.bmp06.14.12256.07 kB
texture.cfg01.12.12137 B
thumbnail.jpg01.23.1327.90 kB
texture.NJ12.01.140 B
sh_01.bmp06.14.121.00 MB
sh_02.bmp06.14.121.00 MB
sh_03.bmp06.14.121.00 MB
sh_04.bmp06.14.121.00 MB
sh_05.bmp06.14.12256.07 kB
texture.cfg01.12.12137 B
thumbnail.jpg01.23.1326.03 kB
Thumbs.db06.14.129.00 kB
texture.NK12.01.140 B
sh_01.bmp03.25.041.00 MB
sh_02.bmp03.23.041.00 MB
sh_03.bmp03.09.041.00 MB
sh_04.bmp03.19.041.00 MB
sh_05.bmp12.28.03256.07 kB
texture.cfg01.12.12137 B
thumbnail.jpg11.30.1426.85 kB
texture.NKco12.01.140 B
sh_01.bmp06.14.121.00 MB
sh_02.bmp06.14.121.00 MB
sh_03.bmp06.14.121.00 MB
sh_04.bmp06.14.121.00 MB
sh_05.bmp06.14.12256.07 kB
texture.cfg01.12.12137 B
thumbnail.jpg01.23.1327.19 kB
Thumbs.db06.14.129.00 kB
texture.RAAF12.01.140 B
sh_01.bmp01.02.021.33 MB
sh_02.bmp01.02.021.33 MB
sh_03.bmp01.02.021.33 MB
sh_04.bmp01.02.021.33 MB
sh_05.bmp09.21.09256.07 kB
sh_06.bmp09.23.09682.75 kB
texture.cfg01.12.12137 B
thumbnail.jpg11.29.1428.44 kB
Thumbs.db09.21.0967.00 kB
texture.US12.01.140 B
sh_01.bmp10.20.05512.07 kB
sh_02.bmp10.20.05512.07 kB
sh_03.bmp10.20.05512.07 kB
sh_04.bmp10.21.05512.07 kB
sh_05.bmp06.14.12256.07 kB
texture.cfg01.12.12137 B
thumbnail.jpg11.29.1429.05 kB
gauges12.01.140 B
COP312.01.140 B
Arrester.xml02.22.075.37 kB
CableCatch.wav01.26.04148.15 kB
CableRewind.wav01.26.04238.41 kB
CarrierZones.gau10.22.0688.82 kB
Catapult.xml02.17.074.34 kB
CatapultLaunch.wav01.26.04212.46 kB
Config.gau10.19.0660.85 kB
Config.ini11.30.141.56 kB
ControlPanel.xml02.24.074.19 kB
ControlPanel_Background.bmp02.17.071.57 kB
ControlPanel_Green.bmp02.16.071.12 kB
FILE_ID.DIZ02.25.07837 B
IFLOLS.jpg10.31.0646.19 kB
IFLOLS.xml02.25.073.50 kB
IFLOLS_Background.bmp02.17.0750.51 kB
IFLOLS_BallRed.bmp10.26.06322 B
IFLOLS_BallWhite.bmp10.26.06322 B
IFLOLS_CutLights.bmp10.26.061.23 kB
IFLOLS_DatumLights.bmp11.01.061.13 kB
IFLOLS_WaveoffLights.bmp10.26.069.20 kB
PositionDisplay.xml02.17.073.47 kB
PositionDisplayGreen.bmp10.29.068.71 kB
PositionDisplayRed.bmp10.29.068.71 kB
rcbco-30.gif02.20.071.42 kB
README rcbco-30.txt02.25.0732.07 kB
SonicBoom.wav01.26.04151.62 kB
SonicBoomControl.xml11.29.061.29 kB
Sound.dll10.19.0696.80 kB
Sound.ini02.17.07376 B
SpeedControl.dll10.22.0664.80 kB
WindowInit10080.xml02.16.071.20 kB
WindowStatus.gau10.29.0660.80 kB
COP_config.gau12.11.0456.00 kB
COP_Sound.gau01.03.0576.00 kB
dfa18_fx.cab03.29.041.33 kB
dsd_arrester.gau02.06.0453.00 kB
dsd_catapult.gau11.22.04100.00 kB
F18E_Gauges12.01.140 B
2D HUD.xml03.05.078.46 kB
ADF Decrease 01.xml06.11.04402 B
ADF Decrease 1.xml06.11.04390 B
ADF Decrease 10.xml06.11.04391 B
ADF Decrease.xml06.11.04388 B
ADF Increase 01.xml06.11.04400 B
ADF Increase 1.xml06.11.04388 B
ADF Increase 10.xml06.11.04389 B
ADF Increase.xml06.11.04390 B
ADF.xml12.24.06530 B
Afterburner FDC.xml08.20.06335 B
Altitude Knob.xml09.10.04582 B
ALT_10kStrip.bmp11.04.0620.16 kB
ALT_1kStrip.bmp11.04.0620.16 kB
Angle of Attack Indicator.xml05.29.06933 B
aoa_background.bmp05.29.0679.54 kB
aoa_needle.bmp05.29.062.58 kB
AP - Alt Hold.xml12.24.06481 B
AP - CRS Hold.xml02.26.07478 B
AP - Heading Hold.xml12.24.06482 B
AP - IAS Hold.xml12.24.06486 B
AP - ILS Hold.xml02.26.07483 B
AP - NAV_GPS Toggle.xml02.26.07516 B
AP ALT Dec.xml12.21.04375 B
AP ALT Inc.xml12.21.04373 B
AP CRS Dec.xml03.06.07363 B
AP CRS Inc.xml12.21.04361 B
AP HDG Dec.xml08.15.05429 B
AP HDG Inc.xml12.21.04427 B
AP IAS Dec.xml12.21.04361 B
AP IAS Inc.xml12.21.04361 B
ATC.xml07.05.02229 B
blank_back.bmp02.26.071.06 kB
Center Gear Light.xml12.23.06462 B
Checklist.xml07.05.02258 B
Color-Power.xml06.29.06828 B
COM1 Radio Decrease 1.xml06.29.05396 B
COM1 Radio Decrease 100.xml06.29.05396 B
COM1 Radio Increase 1.xml06.11.04394 B
COM1 Radio Increase 100.xml06.11.04394 B
COM1_Background.bmp12.24.0611.89 kB
Comm1.xml12.24.06513 B
DED_display.xml06.29.064.78 kB
Effect Controller.xml03.03.071.43 kB
EMP.xml02.26.072.90 kB
emp_background.bmp03.04.0765.05 kB
FalconAoA_Indexer.xml06.28.061.63 kB
Fuel Warning Reset.xml06.30.06974 B
GPS Zoom In.xml03.03.071.11 kB
GPS Zoom Out.xml02.26.07354 B
GPS.xml07.05.02256 B
Hawk_PFD_ATT.bmp06.26.05344.80 kB
Hawk_PFD_ATTBar.bmp06.26.058.62 kB
Hawk_PFD_ATTMask.bmp05.14.04105.47 kB
Hawk_PFD_Background.bmp02.26.07257.05 kB
Hawk_PFD_GSI.bmp06.26.051.62 kB
Hawk_PFD_Heading_Bug.bmp06.26.051.70 kB
Hawk_PFD_HSI.bmp06.26.05170.05 kB
Hawk_PFD_LOC.bmp06.26.051.61 kB
Hawk_PFD_LOC_Yellow.bmp06.26.053.44 kB
HSI.xml02.26.0722.87 kB
HSI_ADF_Needle.bmp05.23.047.89 kB
HSI_Background.bmp02.26.07257.05 kB
HSI_Background_Mask.bmp03.04.07257.05 kB
HSI_CDI_Active.bmp05.23.042.37 kB
HSI_CDI_Inactive.bmp05.23.042.37 kB
HSI_GS_Indicator.bmp05.23.0425.12 kB
HSI_Heading_Bug.bmp06.26.059.73 kB
HSI_Ownship.bmp06.26.052.02 kB
HSI_Rose.bmp03.03.07467.34 kB
HSI_VOR2_Needle.bmp05.18.047.89 kB
HSI_VOR_Needle.bmp05.23.047.89 kB
HUD Night.xml03.04.078.46 kB
HUD_AOA.bmp03.04.071.46 kB
HUD_Background.bmp03.04.0765.05 kB
HUD_BankArrow.bmp03.04.0765.05 kB
HUD_Compass.bmp03.04.0727.99 kB
HUD_GS.bmp03.04.071.10 kB
HUD_Ladder.bmp03.04.07447.30 kB
HUD_Ladder_MASK.bmp06.09.0465.05 kB
HUD_LOC.bmp03.04.071.23 kB
HUD_Vector.bmp03.04.0765.05 kB
Icon_ATC.bmp02.26.071.42 kB
Icon_Checklist.bmp02.26.071.42 kB
Icon_GPS.bmp02.26.071.42 kB
Icon_Map.bmp02.26.071.42 kB
ILS.xml06.29.06560 B
IRIS Airspeed US.xml03.03.071.52 kB
IRIS Altitude Indicator US.xml11.04.062.28 kB
IRIS Attitude Indicator US.xml11.05.062.27 kB
IRIS Cabin Altimeter US.xml11.04.061.97 kB
IRIS Clock US.xml11.06.061.72 kB
IRIS Fuel Total US.xml11.06.06796 B
IRIS G-Meter US.xml11.05.061.40 kB
IRIS Vertical Speed US.xml11.04.061.35 kB
iris_us_adi_back.bmp11.05.06195.57 kB
iris_us_adi_bar.bmp11.05.06192.05 kB
iris_us_adi_fd_glideslope.bmp11.05.0618.30 kB
iris_us_adi_fd_gs.bmp11.05.0693.28 kB
iris_us_adi_fd_heading.bmp11.05.0618.55 kB
iris_us_adi_ladder.bmp11.05.06399.16 kB
iris_us_adi_ladder_mask.bmp11.05.06195.57 kB
iris_us_airspeed_back.bmp11.04.06195.57 kB
iris_us_airspeed_mask.bmp11.11.06195.57 kB
iris_us_airspeed_needle.bmp11.04.0611.53 kB
iris_us_alt_back.bmp11.04.06195.57 kB
iris_us_alt_mask.bmp11.05.0666.56 kB
iris_us_alt_needle.bmp11.04.0611.53 kB
iris_us_cabin_alt_back.bmp11.04.06195.57 kB
iris_us_clock_back.bmp11.06.06195.57 kB
iris_us_clock_hour.bmp11.06.065.98 kB
iris_us_clock_minute.bmp11.06.067.87 kB
iris_us_clock_second.bmp11.06.066.91 kB
iris_us_fueltotal_back.bmp11.05.06195.57 kB
iris_us_fuel_needle.bmp11.04.064.99 kB
iris_us_vsi_back.bmp11.04.06195.57 kB
iris_us_vsi_needle.bmp11.04.068.90 kB
knob.bmp09.10.041.62 kB
Left Gear Light.xml12.23.06460 B
left_gear_off.bmp12.21.06978 B
left_gear_on.bmp12.21.06978 B
Map.xml07.05.02229 B
mfd_button_off.bmp02.26.071.26 kB
mfd_button_on.bmp02.26.071.26 kB
MFD_OFF.bmp02.26.07257.05 kB
MMAP.xml02.26.0719.18 kB
Nav-GPSSwitch.xml06.29.06566 B
NAV1 Radio Decrease 1.xml06.29.05398 B
NAV1 Radio Decrease 100.xml06.29.05398 B
NAV1 Radio Increase 1.xml06.11.04395 B
NAV1 Radio Increase 100.xml06.11.04396 B
Nav1.xml12.24.06513 B
nose_gear_off.bmp12.21.061.04 kB
nose_gear_on.bmp12.21.061.04 kB
nozzle_needle.bmp02.26.071.54 kB
number_0.bmp06.26.051.38 kB
number_1.bmp06.26.051.38 kB
number_2.bmp06.26.051.38 kB
number_3.bmp06.26.051.38 kB
number_4.bmp06.26.051.38 kB
number_5.bmp06.26.051.38 kB
number_6.bmp06.26.051.38 kB
number_7.bmp06.26.051.38 kB
number_8.bmp06.26.051.38 kB
number_9.bmp06.26.051.38 kB
PFD.xml03.05.074.01 kB
pfd_button.bmp06.11.04726 B
Power.xml10.05.05541 B
pspbrwse.jbf03.04.0779.62 kB
radio_back.bmp11.11.063.80 kB
Right Gear Light.xml12.23.06464 B
right_gear_off.bmp12.21.06978 B
right_gear_on.bmp12.21.06978 B
Steering Control.xml06.29.06991 B
Tape Digital.xml06.29.061007 B
Transponder 1 Dec.xml06.11.04387 B
Transponder 1 Inc.xml06.11.04387 B
Transponder 10 Dec.xml06.11.04388 B
Transponder 10 Inc.xml06.11.04388 B
Transponder 100 Dec.xml06.11.04389 B
Transponder 100 Inc.xml06.11.04389 B
Transponder 1000 Dec.xml06.11.04390 B
Transponder 1000 Inc.xml06.11.04390 B
Transponder_Background.bmp12.24.0617.09 kB
UFC.xml03.03.073.02 kB
ufc_background.bmp01.05.02256.80 kB
ufc_background.psd03.03.071.25 MB
ufc_off.bmp01.05.02256.34 kB
Xpndr.xml12.24.06524 B
FA18_HUD12.01.140 B
ACLS_dot_003300.bmp05.06.126.47 kB
ACLS_dot_00FF00.bmp05.06.126.47 kB
ACLS_dot_FFFFFF.bmp05.06.126.47 kB
ACLS_Tadpole_003300.bmp05.06.126.47 kB
ACLS_Tadpole_00FF00.bmp05.06.126.47 kB
ACLS_Tadpole_FFFFFF.bmp05.06.126.47 kB
Airspeed_box_003300.bmp05.06.124.83 kB
Airspeed_box_00FF00.bmp05.06.124.83 kB
Airspeed_box_FFFFFF.bmp05.06.124.83 kB
Alpha_003300.bmp05.06.122.32 kB
Alpha_00FF00.bmp05.06.122.32 kB
Alpha_FFFFFF.bmp05.06.122.32 kB
Altitude_box_003300.bmp05.06.126.91 kB
Altitude_box_00FF00.bmp05.06.126.91 kB
Altitude_box_FFFFFF.bmp05.06.126.91 kB
AoA_bracket_003300.bmp05.06.123.51 kB
AoA_bracket_00FF00.bmp05.06.123.51 kB
AoA_bracket_FFFFFF.bmp05.06.123.51 kB
AoA_ind_001-background2.bmp05.06.124.66 kB
AoA_ind_001-base.bmp05.06.124.66 kB
AoA_ind_001-green.bmp05.06.124.66 kB
AoA_ind_001-greenyellow.bmp05.06.124.66 kB
AoA_ind_001-red.bmp05.06.124.66 kB
AoA_ind_001-redgreen.bmp05.06.124.66 kB
AoA_ind_001-yellow.bmp05.06.124.66 kB
AoA_ind_001-yellowred.bmp05.06.124.66 kB
bank_arrow_003300.bmp05.06.129.37 kB
bank_arrow_00FF00.bmp05.06.129.37 kB
bank_arrow_FFFFFF.bmp05.06.129.37 kB
bank_scale_003300.bmp05.06.1277.62 kB
bank_scale_00FF00.bmp05.06.1277.62 kB
bank_scale_FFFFFF.bmp05.06.1277.62 kB
Bingo Caution Reset.xml05.06.121.68 kB
BNGOLGT.bmp05.06.121.52 kB
BNGOLGTR.bmp05.06.121.52 kB
BNK_L_FL.bmp05.06.126.47 kB
BNK_L_GR.bmp05.06.1216.05 kB
BNK_L_RD.bmp05.06.1216.05 kB
BNK_L_WH.bmp05.06.1216.05 kB
BNK_R_FL.bmp05.06.1216.05 kB
BNK_R_GR.bmp05.06.1216.05 kB
BNK_R_RD.bmp05.06.1216.05 kB
BNK_R_WH.bmp05.06.1216.05 kB
BTTNMID1.bmp05.06.122.62 kB
BTTNmid2.bmp05.06.122.62 kB
BttnOff.bmp05.06.122.62 kB
Bttnon.bmp05.06.122.62 kB
ClockModeBottom.bmp05.06.125.54 kB
ClockModeMidB.bmp05.06.125.54 kB
ClockModeMidT.bmp05.06.125.54 kB
ClockModeTop.bmp05.06.125.54 kB
CRSBCK.bmp05.06.123.87 kB
Energy_caret_003300.bmp05.06.122.08 kB
Energy_caret_00FF00.bmp05.06.122.08 kB
Energy_caret_FFFFFF.bmp05.06.122.08 kB
F111_HUD.xml05.06.12188.53 kB
FA18_HUD.xml05.06.12188.53 kB
FA18_HUD_back_003300.bmp05.06.12468.34 kB
FA18_HUD_back_00FF00.bmp05.06.12468.34 kB
FA18_HUD_back_FFFFFF.bmp05.06.12468.34 kB
FalconAoA_Indexer.xml05.06.121.63 kB
GPS CRS.xml05.06.122.66 kB
GRNHGH.bmp05.06.1212.77 kB
Heading_marker_003300.bmp05.06.121.47 kB
Heading_marker_00FF00.bmp05.06.121.47 kB
Heading_marker_FFFFFF.bmp05.06.121.47 kB
Heading_pointer_003300.bmp05.06.122.22 kB
Heading_pointer_00FF00.bmp05.06.122.22 kB
Heading_pointer_FFFFFF.bmp05.06.122.22 kB
Heading_tape_100_260_003300.bmp05.06.1272.00 kB
Heading_tape_100_260_00FF00.bmp05.06.1272.00 kB
Heading_tape_100_260_FFFFFF.bmp05.06.1272.00 kB
Heading_tape_220_020_003300.bmp05.06.1272.32 kB
Heading_tape_220_020_00FF00.bmp05.06.1272.32 kB
Heading_tape_220_020_FFFFFF.bmp05.06.1272.32 kB
Heading_tape_340_140_003300.bmp05.06.1270.88 kB
Heading_tape_340_140_00FF00.bmp05.06.1270.88 kB
Heading_tape_340_140_FFFFFF.bmp05.06.1270.88 kB
Horizon_gear_down_003300.bmp05.06.1225.33 kB
Horizon_gear_down_00FF00.bmp05.06.1225.33 kB
Horizon_gear_down_FFFFFF.bmp05.06.1225.33 kB
Horizon_gear_up_003300.bmp05.06.1210.88 kB
Horizon_gear_up_00FF00.bmp05.06.1210.88 kB
Horizon_gear_up_FFFFFF.bmp05.06.1210.88 kB
Hornet_AoA_Indexer_81.xml05.06.121.74 kB
Installation icon.

Installation Instructions

Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description. For further installation help, please see our Flight School for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download. If in doubt, you may also ask a question or view existing answers in our dedicated Q&A forum.


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left eye ballMon, 18 Apr 2022 07:16:56 GMT

The plane is fine at first glance but some parts of the plane are black and the cockpit?

Stephen DolloffThu, 22 Jul 2021 14:12:22 GMT

I've been having trouble with the mouse hovering - and + signs disappearing for the controls such as airspeed, altitude, NAV, NAV/GPS, mode, etc on the aircraft control screen.

gxsmithFri, 21 May 2021 11:18:37 GMT

Excellent job on this Aircraft. Very realistic and fun to fly. My compliments to the developers, highly recommend, you will not be disappointed. Enjoy!

Mohammed MusaThu, 03 Sep 2020 17:06:37 GMT

My plane was working perfectly fine. Now it's coming out as black. I've also tried reinstalling but hasn't helped.

StonewallUSMCThu, 27 Aug 2020 20:09:32 GMT

Your issues have to do with your FSX CFG and a few other items. You have to make sure you're unzipping the compressed.

In some downloads to save space, each individual type will be in separate files. The best way to deal with any issues with graphics and or glitches is to go to Microsoft and download the dx9c package, this will have every single DX made and will eliminate these issues.

The other situation is not all creators use the same tech items to create and some will install certain DC and or other programs that are x32 or x86 to make the program or app to run properly and that's why you might ask why did I have so many resist files taking up space, that's because their application would function as intended.

That's a good reason to keep track of files and contents because the cheaper download install shields don't remove everything and leave a lot of junk behind. I would check and make sure you're actually getting the downloads.

Windows 10 has a lot of issues with deleting files it feels is unsafe or unrecognizable.

EthanWed, 04 Sep 2019 19:08:17 GMT

How do you make the launch bar function on FSX?

ZackWed, 18 Jul 2018 14:56:09 GMT

I can't flip any switches in my plane so I don't have a HUD or MFD can someone help?

RossWed, 25 Apr 2018 18:45:07 GMT

the skins don't show up, how do i fix this?

HaydenMon, 15 Aug 2016 21:51:38 GMT

Alright so I downloaded the files and gave it a go, however the majority of the aircraft's textures weren't loading so I checked the files and found that many of the images were unreadable, including the engines panel, so I re-downloaded the file but the same problem occurred with the exact same files. I gave it a fly anyway and it was great fun, although I think I was flying in reverse at one stage.

Quick question are the weapons usable and if so how?

Otherwise great work!

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