Updated: FS2004 EdA Ejercito del Aire Espano McDonnell-Douglas/Boeing EF-18A+ Hornet

PreviewAla 12 (12-27) The first European customer for the Hornet was the Ejercito del Aire Espanol. In 1993, plans were announced for the EdA's fleet of EF-18A/B Hornets to be upgraded to F/A-18C/D standards. The planes were redesignated EF-18A+ and EF-18B+. In This Package you find an Ejército del Air...

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Ala 12 (12-27) The first European customer for the Hornet was the Ejercito del Aire Espanol. In 1993, plans were announced for the EdA's fleet of EF-18A/B Hornets to be upgraded to F/A-18C/D standards. The planes were redesignated EF-18A+ and EF-18B+. In This Package you find an Ejército del Aire McDonnell-Douglas/Boeing EF-18A+ Hornet (12-27) from Ala de Caza 12 based at Torrejòn de Ardoz Air Base, Spain. Features: Realistic Panel and Sound, Realistic Flight Dynamics for Carrier Operations, Wing tip contrail, Afterburner, Hi-AOA Contrail effects, References and Checklist. Aircraft by K. Virtanen. Textures by J. Vidal. Panel by V. Leightower, E. Marciano and DragonFlight Design. Sound by B. Magann. Effects by J. Rosenberg. Panel rework, air file, general tuning and package by Truncana.

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fx_T38_Burner_Port.fx11.07.0312.73 kB
fx_T38_Burner_Star.fx11.07.0312.74 kB
fx_T38_Contrail.fx12.29.032.42 kB
fx_T38_StartOnly.fx12.03.035.22 kB
fx_T38_Tiremark.fx12.17.035.07 kB
fx_xxxcong.fx08.19.021.18 kB
fx_xxxconhgh.fx08.20.021.17 kB
fx_xxxconhgv.fx08.20.021.17 kB
Effects01.17.040 B
cf18a_aoa.gau04.07.9852.00 kB
cf18a_gearind.gau03.17.9845.00 kB
cf18a_radio.gau03.13.9850.00 kB
cf18a_splrind.gau03.17.9845.00 kB
chaeng.gau04.25.01105.00 kB
F14.HSI.GAU04.21.98261.50 kB
F16.gau06.26.021.53 MB
f18digchron.gau10.20.9759.50 kB
f18englts1.gau10.19.9792.00 kB
f18englts2.gau10.19.9792.00 kB
f18epr1.gau10.19.9746.50 kB
f18epr2.gau10.19.9746.50 kB
f18flp.gau10.19.9739.50 kB
f18oil1.gau10.19.9739.50 kB
f18oil2.gau10.19.9739.50 kB
f18_Jet2E1EGT.gau10.19.9749.50 kB
f18_Jet2E1FF.gau10.19.9749.50 kB
f18_Jet2E1N1.gau10.19.9749.50 kB
f18_Jet2E1N2.gau10.19.9749.50 kB
f18_Jet2E2EGT.gau10.19.9749.50 kB
f18_Jet2E2FF.gau10.19.9749.50 kB
f18_Jet2E2N1.gau10.19.9749.50 kB
f18_Jet2E2N2.gau10.19.9749.50 kB
f18_tank5.gau10.19.9767.00 kB
HW_ATR.gau01.06.0048.50 kB
HW_fsd_vsi.gau09.20.00135.00 kB
kingair.gau06.13.032.47 MB
SAAB.G-Meter_2k.gau01.01.00133.50 kB
T38COF_FX01.17.040 B
AfterOnOff_L1.xml02.26.03492 B
AfterOnOff_R1.xml02.26.03492 B
AFTER_off.bmp02.26.031.80 kB
AFTER_on.bmp02.26.031.80 kB
T38_AB_SMOKE.xml12.31.03560 B
T38_BurnerLOGO.xml11.10.03602 B
T38_FlaptipRECOG18.xml10.19.03632 B
T38_WingtipSTROBE32R4.xml10.19.03482 B
T38_WingtipSTROBE74R4.xml10.19.03483 B
VaporTrails.cab09.21.021.28 kB
YLF50_AP.gau02.12.02112.00 kB
Gauges01.17.040 B
EF-18A+01.17.040 B
Aircraft.cfg01.15.049.31 kB
EF-18A+.air01.15.049.59 kB
EF-18A+_Check.txt01.14.043.43 kB
EF-18A+_Ref.txt01.14.041.45 kB
File_Id.diz01.17.04851 B
Model01.17.040 B
EF-18A+.mdl10.23.02158.88 kB
Model.cfg01.15.0424 B
Panel01.17.040 B
Panel.bmp10.02.03769.05 kB
Panel.cfg01.13.042.49 kB
Panel.jpg01.15.04378.87 kB
Plane.jpg01.15.04199.06 kB
Readme.txt01.17.049.86 kB
Sound01.17.040 B
LAAPDIS.wav04.18.0111.25 kB
LAGEAR.wav04.18.0118.25 kB
LAN1SHUT.wav04.18.01243.25 kB
LAN1STRT.wav08.22.01493.31 kB
LAN2STRT.wav04.18.0199.75 kB
LBN1SHUT.wav04.18.01211.25 kB
LBN1STRT.wav08.22.01458.81 kB
LBN2STRT.wav04.18.0196.25 kB
Sound.cfg02.23.0211.23 kB
USN1.wav12.12.01387.80 kB
USN2.wav12.12.01301.66 kB
USN3.wav12.11.01618.14 kB
USN4.wav12.12.01226.26 kB
USNA.wav12.11.01338.63 kB
USNB.wav12.11.01270.27 kB
USNC.wav10.24.0193.33 kB
USNFLAPS.wav12.12.01138.42 kB
USNGEAR.wav12.12.01184.41 kB
USNOVSP.wav05.17.0018.79 kB
USNSTALL.wav05.17.0042.35 kB
USNX1.wav12.12.01366.27 kB
USNX2.wav12.12.01301.66 kB
USNX3.wav12.11.01618.15 kB
USNX4.wav12.12.01689.15 kB
XLAN1SHUT.wav04.18.01220.75 kB
XLAN1STRT.wav08.22.01464.31 kB
XLAN2STRT.wav04.18.0171.75 kB
XLBN1SHUT.wav04.18.01203.75 kB
XLBN1STRT.wav08.22.01459.81 kB
XLBN2STRT.wav04.18.0172.25 kB
Texture01.17.040 B
eng_t.bmp10.23.0265.05 kB
fuse_t.bmp12.28.031.00 MB
glass_t.bmp12.03.0316.07 kB
helmet1.bmp10.23.0217.05 kB
helmet2.bmp10.23.0217.05 kB
horstab_t.bmp12.27.0385.43 kB
rudder_t.bmp12.27.0385.43 kB
tire.bmp10.23.0265.05 kB
top_t.bmp12.27.03341.43 kB
wing_t.bmp12.27.03341.43 kB
Aircraft01.17.040 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B


This updated take on the Eda Ejercito Del Aire Espano McDonnell Douglas EF-18A Hornet is quite the mouthful, but also a lot of fun to fly. It’s the kind of strictly managed and enjoyable aircraft mod that helps to sell why this aircraft itself is so incredibly popular today. The work carried out by the large group of experts behind this is very impressive, and sells the aircraft well. If you want to see why this aircraft became such a popular choice and solution, then I would heartily recommend that dig out that FS2004 copy and give this a whirl!

Preview screenshot

Much work has gone into making sure this follows reality, with Truncana working day and night to tune up the finished product and make sure it was a good choice for those serious about realism. This package gives us accessed to the updated version of the EF-18A Hornets that were provided from Ala de Caza and Torrejon de Ardoz Air Base in Spain. These were pretty famous aircraft at the time, and their exploits are captured today with mods such as this.

In this package, then, you get access a total recreation that makes such a staggering difference henceforth. With realistic paneling and sounds as well as an impressive media performance that ties together both presentation and performance, this is a joy to fly. It feels authentic and it carries all of the hallmarks that you would have expected and hoped for, from the way it picks up speed to how it handles itself when you are in a bind.

It even comes with realistic carrier operations, an impressive new panel for controlling the aircraft itself, and brilliant new flight dynamics. These dynamics work together in a way that will make a big difference the aircraft flies when compared to similar models. It’s got a lot more realism put into every section of the design than many FS2004 mods were capable of.

Add in the Hi-AOA contrail effects and the brilliant flight checklist and this looks as good to fly as it should. The checklist makes sure you can start this like a pro, having a list of easy-to-understand details and facts to follow along with to keep you well on the right track to aviation success.

Overall, this is an excellent take on the real thing, including everything from detailed and deeply loved textures to adding contrail and afterburner effects. This creates a very impressive image, and one that does the aircraft plenty of justice when flying, both in terms of performance and in style.

The end result is an aircraft that I would happily recommend anyone takes a look at. Whether you are feeling nostalgic or just fancy something new, this is definitely a model worth trying.

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe is a flight sim enthusiast who has been simming since the days of FS95. Adam writes all of the download section editorials after testing each of the files. Adam has extensive knowledge using various flight simulator packages and thoroughly tests the files before writing about them. Adam also like to fly real-world aircraft in his spare time and is training for his PPL.

Should you wish, you can contact Adam via email at adam@flyawaysimulation.com.

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chunt841Thu, 03 May 2007 06:06:08 GMT
i really like this plane, its textures are a little boring but the panel is is excellent! and its flight behavior is even better this plane does great at low speeds and you can take off and land on the carriors too great job! thanx.

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