FSX Virgin Blue Airlines Embraer 190-LR

PreviewFSX Virgin Blue Airlines Embraer 190-LR. A 98-114 seat regional airliner. Full package for FSX; compatible with Acceleration/SP2. By Jean-Pierre Brisard, Barry Blaisdell, Bob May, Kevin Pardy and Danny Crance - Premier Aircraft Design.

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Complete with Base Model
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Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) including Steam Edition & Prepar3D (P3D)
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FSX Virgin Blue Airlines Embraer 190-LR. A 98-114 seat regional airliner. Full package for FSX; compatible with Acceleration/SP2. By Jean-Pierre Brisard, Barry Blaisdell, Bob May, Kevin Pardy and Danny Crance - Premier Aircraft Design.

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The archive e190virx.zip has 129 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
airplanes07.18.080 B
e190virx07.18.080 B
aircraft.cfg07.06.0817.92 kB
CREDITS.txt07.11.081.01 kB
e190virx.gif07.06.086.73 kB
e190virx.jpg07.06.0836.20 kB
e190virx_File_ID.txt07.18.08236 B
EMB-190.air12.11.079.25 kB
EMB-190_check.htm09.09.0558.73 kB
EMB-190_ref.htm09.09.0515.97 kB
file_id.txt07.18.08236 B
model07.18.080 B
EMB1906-fs9.mdl02.26.082.05 MB
model.cfg02.26.0830 B
panel.bwb07.18.080 B
737-400.gau06.13.032.20 MB
CRTBEZ.Bmp07.16.0447.59 kB
CRTframe.bmp11.16.04149.12 kB
Davtron.gau08.27.0392.00 kB
E190PNL.bmp12.11.071.37 MB
E190yoke-1.bmp07.21.051.37 MB
EMB190.CAB02.05.08499.43 kB
Lear_45_XML.cab09.26.071.58 MB
OH256-1.bmp07.22.05492.24 kB
PAD_seatbelts.gau06.19.0556.00 kB
PAD_seatbelts_nl.gau06.19.0556.00 kB
PAD_sound.gau04.03.0576.00 kB
pad_Sound.ini06.19.051.46 kB
Panel.cfg02.06.0813.85 kB
panel_ install.txt02.06.08492 B
PEDESTAL2.bmp12.27.07480.05 kB
rcb-gauges.CAB12.05.0727.06 kB
RCB_Groundhandling5.CAB10.20.0626.63 kB
RCB_Groundhandling5_Sound.dll10.19.0696.80 kB
STBY_PFD.cab08.12.05213.39 kB
WING_L.bmp03.21.03769.05 kB
WING_R.bmp03.21.03215.39 kB
Xfs9gps.cab06.12.03296.71 kB
READ_ME_FIRST!_FSX.txt07.06.085.45 kB
Sound.EMB07.18.080 B
baapdis.wav04.17.0113.69 kB
ban11.wav04.17.0155.23 kB
ban1shut.wav04.17.01206.75 kB
ban1strt.wav08.21.01389.31 kB
ban21.wav04.17.0156.69 kB
ban2shut.wav04.17.01259.75 kB
ban2strt.wav04.17.0162.25 kB
ban2t.wav09.16.99108.81 kB
baover.wav02.20.0322.23 kB
bbn11.wav04.17.0147.23 kB
bbn1shut.wav04.17.01212.25 kB
bbn1strt.wav08.21.01342.81 kB
bbn21.wav04.17.0170.19 kB
bbn2shut.wav04.17.01254.25 kB
bbn2strt.wav04.17.0150.25 kB
bbn2t.wav09.16.99119.31 kB
bmflaps.wav04.17.0173.81 kB
bmgeardn.wav04.17.01119.19 kB
bmgearup.wav04.17.01122.19 kB
bmgwarn.wav09.05.0038.21 kB
door_large_close.wav04.09.03131.81 kB
door_large_open.wav04.09.03116.30 kB
Flap_Sound.wav08.27.0384.46 kB
FPDA_Gear_Sound.wav05.19.9938.74 kB
Gear_Sound.wav10.18.99303.80 kB
GEwind.wav03.29.04858.65 kB
pad_flap.wav08.15.01274.34 kB
Roll1.wav06.22.01130.57 kB
Roll2.wav06.22.01126.91 kB
Sound.cfg02.05.0813.07 kB
Sound.cfgold02.22.0612.99 kB
touch1.wav07.01.9710.85 kB
touch2.wav01.06.99286.01 kB
touch3.wav09.10.9814.22 kB
touch4.wav01.06.99286.01 kB
xban11.wav04.17.0152.23 kB
xban1shut.wav04.17.01212.25 kB
xban1strt.wav08.21.01496.81 kB
xban21.wav04.17.0154.19 kB
xban2shut.wav04.17.01227.75 kB
xban2strt.wav04.17.0160.75 kB
xban2t.wav04.17.01108.81 kB
xbbn11.wav04.17.0146.73 kB
xbbn1shut.wav04.17.01220.25 kB
xbbn1strt.wav08.21.01460.81 kB
xbbn21.wav04.17.0151.19 kB
xbbn2shut.wav04.17.01217.75 kB
xbbn2strt.wav04.17.0158.25 kB
xbbn2t.wav04.17.01119.31 kB
texture.virginblue07.18.080 B
E190panels.bmp12.11.07512.07 kB
E190panels_L.bmp12.04.071.00 MB
Elevator.bmp06.29.08256.07 kB
EMB190_details.bmp09.05.05512.07 kB
engines.bmp06.29.08256.07 kB
fuse190.bmp07.03.081.00 MB
fuse190_L.bmp08.23.051.00 MB
fuse190_nite.bmp07.03.081.00 MB
fuse190_nite_L.bmp08.23.051.00 MB
glass.Bmp03.15.0565.05 kB
interiors.bmp09.05.051.00 MB
interiors_L.bmp09.02.051.00 MB
lights.bmp11.17.0732.07 kB
lights_L.bmp11.17.0765.05 kB
misc.bmp07.17.051.00 MB
overhd3.bmp09.01.051.00 MB
overhd3_L.bmp09.07.051.00 MB
pilotdh8.bmp03.08.05257.05 kB
pilots.bmp03.08.05257.05 kB
pilots_L.bmp09.05.05257.05 kB
pspbrwse.jbf07.03.0891.81 kB
roue2.bmp07.20.0464.07 kB
seats.bmp09.06.05512.07 kB
thumbnail.jpg07.06.085.13 kB
trolley_steps.bmp12.07.07256.07 kB
wings190_L.bmp06.29.081.00 MB
wings190_R.bmp06.29.081.00 MB
Yoke_VC.bmp08.30.05256.07 kB
simobjects07.18.080 B
fx_PADbeaconh.fx09.02.064.75 kB
fx_PADnavgre.fx09.01.064.56 kB
fx_PADnavred.fx09.01.064.56 kB
fx_PADnavwhi.fx09.01.063.05 kB
fx_PADstrobeh.fx09.02.064.81 kB
fx_vclightwhi.fx05.12.061.31 kB
fx_vclightwhite.fx05.12.061.31 kB
Effects05.30.080 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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