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FSX Boeing/BAE T-45C Goshawk V2.80

Complete with Base ModelJump to: Screenshots | Comments | File Details

The T45C Goshawk is a heavily modified version of the BAE Hawk single engine jet trainer, adapted to aircraft carrier ops. This package contains an entirely new visual model, with self-shadowing, bump mapping and hi-res textures, working virtual cockpit, 3D gauges, and reasonably accurate flight model. Fully compatible with Prepar3D V2.X and V3.X. Includes custom HUD by Jivko "Neutrino" Rusev and Scott Printz, sound package by Serge "fsxnavypilot" Lsa. Designed by Dino Cattaneo.

Screenshot of BAE T-45C Goshawk in flight.

Screenshot of BAE T-45C Goshawk in flight.


  • New NACES seat 3D model courtesy of Vertical Reality Simulations (same as their Superbug).
  • New Control stick model for Virtual Cockpit.
  • Minor improvements to Virtual Cockpit details.
  • Added 'Remove Before Flight' ribbons (will show/hide with SHIFT+E then 3 control).
  • Added HUD, engine intakes and exhaust covers (will show/hide with SHIFT+E then 4).
  • Standardized pilot figures to have the same look as the Military Avatars Package.
  • Added skinned meshes animations to pilot figures (head movement, throttle, stick left/right, pedals left/right).
  • Fixed bug that caused HUD to flicker in P3Dv2 and v3.
  • Added clickable areas to external model for P3Dv3 (to use in external views or Avatar mode): *
    • Canopy opening lever.
    • Crew access steps.
    • Engine/HUD covers (click nearby the engine intake).
    • Remove before flight ribbons (click on certain parts of the landing gear and tailhook).
  • Fixed miscellaneous incompatibility issues and typos in configuration files.
  • Rationalization of files and duplicates for 'WORKING MIRROR' all the models are in the main MODEL folder, while you need to install the relevant aicraft.cfg and model.cfg to activate or deactivate the feature.
  • Fixed minor animation bugs.
  • Pilot figures now have automatic or user controllable visibility conditions. **
  • Improved configurator, now has also crew figure control buttons, as well as ribbons and covers visibility control and refuel options. **


* Covers and ribbons are not 'individually' controllable... clicking on a cover or a ribbon will remove all of them. This was basically a test to check how practical it was to have a virtual walk around.

** By default pilot visibility is set in AUTO mode. In this mode pilot will always show unless:

  • The relevant weight station il loaded with 89 pounds or less.
  • The RPMs are below 5% and the speed of the aircraft is below 5 kts and the aircraft is on the ground and the parking brake is set.

The configurator allows the user to MANUALLY select to HIDE the crew, or show both the student and the instructor or only the student. MANUAL selection will always force the selected condition unless CREW AUTO button is pressed (and automatic visibility is restored).


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The archive has 393 files and directories contained within it. View them...

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
T45C_new_dynamics.jpg03.06.13754.90 kB
T45C_partial_spoilers.jpg03.06.131.17 MB
T45c20sm.gif03.06.1311.65 kB
T45cvcsm.gif03.06.138.95 kB
README.txt12.31.1518.31 kB
file_id.diz12.31.15562 B
fx_beacon_t45.fx06.20.143.57 kB
fx_navorange_t45.fx07.21.143.01 kB
fx_strobe_t45.fx07.21.144.77 kB
fx_t45_vclight.fx07.21.141.25 kB
Airplanes12.31.150 B
Boeing_T45C12.31.150 B
Aircraft.cfg12.21.1532.05 kB
docs12.31.150 B
T-45C_FSXA_VNATOPS.pdf12.31.154.96 MB
T-45-onepage-Checklist (Real world checklist).pdf01.14.15284.80 kB
model12.31.150 B
Model.cfg12.22.1541 B
t45c.MDL12.30.1514.58 MB
t45c2.MDL12.28.1510.20 MB
t45c2_mirror.MDL12.28.1510.20 MB
optional_features12.31.150 B
scratch_reflection.dds01.14.154.12 kB
README.txt12.22.15809 B
Aircraft.cfg12.21.1532.05 kB
model12.31.150 B
Model.cfg12.22.1541 B
Aircraft.cfg12.19.1532.87 kB
model12.31.150 B
Model.cfg12.22.1548 B
panel12.31.150 B
PANEL.CFG12.30.156.59 kB
T45C_DEP.CAB01.14.155.01 kB
T45C_HUD12.31.150 B
Airspeed_box_00FF00.bmp01.14.152.60 kB
Airspeed_box_00FFFF.bmp01.14.152.60 kB
Airspeed_box_80FF80.bmp01.14.152.65 kB
Airspeed_box_C0FFFF.bmp01.14.152.65 kB
Alpha_00FF00.bmp01.14.15880 B
Alpha_00FFFF.bmp01.14.15880 B
Alpha_80FF80.bmp01.14.154.47 kB
Alpha_C0FFFF.bmp01.14.15930 B
Altitude_box_00FF00.bmp01.14.154.05 kB
Altitude_box_00FFFF.bmp01.14.154.05 kB
Altitude_box_80FF80.bmp01.14.154.10 kB
Altitude_box_C0FFFF.bmp01.14.154.10 kB
AoA_bracket_00FF00.bmp01.14.151.48 kB
AoA_bracket_00FFFF.bmp01.14.151.48 kB
AoA_bracket_80FF80.bmp01.14.151.54 kB
AoA_bracket_C0FFFF.bmp01.14.151.54 kB
bank_arrow_00FF00.bmp01.14.15480 B
bank_arrow_00FFFF.bmp01.14.15480 B
bank_arrow_80FF80.bmp01.14.152.29 kB
bank_arrow_C0FFFF.bmp01.14.15534 B
bank_scale_00FF00.bmp01.14.1557.08 kB
bank_scale_00FFFF.bmp01.14.1557.08 kB
bank_scale_80FF80.bmp01.14.1557.13 kB
bank_scale_C0FFFF.bmp01.14.1557.13 kB
CCIP_00FF00.bmp01.14.152.02 kB
CCIP_00FFFF.bmp01.14.1511.01 kB
CCIP_80FF80.bmp01.14.152.02 kB
CCIP_C0FFFF.bmp01.14.152.02 kB
DEPRT_00FF00.bmp01.14.15154.27 kB
DEPRT_00FFFF.bmp01.14.15154.27 kB
DEPRT_80FF80.bmp01.14.1526.55 kB
DEPRT_C0FFFF.bmp01.14.1526.55 kB
Energy_caret_00FF00.bmp01.14.15592 B
Energy_caret_00FFFF.bmp01.14.15592 B
Energy_caret_80FF80.bmp01.14.15646 B
Energy_caret_C0FFFF.bmp01.14.15646 B
GNRT_00FF00.bmp01.14.155.09 kB
GNRT_00FFFF.bmp01.14.155.09 kB
GNRT_80FF80.bmp01.14.155.14 kB
GNRT_C0FFFF.bmp01.14.155.14 kB
Heading_marker_00FF00.bmp01.14.15280 B
Heading_marker_00FFFF.bmp01.14.15280 B
Heading_marker_80FF80.bmp01.14.151.21 kB
Heading_marker_C0FFFF.bmp01.14.15334 B
Heading_pointer_00FF00.bmp01.14.15664 B
Heading_pointer_00FFFF.bmp01.14.15664 B
Heading_pointer_80FF80.bmp01.14.15718 B
Heading_pointer_C0FFFF.bmp01.14.15718 B
Heading_tape_00FF00.bmp01.14.1512.32 kB
Heading_tape_00FFFF.bmp01.14.1512.32 kB
Heading_tape_80FF80.bmp01.14.1512.38 kB
Heading_tape_C0FFFF.bmp01.14.1573.29 kB
Horizon_GDown_00FF00.bmp01.14.1510.23 kB
Horizon_GDown_00FFFF.bmp01.14.1510.23 kB
Horizon_GDown_80FF80.bmp01.14.1560.84 kB
Horizon_GDown_C0FFFF.bmp01.14.1510.29 kB
Horizon_GUp_00FF00.bmp01.14.154.42 kB
Horizon_GUp_00FFFF.bmp01.14.154.42 kB
Horizon_GUp_80FF80.bmp01.14.154.47 kB
Horizon_GUp_C0FFFF.bmp01.14.154.47 kB
HUD_back.bmp01.14.1559.54 kB
HUD_steering_arrow_00FF00.bmp01.14.151.17 kB
HUD_steering_arrow_00FFFF.bmp01.14.151.17 kB
HUD_steering_arrow_80FF80.bmp01.14.151.22 kB
HUD_steering_arrow_C0FFFF.bmp01.14.151.22 kB
HUD_steering_dots_00FF00.bmp01.14.153.09 kB
HUD_steering_dots_00FFFF.bmp01.14.153.09 kB
HUD_steering_dots_80FF80.bmp01.14.153.14 kB
HUD_steering_dots_C0FFFF.bmp01.14.153.14 kB
Needle_glideslope_00FF00.bmp01.14.15244 B
Needle_glideslope_00FFFF.bmp01.14.15244 B
Needle_glideslope_80FF80.bmp01.14.151.08 kB
Needle_glideslope_C0FFFF.bmp01.14.15298 B
Needle_localizer_00FF00.bmp01.14.15532 B
Needle_localizer_00FFFF.bmp01.14.15532 B
Needle_localizer_80FF80.bmp01.14.15586 B
Needle_localizer_C0FFFF.bmp01.14.15586 B
Pitch_Ladder_20_5_00FF00.bmp01.14.15103.84 kB
Pitch_Ladder_20_5_00FFFF.bmp01.14.15103.84 kB
Pitch_Ladder_20_5_80FF80.bmp01.14.15103.89 kB
Pitch_Ladder_20_5_C0FFFF.bmp01.14.15103.89 kB
Pitch_Ladder_25_60_00FF00.bmp01.14.15236.80 kB
Pitch_Ladder_-25_-60_00FF00.bmp01.14.15236.80 kB
Pitch_Ladder_25_60_00FFFF.bmp01.14.15236.80 kB
Pitch_Ladder_-25_-60_00FFFF.bmp01.14.15236.80 kB
Pitch_Ladder_25_60_80FF80.bmp01.14.15236.86 kB
Pitch_Ladder_-25_-60_80FF80.bmp01.14.151.38 MB
Pitch_Ladder_25_60_C0FFFF.bmp01.14.151.38 MB
Pitch_Ladder_-25_-60_C0FFFF.bmp01.14.15236.86 kB
Pitch_Ladder_-5_-20_00FF00.bmp01.14.15103.84 kB
Pitch_Ladder_-5_-20_00FFFF.bmp01.14.15103.84 kB
Pitch_Ladder_-5_-20_80FF80.bmp01.14.15103.89 kB
Pitch_Ladder_-5_-20_C0FFFF.bmp01.14.15103.89 kB
Pitch_Ladder_-65_bottom_00FF00.bmp01.14.15245.62 kB
Pitch_Ladder_-65_bottom_00FFFF.bmp01.14.15245.62 kB
Pitch_Ladder_-65_bottom_80FF80.bmp01.14.151.43 MB
Pitch_Ladder_-65_bottom_C0FFFF.bmp01.14.151.43 MB
Pitch_Ladder_65_top_00FF00.bmp01.14.15245.19 kB
Pitch_Ladder_65_top_00FFFF.bmp01.14.15245.19 kB
Pitch_Ladder_65_top_80FF80.bmp01.14.15245.24 kB
Pitch_Ladder_65_top_C0FFFF.bmp01.14.15245.24 kB
T45C_BLOWBACK.xml01.14.151.24 kB
T45C_GUN_MODE.xml01.14.1581.00 kB
T45C_HUD_Init.xml01.14.152.43 kB
T45C_HUD_Switches.CAB01.14.1587.57 kB
T45C_HUD_VC.xml01.14.15280.33 kB
T45C_HUD_VC_loBRT.xml01.14.15138.24 kB
TD_box_00FF00.bmp01.14.153.15 kB
TD_box_00FFFF.bmp01.14.153.15 kB
TD_box_80FF80.bmp01.14.153.20 kB
TD_box_C0FFFF.bmp01.14.153.20 kB
Trigger_Down_00FF00.bmp01.14.151.46 kB
Trigger_Down_00FFFF.bmp01.14.151.46 kB
Trigger_Down_80FF80.bmp01.14.151.51 kB
Trigger_Down_C0FFFF.bmp01.14.151.51 kB
Velocity_Vector_00FF00.bmp01.14.153.02 kB
Velocity_Vector_00FFFF.bmp01.14.153.02 kB
Velocity_Vector_80FF80.bmp01.14.153.07 kB
Velocity_Vector_C0FFFF.bmp01.14.153.07 kB
Velocity_Vector_ghost_00FF00.bmp01.14.153.02 kB
Velocity_Vector_ghost_00FFFF.bmp01.14.153.02 kB
Velocity_Vector_ghost_80FF80.bmp01.14.153.07 kB
Velocity_Vector_ghost_C0FFFF.bmp01.14.1517.03 kB
Velocity_Vector_ghost_Mask.bmp01.14.15138.51 kB
Warning_00FF00.bmp01.14.1512.55 kB
Warning_00FFFF.bmp01.14.1512.55 kB
Warning_80FF80.bmp01.14.1512.60 kB
Warning_C0FFFF.bmp01.14.1512.60 kB
Waterline_00FF00.bmp01.14.151.57 kB
Waterline_00FFFF.bmp01.14.151.57 kB
Waterline_80FF80.bmp01.14.158.80 kB
Waterline_C0FFFF.bmp01.14.158.80 kB
T45C_HUD_VC.xml01.14.15276.82 kB
T45C_MFD12.31.150 B
AoA_bracket_00FF00.bmp01.14.15478 B
DEPRT_00FF00.bmp01.14.15154.27 kB
Energy_caret_00FF00.bmp01.14.15592 B
GNRT_00FF00.bmp01.14.155.09 kB
Horiz_selection.bmp01.14.154.08 kB
ILS_Needle_glideslope.bmp01.14.15298 B
ILS_Needle_loc.bmp01.14.15838 B
MFD_ADI_BACK.bmp01.14.15768.05 kB
MFD_ADI_BALL.bmp01.14.151.67 kB
MFD_ADI_BINGO.bmp01.14.159.90 kB
MFD_ADI_LAW.bmp01.14.159.90 kB
MFD_ADI_PADDLE.bmp01.14.152.24 kB
MFD_BANK_ARROW.bmp01.14.155.72 kB
MFD_BIT_BACK.bmp01.14.15768.05 kB
MFD_DATA_BACK.bmp01.14.15257.05 kB
MFD_EFI_Speed_index.bmp01.14.15282 B
MFD_ENG_BACK.bmp01.14.15257.05 kB
MFD_HORIZON_STRIP.bmp01.14.153.43 MB
MFD_HSI_ADF_BEARING.bmp01.14.1512.94 kB
MFD_HSI_BACK.bmp01.14.15768.05 kB
MFD_HSI_COURSE_DEVIATION.bmp01.14.1512.71 kB
MFD_HSI_COURSE_LINE.bmp01.14.15126.62 kB
MFD_HSI_CRS.bmp01.14.159.90 kB
MFD_HSI_HDG.bmp01.14.159.90 kB
MFD_HSI_HEADING_BUG.bmp01.14.151.39 kB
MFD_HSI_ROSE.bmp01.14.15300.99 kB
MFD_HSI_TACAN_BEARING.bmp01.14.1512.94 kB
MFD_HSI_TP_BEARING.bmp01.14.1512.94 kB
MFD_HSI_VOR_BEARING.bmp01.14.1512.94 kB
MFD_HUD_BACK.bmp01.14.15768.05 kB
MFD_HUD_BANK_ARROW.bmp01.14.155.72 kB
MFD_HUD_Horizon.bmp01.14.15882.87 kB
MFD_INOP_BACK.bmp01.14.15768.05 kB
MFD_MENU_BACK.bmp01.14.15768.05 kB
MFD_STRS_BACK.bmp01.14.15768.05 kB
MFD_STRS_BACK_AA.bmp01.14.15768.05 kB
MFD_STRS_BACK_AG.bmp01.14.15768.05 kB
MFD_STRS_CCIP.bmp01.14.1524.05 kB
MFD_STRS_SEL.bmp01.14.154.93 kB
MFD_TRNG_BACK.bmp01.14.15768.05 kB
MFD_VCR_BACK.bmp01.14.15768.05 kB
MFD_VSI_NEEDLE.bmp01.14.15774 B
MFD_WATERLINE.bmp01.14.152.65 kB
MFD_WPN_MK76.bmp01.14.156.15 kB
MFD_WPN_RKT.bmp01.14.156.15 kB
Needle_glideslope_00FF00.bmp01.14.15244 B
Needle_localizer_00FF00.bmp01.14.15532 B
T45MFD_1.xml01.14.1564.43 kB
T45MFD_1_Control.xml01.14.1515.22 kB
T45MFD_1_keys.xml01.14.154.83 kB
T45MFD_2.xml01.14.1564.43 kB
T45MFD_2_Control.xml01.14.1515.22 kB
T45MFD_2_keys.xml01.14.154.83 kB
T45MFD_3.xml01.14.1564.43 kB
T45MFD_3_Control.xml01.14.1515.22 kB
T45MFD_Init.xml12.30.1518.10 kB
Thumbs.db01.14.15132.50 kB
VARWATCHER.xml01.14.152.68 kB
Velocity_Vector_00FF00.bmp01.14.15862 B
Velocity_Vector_ghost_00FF00.bmp01.14.153.02 kB
Vert_selection.bmp01.14.157.79 kB
Warning_00FF00.bmp01.14.1512.55 kB
Tactical12.31.150 B
T45Config.xml12.30.1510.38 kB
T45Configurator.bmp12.30.151.46 MB
TacpackNotPresent.bmp01.14.1586.72 kB
Thumbs.db01.14.1544.00 kB
VARWATCHER.xml01.14.15566 B
sound12.31.150 B
bingo.wav01.14.1545.33 kB
FA18_aapdis.wav01.14.1542.62 kB
FA18_agear.wav01.14.1570.19 kB
FA18_aover.wav01.14.1550.27 kB
LaunchBarExtend.wav01.14.15112.08 kB
LaunchBarRetract.wav01.14.1548.90 kB
readme.txt01.14.151.29 kB
sound.cfg01.14.156.82 kB
stall_warning.wav01.14.1542.35 kB
T45_avionix.wav01.14.15102.99 kB
T45_canopy_close.wav01.14.1590.88 kB
T45_canopy_open.wav01.14.1591.12 kB
T45_comb_0.wav01.14.15120.45 kB
T45_comb_1.wav01.14.15172.09 kB
T45_comb_start.wav01.14.15940.86 kB
T45_flaps.wav01.14.1573.43 kB
T45_gear_down.wav01.14.15526.08 kB
T45_gear_up.wav01.14.15535.79 kB
T45_hook_gown.wav01.14.1581.12 kB
T45_hook_up.wav01.14.1586.27 kB
T45_shutdown.wav01.14.151.93 MB
T45_starter.wav01.14.15861.37 kB
T45_TailhookExtend.wav01.14.1561.98 kB
T45_TailhookRetract.wav01.14.1545.36 kB
T45_whine_0.wav01.14.15171.45 kB
T45_whine_1.wav01.14.15146.71 kB
wheel_roll.wav01.14.15396.57 kB
wheel_touch.wav01.14.1528.64 kB
x_T45_comb_0.wav01.14.15128.93 kB
x_T45_comb_1.wav01.14.15235.99 kB
x_T45_comb_2.wav01.14.15359.19 kB
x_T45_comb_3.wav01.14.15438.39 kB
x_T45_comb_start.wav01.14.15805.75 kB
x_T45_shutdown.wav01.14.151.23 MB
x_T45_starter.wav01.14.15861.37 kB
x_T45_whine_0.wav01.14.15180.77 kB
x_T45_whine_1.wav01.14.15133.81 kB
x_T45_whine_2.wav01.14.1597.92 kB
x_T45_whine_3.wav01.14.15316.42 kB
T45.air01.14.158.46 kB
T45C_check.htm01.14.1532.79 kB
T45C_ref.htm01.14.153.75 kB
tacpack.ini01.14.151.79 kB
tacpack.sig01.14.15512 B
texture.10112.31.150 B
T45C_1_T.dds01.14.1516.00 MB
T45C_2_T.dds01.14.1516.00 MB
texture.cfg01.14.15137 B
thumbnail.jpg01.14.1524.38 kB
texture.10712.31.150 B
T45C_1_T.dds01.14.1516.00 MB
T45C_2_T.dds01.14.1516.00 MB
texture.cfg01.14.15137 B
thumbnail.jpg01.14.1524.34 kB
texture.10912.31.150 B
T45C_1_T.dds01.14.1516.00 MB
T45C_2_T.dds01.14.1516.00 MB
texture.cfg01.14.15137 B
thumbnail.jpg01.14.1524.26 kB
texture.15012.31.150 B
T45C_1_T.dds01.14.1516.00 MB
T45C_2_T.dds01.14.1516.00 MB
texture.cfg01.14.15137 B
thumbnail.jpg01.14.1523.39 kB
Thumbs.db01.14.154.50 kB
texture.20012.31.150 B
T45C_1_T.dds01.14.1516.00 MB
T45C_2_T.dds01.14.1516.00 MB
texture.cfg01.14.15137 B
thumbnail.jpg01.14.1523.65 kB
texture.20112.31.150 B
T45C_1_T.dds01.14.1516.00 MB
T45C_2_T.dds01.14.1516.00 MB
texture.cfg01.14.15137 B
thumbnail.jpg01.14.1523.96 kB
texture.30312.31.150 B
T45C_1_T.dds01.14.1516.00 MB
T45C_2_T.dds01.14.1516.00 MB
texture.cfg01.14.15137 B
thumbnail.jpg01.14.1523.56 kB
Thumbs.db01.14.154.50 kB
texture.32112.31.150 B
T45C_1_T.dds01.14.1516.00 MB
T45C_2_T.dds01.14.1516.00 MB
texture.cfg01.14.15137 B
thumbnail.jpg01.14.1524.06 kB
texture.32212.31.150 B
T45C_1_T.dds01.14.1516.00 MB
T45C_2_T.dds01.14.1516.00 MB
texture.cfg01.14.15137 B
thumbnail.jpg01.14.1524.25 kB
Thumbs.db01.14.1511.00 kB
texture.60112.31.150 B
T45C_1_T.dds01.14.1516.00 MB
T45C_2_T.dds01.14.1516.00 MB
texture.cfg01.14.15137 B
thumbnail.jpg01.14.1523.62 kB
texture12.31.150 B
BDU-33_D.dds01.14.15512.12 kB
BDU-33_S.dds01.14.15512.12 kB
Fresnel_Ramp.dds01.14.151.12 kB
glass_T.dds01.14.155.44 kB
LAU-68.dds01.14.151.00 MB
Military_instrumentation_2_T.dds01.14.154.00 MB
Military_instrumentation_2_T_LM.dds01.14.154.00 MB
Military_instrumentation_T.bmp01.14.1512.00 MB
NACES_seat_1.dds01.14.154.00 MB
NACES_seat_2.dds01.14.151.00 MB
Normal_flipper.dds01.14.154.12 kB
Ribbons_Covers.dds12.29.15256.12 kB
scratch_reflection.dds01.14.1516.00 MB
t45_glass_t.dds01.14.15128.12 kB
t45_loads_T.dds01.14.151.00 MB
t45_loads_T_bump.dds01.14.151.00 MB
t45_loads_T_spec.dds01.14.15256.12 kB
T45C_1_T_bump.dds11.17.1516.00 MB
T45C_1_T_spec.dds11.17.1516.00 MB
T45C_2_T_bump.dds11.17.1516.00 MB
T45C_2_T_spec.dds11.17.1516.00 MB
T45C_form_lights.dds01.14.154.12 kB
usaf-helmet-diffuse.dds01.14.151.00 MB
usaf-helmet-specular.dds01.14.151.00 MB
usaf-mask-diffuse.dds01.14.151.00 MB
usaf-pilot-diffuse.dds10.21.154.00 MB
usaf-pilot-normal.dds01.14.154.00 MB
us-soldier-white.dds10.31.154.00 MB
VC_1_T.dds01.14.1516.00 MB
VC_1_T_LM.dds01.14.154.00 MB
VC_2_T.dds12.28.1516.00 MB
VC_2_T_LM.dds01.14.154.00 MB
VC_3_T.dds12.22.154.00 MB
VC_4_T.dds12.22.1516.00 MB
VC_5_T.dds01.14.1516.00 MB
VC_5_T_LM.dds01.14.154.00 MB
VC_Glass.dds01.14.151.00 MB
VC_glass_reflection.dds01.14.151.00 MB
VC_GlasshUD.dds01.14.15256.12 kB
VC_Military_digits.dds01.14.15128.12 kB
VC_mirror_reflection.dds01.14.15256.12 kB
VC_T45_add_dials.dds01.14.15256.12 kB
VC_T45_add_dials_LM.dds01.14.15256.12 kB
VC_t45_dials.dds12.19.1516.00 MB
VC_t45_dials_LM.dds01.14.154.00 MB
VC_t45_glass_reflections.dds01.14.151.00 MB
VC_t45_HUDkeypad.dds01.14.151.00 MB
VC_t45_HUDkeypad_LM.dds01.14.151.00 MB
VC_t45_MFD.dds01.14.151.00 MB
VC_t45_MFD_LM.dds01.14.151.00 MB
VRS_NACES.dds10.03.138.00 MB
tp-public.key01.14.152.51 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B


This file has an overall rating of 5 out of 5 with a total of 2 votes and 4 review comments.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) including Steam Edition & Prepar3D (P3D)
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144.01 MB
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Pro MemberKeith LenznerFri, 02 Feb 2018 00:34:56 GMT

If you're like I am, you love finding an aircraft that gives you all you want. I'm more into Naval planes. This one is excellent from take off to landing on the carrier. It has a very good low speed take off, excellent handling, can slam a carrier deck and give you that need for speed. If you like a good Naval plane, that gives you handling from a-z and leaves you wanting nothing (your need for speed), get this aerobatic lil' honey.

Pro MemberRagncajun56Thu, 21 Dec 2017 18:02:32 GMT

WOW! this aircraft is depicted perfectly flight dynamics are spot on, beautiful VC, Best military aircraft I've got in my inventory.

Swarnava GhoshSun, 08 Jan 2017 06:24:09 GMT

Go to settings > custimize and under the graphics tab, make sure that "Preview DirectX 10" is UNTICKED

Duncan Wed, 27 Apr 2016 17:49:38 GMT

Can you help the aircraft doesn't show any outside textures

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