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FSX Aircraft Carrier USS Nimitz

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FSX: ACCELERATION USS NIMITZ & USS EISENHOWER VERSION 2.0 New version of AI moving aircraft carriers USS Nimitz and USS Eisenhower for FSX Acceleration.New features include catapult steam, new animations and Underway replenishment (oiler ship model inluded).Features a working elevator, 4 cables and catapults. Included multiple deck configurations. Aircrafts on the deck include SH-60, E-2C, T-45 and four variants of F/A-18 of CVW7 and CVW11

Recommended usage with Lamont Clark's AIcarriers2. By Javier Fernandez.

USS Nimitz & USS Eisenhower Version 2.0 by Javier Fernandez Additional FX by Sylvain Parouty


  • FSX Acceleration or SP2
  • -24Mb of Hard disk free space.


FSX Aircraft Carrer download

  • New "Underway Replenishment" configurations for Nimitz and Eisenhower. Ideal for VERTREP operations with helos. 
  • New model of fleet oiler USNS Patuxent T-AO 201. Features landable helipad and night lightning. It works independently as an AI ship that can sail on her own (an additional configuration for AIcarriers is also provided).  
  • Added steam effects on all catapults (look better with the ship in movement)
  • Added sound for catapult launch and jet blast deflectors
  • Fixed the issue that caused the player's plane to fall down on the water when entering the hangar deck from #3 elevator.
  • Fixed night lightning issues for some planes in "port visit" configurations
  • Corrected some inaccuracies in the aft radar tower and in the island.
  • Added animated catapult "shooter"
  • Additional catapult crew for cats #3 and #4.
  • New texture for catapult shuttles.


  • I strongly recommend to use these carriers with AiCarriers2 freeware software by Lamont Clark. AIcarriers2 is a small software that allows you to place and control single ships or complete naval fleets in Flight Simulator X. 
  • Dino Catanneo's T-45 Goshawk and F-14 Tomcat. They can be downloaded from all major FS download sites.
  • EZwalk camera. This utility allows you to move around an airplane, scenery or virtual cockpit, using the mouse and keyboard keys. You can use it to walk around the carrier and discover some of her 'hidden features'.
  • FS Water Configurator - A free utility that allows to change completely the look of the water in FSX


  1. copy cvn_68_69.cfg into 'conf.d' folder inside your 'Aicarriers' installation folder.
  2. Copy all three folders (Simobjects, Effects and Sound) into you main FSX folder.
  3. Run Aicarriers2 program and select any of the multiple carrier variations provided in this package


  • Some lights won't show up at night using DX10.
  • Some textures might look corrupted in DX10.


Very special thanks to Sylvain Parouty (thanks for the no_Wake fx) , Michael Davies and 'Noshadez' from the "Sim Outhouse" forums for their invaluable assistance. Thanks to Lamont Clark for his amazing sofware. Thanks to Jeff (Navychief8), James Chams and Robert Morono for their excellent suggestions and feedback.


  • Dino Cattaneo
  • Jose Luis Navarro
  • Jim Dhaenens
  • Sylvain Parouty
  • Michael Davies
  • Robert Morono
  • Diego Menendez


This package is freeware.   Selling this package or part of it is not allowed without the written permission of the author.  Any modification of this package must credit me as the original author.  This Addon is NOT endorsed by the U.S. Navy


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The archive has 333 files and directories contained within it.

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1-EMPTY.jpg06.14.09114.65 kB
10-PORT.jpg06.14.09152.70 kB
11.PORT2.jpg06.14.0967.66 kB
12-MAN.jpg06.14.09120.68 kB
13-HANGAR.jpg06.14.09167.93 kB
14-Patuxent.jpg11.09.09150.92 kB
15-UNREP.jpg11.09.09166.26 kB
2-CONFIG1.jpg06.14.09127.68 kB
2-CONFIG2.jpg06.14.09119.33 kB
3-CROWDED.jpg06.14.09101.96 kB
4-CROWDED2.jpg06.14.09120.17 kB
5-LAUNCH.jpg06.14.09126.03 kB
6-RECOVERY.jpg06.14.09132.65 kB
7-T45.jpg06.14.09119.27 kB
8-NIGHT.jpg06.14.0959.09 kB
9-DARKEN.jpg06.14.0950.24 kB
cvn_68_69.cfg11.09.096.22 kB
Effects11.09.090 B
fx_beaconb_cvn.fx04.14.082.47 kB
fx_beaconb_island_cvn.fx04.09.082.47 kB
fx_beacong_cvn.fx04.14.082.46 kB
fx_beaconwhi_cvn.fx04.14.082.47 kB
fx_carrier_helo.fx06.13.091.35 kB
fx_carrier_mule.fx06.02.091.34 kB
fx_carrier_PA.fx06.11.091.35 kB
fx_carrier_rumble.fx06.02.091.34 kB
fx_carrier_waterloop.fx11.09.091.27 kB
fx_carrier_wind.fx06.02.091.34 kB
fx_lightObsRedSteady_cvn.fx04.14.082.47 kB
fx_NoWake.fx06.13.091.14 kB
file_id.diz11.09.09562 B
NIMITZ3.jpg06.09.09201.51 kB
README.txt11.09.093.48 kB
SimObjects11.09.090 B
Boats11.09.090 B
SH-60_Plane_Guard11.09.090 B
model11.09.090 B
model.cfg06.09.0923 B
SH60.mdl06.13.09277.29 kB
sim.cfg06.13.09590 B
texture11.09.090 B
crew.dds06.02.09682.79 kB
Prop.dds09.09.071.33 MB
sh60.dds06.13.09682.79 kB
model.USNS_PATUXENT11.09.090 B
model.cfg11.02.0932 B
USNS_PATUXENT.mdl11.08.091.79 MB
model.USNS_PATUXENT_UNREP11.09.090 B
model.cfg11.08.0938 B
USNS_PATUXENT_UNREP.mdl11.08.092.44 MB
sim.cfg11.08.09646 B
texture11.09.090 B
crate.dds11.02.0942.79 kB
crate_night.dds11.02.0942.79 kB
crew_UNREP.dds11.02.09170.79 kB
crew_UNREP_night.dds11.02.09170.79 kB
kaiser.bmp11.02.092.00 MB
kaiser_night.dds11.02.0916.00 MB
texture.cfg11.02.0947 B
USS_NIMITZ11.09.090 B
model.CVN68_111.09.090 B
model.CVN68_1011.09.090 B
cvn68_10.mdl11.08.0910.88 MB
model.cfg06.10.0925 B
model.CVN68_1111.09.090 B
cvn68_11.mdl11.08.094.23 MB
model.cfg06.13.0925 B
model.CVN68_1211.09.090 B
cvn68_12.mdl11.08.098.67 MB
model.cfg06.13.0925 B
cvn68_1.mdl11.08.096.84 MB
model.cfg06.07.0926 B
model.CVN68_211.09.090 B
cvn68_2.mdl11.08.098.68 MB
model.cfg06.07.0926 B
model.CVN68_311.09.090 B
cvn68_3.mdl11.08.098.68 MB
model.cfg06.07.0926 B
model.CVN68_411.09.090 B
CVN68_4.mdl11.08.0911.04 MB
model.cfg06.07.0928 B
model.CVN68_511.09.090 B
cvn68_5.mdl11.08.0910.96 MB
model.cfg06.07.0926 B
model.CVN68_611.09.090 B
cvn68_6.mdl11.08.099.99 MB
model.cfg06.07.0926 B
model.CVN68_711.09.090 B
cvn68_7.mdl11.08.0911.98 MB
model.cfg06.07.0926 B
model.CVN68_811.09.090 B
cvn68_8.mdl11.08.097.85 MB
model.cfg06.07.0926 B
model.CVN68_911.09.090 B
CVN68_9.mdl11.08.0910.75 MB
model.cfg06.10.0926 B
model.CVN69_111.09.090 B
model.CVN69_1011.09.090 B
CVN69_10.mdl11.08.0910.88 MB
model.cfg06.10.0927 B
model.CVN69_1111.09.090 B
cvn69_11.mdl11.08.094.23 MB
model.cfg06.13.0927 B
model.CVN69_1211.09.090 B
CVN69_12.mdl11.08.098.67 MB
model.cfg06.13.0927 B
cvn69_1.mdl11.08.096.58 MB
model.cfg06.07.0926 B
model.CVN69_211.09.090 B
cvn69_2.mdl11.08.098.68 MB
model.cfg06.07.0926 B
model.CVN69_311.09.090 B
cvn69_3.mdl11.08.098.68 MB
model.cfg06.07.0926 B
model.CVN69_411.09.090 B
CVN69_4.mdl11.08.0911.04 MB
model.cfg06.07.0926 B
model.CVN69_511.09.090 B
cvn69_5.mdl11.08.0910.96 MB
model.cfg06.07.0926 B
model.CVN69_611.09.090 B
cvn69_6.mdl11.08.099.99 MB
model.cfg06.07.0926 B
model.CVN69_711.09.090 B
cvn69_7.mdl11.08.0911.98 MB
model.cfg06.07.0926 B
model.CVN69_811.09.090 B
cvn69_8.mdl11.08.097.85 MB
model.cfg06.07.0926 B
model.CVN69_911.09.090 B
cvn69_9.mdl11.08.0910.75 MB
model.cfg06.10.0926 B
sim.cfg11.07.091.96 kB
sound11.09.090 B
soundai11.09.090 B
soundai.cfg11.07.095.36 kB
sound.cfg11.07.095.36 kB
texture11.09.090 B
texture.CVN68_111.09.090 B
texture.CVN68_1011.09.090 B
deck_spec.dds06.10.09682.79 kB
deck_transp.dds06.10.09682.79 kB
texture.cfg06.07.0968 B
texture.CVN68_1111.09.090 B
deck_spec.dds06.13.09682.79 kB
deck_transp.dds06.13.09682.79 kB
texture.cfg06.07.0968 B
deck_spec.dds06.08.09682.79 kB
deck_transp.dds06.08.09682.79 kB
texture.cfg06.07.0968 B
texture.CVN68_211.09.090 B
deck_spec.dds06.08.09682.79 kB
deck_transp.dds06.08.09682.79 kB
texture.cfg06.07.0968 B
texture.CVN68_311.09.090 B
deck_spec.dds06.08.09682.79 kB
deck_transp.dds06.08.09682.79 kB
texture.cfg06.07.0968 B
texture.CVN68_411.09.090 B
deck_spec.dds06.08.09682.79 kB
deck_transp.dds06.08.09682.79 kB
texture.cfg06.07.0968 B
texture.CVN68_511.09.090 B
deck_spec.dds06.08.09682.79 kB
deck_transp.dds06.08.09682.79 kB
texture.cfg06.07.0968 B
texture.CVN68_611.09.090 B
deck_spec.dds06.08.09682.79 kB
deck_transp.dds06.08.09682.79 kB
texture.cfg06.07.0968 B
texture.CVN68_711.09.090 B
deck_spec.dds06.08.09682.79 kB
deck_transp.dds06.08.09682.79 kB
texture.cfg06.07.0968 B
texture.CVN68_811.09.090 B
deck_spec.dds06.08.09682.79 kB
deck_transp.dds06.08.09682.79 kB
texture.cfg06.07.0968 B
texture.CVN68_911.09.090 B
deck_spec.dds06.10.09682.79 kB
deck_transp.dds06.10.09682.79 kB
texture.cfg06.07.0968 B
texture.CVN69_111.09.090 B
texture.CVN69_1011.09.090 B
deck_spec.dds06.10.09682.79 kB
deck_transp.dds06.10.09682.79 kB
texture.cfg06.07.0967 B
texture.CVN69_1111.09.090 B
deck_spec.dds06.13.09682.79 kB
deck_transp.dds06.13.09682.79 kB
texture.cfg06.07.0967 B
deck_spec.dds06.08.09682.79 kB
deck_transp.dds06.14.09682.79 kB
texture.cfg06.07.0967 B
texture.CVN69_211.09.090 B
deck_spec.dds06.08.09682.79 kB
deck_transp.dds06.08.09682.79 kB
texture.cfg06.07.0967 B
texture.CVN69_311.09.090 B
deck_spec.dds06.08.09682.79 kB
deck_transp.dds06.08.09682.79 kB
texture.cfg06.07.0967 B
texture.CVN69_411.09.090 B
deck_spec.dds06.08.09682.79 kB
deck_transp.dds06.08.09682.79 kB
texture.cfg06.07.0967 B
texture.CVN69_511.09.090 B
deck_spec.dds06.08.09682.79 kB
deck_transp.dds06.08.09682.79 kB
texture.cfg06.07.0967 B
texture.CVN69_611.09.090 B
deck_spec.dds06.08.09682.79 kB
deck_transp.dds06.08.09682.79 kB
texture.cfg06.07.0967 B
texture.CVN69_711.09.090 B
deck_spec.dds06.08.09682.79 kB
deck_transp.dds06.08.09682.79 kB
texture.cfg06.07.0967 B
texture.CVN69_811.09.090 B
deck_spec.dds06.08.09682.79 kB
deck_transp.dds06.08.09682.79 kB
texture.cfg06.07.0967 B
texture.CVN69_911.09.090 B
deck_spec.dds06.10.09682.79 kB
deck_transp.dds06.10.09682.79 kB
texture.cfg06.07.0967 B
texture.CVW1111.09.090 B
685CompleteMap.dds06.07.09682.79 kB
685CompleteMap_hangar.dds06.08.091.33 MB
CVNHULL1.dds06.01.09682.79 kB
deck_spec_night.dds06.07.09170.79 kB
deck_transp_night.dds06.08.09682.79 kB
hornetCompleteMap.dds06.08.09682.79 kB
hornetCompleteMap_hangar.dds06.08.091.33 MB
island.dds06.01.09682.79 kB
island_night.dds06.01.095.33 MB
Super_hornetCompleteMap.dds06.08.09682.79 kB
Super_hornetCompleteMap_hangar.dds06.08.091.33 MB
super_hornet_F_CompleteMap.dds06.08.09682.79 kB
super_hornet_F_CompleteMat_hangar.dds06.08.091.33 MB
texture.CVW711.09.090 B
685CompleteMap.dds06.01.09682.79 kB
685CompleteMap_hangar.dds06.01.091.33 MB
CVNHULL1.dds06.03.09682.79 kB
deck_spec_night.dds06.01.09170.79 kB
deck_transp_night.dds06.08.09682.79 kB
hornetCompleteMap.dds06.01.09682.79 kB
hornetCompleteMap_hangar.dds06.01.091.33 MB
island.dds06.03.09682.79 kB
island_night.dds06.03.095.33 MB
Super_hornetCompleteMap.dds06.01.09682.79 kB
Super_hornetCompleteMap_hangar.dds06.01.091.33 MB
super_hornet_F_CompleteMap.dds06.01.09682.79 kB
super_hornet_F_CompleteMat_hangar.dds06.01.09341.45 kB
685CompleteMap_night.dds06.01.09341.45 kB
bar.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
bhead.dds06.01.0916.12 kB
canisters.dds06.01.092.79 kB
cans.dds06.01.0916.12 kB
catapult.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
catapult_spec.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
catwalk.dds06.01.0910.79 kB
cntrl.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
cntrl_n.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
console.dds06.01.09682.79 kB
console_lm.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
console_lm2.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
crew.dds06.02.09682.79 kB
crew_n.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
cvcc2.dds06.01.0910.79 kB
CVNHULL2.dds06.01.09682.79 kB
edge.dds06.01.092.79 kB
floor.dds06.14.09296 B
floor_int.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
floor_int_island_n.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
grey.dds06.01.0910.79 kB
grid.dds06.06.094.12 kB
hadoor.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
hadoor_lm.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
hagart.dds06.14.09296 B
hang2.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
hang2_n.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
hangar.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
hangar3.dds06.01.0910.79 kB
hangar3_lm.dds06.01.0910.79 kB
hangar_n.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
hangar_roof.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
hangar_roof_n.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
hornetCompleteMap_n.dds06.01.09170.79 kB
INT.dds06.11.09682.79 kB
JBD2.dds06.01.09170.79 kB
JDB.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
ladder.dds06.06.0932.12 kB
lineasCompleteMap.dds06.07.09682.79 kB
lineasCompleteMap_night.dds06.01.09682.79 kB
lines.dds06.01.09170.79 kB
Mesh15CompleteMap.dds06.01.0910.79 kB
net.dds06.01.0964.12 kB
Object209CompleteMap.dds06.01.09170.79 kB
Object209night.dds06.01.09170.79 kB
Object217CompleteMap.dds11.08.09170.79 kB
objg104_Default_LODCompleteMap.dds06.01.09170.79 kB
pad.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
pad4.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
pad4_n.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
pway.dds06.01.09170.79 kB
pway2.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
pway2_island.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
pway_island.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
pway_island2_n.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
pway_island_n.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
radome.dds11.07.0910.79 kB
sailor.dds06.10.0964.12 kB
sh60.dds06.01.09682.79 kB
sh60_hangar.dds06.01.091.33 MB
sh60_n.dds06.01.09170.79 kB
signs.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
sparrow.dds06.01.0910.79 kB
sps48smt_Default_LODCompleteMap.dds11.07.0942.79 kB
Super_hornetCompleteMap_n.dds06.01.09170.79 kB
super_hornet_F_CompleteMap_n.dds06.01.09170.79 kB
t45.dds06.13.09682.79 kB
t45_n.dds06.01.09170.79 kB
wheel_Crash.dds06.01.0910.79 kB
window.dds06.01.0985.45 kB
Sound11.09.090 B
mule.wav08.22.07225.02 kB
sh60_sound.wav06.13.09343.94 kB
start-em-up.wav06.11.097.79 MB
USS_NIMITZ_IKE_Version2.GIF11.09.099.25 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B


One thing that I always found a little strange in their absence or important were aircraft carriers; as a massive part of the military aviation scheme, they aren’t really a big feature within FSX or other flight simulators. At least, they aren’t as big or as central as they should be. Thankfully, though, the lovely communities that play these simulators have created some truly awesome additions over the years from scenery and aircraft to, you guessed it, new aircraft carriers. With this package, you can introduce the USS Nimitz and USS Eisenhower into your flight simulator. Make sure that before you download this, though, that you have the FSX: Acceleration add-on package as it is needed to use this!

I was looking forward to see how these aircraft carriers would be represented in-game, and I need to admit that the quality of the carriers was absolutely awesome.

The AI that works in the carriers means that they actually move around instead of just sitting static like a large ornament you can fly from, creating a fantastically realistic atmosphere in the sea for you. These new aircraft carriers come with realism made as one of their key mandates; from the catapult steam that emits from the aircraft to a whole host of new animations, you get some of the most realistic aircraft carriers to look at and take off from around.

One of the main features I really enjoyed playing around with, though, was the deck configurations – you can make it as busy or as clear as you want, letting you have a really bespoke flight path. This makes mastering your take-off and getting used to the aircraft carriers style in comparison to a normal airport much easier, as the difference can be a little bit strange from time-to-time for some users!

Many new features are added into this version too, which can help you get a lot of assistance with things that affected enjoyment and performance in the past. From lightning issues to the texture of the aircraft, everything has been improved to make this the most life-like aircraft carriers that you are likely to come across. Looking to make a difference and really start to see your aircraft experience feel a bit more authentic? Then this might be worth a look.

As you might expect, taking off from an aircraft carrier – especially such a realistic one – is a bit of a new challenge for some. It can take a lot of planning and preparation, and usually will lead to you having to adjust how you are flying or taking off in some style, but the extra change in normality can be an excellent source of inspiration and enjoyment for you!

I was massively impressive by this mod and found that it helped to create something a little bit fresher for my FSX experience than others, giving me something to really get my teeth sunk into in terms of mastering the take-off, whilst simultaneously being able to improve the atmosphere in-game dramatically. 

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe is a flight sim enthusiast who has been simming since the days of FS95. Adam writes all of the download section editorials after testing each of the files.  Adam has extensive knowledge using various flight simulator packages and thoroughly tests the files before writing about them.  Adam also like to fly real-world aircraft in his spare time and is training for his PPL.

Should you wish, you can contact Adam via email at

Installation of Add-on Aircraft/Scenery

Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description.  For further installation help, please see our Knowledge Center for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download.


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Filipe SousaSat, 07 Oct 2017 20:52:38 GMT

How to use the elevator?Thanks for this awesome Carrier!

John MaloneyThu, 28 Apr 2016 15:53:56 GMT


copy cvn_68_69.cfg into 'conf.d' folder inside your 'Aicarriers' installation folder. Do I have to create this folder? Does this mean the AiCarriers2 software? Sorry to be dense!

osmangngrThu, 14 Apr 2016 13:14:50 GMT

The cables won't catch my tailhook and I don't know how to catapult. Can anyone help me please

Fri, 25 Mar 2016 05:02:00 GMT

When I go to save the cvn_68_69 contents in AIcarriers2 I get the message that I'm not authorized. Can't find a work around. Help?

Ruan RicarteThu, 03 Sep 2015 03:17:06 GMT

hi , my name is Ruan Ricarte .

I downloaded more can not put the aircraft on the deck and did not know how to operate the elevators.

thanks for listening,

I'll be waiting for a return.

AlejandroThu, 26 Mar 2015 13:42:54 GMT

It`s perfect, i`m very hapy with the aircraft carrier. Thank a lot. The frecuency of the ils es 112.00

Thu, 17 Jul 2014 14:59:53 GMT

I downloaded it and cant get it too work, I can use the simulator fine but when it comes to adding things like this with a lot of instruction I get a bit thick and don't know what to do, could you help me please as this look great to use

BrandonSun, 15 Jun 2014 23:00:06 GMT

Need help installing everything. Sorry I am noob at this and tried reading the read me files. Didnt quite make since of everything. Someone please help. This mission looks so cool.

JakubSun, 30 Mar 2014 19:05:39 GMT

Where can I find it? I donĀ“t have aircarriers

JettMon, 22 Apr 2013 06:30:50 GMT

Looks great but how do i find it in the ocean

(I used aicarriers2 but that didnt work)

Tue, 19 Mar 2013 00:45:49 GMT

Thank for all the years you have provided such great service to the sim world....

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