X-Plane Scheibe SF-25B Falke

PreviewThis file has been updated to work in X-Plane 11. You may ignore the references to v9/v8 below.

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This file has been updated to work in X-Plane 11. You may ignore the references to v9/v8 below.

By Jacques Brault, sounds by Dataroots

General Notes:

Scheibe SF-25B Falke in flight.This plane was made in version 8.64 but flies well in version 9.XX. This plane is a motor-glider and is normally used for soaring. The small (48 Hp) engine is not meant for take-off (but you can if you wish) or for cruising for a long time. It is meant for picking up altitude if you get too low and do not find thermals nearby.

Suggested set-up:

Make sure you have set-up thermals in the weather menu (soaring without them is a bit difficult!).
Make sure you have set more than one plane in the aircraft & situations menu and that you have chosen a proper plane to tow you (do not choose a jet fighter !)


  • Choose a glider tow in the special situations menu.
  • Releasing the brakes will start the tow plane. Make sure to shut-off the engine and the lights also (or the battery will drain too fast)
  • Pressing the spacebar will release the cable and you are on your own!
  • While soaring, check the battery amps. If it gets low, start your engine and press the generator button to start charging the battery.
  • If you allow the battery to drain completely you will lose your instruments and you will not be able to restart the engine. You will end up in a glider, not a motor-glider.
  • Enjoy your flight!

Note to v.8 users:

The plane comes with three liveries. Version 9 users can change liveries anytime. Version 8 users have to copy/paste some files before opening the plane in X-Plane to change liveries. To change liveries in v.8, copy/paste the two paint files in the appropriate livery folder to your main folder and copy/paste the contents of the liveries/XXXX/objects sub-folder to your main folder/objects sub-folder. Return to X-Plane and reopen the plane.

Many thanks to Dataroots for his sound files.

Images & Screenshots

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The archive sf-25b_falke_xp1105.zip has 85 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
SF-25B Falke XP110508.17.170 B
Airfoils06.25.090 B
Falke_0170.afl07.27.1724.49 kB
Falke.acf08.08.171.46 MB
Falke.acf~ MB
Falke_cockpit_OUT.obj08.08.17273.75 kB
Falke_icon11.png08.08.1757.64 kB
Falke_icon11_thumb.png08.08.177.05 kB
Falke_paint.png06.26.09116.75 kB
Falke_paint2.png06.26.0948.07 kB
Falke_panel_B.png08.26.0619.17 kB
Falke_prefs.txt08.08.17194 B
Falke_prop.png06.07.0728.86 kB
README.txt06.27.091.79 kB
cockpit08.17.170 B
-PANELS-06.26.090 B
Panel.png06.25.091.29 MB
annunciators08.17.170 B
ann_low_voltage-1.png06.23.08772 B
ann_low_voltage.png06.23.081.25 kB
buttons08.17.170 B
but_avionics-1.png05.02.081.63 kB
but_avionics.png05.02.081.91 kB
but_battery-1.png05.02.081.63 kB
but_battery.png05.02.081.87 kB
engine08.17.170 B
but_generator-1.png05.02.081.63 kB
but_generator.png05.02.082.00 kB
but_magneto_lft-1.png05.02.081.63 kB
but_magneto_lft.png05.02.081.86 kB
but_magneto_rgt-1.png05.02.081.63 kB
but_magneto_rgt.png05.02.081.90 kB
lights08.17.170 B
but_beacon-1.png05.02.081.63 kB
but_beacon.png05.02.081.88 kB
but_nav_light-1.png05.02.081.63 kB
but_nav_light.png05.02.081.87 kB
but_strobe_light-1.png05.02.081.63 kB
but_strobe_light.png05.02.081.95 kB
starter08.17.170 B
but_ignition-1.png05.02.081.63 kB
but_ignition.png05.02.081.84 kB
radios06.25.090 B
NAV COM08.17.170 B
rad_COM1_GA-4.png05.02.081.04 kB
rad_COM1_GA.png06.14.09544 B
image1.jpg08.17.1751.54 kB
image2.jpg08.17.1785.13 kB
liveries08.17.170 B
D-KADC08.17.170 B
1444772.jpg06.16.09189.99 kB
Falke_paint.png06.25.09116.36 kB
Falke_paint2.png06.25.0945.47 kB
objects08.17.170 B
Falke_paint.png06.25.09116.36 kB
misc.obj06.24.0980.50 kB
D-KDBM08.17.170 B
D-KDBM.jpg06.26.09285.50 kB
Falke_paint.png06.26.09116.75 kB
Falke_paint2.png06.26.0948.07 kB
objects08.17.170 B
Falke_paint.png06.26.09116.75 kB
misc.obj06.24.0980.50 kB
OE-902708.17.170 B
1368690.jpg06.16.09136.36 kB
Falke_paint.png06.24.09120.19 kB
Falke_paint2.png06.24.0949.37 kB
objects08.17.170 B
Falke_paint.png06.24.09104.96 kB
misc.obj06.24.0980.50 kB
objects08.17.170 B
Falke_paint.png06.26.09116.75 kB
misc.obj08.08.17173.56 kB
sounds08.17.170 B
contact06.27.090 B
Roll_Runway.wav06.27.09165.87 kB
engine08.17.170 B
Falke engn1.wav06.27.091.27 MB
Falke engn1_INN.wav06.27.091.64 MB
Falke prop1.wav06.27.091.27 MB
Falke prop1_INN.wav06.27.091.27 MB
Falke star1.wav06.27.09365.14 kB
Falke star1_INN.wav06.27.09364.88 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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Mike13Sat, 03 Feb 2018 18:45:09 GMT

Discs SF25C downloaded in FSX, I made some test flights with the Rattel and found that the instrument display does not mum (altimeter, speed, with the speed in normal flight often goes into the yellow area, without having made with the joystick appropriate settings. Please tell me the path with which you can set the instruments correctly. By the way: I am an old Rattelpilot !! Greetings Mike13

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