X-Plane 11/10 Beech Bonanza V35

PreviewThe Beechcraft Bonanza is an American general aviation aircraft introduced in 1947 by Beech Aircraft Corporation.

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The Beechcraft Bonanza is an American general aviation aircraft introduced in 1947 by Beech Aircraft Corporation.

Beechcraft Bonanza on grass runway.This X-Plane aircraft was originally created in X-Pane 9 and then updated for v10. Since Plane-Maker in X-Plane 10 no longer supports gear doors, the author could not change the position of the gear doors. Designed for X-Plane 10, but will work with 11. Version 2 corrects the issue with the pilots and seats not being visible. By Larry Cole.

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The archive bonanza_v-tail_version.zip has 96 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Bonanza V-tail Version07.28.170 B
Bananza v35 check list07.28.170 B
1 PREFLIGHT INSPEDTION.png07.24.17322.11 kB
10 SHORT CHECK LIST07.24.17344.75 kB
11 TAKEOFF.png07.24.17330.29 kB
12 LEVEL-OFF AND CRUISE.png07.24.17401.36 kB
13 APPROACH - BEFORE LANDING.png07.24.17374.69 kB
14 AFTER LANDING.png07.24.17291.97 kB
2 PREFLIGHT 1.png07.24.17460.02 kB
3 PREFLIGHT 2.png07.24.17405.82 kB
4 BEFORE START.png07.24.17457.42 kB
5 STARTING.png07.24.17342.07 kB
6 AFTER START.png07.24.17143.93 kB
7 BEFORE TAXI - TAXI.png07.24.17254.21 kB
8 RUNUP.png07.24.17430.82 kB
9 BEFORE TAKEOFF.png07.24.17122.77 kB
Beech S35V Bonanza.acf07.27.171.57 MB
Beech S35V Bonanza.acf~ MB
Beech S35V Bonanza_icon.png06.24.16815.00 kB
Beech S35V Bonanza_paint.png06.27.162.17 MB
Beech S35V Bonanza_paint2.png06.25.162.84 MB
Beech S35V Bonanza_paint2_LIT.png06.21.161.48 MB
Beech S35V Bonanza_paint_LIT.png06.21.16286.82 kB
Beech S35V Bonanza_panel_B.png06.19.16716.05 kB
Beech S35V Bonanza_panel_L.png06.27.16673.25 kB
Beech S35V Bonanza_panel_R.png06.27.16944.11 kB
Beech S35V Bonanza_prefs.txt07.27.171.24 kB
Bonanza pics07.28.170 B
001191561.jpg06.16.16204.67 kB
011952.jpg06.16.16118.93 kB
20120204 Coolidg_0014 Beech S35 Bonanza N2DC right side l.jpg06.16.16114.17 kB
Beech S35V Bonanza_panel_R.png06.19.161.71 MB
Beechcraft-Bonanza-A36-VH-BIM-6.jpg06.19.16105.31 kB
Beechcraft-S35-Bonanza-Model-12-0016l3.jpg06.16.1684.85 kB
DSC_2560 Beech V35B Bonanza N20AC right side taxiing l.jpg06.16.1652.24 kB
Panels07.28.170 B
AA npan1.jpg06.17.16172.91 kB
Beech_Baron_B58.jpg06.17.16172.60 kB
J35_panel28.jpg06.27.16223.13 kB
Panel.png06.17.161.19 MB
normal_DSC00358.jpg06.17.16302.39 kB
ac471656.jpg06.16.16213.75 kB
bba5fb68bc6a12bb5467675c6e852287x.jpg06.16.16325.71 kB
big_Photo2.jpeg06.16.1668.73 kB
logos07.28.170 B
62_BeechcraftBonanzaP35_snD-7036_i2_i.jpg06.18.1635.62 kB
62_BeechcraftBonanzaP35_snD-7036_i2_i.psd06.19.164.27 MB
82_BonanzaA36_snE-1967_i4_i.jpg06.18.1644.23 kB
BPI-356-P.GIF06.18.1639.04 kB
Beech_S35_L_panel.png06.18.16421.24 kB
Beechcraft-Bonanza-A36-VH-BIM-6.jpg06.18.16275.54 kB
BonanzaA36_i2_i.jpg06.18.1632.85 kB
Bonanza_B36TC_i3_i.jpg06.18.1678.30 kB
th-1.jpeg06.18.169.80 kB
th-1.psd06.19.16150.84 kB
th-2.jpeg06.19.1686.78 kB
th-3.jpeg06.18.1620.43 kB
th.jpeg06.18.168.55 kB
original.JPG06.16.16318.59 kB
Liveries07.28.170 B
N5619K Blue07.28.170 B
Beech S35V Bonanza_icon.png06.24.161.02 MB
Beech S35V Bonanza_paint.png06.25.161.44 MB
Beech S35V Bonanza_paint2.png06.25.162.94 MB
N5883J Brown07.28.170 B
Beech S35V Bonanza_icon.png06.24.16967.75 kB
Beech S35V Bonanza_paint.png06.25.161.39 MB
Beech S35V Bonanza_paint2.png06.25.162.90 MB
N5883J RED07.28.170 B
Beech S35V Bonanza_icon.png06.24.16967.75 kB
Beech S35V Bonanza_paint.png06.25.161.15 MB
Beech S35V Bonanza_paint2.png06.25.162.92 MB
Weapons07.28.170 B
Pilot 1.png11.18.1484.02 kB
Pilot 1.wpn11.18.1412.74 kB
Pilot 2.png11.28.1568.00 kB
Pilot 2.wpn11.28.1512.74 kB
Pilot 3.png01.05.1667.75 kB
Pilot 3.wpn05.19.1612.74 kB
Seat 1.png06.04.17114.87 kB
Seat 1.wpn06.04.1712.74 kB
cockpit07.28.170 B
-Panels-06.27.160 B
Panel.png06.27.16563.55 kB
standard six07.28.170 B
artificial horizons07.28.170 B
Image3.png03.13.0516.97 kB
horizon_GA_vac_flag_adj-1.png06.27.1610.80 kB
horizon_GA_vac_flag_adj-2.png06.27.165.44 kB
horizon_GA_vac_flag_adj-3.png03.10.1119.61 kB
horizon_GA_vac_flag_adj-4.png06.27.1630.98 kB
horizon_GA_vac_flag_adj.png06.27.1624.20 kB
image1.jpg07.28.1774.89 kB
image2.jpg07.28.1785.77 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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Joe IrwinFri, 11 Feb 2022 05:53:26 GMT

On my one, I just click on the Q Mark and it will appear on the screen, So next time you will have no trouble with it. I have Xplane 11.

Joe IrwinWed, 12 Jan 2022 12:24:15 GMT

the Beech Bonanza A36 freeware, I use Xplane 11 It works for me, good frame rate, when it comes to selecting the Aircraft on mine, I select the Question Mark and the Plane works well. I would give it a ( 3 )

ParsprofotoMon, 29 Nov 2021 10:43:29 GMT


I don't see a 3D cockpit, what do I have to do? PH.

capnjim1942Sun, 29 Aug 2021 04:35:27 GMT

I have the same problem with the Bonanza having a question mark over it and it will not load. How can I fix this?

flyboyrobThu, 13 May 2021 15:50:03 GMT

It does not look at all like the plane menus or the add-in x-plane 11.50. Maybe I did something wrong?

NastunaMon, 07 Dec 2020 12:03:30 GMT

Looks nice, but unfortunately not working with XP-11.50. Simply does not appear in the plane menus. (Mac)

Sherman CollinsSat, 04 Jan 2020 23:13:37 GMT

Downloaded the file and loaded into X-plane 11 as instructed, it shows up in my available aircraft with a question mark over it, and it doesn't load when selected. Some other random airplane loads instead? what am I doing wrong? I am new to x-plane and home flight simulation in general.


jim dunnThu, 29 Mar 2018 01:04:45 GMT

Does the Fly Away Bonanza V35 software simulate the Garmin GNS 430W or GNS 530W?

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