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X-Plane 11 Horten Ho III

Complete with Base Model
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X-Plane 11
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38.18 MB
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The Horten Ho III was a high-performance flying wing sailplane build by the Horten brothers between 1937 and 1944. This model includes the Ho III-B glider and the Ho III-D motor glider.


Horten Ho III stationary on runway.Detailed 3D and aerodynamic model based on construction photographs and post-war analysis, Horten sin3 bell-shaped lift distribution for improved stability, split differential ailerons for improved control, drag rudder and speed brakes controls integrated into the rudder pedals, detailed virtual cockpit including a complete tube-framed interior; stick, rudder pedals, throttle and flap controls with working linkages; “Astralon” clear reflecting wing covering and a custom fitted pilot, Walter Mikron II Engine simulation (Ho III-B), custom high-resolution WWII German metric instruments, landing gear and leading edge drag rudder animation, high resolution textures and multiple versions and liveries. Documentation included in the package.

By Fred Highland.


The archive has 168 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Horten Ho III07.28.170 B
Airfoils07.23.170 B
Horten 20.afl05.24.1725.21 kB
Horten 20F.afl07.10.1725.21 kB
NACA 0010 (symmetrical).afl07.21.1725.21 kB
Custom Avionics07.23.170 B
auto_carb_heat.lua05.27.17354 B
speedbrakes.lua03.02.17452 B
Ho III-B.acf07.21.171.06 MB
Ho III-B_cockpit.obj07.19.1714.86 kB
Ho III-B_icon11.png07.20.1772.14 kB
Ho III-B_icon11_thumb.png07.20.176.07 kB
Ho III-B_paint.png07.21.17659.12 kB
Ho III-B_paint2.png07.22.176.91 MB
Ho III-D.acf07.21.171.12 MB
Ho III-D_cockpit.obj07.19.1714.86 kB
Ho III-D_icon11.png07.20.1774.47 kB
Ho III-D_icon11_thumb.png07.20.176.11 kB
Ho III-D_paint.png07.21.17659.12 kB
Ho III-D_paint2.png07.22.176.91 MB
Ho_III_cockpit.png07.12.17214.79 kB
Objects07.23.170 B
L-canopy.obj07.19.1771.24 kB
L-canopy.png07.12.17339.66 kB
L-landing_gear_handle.obj07.22.1722.74 kB
L-pilot.obj07.05.171.04 MB
L-windshield.obj07.14.1710.29 kB
L-windshield.png07.10.1744.26 kB
cockpit_frame.png05.17.17243.63 kB
cockpit_shell.obj07.22.17147.07 kB
drag_rudders.obj07.20.178.02 kB
drag_rudders.png07.18.17347.83 kB
drag_rudders_white.png07.04.171.16 kB
drag_rudders_wood.png07.18.17347.83 kB
flaps_handle.obj07.19.1720.95 kB
flaps_handle.png02.21.17904.55 kB
landing_gear.png06.01.17260.72 kB
landing_gear_handle.png12.03.161.36 MB
main_gear.obj07.22.1731.61 kB
pilot.png06.05.172.71 MB
pilot_NRM.png12.02.165.56 MB
stick.obj07.14.1736.54 kB
stick.png05.18.172.10 MB
throttle.obj07.19.1720.99 kB
throttle.png02.21.17904.44 kB
tow_hook.obj07.13.174.65 kB
tow_hook.png05.29.171.54 kB
wire_pedals.obj06.29.1778.99 kB
wire_pedals.png05.26.17147.37 kB
Readme.rtf07.28.175.75 kB
Sounds07.23.170 B
contact07.23.170 B
boom1.wav12.02.1697.13 kB
boom2.wav12.02.1697.13 kB
systems07.23.170 B
flap.wav06.08.17275.67 kB
avionics.lua05.27.171.35 kB
cockpit07.23.170 B
-PANELS-07.23.170 B
Panel_Glider.png07.12.17366.13 kB
compass07.23.170 B
compass_GA-1.png05.20.174.26 kB
compass_GA-3.png05.20.1711.46 kB
compass_GA.png05.20.1733.36 kB
compass_round-1.png04.13.1710.40 kB
compass_round-3.png04.13.1723.72 kB
compass_round.png04.13.1780.80 kB
generic07.23.170 B
ASI_german150-1.png11.29.165.37 kB
ASI_german150.png05.20.1754.92 kB
Aus_label-1.png07.09.17308 B
Aus_label.png07.09.172.98 kB
Ein_label-1.png07.09.17308 B
Ein_label.png07.09.172.04 kB
Engine_Start_Button-1.png07.09.1724.55 kB
Engine_Start_Button.png07.09.1723.53 kB
Engine_Stop_Button-1.png01.24.1726.52 kB
Engine_Stop_Button.png01.24.1725.51 kB
VVI_german5-1.png11.29.165.37 kB
VVI_german5.png05.22.1759.64 kB
alt_german6-1.png11.29.165.37 kB
alt_german6.png05.20.1755.28 kB
blank_trigger-1.png02.05.17440 B
blank_trigger.png01.24.17381 B
blank_trigger_rotated-1.png07.07.17443 B
blank_trigger_rotated.png07.07.17300 B
engine_RPM_german3500-1.png01.12.175.37 kB
engine_RPM_german3500.png05.20.1757.11 kB
standard six07.23.170 B
HSIs03.16.170 B
airspeed05.03.170 B
altimeters05.03.170 B
artificial horizons07.23.170 B
all_attitude-1.png04.13.1719.51 kB
all_attitude-2.png01.09.1711.57 kB
all_attitude-3.png01.09.178.48 kB
all_attitude-4.png03.22.178.84 kB
all_attitude.png01.09.1731.60 kB
all_attitude.txt01.09.17195 B
turn slip03.16.170 B
vertical speed03.16.170 B
image1.jpg07.28.1769.80 kB
image2.jpg07.28.1783.11 kB
liveries07.23.170 B
D-12-34807.23.170 B
Ho III-B_icon11.png07.20.1748.07 kB
Ho III-B_icon11_thumb.png07.20.175.38 kB
Ho III-B_paint.png07.21.17685.80 kB
Ho III-B_paint2.png07.21.17797.00 kB
Ho III-D_icon11.png07.20.1752.74 kB
Ho III-D_icon11_thumb.png07.20.175.79 kB
Ho III-D_paint.png07.21.17685.80 kB
Ho III-D_paint2.png07.21.17797.00 kB
Objects07.23.170 B
drag_rudders.png07.04.171.16 kB
WL-VI-4507.23.170 B
Ho III-B_icon11.png07.20.1745.39 kB
Ho III-B_icon11_thumb.png07.20.175.28 kB
Ho III-B_paint.png07.21.17685.80 kB
Ho III-B_paint2.png07.21.17752.04 kB
Ho III-D_icon11.png07.20.1750.54 kB
Ho III-D_icon11_thumb.png07.20.175.76 kB
Ho III-D_paint.png07.21.17685.80 kB
Ho III-D_paint2.png07.21.17752.04 kB
Objects07.23.170 B
drag_rudders.png07.04.171.16 kB
plugins07.23.170 B
sasl07.23.170 B
6407.23.170 B
lin.xpl07.05.161.98 MB
mac.xpl07.05.161.50 MB
win.xpl07.05.16806.00 kB
OpenAL32.dll07.05.16287.87 kB
data07.23.170 B
components07.23.170 B
button.lua07.05.16438 B
clickable.lua07.05.16106 B
clickable.png07.05.16250 B
close.png07.05.16399 B
digits-tape-bg.png07.05.16248 B
digits-tape.png07.05.161.00 kB
digitstape.lua07.05.162.32 kB
frame.lua07.05.1679 B
freeTexture.lua07.05.16277 B
free_texture.lua07.05.16281 B
lamp.lua07.05.16572 B
needle-top.png07.05.16207 B
needle.lua07.05.16399 B
needle.tga07.05.162.63 kB
none.png07.05.16178 B
rectangle.lua07.05.16169 B
rotary.lua07.05.162.08 kB
rotary.png07.05.161.41 kB
rotatedTape.lua07.05.16514 B
rotated_tape.lua07.05.16514 B
rotateleft.png07.05.16215 B
rotateright.png07.05.16232 B
switch.lua07.05.16761 B
tape.lua07.05.16432 B
text.lua07.05.16182 B
texture.lua07.05.16144 B
textureLit.lua07.05.16194 B
togglePanelButton.lua07.05.16506 B
white-digits.png07.05.161.29 kB
scripts07.23.170 B
init.lua07.05.1641.18 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

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