FSX Eurofighter Typhoon v2.0

PreviewThe version 2.0 includes significant improvements for the VC and the external model in terms of display quality and animations. Please read the release history documentation inside the zip file for more information. The aircraft has been developed for FSX Flight Simulator SP1 or SP2 under Windows...

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Eurofighter in flight.The version 2.0 includes significant improvements for the VC and the external model in terms of display quality and animations. Please read the release history documentation inside the zip file for more information. The aircraft has been developed for FSX Flight Simulator SP1 or SP2 under Windows 7. It has also been tested with Microsoft FSX Acceleration, and P3D simulator but full compatibility is not guaranteed by the author. This package includes the aircraft model (Single-Seater, Two-Seater), a virtual cockpit (VC) and a 2D panel. All three parts have been designed and developed according to a large number of technical documents, descriptions, and pictures from the Eurofighter.

The 2D panel has been developed for widescreen monitors only. The design goal was to develop an aircraft model along with a VC and a 2D panel as close as possible to the original aircraft. It was, however, not possible to program all the
functions and displays, because of the complexity of the real Eurofighter, due to limitations in FSX, and classified capabilities.

Changes and additional functions have been made for simplification or gameplay reasons. The panel with the MFD displays, HUD, radar functionality, weapon simulation and indicators give a good impression on how the real Eurofighter cockpit looks inside.

A significant effort has been made to test, update and improve the flight dynamics of the model. The model includes and supports the following additional payloads :

  • Three external tanks, 6 AMRAAM missiles (mid-range Air to Air weapons),
  • 2 IRIS missiles (short range Air to Air weapons), 4 PWIV laser bombs.
  • External tanks and the weapons are configurable via a panel MFD screen.

Paints are included for GE, UK, Italy, Spain, Austria, SAAF, NATO, and just the base texture. This is not a load and fly package. Please take your time to read the included documentation carefully. Do not skip chapters because you may think, they are not important to you.

For copyrights, credits, and installation instructions look at the PDF documentation inside the ZIP file.


In order to install this package some basic knowledge of handling files and folders in FSX/Windows, and on how to edit existing .cfg files with a text editor are required.

The installation is described in detail in the pdf document inside the zip file. Please read it carefully.

Author: Dietmar Loleit

Images & Screenshots

Screenshot 1Screenshot 2Screenshot 3Screenshot 4Screenshot 5Screenshot 6Screenshot 7Screenshot 8Screenshot 9Screenshot 10Screenshot 11Screenshot 12Screenshot 13Screenshot 14Screenshot 15Screenshot 16Screenshot 17Screenshot 18Screenshot 19Screenshot 20Screenshot 21Screenshot 22Screenshot 23Screenshot 24Screenshot 25Screenshot 26

The archive mefttyphoon_2_0.zip has 390 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
AI K-135 Tanker05.05.180 B
KC135TAI.zip12.28.17946.69 kB
AI Traffic05.05.180 B
GKC135_traffic.bgl01.03.131.04 kB
Aircraft05.05.180 B
MEFT_Typhoon_V2.005.05.180 B
aircraft.cfg04.09.1824.40 kB
DLEFT.air09.20.167.77 kB
EFT_AUT.jpg11.03.1730.19 kB
EFT_Base.jpg03.03.1816.65 kB
EFT_GE_JG73.jpg09.22.1720.26 kB
EFT_GE_JG74.jpg10.09.1722.49 kB
EFT_Italy.jpg07.30.1745.67 kB
EFT_NATO.jpg11.03.1729.36 kB
EFT_SAAF_2sqn.jpg11.03.1799.08 kB
EFT_Spain.jpg03.06.1821.04 kB
EFT_UK_17sqn.jpg07.30.1744.08 kB
EFT_UK_29sqn.jpg11.03.1751.74 kB
Model.MEFT05.05.180 B
EFVC_Model.MDL04.09.183.73 MB
MEFT_Model.MDL04.10.188.85 MB
model.cfg02.23.1848 B
Model.MEFT_Single05.05.180 B
EFVC_Model.MDL04.09.183.73 MB
MEFT_Model_Single.MDL04.10.188.81 MB
model.cfg10.06.1755 B
panel.MEFT05.05.180 B
Callouts.CAB08.07.176.78 kB
EFTAPRD.CAB01.25.1852.46 kB
EFTCanopy_Glass.CAB01.25.1845.97 kB
EFTFLAPS.CAB08.07.17944 B
EFTGEN.CAB08.07.1711.98 kB
EFTGS.CAB01.25.1812.06 kB
EFTHUD.CAB05.04.1867.91 kB
EFTHUDGlass.CAB08.07.176.73 kB
EFTMain.CAB05.04.181.26 MB
EFTMFD_C.CAB05.04.18347.56 kB
EFTMFD_L.CAB05.04.18527.34 kB
EFTMFD_R.CAB05.04.18301.80 kB
EFTNight.CAB01.25.182.32 MB
EFTRCONS.CAB05.04.18276.97 kB
EFTSPDCTL.CAB08.07.171.32 kB
EFT_Background_Wide.bmp02.08.185.93 MB
EFT_Background_Wide_HUD.bmp01.04.185.93 MB
EFT_Background_Wide_N.bmp02.08.185.93 MB
EFT_Effects.CAB01.25.181.02 kB
Panel.cfg02.25.189.37 kB
Thumbs.db01.27.0740.50 kB
VC+2D_Panel.cfg02.23.189.38 kB
VCEFTAPRD.CAB01.25.1852.67 kB
VCEFTGS.CAB05.04.18179.87 kB
VCEFTHUD.CAB05.04.1866.52 kB
VCEFTMain.CAB05.04.181.36 MB
VCEFTMFD_C.CAB05.04.18347.21 kB
VCEFTMFD_L.CAB05.04.18526.93 kB
VCEFTMFD_R.CAB05.04.18301.51 kB
VCHUDPanel.CAB01.25.187.26 kB
VCWarnMSG.CAB05.04.183.00 kB
VC_Only_Panel.cfg02.23.185.17 kB
View.CAB08.07.171.63 kB
WarnMSG_def.CAB08.07.172.17 kB
sound05.05.180 B
B211.WAV10.13.0151.68 kB
B212.WAV10.13.0151.68 kB
B214.WAV12.08.0542.31 kB
B221.WAV02.06.0242.30 kB
B222.WAV02.06.0234.44 kB
B223.WAV02.06.0242.26 kB
B224.WAV12.08.0542.31 kB
B2APDIS.WAV08.11.97101.67 kB
b2bn2shut.wav02.06.02259.59 kB
b2bn2strt.wav02.06.0262.09 kB
B2BN2T.WAV02.06.02114.59 kB
B2BSHUT.WAV02.06.02206.59 kB
B2BSTRT.WAV02.06.02389.09 kB
B2FLAPS.wav04.03.00116.51 kB
B2GEARDW.WAV02.06.02431.82 kB
B2GEARUP.WAV02.06.02384.12 kB
B2N11.WAV10.13.0151.68 kB
B2N12.WAV10.13.0151.68 kB
B2N13.WAV02.06.0242.26 kB
B2N14.WAV12.08.05132.38 kB
B2N21.WAV02.06.0242.30 kB
B2N22.WAV02.06.0234.44 kB
B2N23.WAV02.06.0242.26 kB
B2N24.WAV12.08.05132.38 kB
B2N2SHUT.WAV02.06.02259.59 kB
B2N2STRT.WAV02.06.0262.09 kB
B2N2T.WAV02.06.02114.59 kB
B2OVER.WAV08.11.9786.16 kB
B2SHUT.WAV02.06.02206.59 kB
B2STALL.WAV04.09.0238.18 kB
B2STRT.WAV02.06.02389.09 kB
Canopy.wav04.02.00116.51 kB
Sound.cfg03.16.1611.22 kB
wind.wav07.24.03163.13 kB
XB211.wav05.26.04836.93 kB
XB212.wav02.01.0475.43 kB
XB213.wav02.15.04172.98 kB
XB214.wav02.28.06154.93 kB
XB221.WAV02.06.0235.76 kB
XB222.WAV02.15.0439.59 kB
XB223.WAV05.19.06155.08 kB
XB224.wav05.19.06309.80 kB
xb2bn2shut.wav02.06.02162.22 kB
xb2bn2strt.wav02.06.0250.35 kB
XB2BSTRT.WAV02.06.02427.79 kB
XB2N11.WAV02.15.0451.62 kB
XB2N12.wav02.19.0486.20 kB
XB2N13.wav02.16.04216.00 kB
XB2N14.wav05.19.06122.70 kB
XB2N21.WAV11.26.0350.97 kB
XB2N22.WAV04.16.03441.26 kB
XB2N23.wav02.19.04404.47 kB
XB2N24.wav05.19.06366.15 kB
xb2n2shut.wav02.06.02162.22 kB
xb2n2strt.wav02.06.0250.35 kB
XB2SHUT.WAV02.06.02127.26 kB
XB2STRT.WAV02.06.02427.79 kB
texture.AUT05.05.180 B
24bit_Textures05.05.180 B
AUT_Logo.jpg10.10.1711.12 kB
Tail_Left_Right_Paint.bmp10.10.171.00 MB
Wings_Paint.bmp10.10.173.00 MB
Fuselage_Left_Right_paint.dds03.09.18341.48 kB
Tail_Left_Right_Paint.dds10.10.17341.48 kB
texture.cfg04.14.1765 B
Wings_Paint.dds10.10.171.33 MB
texture.base05.05.180 B
AT_Fuselage.dds03.31.185.33 MB
AT_Fuselage_LM.dds04.17.171.33 MB
AW_Eng2001.dds02.15.1885.48 kB
AW_Eng2002.dds02.15.1885.48 kB
AY_Intake.dds03.12.18341.48 kB
BD_TopCover.dds03.08.181.33 MB
Bottom.dds03.17.18341.48 kB
chrome.dds02.20.18341.48 kB
Chute.dds02.20.1821.48 kB
Clothing.dds02.20.18341.48 kB
EFT_Tail.dds04.01.185.33 MB
EFT_Tail_LM.dds02.18.185.33 MB
Eng_Exaust.dds02.20.1885.48 kB
face.dds02.20.1885.48 kB
Fly_with_me.dds03.02.18341.48 kB
fus_top_t.dds02.20.185.48 kB
gear.dds03.30.185.33 MB
gear_2.dds03.30.185.33 MB
glass.dds04.07.1821.48 kB
matt_black.dds02.20.185.48 kB
Misc_Color.dds02.12.1885.48 kB
Misc_Parts_2_Sides.dds02.20.181.33 MB
Misc_Parts_3.dds02.20.181.33 MB
Missiles.dds03.18.18341.48 kB
Panel_Parts.dds02.20.181.33 MB
slat_inside.dds02.20.185.48 kB
slat_underside_t.dds02.20.185.48 kB
Texture Base Paint05.05.180 B
Fuselage_Left_Right_paint.bmp03.14.18768.05 kB
Tail_Left_Right_Paint.bmp07.30.17768.05 kB
texture.cfg04.14.1765 B
Wings_Paint.bmp07.30.173.00 MB
underside_spare_t.dds02.20.185.48 kB
VCButtons.dds01.12.1785.48 kB
VCEF_Background.dds02.08.185.33 MB
VCEF_Cockpitframe.dds02.27.185.33 MB
VCMisc_01.dds02.26.185.33 MB
VC_Basecolor.dds04.06.1785.48 kB
VC_Buttons.dds05.15.1785.48 kB
VC_Caution_Color.dds04.29.1785.48 kB
VC_Caution_Color2.dds05.02.1785.48 kB
VC_CC.dds03.01.181.33 MB
VC_CC2.dds02.26.181.33 MB
VC_CC2_Night.dds01.25.181.33 MB
VC_CenterCons.dds01.19.17341.48 kB
VC_Colors.dds01.14.1885.48 kB
VC_Console_Cover_LF.dds01.01.18341.48 kB
VC_Cons_L_Rear.dds05.02.171.33 MB
VC_Cons_L_Rear_Night.dds01.02.181.33 MB
VC_Cons_R.dds02.26.185.33 MB
VC_Cons_R_Night.dds02.26.185.33 MB
VC_glass.dds04.09.1821.48 kB
VC_glass_2.dds04.09.1821.48 kB
VC_Int.dds11.24.175.33 MB
VC_Int2.dds01.25.185.33 MB
VC_Misc_Parts.dds04.29.171.33 MB
VC_Misc_Parts_2.dds02.20.181.33 MB
VC_Parts.dds02.26.181.33 MB
VC_SeatMaterial.dds01.10.17341.48 kB
VC_SUBPNL_01.dds02.06.181.33 MB
VC_SUBPNL_02.dds12.18.161.33 MB
VC_Switches.dds05.15.1785.48 kB
weapons.dds02.20.18341.48 kB
Wings.dds03.08.185.33 MB
texture.BS05.05.180 B
24bit_Textures05.05.180 B
Fuselage_Left_Right_paint.bmp03.03.18768.05 kB
Tail_Left_Right_Paint.bmp03.03.18768.05 kB
Wings_Paint.bmp03.03.183.00 MB
Fuselage_Left_Right_paint.dds03.03.18341.48 kB
Tail_Left_Right_Paint.dds03.03.18341.48 kB
texture.cfg04.14.1765 B
Wings_Paint.dds03.03.181.33 MB
texture.GE_JG7305.05.180 B
24bit_Textures05.05.180 B
Fuselage_Left_Right_paint.bmp03.09.18768.05 kB
Tail_Left_Right_Paint.bmp09.22.17768.05 kB
Wings_Paint.bmp04.25.173.00 MB
Fuselage_Left_Right_paint.dds03.09.18341.48 kB
Tail_Left_Right_Paint.dds09.22.17341.48 kB
texture.cfg04.14.1765 B
Wings_Paint.dds04.25.171.33 MB
texture.GE_JG7405.05.180 B
24bit_Textures05.05.180 B
Fuselage_Left_Right_paint.bmp03.09.18768.05 kB
Tail_Left_Right_Paint.bmp04.24.17768.05 kB
Wings_Paint.bmp04.25.173.00 MB
Fuselage_Left_Right_paint.dds03.09.18341.48 kB
Tail_Left_Right_Paint.dds04.24.17341.48 kB
texture.cfg04.14.1765 B
Wings_Paint.dds04.25.171.33 MB
texture.it05.05.180 B
24bit_Textures05.05.180 B
Fuselage_Left_Right_paint.bmp03.06.18768.05 kB
Italian_Color.bmp07.30.1712.49 kB
Itally_Tail_Symbol.bmp07.30.176.38 kB
Tail_Left_Right_Paint.bmp07.30.17768.05 kB
Wings_Paint.bmp07.30.173.00 MB
Fuselage_Left_Right_paint.dds03.06.18341.48 kB
Tail_Left_Right_Paint.dds07.30.17341.48 kB
texture.cfg04.14.1765 B
Wings_Paint.dds07.30.171.33 MB
texture.NATO05.05.180 B
24bit_Textures05.05.180 B
Fuselage_Left_Right_paint.bmp03.06.18768.05 kB
Tail_Left_Right_Paint.bmp08.07.17768.05 kB
Wings_Paint.bmp05.21.173.00 MB
Fuselage_Left_Right_paint.dds03.06.18341.48 kB
Tail_Left_Right_Paint.dds08.07.17341.48 kB
texture.cfg04.14.1765 B
Wings_Paint.dds05.21.171.33 MB
texture.SAAF05.05.180 B
24bit_Textures05.05.180 B
Fuselage_Left_Right_paint.bmp03.07.18768.05 kB
Tail_Left_Right_Paint.bmp03.07.18768.05 kB
Wings_Paint.bmp04.18.183.00 MB
Fuselage_Left_Right_paint.dds03.07.18341.48 kB
Tail_Left_Right_Paint.dds03.07.18341.48 kB
texture.cfg04.14.1765 B
Wings_Paint.dds10.09.171.33 MB
Texture.sp05.05.180 B
24bit_Textures05.05.180 B
Fuselage_Left_Right_paint.bmp03.09.18768.05 kB
Spanish_Bull.bmp07.31.177.47 kB
Spanish_Color.bmp07.31.1712.49 kB
Tail_Left_Right_Paint.bmp07.31.17768.05 kB
Wings_Paint.bmp07.31.173.00 MB
Fuselage_Left_Right_paint.dds03.09.18341.48 kB
Tail_Left_Right_Paint.dds07.31.17341.48 kB
texture.cfg04.14.1765 B
Wings_Paint.dds07.31.171.33 MB
texture.UK_17sqn05.05.180 B
24bit_Textures05.05.180 B
Fuselage_Left_Right_paint.bmp03.07.18768.05 kB
Tail_Left_Right_Paint.bmp04.26.17768.05 kB
Wings_Paint.bmp04.26.173.00 MB
Fuselage_Left_Right_paint.dds03.07.18341.48 kB
Tail_Left_Right_Paint.dds04.26.17341.48 kB
texture.cfg04.23.1765 B
Wings_Paint.dds04.26.171.33 MB
texture.UK_29sqn05.05.180 B
24bit_Textures05.05.180 B
Fuselage_Left_Right_paint.bmp03.07.18768.05 kB
Tail_Left_Right_Paint.bmp04.24.17768.05 kB
Wings_Paint.bmp04.25.173.00 MB
Fuselage_Left_Right_paint.dds03.07.18341.48 kB
Tail_Left_Right_Paint.dds04.24.17341.48 kB
texture.cfg04.23.1765 B
Wings_Paint.dds04.25.171.33 MB
CallOut$05.05.180 B
APPMIN.wav03.11.11258.45 kB
c5-geardown.wav07.26.018.68 kB
c5-gearup.wav07.26.016.14 kB
c5-thankyou.wav07.26.018.24 kB
c6-80kts.wav07.26.019.15 kB
c6-gearupok.wav07.26.0115.87 kB
c6-posrate.wav07.26.019.15 kB
c6-rotate.wav07.26.0110.23 kB
c6-V1.wav07.26.018.57 kB
c6-V2.wav07.26.019.93 kB
CA_1000FT.wav04.03.999.73 kB
CA_100FT.wav04.03.998.63 kB
CA_10FT.wav04.03.993.82 kB
CA_200FT.wav04.03.998.18 kB
CA_20FT.wav04.03.994.26 kB
CA_2500FT.wav04.03.9914.61 kB
CA_300FT.wav04.03.9910.16 kB
CA_30FT.wav04.03.994.13 kB
CA_400FT.wav04.03.999.14 kB
CA_40FT.wav04.03.994.69 kB
CA_500FT.wav04.03.9910.34 kB
CA_50FT.wav04.03.994.82 kB
MasterCaution.wav11.28.0414.80 kB
MIN.wav03.11.11129.25 kB
Sound.ini01.22.161.61 kB
sound3.dll03.08.08111.68 kB
Documentation05.05.180 B
EFT_Typhoon_Version_2.0.pdf05.05.182.80 MB
effects05.05.180 B
fx_5.bmp07.26.0685.40 kB
fx_amazonExplosion.fx05.12.066.06 kB
fx_EFT_burner_50.fx02.13.1819.22 kB
fx_EFT_Eng_Idle.fx01.15.181.28 kB
fx_EFT_fireAdd.bmp01.06.1516.07 kB
fx_GreenDot.fx05.12.061.34 kB
fx_landing.fx05.12.063.37 kB
fx_macheffect.fx12.30.0341.42 kB
fx_navgre.fx05.12.064.53 kB
fx_navred.fx05.12.064.53 kB
fx_navwhi.fx05.12.063.02 kB
fx_strobeh.fx08.03.064.75 kB
fx_tchdwnMEFT.fx07.24.024.54 kB
fx_tiff_flame.fx08.06.1622.18 kB
fx_vclighth_EFT.fx12.22.171.26 kB
fx_vclighth_EFT2.fx12.30.171.25 kB
EFT$05.05.180 B
SonicSound.wav01.26.04151.62 kB
Sound.ini04.06.15127 B
sound3.dll03.08.08111.68 kB
MEFT_2D_Panel.jpg01.31.18269.01 kB
MEFT_Model_1.jpg02.23.1839.20 kB
MEFT_Model_2.jpg03.02.18241.04 kB
MEFT_Model_3.jpg02.25.1841.80 kB
MEFT_VC_Day.jpg04.09.18181.55 kB
MEFT_VC_Day2.jpg04.09.18204.07 kB
MEFT_VC_Dusk.jpg04.09.18192.60 kB
ReadMe.txt05.05.182.48 kB
Release History05.05.180 B
MEFT_Release History.pdf05.04.1845.44 kB
TestFligtFiles05.05.180 B
IFR Augsburg to Salzburg.PLN09.13.172.41 kB
Typhoon_EFT_Base_Flight.FLT04.09.1811.04 kB
Typhoon_EFT_Base_Flight_AMRAAM.FLT04.09.189.36 kB
Typhoon_EFT_Base_Flight_IRIS.FLT04.09.189.27 kB
Typhoon_EFT_Base_Flight_PWIV.FLT04.09.189.26 kB
Weapons05.05.180 B
AMRAAM05.05.180 B
model05.05.180 B
AMRAAM.MDL03.19.18272.72 kB
model.cfg01.13.1625 B
sim.cfg01.29.18532 B
texture05.05.180 B
AMRAAM.dds03.19.18341.48 kB
Thumbs.db12.04.0726.00 kB
Thumbs.db12.19.075.00 kB
IRIS05.05.180 B
model05.05.180 B
IRIS.MDL03.20.1815.91 kB
model.cfg01.14.1623 B
sim.cfg01.17.16539 B
texture05.05.180 B
IRIST.dds03.20.18341.48 kB
Thumbs.db01.20.1168.50 kB
PWIV05.05.180 B
model05.05.180 B
model.cfg05.07.1723 B
PWIV.MDL05.07.17159.59 kB
sim.cfg05.08.17204 B
TEXTURE05.05.180 B
Missiles.dds05.09.17341.48 kB
Thumbs.db01.20.1168.50 kB
XML_Tools05.05.180 B
XMLTools.dll03.01.16245.00 kB
XMLTools_Installer05.05.180 B
XMLToolsInstallerLog.txt10.04.17107 B
XMLTools_20 Installer.exe12.10.141.62 MB
XMLTools_20 Installer.pdf12.11.14151.87 kB
MEFT_Typhoon_V2.005.05.180 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
Screenshots07.22.180 B
screen-1.jpg07.22.18320.92 kB
screen-10.jpg07.22.18375.48 kB
screen-2.jpg07.22.18347.61 kB
screen-3.jpg07.22.18301.19 kB
screen-4.jpg07.22.18314.93 kB
screen-5.jpg07.22.18406.04 kB
screen-6.jpg07.22.18351.29 kB
screen-7.jpg07.22.18287.28 kB
screen-8.jpg07.22.18355.24 kB
screen-9.jpg07.22.1871.31 kB
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Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description. For further installation help, please see our Flight School for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download. If in doubt, you may also ask a question or view existing answers in our dedicated Q&A forum.


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AAAWed, 17 Aug 2022 15:35:30 GMT

The Eurofighter has "flaperons", which is a combined aileron and flap. They are controlled by the Flight Control System alone. The pilot doesn't manipulate flaps and slats, he simply has no switch for it.

Dietmar LoleitSun, 23 Sep 2018 15:29:57 GMT


@ J sent me a mail. I think I can help. Just need more info.

@Harry Butler sent me a mail. I think I can help. Just need more info.


Thanks !

@Nat Maneenin

The plane has slats in front of the wings. The control is automatic depending on the speed. So, no pilot intervention required.


See above.

@George Kalaitzis

Thanks for the compliment ! Regarding the flaps see above.

Have fun flying this aircraft.

Best Dietmar

jThu, 20 Sep 2018 18:22:42 GMT

i cant get the missiles and other things to show up can i have sone help

Harry ButlerSat, 01 Sep 2018 11:56:32 GMT

For some reason i download the plane and do everything to do with the files but it doesnt show up when i press change aircraft

jpop8807Fri, 17 Aug 2018 04:00:32 GMT

A superb aircraft everything functions and works great.

Nat ManeeninMon, 30 Jul 2018 00:27:21 GMT

i don't think typhoons aircrafts have flaps because of delta wings?

giannolinoSun, 29 Jul 2018 15:36:39 GMT

me to i cant put flaps.Do you help me? tank

George KalaitzisFri, 29 Jun 2018 11:15:45 GMT

Thank you a lot. It s a fine aircraft with a lot of functions that work , very nice graphics and nice to fly . Only i cant put the flaps on . Thank you again .

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