FSX McDonnell Douglas F4D Phantom II

Preview​Alpha Simulations is now Virtavia for there F4D Phantom, Mr. TIM CONRAD for his freeware VC model of the JDF fighter trainer, ANTONIO DIAZ for his HD Textures, and CIRRUS N210MS at Sim Out-House for his work on the Phantom making it FSX compliant.

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Complete with Base Model
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F4D Phantom in flight.​Alpha Simulations is now Virtavia for there F4D Phantom, Mr. TIM CONRAD for his freeware VC model of the JDF fighter trainer, ANTONIO DIAZ for his HD Textures, and CIRRUS N210MS at Sim Out-House for his work on the Phantom making it FSX compliant.

This aircraft was tested on FSX Gold with Acceleration, Prepar3D v2.5, and Prepar3D v3

This is a native FSX/P3D model and will not work on FS2002 or FS2004 all textures and coding are in FSX/P3D format. NOT TESTED Prepar3Dv4


This is a freeware aircraft and you may find some issues with the flight model.

The VC model is that of the Japanese Self Defense Force Mitsubishi F-1/T-2 being 90% accurate of the F-4 Phantom fitting well with this model.

I gave it multiple liveries including that of the US Navy.

Now let's begin:

In this zip folder, there are six folders

  1. The {Effects} folder in it you will find all the ìEffectsî required to make this Simulation work correctly. Copy all the items within this folder and place into your main FSX or P3D "Effects" folder.
  2. The {Effects_Textures_Folder} READ CAREFULLY! Open this folder; copy all items inside of it. Now open the main ìEffectsî folder inside the folder you find a sub-folder titled ìtexturesî paste all the textures into this folder click yes to override any texture that is already in place.
  3. The {Gauges} folder open this folder then copy all the contents within this folder and place into the main FSX/P3D Gauges folder.
  4. The {Sound} folder open this folder then copy all the contents within this folder and place into the main FSX/P3D Sound folder.
  5. The {SimObjects} folder open it, open the {Airplanes} folder there you will find the aircraft folder {ALPHA_M_D F-4D Phantom II} copy this folder and place into the Airplanes folder within the main "SimObjects" folder of FSX or P3D.
  6. Images folder in this folder you will find some screenshots of different aircraft textures with this package.
  7. The YouTube links folder inside you find links to other objects and items I have uploaded to the simulation site check them out, rate them, comment on them, and subscribe that is all I ask.
  8. The YouTube folder titled {Special} These are the reasons I upload items to start with the link Because followed by The Letter then Blue Jay 517 finally Honor for my uncle.

Now for the legal stuff:

I did not construct these models, I only put them together (like a model kit). The original models are by Alpha Simulations and Tim Conrad all credit for there creation must go to them. Now what I did is create and reconfigure several paints to suite this FSX/P3D model. Added the VC T-2_interior model, placed the VC textures into the Texture folder, changed the panel to that of the JDF F-1, Added the Alpha effects gauge to Tim Conrads Panel, adjusted the cockpit views, created the thumbnails and added camera views inside and out. Updated Antonio Diaz's FS9 paints to DDS format, added self shadowing, dirtied up paints to be more realistic and touched up any paint that did not align with the original FS9 package.

I am not responsible for any damage that these files my cause, if your computer detonates, erupts, falls to pieces itís not my fault. These files are freeware and cannot be used for profit, nor can any money be made from them. The copy rights are that of the original owners and all applicable laws apply to them.

Play with it, hack it, do repaints, give to friends or enemies, but do not make money off of it.

It may not be sold or bundled! These files are not warranted in any fashion.

The author has taken all precautions possible and has found no damage to any

System with them, but make no warranties as to function, applicability, or as to damage to any system on which they are placed.

Author: David Robles

Images & Screenshots

Screenshot 1Screenshot 2Screenshot 3Screenshot 4Screenshot 5Screenshot 6Screenshot 7Screenshot 8Screenshot 9Screenshot 10Screenshot 11Screenshot 12Screenshot 13

The archive alpha_f4_phantom_reborn.zip has 2684 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Alpha Simulation Virtavia F4 Phantom Rework.pdf04.06.182.05 MB
Dowson.txt04.06.1883 B
Effects04.06.180 B
fx_beacon.fx08.03.063.55 kB
fx_engine_Alpha Phantom.fx07.30.076.87 kB
fx_f20_beacon.fx03.05.083.60 kB
fx_f20_navgreen.fx09.27.075.65 kB
fx_f20_navred.fx09.27.075.65 kB
fx_f20_navwhite.fx09.27.075.66 kB
fx_f20_strobe.fx03.05.084.76 kB
fx_f20_vclight_red.fx05.05.031.30 kB
fx_landing.fx05.12.063.37 kB
fx_landing_light_Dante.fx07.28.123.68 kB
fx_navwhi.fx05.12.063.02 kB
fx_reheat_Alpha Phantom.fx07.30.0753.90 kB
fx_smoke_f6_light.fx10.22.171.17 kB
Effects_Textures_Folder04.04.180 B
A_B-66-00.bmp11.14.0665.05 kB
A_B-66-01.bmp11.14.0665.05 kB
A_B-66-1.bmp11.13.0665.05 kB
A_CF105-00.bmp06.18.1365.05 kB
A_CF105-00a1.bmp06.18.1365.05 kB
A_CF105-01a.bmp06.18.1365.05 kB
A_CF105-1.bmp06.18.1365.05 kB
A_CF105-2.bmp06.18.1365.05 kB
A_CF105-3.bmp06.18.1365.05 kB
A_EA6_f1.bmp09.12.07128.08 kB
A_EA6_smoke.bmp08.25.0716.08 kB
A_EA6-00a2.bmp09.11.0765.05 kB
A_EA6-01b.bmp09.10.0765.05 kB
A_EA6-3a.bmp09.11.0765.05 kB
A_F100-00.bmp02.21.1565.05 kB
A_F100-01b.bmp02.21.1565.05 kB
A_F100-1.bmp02.21.1565.05 kB
A_F100-2.bmp02.21.1565.05 kB
A_F100-3.bmp02.21.1565.05 kB
A_F104-00.bmp05.10.0765.05 kB
A_F104-00a1.bmp05.10.0765.05 kB
A_F104-01a.bmp11.14.0665.05 kB
A_F104-1.bmp05.10.0765.05 kB
A_F104-2.bmp05.10.0765.05 kB
A_F104-3.bmp05.10.0765.05 kB
A_F105-00.bmp11.21.1565.05 kB
A_F105-00a1.bmp11.29.1565.05 kB
A_F105-01b.bmp11.21.1565.05 kB
A_F18-00.bmp01.12.0765.05 kB
A_F18-00b.bmp01.12.0765.05 kB
A_F18-1.bmp01.12.0765.05 kB
A_F18-2.bmp01.12.0765.05 kB
A_F18-3.bmp01.12.0765.05 kB
A_F3-00.bmp05.10.0765.05 kB
A_F3-00a1.bmp05.10.0765.05 kB
A_F3-01b.bmp09.10.0765.05 kB
A_F3-1.bmp05.10.0765.05 kB
A_F3-2.bmp05.10.0765.05 kB
A_F3-3.bmp05.10.0765.05 kB
A_F5-00a2.bmp11.20.1565.05 kB
A_F86-00a2.bmp09.11.0765.05 kB
A_F86-01b.bmp09.10.0765.05 kB
A_F86-3a.bmp09.11.0765.05 kB
A_fx2.bmp12.12.05128.08 kB
A_He111_smoke.bmp08.25.0716.08 kB
A_LUN-00a1.bmp08.04.1765.05 kB
A_LUN-01a.bmp08.04.1765.05 kB
A_LUN-1.bmp08.04.1765.05 kB
a10_tracer.bmp06.08.006.39 kB
AB_01.bmp03.05.1565.05 kB
AB_1.bmp03.05.1565.05 kB
AB_2.bmp03.05.1565.05 kB
AB_3.bmp03.05.1565.05 kB
AH_CORSBLue.bmp01.23.072.07 kB
AH_p47BLue.bmp03.06.072.07 kB
air_flood_1.bmp09.24.15341.43 kB
ants_p2002_fx.bmp07.29.1621.43 kB
ants_p2002_fxfire.bmp07.29.168.07 kB
ants_p92_fx.bmp07.29.1621.43 kB
ants_p92_fxfire.bmp07.29.168.07 kB
apoint_helper.bmp01.09.15410 B
Apron_Flood_10.bmp04.05.08170.75 kB
Apron_Flood_11.bmp04.16.08257.05 kB
avalon_fx2.bmp03.12.0842.75 kB
avalonFX2.bmp02.02.0842.74 kB
avalonFX3Y.bmp09.01.0842.75 kB
bags01.bmp11.30.05682.75 kB
Beacon.bmp05.16.1332.07 kB
bow_wake_l.dds05.30.0964.12 kB
bow_wake_r.dds05.30.0964.12 kB
C9F4_strobew.bmp08.28.06170.75 kB
chestnut_fa.bmp11.28.1542.75 kB
chestnut_sp.bmp11.28.1542.75 kB
chestnut_su.bmp11.28.1542.75 kB
chestnut_wi.bmp11.28.1542.75 kB
crater.bmp01.21.165.05 kB
crates.bmp11.30.05682.75 kB
cs_707.bmp12.06.02170.75 kB
cs130.bmp01.28.08170.75 kB
cs131.bmp01.28.0842.75 kB
cs132.bmp01.28.08128.08 kB
cs133.bmp01.28.08170.75 kB
cs134.bmp01.28.08170.75 kB
CYOD._FLood.bmp08.21.0785.40 kB
CYOD8.bmp03.04.0810.75 kB
dog.bmp11.30.05682.75 kB
donkey.bmp11.30.05682.75 kB
dougfir1.bmp11.28.1542.75 kB
dougfir2.bmp11.28.1542.75 kB
ec135_search.bmp09.17.0942.74 kB
f22_tracer.bmp06.08.006.39 kB
f5_burner.bmp07.12.04128.07 kB
FAIB_B7474_GE_AlwaysOn_L.dds02.02.17824 B
FAIB_B7474_GE_L.dds02.02.17824 B
FAIB_B7474_PW_AlwaysOn_L.dds02.02.17824 B
FAIB_B7474_PW_L.dds02.02.17824 B
FAIB_B7474_RR_AlwaysOn_L.dds02.02.17824 B
FAIB_B7474_RR_L.dds02.02.17824 B
flytampa_wake1.bmp02.12.0785.43 kB
fx_1.bmp07.26.0685.40 kB
fx_10L.bmp06.14.13170.75 kB
fx_11R.bmp06.14.1364.07 kB
fx_1sirgtx.bmp08.04.1785.40 kB
fx_2.bmp04.23.1542.74 kB
fx_2_Dante.bmp07.28.12341.43 kB
fx_2_orbx.bmp09.13.1186.41 kB
fx_2_orbx_KWYS.bmp02.23.0842.75 kB
fx_2_orbx_obs.bmp02.23.0842.75 kB
fx_2_orbx_obs_hs.bmp02.25.0842.75 kB
fx_2_orbx_PAHO.bmp02.23.0842.75 kB
fx_2_th_lighthouse.bmp05.07.11341.40 kB
fx_285.bmp08.04.17256.07 kB
fx_2a.bmp05.16.1342.74 kB
fx_2AT.bmp05.27.12256.07 kB
fx_2c185.bmp08.04.1742.74 kB
fx_2car.bmp03.15.09256.07 kB
fx_2carsarat.bmp08.04.17256.07 kB
fx_2sarat.bmp08.04.1742.74 kB
fx_3.bmp07.26.0685.40 kB
fx_35a.bmp05.18.0486.39 kB
fx_36a.bmp05.20.0486.39 kB
fx_37a.bmp05.19.0486.39 kB
fx_3car.bmp05.23.05256.07 kB
fx_3ccar2.bmp03.15.11256.07 kB
fx_4car.bmp08.04.17256.07 kB
fx_5.bmp07.26.0685.40 kB
fx_50.bmp10.28.04341.40 kB
fx_51.bmp10.22.0422.39 kB
fx_52.bmp10.22.0416.21 kB
fx_5sirgtx.bmp08.04.1785.40 kB
fx_749_2SBL.bmp10.05.134.19 kB
fx_749_2SBR.bmp10.05.135.05 kB
fx_749_flame.bmp10.05.135.05 kB
fx_749_JSL.bmp10.05.135.05 kB
fx_749_JSL2.bmp10.05.134.11 kB
fx_749_JSL3.bmp10.05.134.10 kB
fx_749_JSR.bmp10.05.135.05 kB
fx_749_JSR2.bmp10.05.135.05 kB
fx_749_JSR3.bmp10.05.135.05 kB
fx_95missile.bmp08.06.1216.07 kB
fx_a2a_c172_circle.bmp08.04.1785.40 kB
fx_a2a_c172_exhaust_flash.bmp08.04.17341.40 kB
fx_a2a_c172_lights_1.bmp08.04.17256.07 kB
fx_abf16.bmp05.17.08128.08 kB
fx_ac111.bmp08.04.17256.07 kB
fx_ac112.bmp08.04.17256.07 kB
fx_AH_flame_alphad.bmp08.04.1732.07 kB
fx_ah_frontmuz.bmp07.29.1532.08 kB
fx_ah_sidemuz.bmp07.28.1532.08 kB
fx_Alabeo.bmp07.29.0885.40 kB
fx_alaefetres.bmp07.26.0642.74 kB
fx_alaefetresA36.bmp08.04.1742.74 kB
fx_alavetres.bmp08.04.1742.74 kB
fx_aniburner backup.bmp03.21.0665.05 kB
fx_aniburner.bmp06.22.0665.05 kB
fx_aniburner1a.bmp10.18.0665.05 kB
fx_aniburner1b.bmp10.17.0665.05 kB
fx_aniburner2.bmp07.31.0565.05 kB
fx_aniburner3.bmp06.07.0665.05 kB
Fx_aniburner3a.bmp10.18.0665.05 kB
fx_apdreheat.bmp10.15.13170.74 kB
fx_aurora.bmp07.26.0621.40 kB
fx_barnstorm.bmp07.26.0685.40 kB
fx_basler_ll.bmp10.05.13128.08 kB
fx_basler_star.bmp10.05.13128.08 kB
fx_beaconcn.bmp03.23.12256.07 kB
fx_beam.bmp07.26.0610.74 kB
fx_bomborion.bmp05.19.1564.08 kB
fx_bubble.bmp07.26.0610.73 kB
fx_bullet_tracer.dds08.04.172.89 kB
fx_burner.bmp07.29.0565.05 kB
fx_burner1.bmp07.28.07128.08 kB
fx_burner2.bmp07.28.07128.08 kB
fx_burner21.bmp06.02.0665.05 kB
fx_burner3.bmp06.21.0665.05 kB
fx_burner4.bmp07.30.0517.05 kB
fx_burner45.bmp06.21.0665.05 kB
fx_burner5.bmp07.30.0517.05 kB
fx_burner6.bmp07.30.0517.05 kB
fx_burner7.bmp07.30.0517.05 kB
fx_burner8.bmp07.30.0517.05 kB
fx_burner9.bmp08.01.0565.05 kB
FX_c123box.bmp03.03.1421.40 kB
fx_c123para.bmp03.03.1485.40 kB
fx_C123pig.bmp03.03.1421.40 kB
fx_C123pig1.bmp03.03.1485.40 kB
fx_c150_light.bmp11.14.1485.40 kB
fx_c150_lights.bmp11.14.14128.08 kB
fx_c150_lights.dds11.14.1432.12 kB
fx_c47cargo1.bmp05.29.0564.07 kB
fx_c47cargo2.bmp05.29.0564.07 kB
fx_c47cargo3.bmp05.28.05256.07 kB
fx_c47cargo4.bmp05.28.05256.07 kB
fx_c47para1.bmp05.26.0564.07 kB
fx_c47para2.bmp05.26.05256.07 kB
fx_c47paraUK1.bmp05.27.0564.07 kB
fx_c47paraUK2.bmp05.28.05256.07 kB
fx_c47paraUK3.bmp05.28.05256.07 kB
fx_car1.bmp12.22.05128.08 kB
fx_car5.bmp12.21.05128.08 kB
fx_carcn.bmp12.31.1042.74 kB
fx_carrier.bmp03.19.08128.08 kB
fx_carwake_1.bmp12.21.0532.08 kB
fx_carwake_2.bmp12.21.0532.08 kB
fx_carwake_3.bmp12.21.0532.08 kB
fx_Chaff.bmp08.04.1721.40 kB
fx_circle.bmp07.30.0485.40 kB
fx_circle_2.bmp07.30.0485.40 kB
fx_cls_landing_light_2.bmp04.03.1185.43 kB
fx_cls_rs.bmp07.26.0685.40 kB
fx_cls_rwtol.bmp04.02.1185.43 kB
fx_coflight.bmp02.27.0886.41 kB
fx_COH_Toplight.bmp07.14.1685.40 kB
fx_cra.bmp08.06.1242.75 kB
fx_crashdebris.bmp07.30.0464.05 kB
fx_da42_light.bmp03.04.07128.08 kB
fx_da42_rays.bmp03.04.07128.08 kB
fx_DCB_1.bmp03.04.15170.75 kB
fx_DCB_2.bmp03.04.15170.75 kB
fx_DCB_fireAdd.bmp03.04.1510.74 kB
fx_df727.bmp12.02.0332.08 kB
fx_df727_strobe.bmp12.03.0332.08 kB
fx_Dots.bmp07.26.0621.40 kB
fx_dss_light_white.bmp01.29.0885.40 kB
fx_dssmb_light.bmp08.04.1785.40 kB
fx_ec135.bmp03.14.121.00 MB
fx_EC135_search.bmp12.02.0332.08 kB
fx_EF_Burn.bmp05.25.0664.07 kB
fx_EF_BurnDiamond.bmp03.24.0632.07 kB
fx_efetres2.bmp05.18.05256.07 kB
fx_efetres2A36.bmp08.04.17256.07 kB
fx_f16_1.bmp05.19.05256.07 kB
fx_f16_2.bmp05.24.05256.07 kB
fx_falls.bmp07.26.06341.40 kB
fx_fallsw77.bmp06.01.1764.07 kB
fx_fallsw888.bmp06.01.1742.75 kB
fx_fire.bmp07.26.0610.74 kB
fx_fireAdd.bmp07.26.0610.74 kB
fx_fireAdd_small.bmp08.04.172.74 kB
fx_fireball.bmp07.30.04256.05 kB
fx_Firesheet01.bmp07.26.06341.40 kB
fx_flash.bmp10.26.0885.40 kB
fx_FLOLS.bmp03.19.08128.08 kB
fx_FTX_aurora_1.bmp12.04.15341.43 kB
fx_FTX_aurora_2.bmp12.05.15341.43 kB
fx_FTX_aurora_3.bmp12.04.15341.43 kB
fx_FW1.bmp07.26.0642.74 kB
fx_FW2.bmp07.26.0642.74 kB
fx_heat.bmp06.15.0185.40 kB
fx_heat_r.bmp04.16.0321.40 kB
fx_Hugh_Orbx.bmp07.26.0642.74 kB
fx_iFly_Light_1.bmp07.16.10341.40 kB
fx_iris_light.bmp03.04.07128.08 kB
fx_iris_rays.bmp03.04.07128.08 kB
fx_iris_vortex.bmp01.08.068.08 kB
fx_jaguar.bmp05.16.0964.07 kB
fx_landing_light.bmp11.21.0785.43 kB
fx_lightning1.bmp10.10.081.33 MB
fx_M3C_SEPR.bmp11.23.1317.05 kB
fx_maltese_falcon_light.bmp08.04.1785.40 kB
fx_MF_marine_light.bmp10.31.0410.74 kB
fx_mig_aniburner.bmp07.31.0565.05 kB
fx_mig_burner1.bmp12.05.0565.05 kB
fx_mig_burner2.bmp12.05.0565.05 kB
fx_mig_burner9.bmp12.05.0565.05 kB
fx_mig_vortex.bmp01.08.068.08 kB
fx_Mig23_Burn.bmp06.15.1332.07 kB
fx_Mig23_BurnDiamond.bmp06.15.138.07 kB
fx_MIIIB_Sec1.bmp11.16.1265.05 kB
fx_MIIIB_Sec2.bmp11.16.1265.05 kB
fx_MIIIB_Sec3.bmp11.16.1265.05 kB
fx_MIIIB_Sec4.bmp11.16.1265.05 kB
fx_MIIIB_Sec5.bmp11.16.1265.05 kB
fx_mul_1.bmp05.12.0685.40 kB
fx_navland_dfb58.bmp12.02.0332.08 kB
fx_nuke3.bmp08.06.1221.42 kB
fx_orbx_PAJN_1.bmp02.27.0886.41 kB
fx_orbx_PAKT_1.bmp02.27.0886.41 kB
fx_PA31_beacon.bmp12.02.0410.75 kB
fx_PA31_landing.bmp11.21.0410.75 kB
fx_PA31_nav.bmp11.22.0410.75 kB
fx_PA31_strobe.bmp11.01.0442.75 kB
fx_PA31_tiptank.bmp11.21.042.75 kB
fx_PA31_wing.bmp11.21.0442.75 kB
Fx_Para_Jump.bmp05.28.1716.07 kB
Fx_Para_Open.bmp05.28.1732.07 kB
fx_pig_star.bmp01.09.1786.41 kB
fx_pmdg_j41_flare.bmp05.30.0832.07 kB
fx_rainbow.bmp02.10.0242.75 kB
fx_Rap_Burn.bmp02.18.0632.07 kB
fx_Rap_Trace.bmp02.25.0664.07 kB
fx_Rap_TraceExp.bmp02.22.0632.07 kB
fx_red.bmp12.28.0348.05 kB
fx_redglow.bmp07.30.0416.05 kB
fx_retardant.bmp10.25.1316.08 kB
FX_retardant2.bmp10.26.1316.08 kB
FX_retardant3.bmp10.26.1316.08 kB
FX_retardant4.bmp10.26.1316.08 kB
FX_retardant5.bmp10.26.1316.08 kB
FX_retardant6.bmp10.26.1316.08 kB
FX_retardant7.bmp10.26.1316.08 kB
FX_retardant8.bmp10.26.1316.08 kB
FX_retardant9.bmp10.26.1316.08 kB
FX_retardant91.bmp10.26.1316.08 kB
FX_retardant92.bmp10.26.1316.08 kB
fx_retardantbw.bmp10.26.1316.08 kB
fx_rotwash.bmp02.12.1865.05 kB
fx_SDB_B52_smoke.bmp05.19.1464.07 kB
fx_SDB_B-52_smoke1.bmp05.19.1485.43 kB
fx_shockwave_circle.bmp05.21.0785.40 kB
fx_shockwave_light.bmp02.19.0764.07 kB
fx_shtstar.bmp07.26.065.40 kB
fx_siroccogtx2_light.bmp01.29.0885.40 kB
fx_smoke.bmp06.18.0116.08 kB
fx_smokeala300P3D.bmp08.04.17256.07 kB
fx_strobe_dfb58.bmp12.02.0332.08 kB
fx_strobecn.bmp03.12.12256.07 kB
fx_strobee3P3D.bmp08.04.17256.07 kB
fx_swave_lights_1.bmp11.17.07256.07 kB
fx_swoosh.bmp05.12.06341.40 kB
fx_swoosh2.bmp07.26.0685.40 kB
fx_t6_light.bmp03.04.07128.08 kB
fx_t6_rays.bmp03.04.07128.08 kB
fx_t6_vortex.bmp01.07.068.08 kB
fx_TFF_Blue_Flame_1.bmp03.03.155.05 kB
fx_TFF_Blue_Flame_2.bmp03.03.155.05 kB
fx_TFF_Flame2.bmp04.10.155.05 kB
fx_TFF_Red_Flame_1.bmp03.03.155.05 kB
fx_TFF_Red_Flame_2.bmp03.03.155.05 kB
fx_TFF_Red_Flame_2b.bmp03.06.145.05 kB
fx_tracer.bmp07.26.062.73 kB
fx_tracerH.bmp07.22.176.39 kB
fx_tracerNew.bmp08.04.1716.07 kB
fx_track.bmp07.26.0610.73 kB
fx_Tu144_tire.bmp08.07.0442.75 kB
fx_vetres2.bmp08.04.17256.07 kB
fx_wake_1.bmp07.26.0621.40 kB
fx_wake_1sirgtx.bmp08.04.1742.74 kB
fx_wake_2.bmp07.26.0621.40 kB
fx_wake_2sirgtx.bmp08.04.1742.74 kB
fx_wake_3.bmp07.26.0621.40 kB
fx_wake2RSL.bmp07.14.1621.43 kB
fx_wake2RSR.bmp07.14.1621.43 kB
FX_water_drop1bw.bmp08.01.1716.08 kB
fx_water_dropbw.bmp08.01.1716.08 kB
fx_whitelight.dds11.15.1042.80 kB
fx_wop2_p40_circle_2.bmp05.22.0785.40 kB
fx_wop2_p40_light.bmp05.22.0764.07 kB
fx_WOS_B377_1.bmp02.04.0885.40 kB
fx_WOS_B377_2.bmp02.04.0842.74 kB
fx_WOS_B377_5.bmp02.04.0885.40 kB
fx_WOS_B377_circle.bmp02.04.0885.40 kB
fx_WOS_B377_light.bmp02.04.0864.07 kB
fx_WOS_B377_lights_1.bmp02.04.08256.07 kB
fx_WOS_B377_lights_2.bmp03.05.08256.07 kB
fx_WOS_B377_smoke.bmp02.04.0810.73 kB
fx_WOS_B377_wake_2.bmp02.04.0821.40 kB
fx_WOS_B377_wake_3.bmp02.04.0821.40 kB
fx_wt.bmp08.08.1716.05 kB
fx_wt3.bmp08.08.175.05 kB
fx_wt5.bmp08.08.175.05 kB
fx_YMMB_floodlight2.bmp06.11.11170.75 kB
fx_YMML_orbx.bmp02.27.0886.41 kB
fx_YMML2_orbx.bmp02.27.0886.41 kB
fx_zu.bmp07.14.1685.40 kB
fx_zu_60.bmp07.14.1616.07 kB
G_Startup_Smoke.dds04.11.09256.12 kB
GEN_POI_Halo_White.bmp12.13.12170.74 kB
GEN_POI_Steam.bmp12.12.12341.40 kB
girls01.bmp11.30.05682.75 kB
girls02.bmp12.01.05682.75 kB
halo.bmp07.28.12341.40 kB
Hangar Flood Square.bmp03.04.0810.75 kB
HG_floodlight_helodeck.bmp10.06.1685.43 kB
HG_floodlight_reddeck.bmp10.07.1685.43 kB
HG_hangarlight.bmp10.06.1685.43 kB
HG_obslight_green.bmp10.07.1685.43 kB
HG_obslight_orange.bmp10.07.1685.43 kB
HG_obslight_red.bmp10.07.1685.43 kB
HG_obslight_white.bmp10.07.16341.43 kB
hunters1.bmp11.19.05682.75 kB
hunters2.bmp11.19.05682.75 kB
iris_fx_2.bmp07.26.0642.74 kB
JAFO_YAK130-1.bmp08.25.1665.05 kB
JAFO_YAK130-2.bmp08.25.1665.05 kB
JAFO_YAK130-3.bmp08.25.16128.08 kB
Keflavik Apron Light Effect.bmp09.17.08682.75 kB
lampadairejlv.bmp02.15.1321.40 kB
larchfa.bmp11.30.1521.42 kB
larchhw.bmp11.30.1521.42 kB
larchsp.bmp11.30.1521.42 kB
larchsu.bmp11.30.1521.42 kB
larchwi.bmp11.30.1521.42 kB
ldr_1.bmp12.27.15256.07 kB
ldr_2.bmp12.27.15256.07 kB
ldr_3.bmp12.27.15256.07 kB
LHC_LJ24_Fire1.bmp05.28.1465.05 kB
LR_Orbx_bow_wave.bmp05.27.17341.40 kB
LR_Orbx_bow_wave_reversed.bmp06.07.17341.43 kB
LR_Orbx_flare.bmp10.04.1485.43 kB
LR_Orbx_herring.bmp05.26.1721.40 kB
LR_Orbx_LongRange.bmp05.27.1785.40 kB
LR_Orbx_running2.bmp05.27.1785.40 kB
LR_Orbx_spotlight.bmp12.06.1785.43 kB
LVFR_flood1.bmp06.06.15341.40 kB
Lvfr_SNArwy.bmp12.20.1485.40 kB
Lvfr_SNArwy_red.bmp11.06.1485.40 kB
Lvfr_twn.bmp10.06.1485.40 kB
Lvfr_twn2.bmp10.06.1485.40 kB
Lvfr_twn3.bmp10.06.1485.40 kB
LVFRfloodtall.bmp11.27.15341.40 kB
m75_exfx.bmp05.07.12128.08 kB
m75_fx.bmp05.07.12128.08 kB
maple_fa.bmp11.28.1542.75 kB
maple_sp.bmp11.28.1542.75 kB
maple_su.bmp11.28.1542.75 kB
maple_wi.bmp11.28.1542.75 kB
mig_cannon.bmp06.04.136.39 kB
NAV_Green.bmp05.16.1332.07 kB
NAV_Red.bmp05.16.1332.07 kB
NAV_White.bmp05.16.1332.07 kB
NAV_Yellow.bmp05.06.1565.05 kB
Navion_Starburst.bmp10.29.0732.08 kB
oakfa.bmp12.03.1542.75 kB
oakhw.bmp12.03.1542.75 kB
oaksp.bmp12.03.1542.75 kB
oaksu.bmp12.03.1542.75 kB
oakwi.bmp12.03.1542.75 kB
Orbx_KWYS_Apron_light.bmp02.02.0842.74 kB
p40_cannon.bmp06.08.006.39 kB
people.bmp07.18.06128.07 kB
people1.bmp12.04.05682.75 kB
pig.bmp12.02.05682.75 kB
pooch.bmp02.19.1442.75 kB
projecteurb.bmp02.15.1321.40 kB
pspbrwse.jbf04.26.096.98 kB
rb-199-burner.bmp02.17.10257.07 kB
rb-199-burner-plate.bmp02.14.10257.07 kB
rocket.bmp01.21.162.05 kB
sapling_fa.bmp12.01.1521.42 kB
sapling_sp.bmp12.01.1521.42 kB
sapling_su.bmp12.01.1521.42 kB
sapling_wi.bmp12.01.1521.42 kB
SF8_f86_flame.bmp08.25.1465.05 kB
SF8_f86_heat_r.bmp08.25.1421.40 kB
SHRS_F-111_1.bmp08.16.0785.43 kB
SHRS_F-111_2.bmp06.22.0665.05 kB
SHRS_F-111_3.bmp06.22.0665.05 kB
SHRS_F-111_4.bmp08.01.0565.05 kB
SHRS_F-111_5.bmp06.22.0665.05 kB
SHRS_F-111_6.bmp07.26.0610.73 kB
SHRS_F-111_7.bmp07.26.0685.40 kB
SHRS_F-111_8.bmp07.26.0685.40 kB
SHRS_F-111_9.bmp11.21.0785.43 kB
sparks.bmp05.11.068.07 kB
su_tracer.bmp07.24.051.61 kB
sycamorefa.bmp12.03.1542.75 kB
sycamorehw.bmp12.03.1542.75 kB
sycamoresp.bmp12.03.1542.75 kB
sycamoresu.bmp12.03.1542.75 kB
sycamorewi.bmp12.03.1542.75 kB
thumb.bmp02.27.085.05 kB
Thumbs.db09.25.127.50 kB
tip_vortex_L.bmp03.03.15128.08 kB
tip_vortex_R.bmp03.03.15128.08 kB
TR2.bmp12.26.0685.40 kB
tractor.bmp11.30.05682.75 kB
tree1fa.bmp11.26.1542.75 kB
tree1hw.bmp11.26.1542.75 kB
tree1sp.bmp11.26.1542.75 kB
tree1su.bmp11.26.1542.75 kB
tree1wi.bmp11.26.1542.75 kB
tree2fa.bmp11.26.1542.75 kB
tree2hw.bmp11.26.1542.75 kB
tree2sp.bmp11.26.1542.75 kB
tree2su.bmp11.26.1542.75 kB
tree2wi.bmp11.26.1542.75 kB
tree3fa.bmp11.26.1542.75 kB
tree3hw.bmp11.26.1542.75 kB
tree3sp.bmp11.26.1542.75 kB
tree3su.bmp11.26.1542.75 kB
tree3wi.bmp11.26.1542.75 kB
tree4.bmp11.27.1542.75 kB
tree5.bmp11.27.1542.75 kB
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Buddy CSat, 25 Dec 2021 08:09:14 GMT

This is a great f4 model. I replaced the sound folder with that of the F18...works great. The only weird thing this model does is that sometimes the plane will never go over 87 knots going down the runway in the full burner. no other plane does this. I'll figure it out someday.


TonyP420Thu, 01 Jul 2021 22:07:57 GMT

Same here no sound how so other people's work and not mine?

lotto929Fri, 22 Nov 2019 18:38:42 GMT

For anyone with sound issues. It appears the default sound folder that comes with this aircraft is referenced to another add on (F-14). If you don't have that add on I don't believe your sound will work. I recommend copying a new sound folder from any comparable aircraft and using it to replace the sound folder in this add on.

speconWed, 20 Nov 2019 18:49:57 GMT

This model is amazingly good! Thanks for the upload everything works as it should be! This work is really very professional! :)

Joseph NobleWed, 13 Mar 2019 23:49:55 GMT

I'm having the same problem. There is no sound. I worked on the F-4 during Vietnam and I would really love to get this airplane up and running.

luanMon, 01 Oct 2018 18:14:26 GMT

my sound does not work also how to solve?

Jim LymanWed, 12 Sep 2018 11:40:27 GMT

There is a simple solution to your sound, I own Virtavia's F4 Phantom and Milviz's, both great aircraft, however I must honestly say that this one is a 5 Star rating all the way, works great with Steam also. Let me know if you still need a hand, I know your post is old. Jim

jpop8807Fri, 17 Aug 2018 03:49:52 GMT

HANDS DOWN THE BEST F4 ON THIS THING. All the graphics are amazing everything works flawlessly

Jonathan TarryTue, 10 Jul 2018 08:00:41 GMT

I cannot get the sound to work if anyone could help me with the problem is would be greatly appreciated.

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