FSX/P3D Airbus A380 Mega Pack

PreviewA complete Airbus A380 package compatible with both FSX, FSX: Steam Edition and Prepar3D (including v4) which includes over 12 repaints for many of the original airlines who brought the A380 into their fleet.

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Complete with Base Model
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Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) including Steam Edition & Prepar3D (P3D) including P3Dv4 & P3Dv5
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A complete Airbus A380 package compatible with both FSX, FSX: Steam Edition and Prepar3D (including v4) which includes over 12 repaints for many of the original airlines who brought the A380 into their fleet.

The Emirates A380 being flown in P3Dv4.This model has been tested and confirmed working in P3Dv4.

The model was originally developed by Project Airbus and a complete Virtual Cockpit (VC) by Thomas Ruth has been added along with updates to the VC by Chris Evans and Louis Quintero.

The package also includes a fully functional FMC which was added in and originally developed by Garret Smith.

Also included are a complete bundle of checklists to make your flight more realistic.

Key Features

  • Fully working 3D VC
  • Functional FMC
  • Over 12 repaints included
  • Modified to work with current-gen versions of FSX and P3D
  • True to life sound pack which includes RR (Rolls Royce) engine sounds


Once unzipped, there will be 14 folders present. Each folder contains an aircraft model and associated repaints. For each folder, follow the instructions below.

  1. Move the subfolder inside each of the root folders to the FSX/P3D \SimObjects\Airplanes directory.
  2. Place the contents of the "Sound"/Effects" and "Gauges" folder into the main Sound/Effects and Gauges folders in P3D/FSX
  3. Find aircraft under Airbus A380 in the simulator.

Repaints Included

  • Lufthansa
  • China Southern
  • ANA 'Fly A380 to Honolulu'
  • Emirates Expo 2020
  • HiFly 'Coral Reefs Protection'
  • Korean Air
  • Emirates 'United for Wildlife'
  • British Airways
  • Emirates
  • Qatar Airways
  • Singapore Airlines
  • Asiana Airlines
  • Etihad

Developer: Compiled by Chris Evans with works from Project Airbus, Thomas Ruth, Louis Quintero, Garret Smith, various repaint authors and repackaged by Fly Away Simulation.

Images & Screenshots

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The archive fsx-p3dv4-a380-pack.zip has 16713 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
A380_ANA_Hawaii11.07.190 B
A380 ANA Hawaii11.07.190 B
A380 Contest Picture.jpg03.11.17658.57 kB
ANA 1.jpg03.11.17200.95 kB
ANA 2.jpg03.11.17641.89 kB
ANA 3.jpg03.11.17137.05 kB
ANA 4.jpg03.11.17136.72 kB
ANA A380.txt03.11.17633 B
Texture.ANA_Hawaii11.07.190 B
A321_1_L.dds10.31.161.00 MB
A321_2_L.dds10.31.16256.12 kB
A330_VC01L.dds10.31.161.00 MB
A340_VC01.dds10.31.161.00 MB
A380_1_l (2).bmp10.31.164.00 MB
A380_1_l.bmp10.31.164.00 MB
A380_1_t.bmp03.11.174.00 MB
A380_2_l.bmp10.31.1678 B
A380_2_t.bmp10.31.164.00 MB
A380_fuse_1_l.bmp10.31.164.00 MB
A380_fuse_1_t.bmp03.11.174.00 MB
A380_fuse_2_l.bmp10.31.164.00 MB
A380_fuse_2_t.bmp03.11.174.00 MB
A380_fuse_3_l.bmp10.31.164.00 MB
A380_fuse_3_t.bmp03.11.174.00 MB
A380_misc_1.bmp10.31.16128.07 kB
A380_misc_2_l.bmp10.31.164.00 MB
A380_misc_2_t.bmp10.31.164.00 MB
A380_wing_1_l.bmp10.31.164.00 MB
A380_wing_1_t.bmp11.18.164.00 MB
A380_wing_2_l.bmp10.31.164.00 MB
A380_wing_2_t.bmp11.18.164.00 MB
Airbus_A321_1_C.dds10.31.16682.79 kB
Airbus_A321_1_L.dds10.31.161.00 MB
Airbus_A321_2_C.dds10.31.16682.79 kB
Airbus_A321_2_L.dds10.31.161.00 MB
Airbus_A321_3_C.dds10.31.16682.79 kB
Airbus_A321_3_L.dds10.31.164.12 kB
Airbus_A321_4_C.dds10.31.16682.79 kB
Airbus_A321_4_L.dds10.31.161.00 MB
VC_A380_afs_l.bmp10.31.164.00 MB
VC_A380_afs_t.bmp10.31.164.00 MB
VC_A380_blkpanels_l.bmp10.31.164.00 MB
VC_A380_blkpanels_t.bmp10.31.164.00 MB
VC_A380_buttons_l.bmp10.31.164.00 MB
VC_A380_buttons_t.bmp10.31.164.00 MB
VC_A380_ecam_l.bmp10.31.164.00 MB
VC_A380_ecam_t.bmp10.31.164.00 MB
VC_A380_gaugelight_l.bmp10.31.16256.07 kB
VC_A380_glass_t.bmp10.31.161.00 MB
VC_A380_glasshud_t.bmp10.31.1664.07 kB
VC_A380_jumpseat_t.bmp10.31.164.00 MB
VC_A380_main_l.bmp10.31.164.00 MB
VC_A380_main_t.bmp10.31.164.00 MB
VC_A380_misc_t.bmp10.31.164.00 MB
VC_A380_overhead_l.bmp10.31.164.00 MB
VC_A380_overhead_t.bmp10.31.164.00 MB
VC_A380_pedestal_l.bmp10.31.164.00 MB
VC_A380_pedestal_t.bmp10.31.164.00 MB
VC_A380_pilotseats_t.bmp10.31.164.00 MB
VC_A380_reflect_t.bmp10.31.161.00 MB
VC_A380_sidedesks_t.bmp10.31.164.00 MB
VC_A380_sunshade_t.bmp10.31.16256.07 kB
VC_A380_walls_t.bmp10.31.164.00 MB
VCblend.dds10.31.161.12 kB
cabin_l.bmp10.31.161.00 MB
cabin_t.bmp10.31.164.00 MB
floor_l.bmp10.31.16330 B
floor_t.bmp10.31.1664.07 kB
glass.dds10.31.1664.12 kB
glass_cabin.bmp10.31.161.00 MB
glass_spec.dds10.31.164.12 kB
pax_l.bmp10.31.161.00 MB
pax_t.bmp10.31.164.00 MB
paxt_l.bmp10.31.161.00 MB
texture.cfg10.31.16140 B
thumbnail.jpg03.11.17136.72 kB
aircraft.cfg03.26.1919.23 kB
model11.07.190 B
A380_800_RR.mdl08.05.122.52 MB
TomA346NG_interior.MDL08.05.121.49 MB
model.cfg08.05.1257 B
originalreadme.txt03.26.191.30 kB
pa380.air05.04.107.26 kB
panel11.07.190 B
$A321_2.bmp11.20.18768.05 kB
A380.cab11.20.18452.78 kB
Airbus_A321.cab07.19.092.71 MB
AirportID.CAB01.26.112.79 kB
B737NG.cab05.04.074.27 MB
C990.CAB10.03.11873.37 kB
FMA.CAB09.24.074.28 kB
HoneywellFMC.CAB02.24.09600.42 kB
Main_Panel.bmp11.06.185.49 MB
Overhead_Panel.bmp11.20.182.58 MB
Throttle_Panel.bmp11.20.181.29 MB
panel.cfg11.21.1810.94 kB
tom34011.07.190 B
102411.07.190 B
Annun_AftDoor_on (2).bmp04.20.0957.80 kB
Annun_AftDoor_on.bmp08.02.0957.80 kB
64011.07.190 B
Annun_AftDoor_on.bmp04.20.091.38 kB
FCUdummy.xml04.20.09459 B
altimeter_backup.xml12.31.9913.00 kB
altimeter_backup_altitude_number_strip_1.bmp12.31.992.06 kB
altimeter_backup_altitude_number_strip_1_night.bmp12.31.992.06 kB
altimeter_backup_altitude_number_strip_2.bmp12.31.992.06 kB
altimeter_backup_altitude_number_strip_2_night.bmp12.31.992.06 kB
altimeter_backup_altitude_number_strip_mask.bmp12.31.99442 B
altimeter_backup_altitude_number_strip_mask_night.bmp12.31.99446 B
altimeter_backup_background.bmp12.31.997.22 kB
altimeter_backup_background_night.bmp12.31.997.22 kB
altimeter_backup_knob.bmp12.31.99478 B
altimeter_backup_knob_night.bmp12.31.99466 B
altimeter_backup_kohlsman_number_strip_1.bmp12.31.991.80 kB
altimeter_backup_kohlsman_number_strip_1_night.bmp12.31.991.80 kB
altimeter_backup_kohlsman_number_strip_2.bmp12.31.991.80 kB
altimeter_backup_kohlsman_number_strip_2_night.bmp12.31.991.80 kB
altimeter_backup_kohlsman_number_strip_3.bmp12.31.991.80 kB
altimeter_backup_kohlsman_number_strip_3_night.bmp12.31.991.80 kB
altimeter_backup_kohlsman_number_strip_4.bmp12.31.991.80 kB
altimeter_backup_kohlsman_number_strip_4_night.bmp12.31.991.80 kB
altimeter_backup_kohlsman_number_strip_mask.bmp12.31.99302 B
altimeter_backup_kohlsman_number_strip_mask_night.bmp12.31.99306 B
altimeter_backup_needle.bmp12.31.99814 B
altimeter_backup_needle_night.bmp12.31.99714 B
altimeter_backup_shadow.bmp12.31.9911.15 kB
annunciator_panel_1.xml12.31.9921.42 kB
annunciator_panel_1_background.bmp12.31.9945.31 kB
annunciator_panel_1_background_night.bmp12.31.9945.31 kB
annunciator_panel_1_button_chrono_in.bmp12.31.993.35 kB
annunciator_panel_1_button_chrono_in_night.bmp12.31.993.35 kB
annunciator_panel_1_button_chrono_out.bmp12.31.993.35 kB
annunciator_panel_1_button_chrono_out_night.bmp12.31.993.35 kB
annunciator_panel_1_button_mast_caut_out_annunciator_off.bmp12.31.994.55 kB
annunciator_panel_1_button_mast_caut_out_annunciator_off_night.bmp12.31.994.55 kB
annunciator_panel_1_button_mast_caut_out_annunciator_on.bmp12.31.994.35 kB
annunciator_panel_1_button_mast_warn_out_annunciator_off.bmp12.31.994.17 kB
annunciator_panel_1_button_mast_warn_out_annunciator_off_night.bmp12.31.994.17 kB
annunciator_panel_1_button_mast_warn_out_annunciator_on.bmp12.31.993.97 kB
annunciator_panel_1_button_nav_gps_in_both_off.bmp12.31.998.20 kB
annunciator_panel_1_button_nav_gps_in_both_off_night.bmp12.31.998.20 kB
annunciator_panel_1_button_nav_gps_out_both_off.bmp12.31.998.20 kB
annunciator_panel_1_button_nav_gps_out_both_off_night.bmp12.31.998.20 kB
annunciator_panel_1_button_nav_gps_out_gps_on.bmp12.31.997.51 kB
annunciator_panel_1_button_nav_gps_out_nav_on.bmp12.31.997.50 kB
attitude_backup.xml12.31.997.23 kB
attitude_backup_background.bmp12.31.999.97 kB
attitude_backup_background_night.bmp12.31.999.74 kB
attitude_backup_knob.bmp12.31.991.30 kB
attitude_backup_knob_night.bmp12.31.991.17 kB
attitude_backup_outer_ring.bmp12.31.9910.62 kB
attitude_backup_outer_ring_night.bmp12.31.9910.46 kB
attitude_backup_plane_symbol.bmp12.31.991.28 kB
attitude_backup_plane_symbol_night.bmp12.31.991.22 kB
attitude_backup_roll_indicator.bmp12.31.99306 B
attitude_backup_roll_indicator_night.bmp12.31.99290 B
attitude_backup_shadow.bmp12.31.9912.04 kB
attitude_backup_sky_ground_strip.bmp12.31.9929.17 kB
attitude_backup_sky_ground_strip_mask.bmp12.31.996.71 kB
attitude_backup_sky_ground_strip_mask_night.bmp12.31.996.71 kB
attitude_backup_sky_ground_strip_night.bmp12.31.9929.17 kB
autopilot.xml12.31.9928.26 kB
autopilot_background.bmp12.31.9937.57 kB
autopilot_background_night.bmp12.31.9937.56 kB
autopilot_button_ap_off.bmp12.31.991.45 kB
autopilot_button_ap_off_night.bmp12.31.991.40 kB
autopilot_button_ap_on.bmp12.31.99722 B
autopilot_button_apr_off.bmp12.31.991.45 kB
autopilot_button_apr_off_night.bmp12.31.991.45 kB
autopilot_button_apr_on.bmp12.31.99730 B
autopilot_button_athr_off.bmp12.31.991.45 kB
autopilot_button_athr_off_night.bmp12.31.991.45 kB
autopilot_button_athr_on.bmp12.31.99674 B
autopilot_button_loc_off.bmp12.31.991.38 kB
autopilot_button_loc_off_night.bmp12.31.991.33 kB
autopilot_button_loc_on.bmp12.31.99638 B
autopilot_button_spd_mach_in.bmp12.31.992.22 kB
autopilot_button_spd_mach_in_night.bmp12.31.992.22 kB
autopilot_button_spd_mach_out.bmp12.31.992.22 kB
autopilot_button_spd_mach_out_night.bmp12.31.992.22 kB
autopilot_knob_1_in.bmp12.31.991.26 kB
autopilot_knob_1_in_night.bmp12.31.991.34 kB
autopilot_knob_1_out.bmp12.31.991.32 kB
autopilot_knob_1_out_night.bmp12.31.991.41 kB
autopilot_knob_2_in.bmp12.31.991.34 kB
autopilot_knob_2_in_night.bmp12.31.991.47 kB
autopilot_knob_2_out.bmp12.31.991.46 kB
autopilot_knob_2_out_night.bmp12.31.991.54 kB
autopilot_knob_3_1000_in.bmp12.31.993.59 kB
autopilot_knob_3_1000_in_night.bmp12.31.993.59 kB
autopilot_knob_3_1000_out.bmp12.31.993.59 kB
autopilot_knob_3_1000_out_night.bmp12.31.993.59 kB
autopilot_knob_3_100_in.bmp12.31.993.59 kB
autopilot_knob_3_100_in_night.bmp12.31.993.59 kB
autopilot_knob_3_100_out.bmp12.31.993.59 kB
autopilot_knob_3_100_out_night.bmp12.31.993.59 kB
autopilot_knob_4_in.bmp12.31.991.38 kB
autopilot_knob_4_in_night.bmp12.31.991.29 kB
autopilot_knob_4_out.bmp12.31.991.38 kB
autopilot_knob_4_out_night.bmp12.31.991.30 kB
autopilot_knob_crs_in.bmp12.31.991.45 kB
autopilot_knob_crs_in_night.bmp12.31.991.67 kB
autopilot_knob_crs_out.bmp12.31.991.51 kB
autopilot_knob_crs_out_night.bmp12.31.991.73 kB
autopilot_text_alt.bmp12.31.99514 B
autopilot_text_crs.bmp12.31.99286 B
autopilot_text_hdg_1.bmp12.31.99562 B
autopilot_text_lvl_ch.bmp12.31.991.18 kB
autopilot_text_spd.bmp12.31.99578 B
autopilot_text_vs_2.bmp12.31.99522 B
clock_background.bmp12.31.9912.12 kB
clock_background_night.bmp12.31.9912.12 kB
clock_button_bottom_left.bmp12.31.99646 B
clock_button_bottom_left_night.bmp12.31.99570 B
clock_button_top_left.bmp12.31.99638 B
clock_button_top_left_night.bmp12.31.99522 B
clock_button_top_right.bmp12.31.99666 B
clock_button_top_right_night.bmp12.31.99642 B
clock_needle.bmp12.31.99686 B
clock_needle_night.bmp12.31.99658 B
ecams.xml07.19.0935.87 kB
ecams2.xml12.31.9978.01 kB
ecams_apu_background.bmp12.31.9978.76 kB
ecams_apu_bleed_off.bmp12.31.99766 B
ecams_apu_bleed_on.bmp12.31.99682 B
ecams_apu_needle_n.bmp12.31.99190 B
ecams_bleed_air_amber_lines.bmp12.31.9930.73 kB
ecams_bleed_air_apu_off_green.bmp12.31.99594 B
ecams_bleed_air_apu_on_green.bmp12.31.99490 B
ecams_bleed_air_background.bmp12.31.9978.46 kB
ecams_bleed_air_green_lines.bmp12.31.9930.73 kB
ecams_bleed_air_ip_1_off_green.bmp12.31.99522 B
ecams_bleed_air_ip_1_on_green.bmp12.31.99478 B
ecams_bleed_air_ip_2_off_green.bmp12.31.99510 B
ecams_bleed_air_ip_2_on_green.bmp12.31.99478 B
ecams_cab_press_arrow.bmp12.31.99266 B
ecams_cab_press_background.bmp12.31.9978.88 kB
ecams_cab_press_needle_altitude.bmp12.31.99146 B
ecams_cab_press_needle_differential_press.bmp12.31.99142 B
ecams_cab_press_needle_vsi.bmp12.31.99146 B
ecams_engine_primary_background.bmp03.20.0978.95 kB
ecams_engine_primary_flaps_bug_1.bmp12.31.99146 B
ecams_engine_primary_flaps_bug_2.bmp12.31.99158 B
ecams_engine_primary_flaps_bug_3.bmp12.31.99178 B
ecams_engine_primary_flaps_bug_4.bmp12.31.99178 B
ecams_engine_primary_needle_egt_left_green.bmp12.31.99150 B
ecams_engine_primary_needle_n1_left_green.bmp12.31.99122 B
ecams_engine_primary_needle_n1_right_green.bmp12.31.99122 B
ecams_engine_primary_slats_bug_1.bmp12.31.99182 B
ecams_engine_primary_slats_bug_2.bmp12.31.99198 B
ecams_engine_primary_slats_bug_3.bmp12.31.99162 B
ecams_engine_primary_slats_flaps_0.bmp12.31.997.05 kB
ecams_engine_primary_slats_flaps_1.bmp07.19.0919.65 kB
ecams_engine_primary_slats_flaps_2.bmp12.31.997.02 kB
ecams_engine_primary_slats_flaps_3.bmp12.31.997.06 kB
ecams_engine_primary_slats_flaps_4.bmp12.31.997.06 kB
ecams_engine_primary_slats_flaps_5.bmp12.31.997.06 kB
ecams_engine_primary_text_flaps_full.bmp12.31.99562 B
ecams_engine_primary_text_xx.bmp12.31.99358 B
ecams_engine_secondary_background.bmp12.31.9979.20 kB
ecams_engine_secondary_ign_a_off.bmp12.31.99782 B
ecams_engine_secondary_ign_a_on.bmp12.31.99682 B
ecams_engine_secondary_ign_b_off.bmp12.31.99798 B
ecams_engine_secondary_ign_b_on.bmp12.31.99718 B
ecams_engine_secondary_needle_psi_left.bmp12.31.99198 B
ecams_engine_secondary_needle_psi_right.bmp12.31.99194 B
ecams_flight_ctl_aileron_pos_indicator_left_green.bmp12.31.99286 B
ecams_flight_ctl_aileron_pos_indicator_right_green.bmp12.31.99286 B
ecams_flight_ctl_aileron_pos_scale_left_white.bmp12.31.99790 B
ecams_flight_ctl_aileron_pos_scale_right_white.bmp12.31.99790 B
ecams_flight_ctl_background.bmp12.31.9978.44 kB
ecams_flight_ctl_elevator_pos_indicator_left_green.bmp12.31.99290 B
ecams_flight_ctl_elevator_pos_indicator_right_green.bmp12.31.99294 B
ecams_flight_ctl_elevator_pos_scale_left_white.bmp12.31.99814 B
ecams_flight_ctl_elevator_pos_scale_right_white.bmp12.31.99834 B
ecams_flight_ctl_rudder_indicator.bmp12.31.99590 B
ecams_flight_ctl_rudder_trim_position_amber.bmp12.31.9998 B
ecams_flight_ctl_rudder_trim_position_blue.bmp12.31.99106 B
ecams_flight_ctl_spd_brake_bases_amber.bmp12.31.991.73 kB
ecams_flight_ctl_spd_brake_bases_green.bmp12.31.991.72 kB
ecams_flight_ctl_spd_brake_left_1_green.bmp12.31.99138 B
ecams_flight_ctl_spd_brake_left_2_amber.bmp12.31.99138 B
ecams_flight_ctl_spd_brake_left_2_green.bmp12.31.99138 B
ecams_flight_ctl_spd_brake_left_3_amber.bmp12.31.99138 B
ecams_flight_ctl_spd_brake_left_3_green.bmp12.31.99142 B
ecams_flight_ctl_spd_brake_left_4_amber.bmp12.31.99142 B
ecams_flight_ctl_spd_brake_left_4_green.bmp12.31.99142 B
ecams_flight_ctl_spd_brake_left_5_amber.bmp12.31.99130 B
ecams_flight_ctl_spd_brake_left_5_green.bmp12.31.99130 B
ecams_flight_ctl_spd_brake_mask.bmp12.31.993.38 kB
ecams_flight_ctl_spd_brake_right_1_amber.bmp12.31.99134 B
ecams_flight_ctl_spd_brake_right_1_green.bmp12.31.99138 B
ecams_flight_ctl_spd_brake_right_2_amber.bmp12.31.99142 B
ecams_flight_ctl_spd_brake_right_2_green.bmp12.31.99142 B
ecams_flight_ctl_spd_brake_right_3_amber.bmp12.31.99142 B
ecams_flight_ctl_spd_brake_right_3_green.bmp12.31.99146 B
ecams_flight_ctl_spd_brake_right_4_amber.bmp12.31.99138 B
ecams_flight_ctl_spd_brake_right_4_green.bmp12.31.99142 B
ecams_flight_ctl_spd_brake_right_5_amber.bmp12.31.99150 B
ecams_flight_ctl_spd_brake_right_5_green.bmp12.31.99154 B
ecams_fuel_background.bmp12.31.9979.11 kB
ecams_fuel_crossfeed_off.bmp12.31.99946 B
ecams_fuel_crossfeed_on.bmp12.31.99830 B
ecams_fuel_low_press_valve_left_off.bmp12.31.991.23 kB
ecams_fuel_low_press_valve_left_on.bmp12.31.991.22 kB
ecams_fuel_low_press_valve_right_off.bmp12.31.991.27 kB
ecams_fuel_low_press_valve_right_on.bmp12.31.991.25 kB
ecams_fuel_transfer_valve_left_green.bmp12.31.99582 B
ecams_fuel_transfer_valve_right_green.bmp12.31.99590 B
ecams_fuel_wing_tank_pump_left_off.bmp12.31.991.06 kB
ecams_fuel_wing_tank_pump_left_on.bmp12.31.991.05 kB
ecams_fuel_wing_tank_pump_right_off.bmp12.31.991.08 kB
ecams_fuel_wing_tank_pump_right_on.bmp12.31.991.08 kB
ecams_hyd_background.bmp12.31.9978.40 kB
ecams_hyd_blue_amber_line.bmp12.31.99126 B
ecams_hyd_blue_closed.bmp12.31.994.53 kB
ecams_hyd_blue_open.bmp12.31.994.53 kB
ecams_hyd_electric_pump_yellow_closed.bmp12.31.993.38 kB
ecams_hyd_electric_pump_yellow_open.bmp12.31.993.42 kB
ecams_hyd_engine_pump_green_amber_line.bmp12.31.99126 B
ecams_hyd_engine_pump_green_closed.bmp12.31.993.38 kB
ecams_hyd_engine_pump_green_open.bmp12.31.993.38 kB
ecams_hyd_engine_pump_yellow_amber_line.bmp12.31.99126 B
ecams_hyd_fire_valve_green_closed.bmp12.31.991.29 kB
ecams_hyd_fire_valve_green_open.bmp12.31.991.28 kB
ecams_hyd_fire_valve_yellow_closed.bmp12.31.991.28 kB
ecams_hyd_fire_valve_yellow_open.bmp12.31.991.28 kB
ecams_hyd_ptu_control_line_closed.bmp12.31.992.59 kB
ecams_hyd_ptu_control_line_open.bmp12.31.992.59 kB
ecams_hyd_text_blue_elec.bmp12.31.99558 B
ecams_hyd_text_blue_ovht.bmp12.31.99530 B
ecams_hyd_text_ptu.bmp12.31.99454 B
ecams_hyd_text_yellow_elec.bmp12.31.99558 B
ecams_hyd_text_yellow_ovht.bmp12.31.99566 B
eng2off.bmp04.20.097.71 kB
eng2off_night.bmp04.20.097.71 kB
eng2on.bmp04.20.097.71 kB
eng2on_night.bmp04.20.097.71 kB
eng3off.bmp04.20.097.71 kB
eng3off_night.bmp04.20.097.71 kB
eng3on.bmp04.20.097.71 kB
eng3on_night.bmp04.20.097.71 kB
eng4off.bmp04.20.097.71 kB
eng4off_night.bmp04.20.097.71 kB
eng4on.bmp04.20.097.71 kB
eng4on_night.bmp04.20.097.71 kB
hsi_background.bmp12.31.9916.34 kB
hsi_background_night.bmp12.31.9916.34 kB
hsi_backup.xml12.31.997.70 kB
hsi_compass_card.bmp12.31.997.86 kB
hsi_compass_card_night.bmp12.31.997.86 kB
hsi_fixed_pointers.bmp12.31.998.04 kB
hsi_fixed_pointers_night.bmp12.31.997.97 kB
hsi_knob_1.bmp12.31.99590 B
hsi_knob_1_night.bmp12.31.99590 B
hsi_knob_2.bmp12.31.99590 B
hsi_knob_2_night.bmp12.31.99590 B
hsi_needle_1.bmp12.31.99870 B
hsi_needle_1_night.bmp12.31.99866 B
hsi_needle_2.bmp12.31.992.06 kB
hsi_needle_2_night.bmp12.31.992.02 kB
ias_background.bmp12.31.997.22 kB
ias_background_night.bmp12.31.997.22 kB
ias_backup.xml12.31.994.55 kB
ias_needle.bmp12.31.991.26 kB
ias_needle_night.bmp12.31.991010 B
mfd.xml12.31.9935.96 kB
mfd_adf_1_arrow.bmp12.31.99334 B
mfd_adf_2_arrow.bmp12.31.99454 B
mfd_arrow_wind_direction.bmp12.31.99882 B
mfd_background.bmp12.31.9980.22 kB
mfd_centered_actual_track.bmp12.31.99202 B
mfd_centered_bearing_pointer_adf.bmp12.31.993.15 kB
mfd_centered_bearing_pointer_vor_1.bmp12.31.993.13 kB
mfd_centered_bearing_pointer_vor_2.bmp12.31.993.12 kB
mfd_centered_compass_card.bmp12.31.9952.01 kB
mfd_centered_course_deviation_scale.bmp12.31.991.05 kB
mfd_centered_fixed_plane_symbol.bmp12.31.9941.73 kB
mfd_centered_map_mask.bmp12.31.9937.39 kB
mfd_centered_mystery_blue_arrow_down.bmp12.31.99222 B
mfd_centered_mystery_blue_arrow_up.bmp12.31.99222 B
mfd_centered_selected_heading.bmp12.31.99298 B
mfd_centered_vor_course_pointer.bmp12.31.993.09 kB
mfd_centered_vor_lateral_deviation_bar.bmp12.31.99366 B
mfd_expanded_arrow_1.bmp12.31.9910.85 kB
mfd_expanded_arrow_2.bmp12.31.997.78 kB
mfd_expanded_compass_card.bmp12.31.99188.33 kB
mfd_expanded_compass_card_mask.bmp12.31.9959.90 kB
mfd_expanded_fixed_plane_symbol.bmp12.31.995.08 kB
mfd_expanded_map_mask.bmp12.31.9953.43 kB
mfd_expanded_selected_heading.bmp12.31.99298 B
mfd_glideslope_bug.bmp12.31.99226 B
mfd_glideslope_scale.bmp12.31.991.80 kB
pfd.xml12.31.9936.48 kB
pfd_altimeter_bug.bmp12.31.99638 B
pfd_altimeter_detail_hundreds_strip.bmp12.31.993.55 kB
pfd_altimeter_detail_mask.bmp12.31.991.22 kB
pfd_altimeter_detail_ten_thousands_strip.bmp12.31.993.55 kB
pfd_altimeter_detail_tens_strip.bmp12.31.992.29 kB
pfd_altimeter_detail_thousands_strip.bmp12.31.993.55 kB
pfd_altimeter_detail_window copy.bmp12.31.991.45 kB
pfd_altimeter_detail_window.bmp12.31.991.42 kB
pfd_altimeter_ground_reference_strip.bmp12.31.99390 B
pfd_altimeter_strip.bmp12.31.99245.57 kB
pfd_altimeter_strip_border.bmp12.31.996.78 kB
pfd_altimeter_strip_mask.bmp12.31.994.94 kB
pfd_asi_pointer.bmp12.31.99614 B
pfd_asi_speed_bug.bmp12.31.99446 B
pfd_asi_strip.bmp12.31.9931.20 kB
pfd_asi_strip_border.bmp12.31.996.78 kB
pfd_asi_strip_mask.bmp12.31.995.55 kB
pfd_background.bmp12.31.9978.28 kB
pfd_compass_pointer.bmp12.31.99162 B
pfd_compass_strip.bmp12.31.9924.43 kB
pfd_compass_strip_border.bmp12.31.993.08 kB
pfd_compass_strip_mask.bmp12.31.992.85 kB
pfd_decrease_pitch_arrows.bmp12.31.991.90 kB
pfd_fixed_plane_marker.bmp12.31.991.40 kB
pfd_fixed_roll_scale.bmp12.31.999.96 kB
pfd_flight_director_pitch_bar.bmp12.31.99134 B
pfd_flight_director_yaw_bar.bmp12.31.99334 B
pfd_glideslope_pointer.bmp12.31.99250 B
pfd_increase_pitch_arrows.bmp12.31.991.79 kB
pfd_localizer_glideslope_scale.bmp12.31.9913.79 kB
pfd_localizer_pointer.bmp12.31.99238 B
pfd_mfd_select_panel.xml12.31.9922.80 kB
pfd_mfd_select_panel_background.bmp12.31.9923.39 kB
pfd_mfd_select_panel_background_night.bmp12.31.9923.35 kB
pfd_mfd_select_panel_button_arpt_annunciator_off.bmp12.31.991.47 kB
pfd_mfd_select_panel_button_arpt_annunciator_off_night.bmp12.31.991.33 kB
pfd_mfd_select_panel_button_arpt_annunciator_on.bmp12.31.99722 B
pfd_mfd_select_panel_button_cstr_annunciator_off.bmp12.31.991.47 kB
pfd_mfd_select_panel_button_cstr_annunciator_off_night.bmp12.31.991.47 kB
pfd_mfd_select_panel_button_cstr_annunciator_on.bmp12.31.99758 B
pfd_mfd_select_panel_button_fd_annunciator_off.bmp12.31.991.37 kB
pfd_mfd_select_panel_button_fd_annunciator_off_night.bmp12.31.991.36 kB
pfd_mfd_select_panel_button_fd_annunciator_on.bmp12.31.99618 B
pfd_mfd_select_panel_button_ils_annunciator_off.bmp12.31.991.38 kB
pfd_mfd_select_panel_button_ils_annunciator_off_night.bmp12.31.991.38 kB
pfd_mfd_select_panel_button_ils_annunciator_on.bmp12.31.99614 B
pfd_mfd_select_panel_button_ndb_annunciator_off.bmp12.31.991.40 kB
pfd_mfd_select_panel_button_ndb_annunciator_off_night.bmp12.31.991.29 kB
pfd_mfd_select_panel_button_ndb_annunciator_on.bmp12.31.99654 B
pfd_mfd_select_panel_button_vor_d_annunciator_off.bmp12.31.991.22 kB
pfd_mfd_select_panel_button_vor_d_annunciator_off_night.bmp12.31.991.43 kB
pfd_mfd_select_panel_button_vor_d_annunciator_on.bmp12.31.99738 B
pfd_mfd_select_panel_button_wpt_annunciator_off.bmp12.31.991.47 kB
pfd_mfd_select_panel_button_wpt_annunciator_off_night.bmp12.31.991.40 kB
pfd_mfd_select_panel_button_wpt_annunciator_on.bmp12.31.99734 B
pfd_mfd_select_panel_knob_1_hpa.bmp12.31.992.61 kB
pfd_mfd_select_panel_knob_1_hpa_night.bmp12.31.992.61 kB
pfd_mfd_select_panel_knob_1_inhg.bmp12.31.992.61 kB
pfd_mfd_select_panel_knob_1_inhg_night.bmp12.31.992.61 kB
pfd_mfd_select_panel_knob_2_arc.bmp12.31.994.28 kB
pfd_mfd_select_panel_knob_2_arc_night.bmp12.31.994.28 kB
pfd_mfd_select_panel_knob_2_ls.bmp12.31.994.28 kB
pfd_mfd_select_panel_knob_2_ls_night.bmp12.31.994.28 kB
pfd_mfd_select_panel_knob_2_nav.bmp12.31.994.28 kB
pfd_mfd_select_panel_knob_2_nav_night.bmp12.31.994.28 kB
pfd_mfd_select_panel_knob_2_vor.bmp12.31.994.28 kB
pfd_mfd_select_panel_knob_2_vor_night.bmp12.31.994.28 kB
pfd_mfd_select_panel_knob_3_10.bmp12.31.994.10 kB
pfd_mfd_select_panel_knob_3_10_night.bmp12.31.994.10 kB
pfd_mfd_select_panel_knob_3_160.bmp12.31.994.10 kB
pfd_mfd_select_panel_knob_3_160_night.bmp12.31.994.10 kB
pfd_mfd_select_panel_knob_3_20.bmp12.31.994.10 kB
pfd_mfd_select_panel_knob_3_20_night.bmp12.31.994.10 kB
pfd_mfd_select_panel_knob_3_320.bmp12.31.994.10 kB
pfd_mfd_select_panel_knob_3_320_night.bmp12.31.994.10 kB
pfd_mfd_select_panel_knob_3_40.bmp12.31.994.10 kB
pfd_mfd_select_panel_knob_3_40_night.bmp12.31.994.10 kB
pfd_mfd_select_panel_knob_3_80.bmp12.31.994.10 kB
pfd_mfd_select_panel_knob_3_80_night.bmp12.31.994.10 kB
pfd_mfd_select_panel_switch_1_adf.bmp12.31.992.40 kB
pfd_mfd_select_panel_switch_1_adf_night.bmp12.31.992.40 kB
pfd_mfd_select_panel_switch_1_off.bmp12.31.992.40 kB
pfd_mfd_select_panel_switch_1_off_night.bmp12.31.992.40 kB
pfd_mfd_select_panel_switch_1_vor.bmp12.31.992.40 kB
pfd_mfd_select_panel_switch_1_vor_night.bmp12.31.992.40 kB
pfd_mfd_select_panel_switch_2_adf.bmp12.31.992.40 kB
pfd_mfd_select_panel_switch_2_adf_night.bmp12.31.992.40 kB
pfd_mfd_select_panel_switch_2_off.bmp12.31.992.40 kB
pfd_mfd_select_panel_switch_2_off_night.bmp12.31.992.40 kB
pfd_mfd_select_panel_switch_2_vor.bmp12.31.992.40 kB
pfd_mfd_select_panel_switch_2_vor_night.bmp12.31.992.40 kB
pfd_roll_indicator.bmp12.31.99262 B
pfd_sky_ground_strip.bmp12.31.99113.04 kB
pfd_sky_ground_strip_cutoff_line.bmp12.31.99222 B
pfd_sky_ground_strip_cutoff_line_bottom.bmp12.31.99222 B
pfd_sky_ground_strip_mask_inner.bmp12.31.9916.97 kB
pfd_sky_ground_strip_mask_outer.bmp12.31.9918.94 kB
pfd_slip_indicator.bmp12.31.99230 B
pfd_text_std.bmp12.31.99414 B
pfd_vsi_needle.bmp12.31.99306 B
pfd_vsi_needle_mask.bmp12.31.992.46 kB
pfd_vsi_scale.bmp12.31.992.47 kB
popup_clock.xml12.31.9911.34 kB
popup_ecams_screen_bezel.xml12.31.9910.76 kB
popup_ecams_screen_bezel_background.bmp12.31.99119.63 kB
popup_ecams_screen_bezel_background_night.bmp12.31.99119.63 kB
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Joe DelmonicoMon, 18 Sep 2023 13:25:05 GMT

A great working A380 Sim Airplane on my old FSX, I had 2 other A380 airplanes from different makers I removed them. This one is outstanding all around One word of caution, it is not easy to install, and the instructions are a bit not too easy to understand (to say the least) but if you do get it to work, you will not be sorry. The best NonPay or Freeware A380 I have seen. Enjoy.

Rube BoexThu, 29 Dec 2022 20:02:17 GMT

so for those who can't install it here is hopefully a better instruction, tell me if you don't get something;

there are 14 files in the folder you downloaded, place all the files from the ZIP into FSX/P3D SimObjectsAirplanes directory then search pack 1 go into it and take sounds effects and gauges, then go back to the main p3d folder, search for sounds gauges and effect place all of these 3 folders in the correct folder, so effect into effects, sounds into sounds, ......, after that go back to FSX/P3D SimObjectsAirplanes directory. then delete the Singapore and another one basically all the a380s where FSX is in the name and then most important, go into the folder of the plane/liv you wanna download go into it and take the main folder in the folder.

Stewy2603Tue, 15 Nov 2022 17:42:36 GMT

A couple of the models conflict with each other. Singapore A380-841 - If I remove this folder the duplicate model message goes away.

Paul RungeMon, 14 Nov 2022 21:24:03 GMT

I too am having 777 and 787 megapacks load and operate inside P3Dv5.3. I also do not see Gauges or Sound subfolders inside P3Dv5.3. A little help would be appreciated.

Henryccrider02Tue, 02 Aug 2022 08:25:42 GMT

Stalls in turns and doesn't have a 380 cockpit and the FMC does not seem to do anything. The trim is horrible. Not having an a380 cockpit is like a man with a bra on. Sure it's a real bra but what is he doing with it on?

nardiquetSun, 19 Jun 2022 14:25:17 GMT

Hello Community. The instructions for the installation are not clear or complete enough, because if you follow the proposed installation mode to the letter, the plane does not appear in Prepar3d v5. I don't think I'm the only one in this. There are 14 folders. But then what do you mean by subfolder? Thank you in advance for your interest in my comment.

Rae JohnsThu, 26 May 2022 14:11:32 GMT

I tried downloading the A380 pack and found the aircraft in simobjects folder could you please tell me if this pack works for P3D v5.3, please?

HShellyMon, 02 May 2022 22:48:17 GMT

Will this product work in MSFS 20?

HShellyMon, 02 May 2022 22:45:06 GMT

Wow, I feel stuck, not having fsx. Can't wait for developers to start producing a great products for MSFS20.

keuleTue, 09 Nov 2021 19:37:28 GMT


Steam has a community folder where no mods are stored. These are in another folder where other mods have been put in which are also displayed. Didn't find an FSX folder on steam and can't install it. If I pack the files into the order at steam where the working mods are in there, nothing happens with this one. Can somebody help me?

DonT155Sun, 31 Oct 2021 19:26:55 GMT

I get the overhead panel FLT computers are off and can't be turned on... How do we turn them on? As for the takeoff issues others have mentioned, it will ramp up to 100% then come back to 60-70% and stay there. A380S aren't meant to use speed control for takeoff. use the TO/GA button on the throttle pedestal and then control thrust manually in the climb. Cruise speed control works beautifully...

RaptorfromSiegeFri, 15 Oct 2021 08:22:23 GMT

I downloaded the full pack but it's not showing up in my list on P3D V5. Could someone please provide support?

mostafa mahmoodTue, 12 Oct 2021 21:37:07 GMT

Really great job, downloaded and tested it on the FSX flight simulator, it works amazingly well, thank you from the bottom of my heart, I honestly didn't expect that because I've tried such planes before and it didn't work.

Gilbert LECOMTEWed, 15 Sep 2021 16:58:51 GMT

I do not quite understand. Add-on means that you already have the base model, not available in FSX. Or what?

DanielMon, 12 Jul 2021 14:26:02 GMT

I can't install it, I don't find the way, may someone help me?

F4RIOSun, 23 May 2021 23:28:17 GMT

Some of the Effects files already exist; is it safe to overwrite them? Might that not change the behavior of other installed aircraft?

Aiden Thu, 20 May 2021 19:50:25 GMT

This pack is great! I just loaded them in. The liveries are great! Great job!

gtominiWed, 14 Apr 2021 03:30:50 GMT

Anyone have an issue where the throttle backs off to 60-70% and won't go above that? I've done several autopilot takeoffs and it ramps up to 100% then comes down to 65% and won't get enough speed. Also when in the air, it does the same thing.

sim guyMon, 12 Apr 2021 04:37:42 GMT

This is the best A380 addon of all time!

Ian StephensTue, 06 Apr 2021 14:19:45 GMT

@David Amor

Yes, this pack is completely compatible with the latest and greatest versions of Prepar3D including P3D v5.1.

Andreas StratigopoulosWed, 31 Mar 2021 12:01:00 GMT

Finally managed to install it! Amazing work!

Andreas StratigopoulosWed, 31 Mar 2021 10:30:17 GMT

Hi! I downloaded the zip but have no idea how to install all the files. Can you please help me?

The_ChevalierMon, 08 Mar 2021 00:55:58 GMT

Not sure what's up, but this doesn't work for me; not in FSX: SE nor in P3Dv5. #2 engine will not start, and only #2 reverser activates. I'm not sure how well it flies or performs otherwise, since having only three out of four functional engines is a deal-breaker for me.

Jobbágyi KoppánySun, 28 Feb 2021 13:25:28 GMT

BEST A380 MOD! Very good Virtual Cockpit, flight model, autopilot, views.

Fury1959Sun, 10 Jan 2021 08:02:01 GMT

Hi guys… Will this work in MSFS 2020?

David AmorSun, 03 Jan 2021 05:20:26 GMT

It says compatible with P3D v5, does this include V5.1?

Sarah ASat, 26 Dec 2020 19:14:04 GMT

This thing flys well. I'm a blind flight simmer and have to at least for now use freeware aircraft. It is beautiful to fly. Thanks for creating the models.

Ole-ChristerMon, 07 Dec 2020 13:33:16 GMT

How do I open the cargo doors?

Ole-Christer HættaThu, 03 Dec 2020 22:10:38 GMT

Hi. How do i open the cargo doors?

Przemek CzopurSat, 17 Oct 2020 21:19:37 GMT

Same here - I put all the folders into SimObjects>Airplanes (FSX), no A380 appears in the airplanes list.

George SheffieldSat, 26 Sep 2020 21:12:04 GMT

I put all the files where they belong but they don't come up in the FSX aircraft list.

patallSun, 06 Sep 2020 16:46:57 GMT

The FMC doesn't seem to be functional and neither is the radio?

Captain CringeSun, 12 Jul 2020 23:07:21 GMT

The creator of this should have added the New Qantas livery to the A380.

Anthony McNaughtTue, 16 Jun 2020 22:42:25 GMT

Thanks for giving a pensioner on a limited budget a great deal of pleasure!

Dr Peter McHardySun, 24 May 2020 11:46:31 GMT

I tried downloading FSX Boeing 747 - 400 with FMC controls from this select 10 without success - it's downloaded with Addit. pro and clearly shows that it's downloaded on Addit. pro but does not show up on my Flight Sim X. I am now trying the AirBus 380 with the FMC controls as I want to learn how to use up to date controls with my Flight Sim X package. I am hoping for more success with this one!

Thanks, Peter.

Ask ErikstadFri, 27 Mar 2020 23:05:38 GMT

Hi, I think the models are spectacular. Nothing to complain there. However, the choice of compiling I found very unnecessarily complicated and time-consuming.

If you guys would simply place ALL the aircraft under a folder simobjects/airplanes/ Then all the effects in a folder called effects, all the gauges under gauges and all the sounds under sounds. This way one could simply drag all the files DIRECTLY into the main FSX folder.

I understand why you would do it the way you did though as it's easier to install just one or two paints, but for the whole pack with 14 aircraft.... nonono And also if all the folders would have a unified naming pattern if would be a lot simpler to view what is and isn't already installed. E.g Airbus_A380-861_liveryname for EVERY plane.

Of course, these are just the things that made the installment just a little more difficult and slow. I really can't stress how good the aircraft themselves are. Chris Evans, Project Airbus, Thomas Ruth, and all the others really have made one of the most iconic aircrafts available for free with great detail and supreme quality. I couldn't thank them enough.

But flyaway, please fix this nonsense compilement. Thank you.

SwassenaarTue, 17 Mar 2020 16:30:20 GMT

I can't figure out how to install this pack. What "Subfolders" do they mean? More detail on how to install these would be nice. I really want to fly the A-380. Please help.

Nils GellertTue, 18 Feb 2020 20:32:22 GMT

Simply wow! Despite the cockpit of the A340 series, the A380 has simply become awesome. You are welcome to watch my full flight video. https://youtu.be/yXzxqQbkvOo

Alison LunguSat, 08 Feb 2020 10:10:46 GMT

I have downloaded all the planes into FSX folder. But they are not showing up in my plane gallery in the simulator.

Jason IngramThu, 06 Feb 2020 15:38:09 GMT

Awesome package. Really impressed with all the detail and sounds. However, can seem to find a way to open all doors and cargo. Can open main, and the next door beside it and the 2 top doors either side but not cargo or the rest. Can you help me please and thank you.

Roberto HerediaMon, 30 Dec 2019 19:02:17 GMT

Hi, I love the package! just one question how can I use the FMC? Thank you!

Ronin BachnerWed, 18 Dec 2019 00:25:24 GMT

It looks amazing but some of the files don't have the gauges files or the sound folder, I installed the only one that I could find that had all the files and it still didn't show up. Is there anything I can maybe try to get it to work?

Antonio Tapia MorraMon, 02 Dec 2019 22:44:57 GMT

It has problems with stall, please watch this problem in FSX, all commands work but the attack angle can't be configured, the plane climbs up with a very high attack angle, it can't get enough speed and stall.

Shuge ZhangFri, 29 Nov 2019 12:03:42 GMT

What a great A380 package - totally complete. Works in FSX and confirmed - it does also work in my copy of P3Dv4.

AnonymousSun, 17 Nov 2019 17:11:51 GMT

It's very good and fun to fly! The sounds are beautiful and the virtual flight deck blew me away. The pack has a few airlines, but overall, it's great to have! The aircraft looks very good and is pretty easy to handle.

The only issue I ran into is that the only thing the altitude hold selector does is send the aircraft down. If you want to descend, the use of the ALT selector, but for climbing and cruise, do it by hand. HDG selector may bug out once or twice, but it works for the most part.

Hayden SmithFri, 08 Nov 2019 14:03:04 GMT

The zip will not open. I just get a blank box when I try to open.

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