FSX Splash Screen Mega Collection

PreviewA collection of over 130 splash screens created by various artists/hobbyists for Microsoft Flight Simulator X.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) including Steam Edition & Prepar3D (P3D)
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A collection of over 130 splash screens created by various artists/hobbyists for Microsoft Flight Simulator X.

An example of the Concorde splash screen that's available.​This "mega pack" of splash screens was created from the huge selection we had available to offer on the site. This file was compiled into one as many users were asking for an easier way to download them all in one go.

What is a splash screen?

A "splash screen" is the brief image that displays while FSX is loading. They are essentially image files that replace the default. Over the years, many users have created their own to customize or make their copy of FSX more personal.

Some of the included screens

Below are some of the splashes included.

  • U.S. Domestic Airlines​
  • Alitalia Boeing 777 I-DISU
  • Grumman G-159 N234MM
  • Boeing 787-10
  • PBY Cal Fire
  • Carenado Beechcraft B200 King Air
  • B200 King Air At Dusk
  • Lufthansa A321
  • US Airways At KPHL
  • United 757 Over Chicago
  • Delta Air Lines Airbus A320
  • 60's Retro Air France Boeing 707 Stewardess
  • 60's Retro TWA Boeing 707 Stewardess
  • ORBX Ftx Global
  • Gold / ORBX / REX
  • Boeing 737-800 Cockpit
  • Flying Boeing 737-800
  • Nieuport Bi-Plane
  • Spitfire Flying
  • World War 2 Warplanes
  • Catalina "Calypso"
  • Ode To The Boeing 747
  • New American Livery
  • Alegria Air
  • Piedmont Boeing 727-200
  • Carenado Beechcraft King Air C90 2012
  • Carenado Cessna CT182T 2012
  • B-17 Flak
  • Cessna 208B Grand Caravan
  • Lockheed C-5M
  • Frat Bros A-4K
  • Delta Airlines Airbus A370
  • Alitalia Boeing 777-200ER
  • South African at JFK
  • Neil's Farm Strip
  • Eastern Airlines Douglas DC-8
  • Blue Angels
  • Airbus A380
  • Panavia Tornado F3
  • Grumman Goose G21A
  • A-1 Skyraider
  • T-45
  • Douglas DC-3
  • Battle Of Britain 70th Anniversary
  • Grumman Goose G21A
  • MD-80
  • DeHavilland Beaver
  • Summer Sim 2010
  • Budweiser Plane
  • Delta Boeing 727 And 737-300
  • America West
  • FedEx
  • Hooters
  • Shuttle Carrier
  • LAN Airlines A340-300
  • South African Airways A340
  • Hawaiian Airlines 717-200
  • United Airlines 757-200
  • Delta Airlines 757-200
  • American Airlines 767-300ER
  • P-51 Mustang
  • VFA-37 Ragin' Bulls
  • Airbus
  • Beechcraft Duke
  • American / Komen Livery
  • Air Algerie
  • Thunderbird
  • L-188 Electra
  • 2009 Air Show
  • A-10 Thunderbolt
  • Classic Airliner B&W
  • Abacus MiG 29
  • T-45C Goshawk
  • Frontier Virtual
  • Sabena
  • B-25
  • RAS2008 Spitfire
  • American Airlines DC-10
  • TCB
  • Boeing 727-100
  • 2nd Edition UA A321
  • United Airlines Airbus A321
  • ASA EMB-120
  • Cessna C172SP Skyhawk
  • Douglas DC-9-30
  • Kenmore Air De Havilland Beaver DHC-2
  • Wright Flyer
  • Hughes OH-6 And Bell 206B
  • R-22 Helicopter
  • SR-71 Blackbird
  • Southwest Airlines
  • Grumman X-29 And Space Shuttle
  • F4B-4
  • Canadian Collection
  • RAF 90th
  • Concorde Pack
  • Canadair Regional Jet 700
  • Tornado
  • AtlasJet
  • Red Arrows
  • Battleship In The Pacific
  • Emirates Boeing 777
  • F-15 Fighter Jet
  • Qantas A380
  • F-15 Takeoff
  • West Jet 737-600
  • Tu-160
  • Frecce Tricolori
  • KZ 2 Trainer
  • 737-800
  • Turkish Airlines 737

Note: The above list also includes "packs" which may include more than one splash screen for the pack. I.e. it may include 2 or 3 splash screens. Also included in this mega collection are templates to help you create your own with ease.

Developer: Various.

Images & Screenshots

Screenshot 1Screenshot 2Screenshot 3Screenshot 4Screenshot 5Screenshot 6Screenshot 7Screenshot 8Screenshot 9Screenshot 10Screenshot 11Screenshot 12Screenshot 13Screenshot 14Screenshot 15Screenshot 16Screenshot 17Screenshot 18Screenshot 19Screenshot 20Screenshot 21Screenshot 22Screenshot 23Screenshot 24Screenshot 25Screenshot 26Screenshot 27Screenshot 28Screenshot 29Screenshot 30Screenshot 31Screenshot 32Screenshot 33Screenshot 34Screenshot 35Screenshot 36Screenshot 37Screenshot 38Screenshot 39Screenshot 40Screenshot 41Screenshot 42Screenshot 43Screenshot 44Screenshot 45Screenshot 46Screenshot 47Screenshot 48Screenshot 49Screenshot 50Screenshot 51Screenshot 52Screenshot 53Screenshot 54Screenshot 55

The archive fsx-splash-screen-collection.zip has 930 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Splash Screens03.15.200 B
2nd Edition A321 Splashscreens03.14.080 B
103.14.080 B
Thumbs.db03.14.084.50 kB
dlgsplash.bmp03.14.081.38 MB
203.14.080 B
Thumbs.db03.14.084.50 kB
dlgsplash.bmp03.14.081.38 MB
303.14.080 B
Thumbs.db03.14.084.50 kB
dlgsplash.bmp03.14.081.38 MB
403.14.080 B
Thumbs.db03.14.084.50 kB
dlgsplash.bmp03.14.081.38 MB
503.14.080 B
Thumbs.db03.14.084.50 kB
dlgsplash.bmp03.14.081.38 MB
Readme.txt03.14.081.21 kB
Screenshots.JPG03.14.0847.39 kB
737splash12.24.060 B
Readme.txt12.24.06352 B
ScreenShot.jpg12.24.06108.67 kB
Splash Screen12.24.060 B
Thumbs.db12.24.068.50 kB
dlgsplash.bmp12.24.061.45 MB
file_id.txt12.24.0652 B
787-10 dlgsplash01.06.150 B
dlgsplash-Backup.bmp05.12.06940.70 kB
dlgsplash.bmp01.06.151.84 MB
A 10 Splashers03.15.200 B
DGLSplash 1.bmp11.17.081.95 MB
DGLSplash 2.bmp11.17.081.95 MB
DGLSplash 3.bmp11.17.081.95 MB
DGLSplash 4.bmp11.17.081.95 MB
DGLSplash 5.bmp11.17.081.95 MB
Read Me.txt11.17.08232 B
thumb.jpg11.17.081.18 MB
A380SSV103.15.200 B
A380SSV1.gif11.15.0610.39 kB
ReadMe.txt11.15.06432 B
Screenshot.png11.15.06482.96 kB
clean11.15.060 B
dlgsplash.bmp11.15.061.38 MB
normal11.15.060 B
dlgsplash.bmp11.15.061.38 MB
without_bar11.15.060 B
dlgsplash.bmp11.15.061.38 MB
AAL A320NEO Splashscreen09.26.130 B
Readme.txt09.26.13204 B
dlgsplash.bmp09.26.131.51 MB
Airliner Splashscreens for FSX01.17.080 B
AirTran Splashscreen01.06.080 B
Thumbs.db01.06.084.50 kB
dlgsplash6.bmp12.24.071.17 MB
American Splashscreen01.13.080 B
Thumbs.db01.13.087.50 kB
dlgsplash.bmp12.08.071.27 MB
Delta Splashscreen01.13.080 B
Thumbs.db01.13.087.00 kB
dlgsplash.bmp12.24.071.38 MB
FedEx Splashscreen01.13.080 B
Thumbs.db01.13.085.50 kB
dlgsplash.bmp01.06.081.38 MB
Readme.txt01.17.081.10 kB
United N1819U Splashscreen01.13.080 B
Thumbs.db01.13.085.00 kB
dlgsplash.bmp01.13.081.38 MB
screenshots.GIF01.13.0868.83 kB
Boeing_727 Splashscreen Package03.07.080 B
FedEx03.07.080 B
Thumbs.db03.07.084.50 kB
dlgsplash.bmp03.07.081.38 MB
Readme.txt03.07.081.12 kB
Screenshot.JPG03.07.0837.93 kB
UPS03.07.080 B
Thumbs.db03.07.085.00 kB
dlgsplash.bmp03.07.081.38 MB
CatalinaSplash02.24.130 B
ReadMe.txt02.24.13509 B
dlgsplash.bmp03.20.111.84 MB
Cessna c208b splash03.15.200 B
Cessna-Gran-Caravan-C-208-B.jpg10.24.11226.57 kB
dlgsplash10.24.110 B
dlgsplash.bmp09.16.111.38 MB
Cockpit737Splash02.26.130 B
ReadMe.txt02.26.13508 B
dlgsplash.bmp02.26.131.84 MB
DC-9-30 N847AT Splashscreen02.08.080 B
N847AT02.08.080 B
Thumbs.db02.08.087.50 kB
dlgsplash.bmp02.08.081.38 MB
Readme.txt02.08.081.13 kB
Thumbs.db02.08.084.50 kB
screenshot.JPG02.08.0840.56 kB
DLGSPLASH09.26.090 B
Readme.txt09.26.09491 B
dlgsplash.bmp09.26.094.16 MB
FSX Beaver DHC203.15.200 B
Beaver DHC2.jpg05.28.1098.43 kB
dlgsplash05.29.100 B
dlgsplash.bmp05.28.101.83 MB
FSX Douglas DC303.15.200 B
Douglas DC3.jpg09.09.10107.63 kB
dlgsplash09.13.100 B
dlgsplash.bmp08.10.101.83 MB
FSX Boeing 777-200ER ALITALIA03.15.200 B
dlgsplash01.29.110 B
dlgsplash.jpg01.29.11171.55 kB
dlgsplash.bmp01.28.111.37 MB
FSX Grumman G21A03.15.200 B
FSX Grumman G21A 203.15.200 B
Grumman G21A.jpg10.22.1086.09 kB
dlgsplash10.22.100 B
dlgsplash.bmp10.21.101.37 MB
Grumman G21A.jpg06.20.1089.21 kB
dlgsplash06.20.100 B
dlgsplash.bmp06.19.101.37 MB
FSX Splash Boeing 777-200 ALITALIA 201503.15.200 B
Thumbnail Image.jpg06.14.16314.12 kB
dlgsplash06.14.160 B
dlgsplash.bmp06.09.161.38 MB
FSXA321Crosswind03.15.200 B
Airbus A-321.jpg01.27.14282.41 kB
dlgsplash01.27.140 B
dlgsplash.bmp01.15.141.38 MB
FSX_2009_AirShow_SPL03.15.200 B
Readme.txt05.30.091.21 kB
Splash Screen05.30.090 B
Thumbs.db05.30.09113.00 kB
dlgsplash_A-10_Midair_(1).bmp05.29.091.38 MB
dlgsplash_A-10_Midair_(2).bmp05.29.091.38 MB
dlgsplash_A-10_Midair_(3).bmp05.29.091.38 MB
dlgsplash_A-10_P-38_(1).bmp05.29.091.38 MB
dlgsplash_A-10_P-38_(2).bmp05.29.091.38 MB
dlgsplash_A-10_Tails.bmp05.29.091.38 MB
dlgsplash_A-10_Takeoff.bmp05.29.091.38 MB
dlgsplash_A-10_Winsdor.bmp05.29.091.38 MB
dlgsplash_Aeroshell_Formation_Texans_(1).bmp05.30.091.38 MB
dlgsplash_Aeroshell_Formation_Texans_(2).bmp05.30.091.38 MB
dlgsplash_Aeroshell_Formation_Texans_(3).bmp05.30.091.38 MB
dlgsplash_Aeroshell_Solo_SNJ_Texan_(1).bmp05.30.091.38 MB
dlgsplash_Aeroshell_Solo_SNJ_Texan_(2).bmp05.30.091.38 MB
dlgsplash_Aeroshell_Solo_SNJ_Texan_(3).bmp05.30.091.38 MB
dlgsplash_Aeroshell_Solo_SNJ_Texan_(4).bmp05.30.091.38 MB
dlgsplash_Aeroshell_Solo_SNJ_Texan_(5).bmp05.30.091.38 MB
dlgsplash_C-130_Hercules.bmp05.30.091.38 MB
dlgsplash_C-45_Arctic_Annie.bmp05.30.091.38 MB
dlgsplash_C-47.bmp05.30.091.37 MB
dlgsplash_CAP_Cessna_C182T_Cockpit.bmp05.30.091.38 MB
dlgsplash_Canadian_SkyHawks_Skydiver.bmp05.30.091.38 MB
dlgsplash_Cessna_150M_N557AW.bmp05.30.091.38 MB
dlgsplash_FA-18(1).bmp05.30.091.37 MB
dlgsplash_FA-18(2).bmp05.30.091.38 MB
dlgsplash_FA-18(3).bmp05.30.091.38 MB
dlgsplash_FA-18(4).bmp05.30.091.38 MB
dlgsplash_N783CP.bmp05.30.091.38 MB
dlgsplash_P-38_Takeoff.bmp05.30.091.38 MB
dlgsplash_P-3_and_P-51_Boomer.bmp05.30.091.38 MB
dlgsplash_P-51_Mustang_Petie_2nd.bmp05.30.091.38 MB
dlgsplash_SNJ_Texan_(1).bmp05.30.091.38 MB
dlgsplash_SNJ_Texan_(2).bmp05.30.091.38 MB
dlgsplash_SNJ_Texan_(3).bmp05.30.091.38 MB
dlgsplash_SPAD_13.bmp05.30.091.38 MB
dlgsplash_Saab_S340B+_Delta_Connection.bmp05.30.091.38 MB
dlgsplash_Saab_S340B+_Delta_Connection_Taxi.bmp05.30.091.38 MB
dlgsplash_TBM_Avenger.bmp05.30.091.38 MB
dlgsplash_Two_A-10s.bmp05.30.091.38 MB
Thumbs.db05.30.097.00 kB
photoshot2.JPG05.30.0957.53 kB
Program Files08.19.130 B
Microsoft Games08.19.130 B
Microsoft Flight Simulator X08.19.130 B
Uires08.19.130 B
Thumbs.db08.19.135.50 kB
dlgsplash.bmp08.19.131.38 MB
READ ME!!!.txt08.19.131.05 kB
YouTube Links08.19.130 B
(FSX) USAF at Helens - YouTube.url07.11.13181 B
(FSX) USCG HH60 - YouTube.url07.11.13181 B
Aussie Icon (FSX) - YouTube.url07.11.13131 B
B 52 Retrofit (FSX) - YouTube.url07.11.13181 B
Because - YouTube.url07.11.13181 B
Canadian Thunder - YouTube.url07.11.13253 B
Diplomatiic Transport (FSX) - YouTube.url07.11.13131 B
EH101 Retrofit (FSX) - YouTube.url08.19.13181 B
F16 Retrofit (FSX) - YouTube.url07.11.13181 B
F16D Retrofit (FSX) - YouTube.url07.11.13181 B
Hawaii... 2013 - YouTube.url07.11.13181 B
Honor - YouTube.url07.11.13181 B
King Air 350 U.S.M.C. (FSX) - YouTube.url07.11.13181 B
Life (FSX) - YouTube.url07.11.13131 B
thumbnail.jpg08.19.1310.65 kB
FSX_Orbx_REX_Splash03.15.200 B
READ ME!!!.txt03.01.131.03 kB
Thumbnail.jpg03.01.1341.05 kB
Thumbs.db03.01.136.00 kB
Uires03.01.130 B
Thumbs.db03.01.139.50 kB
dlgsplash.bmp03.01.131.38 MB
YouTube Links03.01.130 B
(FSX) Tolmie Peak - YouTube.url03.01.13131 B
Because - YouTube.url03.01.13131 B
Diplomatiic Transport (FSX) - YouTube.url03.01.13131 B
King Air 350 U.S.M.C. (FSX) - YouTube.url03.01.13131 B
Tower Buzzing (FSX) - YouTube.url03.01.13131 B
Train Simulator 2013 Like a Rock - YouTube.url03.01.13131 B
FSX_Orbx_REX_Splash_V203.15.200 B
READ ME!!!.txt03.02.131.04 kB
Thumbnail.jpg03.02.13115.40 kB
Thumbs.db03.01.136.00 kB
Uires03.02.130 B
Thumbs.db03.02.139.50 kB
dlgsplash.bmp03.02.131.38 MB
YouTube Links03.02.130 B
(FSX) Tolmie Peak - YouTube.url03.01.13131 B
Because - YouTube.url03.01.13131 B
Diplomatiic Transport (FSX) - YouTube.url03.01.13131 B
King Air 350 U.S.M.C. (FSX) - YouTube.url03.01.13131 B
Tower Buzzing (FSX) - YouTube.url03.01.13131 B
Train Simulator 2013 Like a Rock - YouTube.url03.01.13131 B
FedEx03.15.200 B
FED EX3.bmp06.22.082.25 MB
FEDEX4.bmp01.30.092.07 MB
FedEx Splashscreen Read Me.txt02.06.10392 B
FedEx.bmp02.06.101.78 MB
FedEx1.jpg02.06.1053.92 kB
FedEx2.bmp02.06.10817.55 kB
Thumbs.db02.06.1021.00 kB
Fire Splashscreen11.01.140 B
PBY Splash Screen.jpg11.01.14111.42 kB
Splashscreen install.txt11.01.14577 B
dlgsplash.bmp09.06.141.84 MB
Flying737Splash02.26.130 B
ReadMe.txt02.26.13507 B
dlgsplash.bmp02.26.131.84 MB
FrecceTr03.15.200 B
FrecceTr.gif01.01.0712.39 kB
Readme.txt01.01.07368 B
Screenshot.png01.01.07369.46 kB
Thumbs.db01.01.0714.00 kB
dlgsplash.bmp01.01.071.37 MB
G159_SPLASH02.08.150 B
Imagen.png02.08.151.89 MB
dlgsplash.bmp02.08.151.38 MB
reedme.txt02.08.1594 B
Helicopter Splashscreen Package04.20.080 B
JetRanger04.04.080 B
Thumbs.db04.04.084.00 kB
dlgsplash.bmp03.27.081.38 MB
OH-604.04.080 B
Thumbs.db04.04.084.50 kB
dlgsplash.bmp03.25.081.38 MB
Readme.txt04.20.081.38 kB
photoshot.JPG03.25.0838.66 kB
text.txt04.20.08329 B
Hooters03.15.200 B
HootAir.bmp06.24.082.25 MB
HootAir2.bmp06.24.081.97 MB
HootersAir.bmp06.20.08900.05 kB
HootersAir2.JPG06.20.08212.38 kB
HootersAir2.bmp06.20.08900.05 kB
HootersAir4.bmp06.20.082.12 MB
HootersSplashScreens.txt02.06.10688 B
Thumbs.db01.26.1029.00 kB
NieuportSplash02.26.130 B
ReadMe.txt02.26.13510 B
dlgsplash.bmp02.26.131.84 MB
R22_Splashscreen01.24.080 B
Readme.txt01.24.081.13 kB
Thumbs.db01.24.087.50 kB
r2201.24.080 B
Thumbs.db01.24.088.00 kB
dlgsplash.bmp01.18.081.38 MB
screenshot.JPG01.24.0848.41 kB
SWA Splashscreens03.23.080 B
Classic 737-50003.23.080 B
dlgsplash.bmp03.23.081.38 MB
Readme.txt03.23.081.21 kB
Screenshots.JPG03.23.0857.79 kB
Shamu 737-30003.23.080 B
dlgsplash.bmp03.23.081.38 MB
Sabena splashes08.08.080 B
fsx_Splash_BrusselsA319.bmp08.02.081.37 MB
fsx_Splash_EGLC.bmp07.09.081.37 MB
fsx_Splash_SN733.bmp08.08.081.37 MB
fsx_Splash_SNBRa319.bmp06.22.081.37 MB
fsx_Splash_SNBRa332.bmp07.19.081.37 MB
fsx_Splash_SNBussels A319.bmp08.02.081.37 MB
fsx_Splash_SNa332depBOS.bmp07.27.081.37 MB
fsx_Splash_SNbig'busses@EBBR.bmp07.19.081.37 MB
fsx_Splash_SNdc10.bmp07.21.081.37 MB
fsx_Splash_SVAGa332SNBR.bmp07.19.081.37 MB
ShuttleCarrier03.15.200 B
Shuttle Carrier1.JPG06.23.08175.73 kB
Shuttle Carrier1.bmp06.23.08781.93 kB
Shuttle Shut Deployed.bmp06.23.08806.30 kB
Shuttle on Approach.bmp06.23.081.93 MB
ShuttleCarrie3.bmp12.25.081.79 MB
SplashScreen.txt02.06.10621 B
Thumbs.db01.26.1024.00 kB
SpaceShuttle&X-29_Splashscreen01.17.080 B
Splashscreen12.02.070 B
Readme.txt01.17.081.15 kB
Thumbs.db12.24.077.50 kB
dlgsplash.bmp11.27.071.48 MB
Thumbs.db11.27.074.50 kB
dlgsplash.GIF11.27.0779.17 kB
SpitfireFlyingSplash02.26.130 B
ReadMe.txt02.26.13508 B
dlgsplash.bmp02.26.131.84 MB
SplashX03.15.200 B
2007-1-2_11-23-10-984gif150.gif10.20.0711.82 kB
2007-1-2_11-23-10-984gif250.gif10.20.0725.27 kB
2007-1-2_11-23-10-984splash.bmp01.09.071.37 MB
2007-2-11_15-44-39-156splash.bmp03.31.071.37 MB
2007-3-4_23-21-18-875spash.bmp03.31.071.37 MB
2007-4-26_21-40-31-15splash.bmp04.30.071.37 MB
2007-4-26_22-29-19-265small.bmp04.30.071.37 MB
2007-6-15_21-36-22-765splash.bmp06.21.071.38 MB
2007-6-21_21-40-4-687splash.bmp07.02.071.37 MB
2007-6-25_21-52-43-609splash.bmp07.02.071.37 MB
2007-7-16_14-15-17-546splash.bmp10.12.071.37 MB
2007-7-2_23-15-43-46splash.bmp07.05.071.37 MB
2007-7-5_20-59-49-718splash.bmp07.10.071.37 MB
2007-7-5_21-6-21-203splash.bmp07.10.071.37 MB
2007-8-9_17-36-30-187splash.bmp10.12.071.27 MB
2007-9-18_6-30-15-609splash.bmp10.12.071.37 MB
File.id.txt10.19.07168 B
Readme.txt10.19.071.59 kB
Thumbs.db10.20.0766.50 kB
thumbnail (9)splash.bmp01.09.071.38 MB
Splashscrenn EAL DC-803.15.200 B
dlgsplash-default.bmp05.12.06940.70 kB
dlgsplash.bmp01.10.111.38 MB
pic.jpg01.10.11169.62 kB
WWIISplash02.26.130 B
ReadMe.txt02.26.13504 B
dlgsplash.bmp02.26.131.84 MB
Wright Flyer Splashscreen02.01.080 B
Flyer02.01.080 B
dlgsplash.bmp02.01.081.38 MB
Readme.txt02.01.081.05 kB
screenshot.JPG02.01.0864.58 kB
a1skyraidersplash03.15.200 B
ReadMePlease.txt10.16.10634 B
dlgsplash (2).bmp05.12.06940.70 kB
dlgsplash.BMP10.16.101.38 MB
a2ap51dsplashscreen03.15.200 B
A2A P 51D Splash Screen03.15.200 B
A2A P51-1 (Medium).bmp10.08.091.95 MB
A2A P51D.JPG10.08.0948.41 kB
a321_spl03.15.200 B
A321_N434UA_Splashscreen11.10.070 B
A321_N434UA11.10.070 B
File_id.txt11.21.07408 B
Readme.txt11.21.072.18 kB
Thumbs.db11.10.075.00 kB
dlgsplash.bmp11.10.07515.21 kB
dlgsplash.gif11.21.0771.81 kB
a380ss03.15.200 B
Instruction.txt11.09.10577 B
dlgsplash.bmp11.09.10471.37 kB
aa767_300splash03.15.200 B
Readme.txt10.13.09598 B
dlgsplash.bmp10.13.091.37 MB
aadc1003.15.200 B
aadc10.jpg06.20.08281.89 kB
aadc10.txt06.20.08173 B
aadc10s03.15.200 B
aadc10.jpg07.18.08292.16 kB
aadc10.txt07.18.08178 B
aakomensplash03.15.200 B
dlgsplash.bmp08.11.091.83 MB
thumbnail.bmp08.11.091.83 MB
aanewliverysplash03.15.200 B
dlgsplash.bmp01.21.131.83 MB
thumbnail.bmp01.21.131.83 MB
accelspl03.15.200 B
ACCELSPL.gif12.20.0713.46 kB
README.txt12.20.071.87 kB
dlgsplash.bmp12.18.071.38 MB
original.bmp05.12.06940.70 kB
alegria_air_splash_screen03.15.200 B
ATR 72-50008.31.120 B
dlgsplash.bmp08.31.12937.55 kB
Full Fleet08.31.120 B
dlgsplash.bmp08.31.12937.55 kB
Preview.jpg08.31.12509.23 kB
READ ME !.txt08.31.12149 B
americawest03.15.200 B
America West 737 II.bmp02.17.10823.18 kB
America West 737.bmp02.17.10751.93 kB
America West splash screens.txt02.17.10712 B
America West.jpg02.17.10109.31 kB
asa_spl03.15.200 B
ASA EMB-120 Splashscreen Sets02.16.080 B
Readme.txt02.16.081.17 kB
Screenshots.JPG02.16.0877.75 kB
Splashscreens02.16.080 B
102.16.080 B
Thumbs.db02.16.085.50 kB
dlgsplash.bmp02.16.081.38 MB
202.16.080 B
Thumbs.db02.16.085.00 kB
dlgsplash.bmp02.16.081.38 MB
302.16.080 B
Thumbs.db02.16.085.50 kB
dlgsplash.bmp02.16.081.38 MB
402.16.080 B
dlgsplash.bmp02.16.081.38 MB
Readme.txt03.01.081.17 kB
b-17flaksplash03.15.200 B
b-17flaksplash10.30.110 B
ReadMePlease.txt10.30.11809 B
dlgsplash.bmp10.30.111.37 MB
dlgsplash2.bmp10.30.11940.70 kB
thumbnail.bmp10.30.1149.49 kB
b747sc03.15.200 B
747AirFrance.bmp02.10.131.37 MB
747AirIndia.bmp02.10.131.37 MB
747AirNZ.bmp02.10.131.37 MB
747BoeingWhite.bmp02.10.131.37 MB
747CARGO.bmp02.10.131.37 MB
747Oldie.bmp02.10.131.37 MB
747Virgin.bmp02.10.131.37 MB
Bueskywithsun.bmp02.10.131.37 MB
Install.txt01.25.13384 B
LOGO.jpg02.10.133.39 kB
Rainbow747.bmp02.10.131.37 MB
b757uasplash103.15.200 B
README.txt12.21.13453 B
dlgsplash.bmp12.21.131.38 MB
thumbnail.gif12.21.134.91 kB
b7_spl03.15.200 B
Boeing Splashscreen Package02.18.080 B
73702.18.080 B
102.18.080 B
Thumbs.db02.18.085.00 kB
dlgsplash.bmp02.18.081.38 MB
202.18.080 B
Thumbs.db02.18.085.00 kB
dlgsplash.bmp02.18.081.38 MB
302.18.080 B
Thumbs.db02.18.085.00 kB
dlgsplash.bmp02.18.081.38 MB
74702.18.080 B
102.18.080 B
Thumbs.db02.18.087.50 kB
dlgsplash.bmp02.18.081.38 MB
202.18.080 B
Thumbs.db02.18.088.00 kB
dlgsplash.bmp02.18.081.38 MB
302.18.080 B
Thumbs.db02.18.088.00 kB
dlgsplash.bmp02.18.081.38 MB
Thumbs.db02.18.0814.00 kB
78702.18.080 B
102.18.080 B
Thumbs.db02.18.088.50 kB
dlgsplash.bmp02.18.081.38 MB
202.18.080 B
Thumbs.db02.18.088.00 kB
dlgsplash.bmp02.18.081.38 MB
302.18.080 B
Thumbs.db02.18.088.00 kB
dlgsplash.bmp02.18.081.38 MB
Thumbs.db02.18.0814.50 kB
Readme.txt02.18.081.24 kB
screenshots.JPG02.18.0875.59 kB
Readme.txt03.01.081.24 kB
screenshots.JPG02.22.0885.30 kB
batlship03.15.200 B
BATLSHIP.JPG10.20.07292.15 kB
README.TXT10.20.07323 B
bob70thss03.15.200 B
Instruction.txt09.09.10600 B
dlgsplash.bmp09.09.10471.37 kB
btspfsx103.15.200 B
BTSPFSX-1.gif09.05.0813.16 kB
BriefingTime-1.bmp09.05.081.37 MB
BriefingTime-2.bmp09.05.081.37 MB
BriefingTime-3.bmp09.05.081.37 MB
BriefingTime-4.bmp09.05.081.37 MB
readme.txt09.05.08711 B
budii03.15.200 B
BUD.bmp03.14.10693.80 kB
BUDII.jpg03.14.10118.00 kB
BUDReadME.txt03.14.10725 B
bwssfsx03.15.200 B
fsx_Splash_ArgonautBW.bmp08.24.081.37 MB
fsx_Splash_EAconnieL049bw.bmp09.01.081.37 MB
fsx_Splash_PAAconnieBW.bmp08.24.081.37 MB
fsx_Splash_PAAdc4bw.bmp09.05.081.37 MB
fsx_Splash_PAAdc7BW.bmp09.01.081.37 MB
fsx_Splash_TAL377moonlandingBW.bmp08.31.081.37 MB
fsx_Splash_VC10bw.bmp08.31.081.37 MB
c172-fsx03.15.200 B
Cessna C172SP Skyhawk Splashscreen Package02.22.080 B
Readme.txt02.22.081.13 kB
Splashscreens02.22.080 B
Installation icon.

Installation Instructions

Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description. For further installation help, please see our Flight School for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download. If in doubt, you may also ask a question or view existing answers in our dedicated Q&A forum.


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