FSX/P3D Locher/Sarentino Airfield Scenery

PreviewA complete package covering the Locher/Sarentino Airfield for Microsoft Flight Simulator X (all versions including the Steam Edition) and Prepar3D (including v4 - P3Dv4).

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A complete package covering the Locher/Sarentino Airfield for Microsoft Flight Simulator X (all versions including the Steam Edition) and Prepar3D (including v4 - P3Dv4).

This scenery package is a representation of "Locher" airfield, a private grass field in the Trentino (or South Tyrol) area, close to the town of Sarentino (or Sarnthein, or Sarntal) in northern Italy.

Locher airfield in P3Dv4.The town is very close to the border with Austria (hence the many versions of the town name).

The field belongs to Locher Gebhard and shares the premises with Mr. Gebhard's factory, apparently producing metallic fire-rated doors.

Features of the Locher airfield scenery include:

  • A photoreal area with seasonal variations and watermark
  • Custom mesh for a large area around the field
  • Custom buildings and rock formations around the hangar, as well as sloped taxiway
  • Custom landmarks on approach from the south, including power cables over the valley

Installation instructions

  1. Install the "Locher" folder inside your addon scenery folder, whichever that is
  2. Go to your ...\Scenery\World\Texture\ folder and copy the detail1.bmp file inside the ...\Locher\Texture\ folder.
  3. Activate the scenery in the scenery library

The detail1.bmp is needed to make the rocks and taxiway blend nicely with the ground around it. The file may either be the default FSX/P3D detail texture or a replacement one (e.g. by REX). Whichever it is it will have to be copied as above, otherwise, the ground around the hangar will stand out as very "flat". I could not find a way to work around this copying, apologies.

In order to avoid chunks of ground sticking through the rocks or the sloped taxiway, the mesh slider has to be set to 2m or less, when using this scenery. Autogen is suggested to be set to at least dense level or more if your rig can handle it to enjoy the vegetation. If you suffer in FPS, reduce that slider.

Starting at Locher

The airfield is given the imaginary LILX ICAO code. The name of the field is "Locher". There is no runway or taxiways defined, just three starting points:

Runway 17

The plane will be placed on the top of the grass field looking south ready for take-off. You must be ready to step on the brakes immediately upon starting as the slope is steep:

Runway 17

Parking 1

The plane will be parked between the open doors of the hangar looking south ready to start taxiing:

Parking area 1.

Parking 2

The plane is parked on the apron's east side looking towards the hangar. You will need to make a hard 270 degree turn to the left and then another 180 to the right to reach the start of the taxiway ramp:

Parking 2.

AI planes can not use this airfield due to lack of a taxiway/runway system, not possible due to the sloped grass field and taxiway.

Taxiing from apron to takeoff

The surface of the apron is set as asphalt and the taxiway as cement. All of the rest is FSX/P3D ground so friction will be as dirt. As the slopes of the taxiway and runway are steep you need to have a powerful, or light airplane to be able to climb. The default or A2A 172 can not do it. Turboprops are preferred, like the planes the owner uses (PC12, Kodiak, Pocket Rocket, SM1019). Also, ultralights and high power to weight ratio small planes like the SuperCub can also make it.

The objects are all set to ignore crashes in order not to ruin your experience. Use enough power to climb on the ramp and still be able to turn. Some points will be a bit wobbly due to the change of slope. I can not avoid that.

Once up the ramp taxi as far up the grass runway as you can, past the little bridge on the left. Try to stay on the flat part as far on the right as you can. There are two slope changes along the length of the runway.

You may need to increase power on the first slope increase and reduce after you finish that climb next to the bridge. You will have to make a hard 180 on the end of the field to position your plane for take-off. Takeoff will be quick due to the high slope. Use maximum climbing settings of your plane to avoid the three sets of cables on the valley to the south.

Approach and landing

The closest airport is LIPB Bolzano. From there you can fly directly north and enter the valley.

All landmarks mentioned in the video can be found after the installation of the scenery. Check out also all the videos from Christian Oberkofler showing flight operations from Locher. You will be inspired, as I was.

In short, the first landmark to look for is "Church hill". After that stay on the right side of the valley and look for the twin pylons and then the three sets of cables. After crossing Cables 3 you are set for landing. Going around is impossible. If you fail in your approach, apply full power and climb to the north until you find enough space to turn around. Landing from the south and taking off to the south are the only options.

Notes on Development

The scenery was developed mainly in P3D v3.4 and v4.0. However, it is compiled with the FSX SDK so it is also FSX compatible. Color matching of the photoreal grounds and selection of autogen was made to match ORBX Global, Vector, and OpenLC Europe, as well as FreemeshX mesh. All screenshots here are from that combination in P3D v4.0. It has been tested also in an FSX default installation and it fits with no major problems, however, it is not optimum. Finally, the scenery is made to reflect the condition of the field as it was prior to the summer of 2017. Some major changes on the apron and the factory building have been recently introduced by the owner, but since they are not yet complete, I chose not to include them. Maybe in a future version.


As always, the fist big Thank You goes to my wife for her patience.

Special thanks to Cees Donker for his help in developing the models and textures of the industrial building and testing the scenery.

Many thanks to Darren Fern and Christian Oberkopfler for their great videos of the place, and of course to the owner Locher Gebhard for creating the place.

Finally, many thanks to Massimo Taccoli for providing his permission to use his excellent SM1019 model which is parked inside the hangar.

Very special thanks should also go to the developers of the freeware tools that were used for the creation of this scenery:

Software used:

  • Airport Design Editor 1.65 by Jon Masterson, ScruffyDuck Software
  • SBuilderX v3.13 by Luis Sa of ptsim.com
  • Google Sketchup 2017
  • ModelConverterX by Arno Gerretsen
  • SAMM (Static Aircraft .mdl Maker) version 2 by Don Grovestine
  • FSX ACCEL and P3D v3.4 and v4.0 SDK

Credits for objects used:

  • Industrial buildings: Cees Donker
  • SM1019: Massimo Taccoli
  • 3d grass: Ed Wells (falcon409) and Michael Carr (MCDesigns)


This scenery is freeware. It may be installed and distributed without restrictions. I have included all objects that I created myself as separate bgl files and textures so any of them may be used individually as they are or altered/repainted in any other projects.

A reference to my name as the original author would be appreciated. For objects not created by myself and mentioned in the credits above the conditions of their respective authors should be examined before redistribution or use in other projects.

Developer: Vassilios Dimoulas.

Images & Screenshots

Screenshot 1Screenshot 2Screenshot 3Screenshot 4Screenshot 5Screenshot 6Screenshot 7Screenshot 8Screenshot 9Screenshot 10Screenshot 11Screenshot 12Screenshot 13Screenshot 14Screenshot 15Screenshot 16Screenshot 17Screenshot 18Screenshot 19Screenshot 20Screenshot 21Screenshot 22Screenshot 23Screenshot 24Screenshot 25Screenshot 26Screenshot 27Screenshot 28Screenshot 29Screenshot 30Screenshot 31Screenshot 32Screenshot 33Screenshot 34Screenshot 35Screenshot 36Screenshot 37Screenshot 38Screenshot 39Screenshot 40Screenshot 41Screenshot 42Screenshot 43Screenshot 44Screenshot 45Screenshot 46Screenshot 47Screenshot 48Screenshot 49Screenshot 50Screenshot 51Screenshot 52Screenshot 53Screenshot 54Screenshot 55Screenshot 56Screenshot 57Screenshot 58Screenshot 59Screenshot 60

The archive locher_airfield_vd_100.zip has 169 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Locher09.20.170 B
Scenery09.23.170 B
Bridge1.BGL08.29.1756.23 kB
Bridge2.BGL08.30.172.54 kB
Cables1.BGL08.27.1765.73 kB
Cables2.BGL08.27.1765.12 kB
Cables3.BGL08.30.1756.58 kB
Church_photo.bgl08.24.1728.35 MB
CVX_Locher.BGL08.27.172.11 kB
Hangar.BGL09.23.173.64 MB
house.BGL07.26.1730.71 kB
LILX_ADEX_VD.bgl09.23.176.04 kB
LILX_ADEX_VD_GP.bgl09.23.17722 B
locherfactory.BGL09.23.17855.93 kB
Locher_mesh_CVX.bgl09.23.1732.11 kB
Locher_OBX.BGL09.23.171.64 kB
Locher_photo.bgl07.17.1752.79 MB
Locher_photo_outer.bgl04.16.17200.77 MB
Pylons_photo.bgl08.24.1714.06 MB
RAMMLMAIR.BGL06.13.1793.08 kB
ramp.BGL08.30.173.07 kB
Scenery.zip09.23.17131.58 kB
Sidecable.BGL07.28.1755.23 kB
SM1019-D-ESER.bgl09.23.17514.63 kB
Solar.BGL07.24.1737.90 kB
Texture09.23.170 B
011223302203200an.agn07.24.172.96 kB
011223302203201an.agn07.24.17704 B
011223302203202an.agn09.21.17104.51 kB
011223302203203an.agn07.24.1736.86 kB
011223302203220an.agn09.21.17137.91 kB
011223302203221an.agn07.24.1769.46 kB
011223302203222an.agn08.24.177.59 kB
011223302203223an.agn08.24.1715.61 kB
011223302221000an.agn08.24.17492 B
011223302221001an.agn08.24.171.45 kB
011223302221002an.agn08.24.171.71 kB
011223302221003an.agn08.24.173.03 kB
011223302221020an.agn08.24.17316 B
011223302221021an.agn08.24.171.06 kB
1019_B-TIRE.BMP12.09.0964.07 kB
1019_DISK.BMP12.09.0916.07 kB
1019_FUSE.bmp09.23.171.33 MB
1019_FUSE1.bmp09.23.17682.78 kB
1019_GLASS.bmp09.23.1785.43 kB
1019_PARTS.bmp09.23.17170.78 kB
1019_PROPBLADE.BMP12.10.0964.07 kB
1019_SPINNER.BMP12.10.094.07 kB
1019_TIRE.BMP12.10.0964.07 kB
1019_TREAD.BMP12.10.094.07 kB
1019_WINGLX.bmp09.23.171.33 MB
1019_WINGRX.bmp09.23.171.33 MB
Bridge_side_bars.dds11.30.1585.48 kB
cable_balls.dds06.11.178.12 kB
cable_wire.dds06.11.178.12 kB
details.dds07.08.1764.12 kB
doors.dds05.17.178.12 kB
doors_bump.dds05.17.1710.78 kB
FactoryRailings.dds09.12.1764.12 kB
Fencing_Wood_Old.dds06.26.17256.12 kB
Fencing_Wood_Old_bump.dds06.26.17341.45 kB
FLOWERS_GRASS_MAT1.dds05.26.17341.45 kB
glass.dds07.16.171.12 kB
GRASS_10_MAT1.dds05.26.171.33 MB
greentank.dds07.05.17128.12 kB
Ground.dds05.04.17682.79 kB
Ground_bump.dds07.11.171.33 MB
Hangarconcrete.dds06.08.171.00 MB
house.dds07.26.171.00 MB
house_bump.dds07.26.171.33 MB
Locher_Buildings.dds09.21.174.00 MB
Locher_Buildings_bump.dds09.19.175.33 MB
MCDEdgegrass_VD_1024x256.dds05.14.17341.52 kB
nieuw_radarscherm.dds06.13.17256.12 kB
PARKING GRASS.dds06.15.1764.12 kB
PARKING.dds07.16.178.00 MB
ramp.dds08.30.17512.12 kB
red.dds07.09.17640 B
Rock.dds06.08.17512.12 kB
rock1.dds07.04.17512.12 kB
rock1_bump.dds07.08.17682.78 kB
rock3.dds07.03.17256.12 kB
rock3_bump.dds07.09.17341.45 kB
Rock_bump.dds06.07.17682.78 kB
solar.dds07.24.171.00 MB
solar_bump.dds07.24.171.33 MB
taxiway.dds07.16.17512.12 kB
taxiway_bump.dds07.15.17682.78 kB
taxiway_detail2dxt.bmp09.21.17682.75 kB
texture.cfg07.24.17135 B
white.dds07.09.17640 B
2017-9-23_16-24-29-176.jpg09.23.17904.21 kB
2017-9-23_16-27-14-511.jpg09.23.171005.95 kB
2017-9-23_16-29-44-935.jpg09.23.171006.12 kB
2017-9-23_16-31-52-994.jpg09.23.171.17 MB
2017-9-23_16-33-27-450.jpg09.23.17977.83 kB
2017-9-23_16-34-49-187.jpg09.23.171.11 MB
2017-9-23_16-35-29-657.jpg09.23.17763.56 kB
2017-9-23_16-57-12-534.jpg09.23.17812.58 kB
Real.JPG09.23.17355.94 kB
readme.pdf09.24.174.96 MB
readme.txt09.24.177.36 kB
Screenshots03.19.200 B
screen-1.jpg03.19.201.06 MB
screen-10.jpg03.19.201.64 MB
screen-11.jpg03.19.201.95 MB
screen-12.jpg03.19.201.83 MB
screen-13.jpg03.19.201.69 MB
screen-14.jpg03.19.201.93 MB
screen-15.jpg03.19.201.13 MB
screen-16.jpg03.19.201.40 MB
screen-17.jpg03.19.201.55 MB
screen-18.jpg03.19.201.91 MB
screen-19.jpg03.19.201.52 MB
screen-2.jpg03.19.201.34 MB
screen-20.jpg03.19.201.71 MB
screen-21.jpg03.19.202.46 MB
screen-22.jpg03.19.201.92 MB
screen-23.jpg03.19.201.30 MB
screen-24.jpg03.19.201.23 MB
screen-25.jpg03.19.201.11 MB
screen-26.jpg03.19.201.61 MB
screen-27.jpg03.19.201.60 MB
screen-28.jpg03.19.201.36 MB
screen-29.jpg03.19.201.41 MB
screen-3.jpg03.19.201.16 MB
screen-30.jpg03.19.201.35 MB
screen-31.jpg03.19.20994.36 kB
screen-32.jpg03.19.201.35 MB
screen-33.jpg03.19.201.40 MB
screen-34.jpg03.19.201.49 MB
screen-35.jpg03.19.201.32 MB
screen-36.jpg03.19.201.51 MB
screen-37.jpg03.19.201.44 MB
screen-38.jpg03.19.201.63 MB
screen-39.jpg03.19.201.54 MB
screen-4.jpg03.19.201.24 MB
screen-40.jpg03.19.201.62 MB
screen-41.jpg03.19.201.36 MB
screen-42.jpg03.19.20924.97 kB
screen-43.jpg03.19.201.61 MB
screen-44.jpg03.19.201.50 MB
screen-45.jpg03.19.201.30 MB
screen-46.jpg03.19.201.50 MB
screen-47.jpg03.19.201.50 MB
screen-48.jpg03.19.201.81 MB
screen-49.jpg03.19.201.14 MB
screen-5.jpg03.19.201.28 MB
screen-50.jpg03.19.201.54 MB
screen-51.jpg03.19.201.14 MB
screen-52.jpg03.19.201.42 MB
screen-53.jpg03.19.201.41 MB
screen-54.jpg03.19.201.47 MB
screen-55.jpg03.19.201.49 MB
screen-56.jpg03.19.201.37 MB
screen-57.jpg03.19.201.91 MB
screen-58.jpg03.19.201.74 MB
screen-59.jpg03.19.20643.67 kB
screen-6.jpg03.19.201.64 MB
screen-60.jpg03.19.20843.42 kB
screen-61.jpg03.19.201.09 MB
screen-62.jpg03.19.201.31 MB
screen-63.jpg03.19.201.45 MB
screen-64.jpg03.19.201.53 MB
screen-7.jpg03.19.201.71 MB
screen-8.jpg03.19.202.06 MB
screen-9.jpg03.19.201.70 MB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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Installation Instructions

Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description. For further installation help, please see our Flight School for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download. If in doubt, you may also ask a question or view existing answers in our dedicated Q&A forum.


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Andre RovigattiThu, 18 Aug 2022 22:41:17 GMT

A truly Art, Mr. Vassilios Dimoulas ! Great scenery, wonderful mountains. A challenger Runway! The Italian Spirit is there, no other place wires would be in so bad places! To take a narrow driveway, climbing or going down in order to reach the Runway or the Hangar is a unique experience! Thank you so much for that great job, I really appreciate it!

German DiazMon, 26 Apr 2021 23:21:50 GMT

Very nice airfield but with some complications to take off or landing. I liked soo much. Thank´s. German Diaz.

nicholeMon, 06 Jul 2020 02:17:32 GMT

Developer Vassilios Dimoulas is truly a perfectionist.

I have so much fun with this add-on scenery after watching the real owner of the adjacent fire-door factory and real Pilatus PC12. (I am in the wrong work!) In his numerous YouTube videos flying in and 0ut of this tiny grass airfield built on a hill in a valley!!!

Watch out for the two sets of power cables strung across the valley during the climb out or landing. Vassilios Dimoulas has even modeled the anti-collision balls strung on the cables too. Landing and take-off are both in the same direction regardless of the prevailing wind.

I fly real aircraft sometimes too, only would have to think very hard about trying this one out without a lot of reserve power and a nice bright sunny day.

Remember, don't run out of altitude, airspeed and ideas all at the same time. A go around here is not going to be a good option. A clue to success is to plan and make early decisions. Join over the church then descend right turn into the valley, not too low yet until you have passed over the two cables before the final descent to the runway.

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